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Post by taem on Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:10 am

D2 Clicker
by Grig

DOWNLOAD: D2Clicker v0.9.6
VIDEO: Diablo II Clicker V0.4 - rerolling amulets

Important posts for troubleshooting:

Diablo II Clicker v0.9.6 Readme File

Instructions & change log:

The Diablo II Clicker is a free tool which allows you to record video or craft, reroll and gamble faster by defining a sequence of clicks to be performed each time you press a predefined hotkey. Read the below sections to find out how to use it.


it can remember and execute a sequence of up to 500 left and right click operations
it performs the clicks as fast as the game can handle the input (the delay between clicks is optimized for the time needed by the game to update its interface and internal state)
able to auto-repeat a sequence of clicks until a condition is met
text recognition for crafting/rerolling items with the modifiers you want
it can automatically take and use shrines from multiple plugy stash pages
notifications on dropped items
clearing the unwanted loot from the ground
auto clicking (five times per second): ctrl+click to start clicking, click to stop it
video recording functionality



Bugfix: when switching to some other window it should stop clicking
Autoclicking now requires ALT+CTRL to avoid interfering with CTL+click for selling stuff
Multiple 'notify:' (and same for 'discardable:') lines behaviour corrected: all the defined patterns are collected together and you'll get a notification (or it will discard something) if any of them gives a match

Autoclicking: Use CTRL + (left or right) click and it will start clicking 5 times/second until you press that click again (this time without CTRL). Set autoclick:0 in clicker.ini to disable this feature.
New notifications besides the basic beeps: set 'beeps:' to 2, 3 or 4 in clicker ini to try them
A lot of code and architectural changes (preparing for v1.0)

1.13c patch only: make the junk (white, grey, blue, gems and runes) disappear faster by setting disappear_misc: and disappear_fillers: in clicker.ini

Lock the mouse to the D2 Window to avoid outside mouse movement or clicks by pressing Scroll Lock. To unlock, press Scroll Lock again.
On-screen notification capability (besides the beeps) for windowed mode
Unique Mystic Orbs and Greater Runes always generate notifications (regardless of your notify: pattern)
It won't destroy any items from the ground if there's an Unique Mystic Orbs or Greater Rune on screen so you can be sure you won't lose such a precious item

use ALT+'-' to add a shift + left click to the sequence (attack while standing still)
it can memorize up to 500 clicks if you want to define some complex strategy for AFK farming
press the 'delete' hotkey to automatically destroy all the clutter from the ground (define a 'discardable:' pattern and take your Catalyst of Destruction with you)

greatly improved full-screen perfomance, running in full screen makes now virtually no difference (in terms of performance) to windowed mode.

get notifications on interesting drops: just define what items you're searching for and the clicker will beep every time you press ALT and a corresponding item is on the ground (read USAGE.Drop Notifications for more info)

recorder: performance improvements and some bug fixes
various tweaks and tricks for better control while rerolling/crafting (and also added a new setting in clicker.ini to specify the delays between clicks, if you're having troubles)

you can now record your Median XL or Diablo II game!
read the USAGE.Recording Video section for more info

the hotkeys are customizable (you can assign different keys), for more info read USAGE.Binding hotkeys

fixed some minor annoyances
(advanced) you can now define the red, green and blue components for each color used by the clicker

support for automatically feeding shrines from your stash and advancing to the next page when there are no more shines on the current one (read USAGE.4 - Other clicker.ini options)
you can disable the beeps if they annoy you (read USAGE.4 - Other clicker.ini options)

fixed some minor bugs
new hotkey: ALT+BACKSLASH will reload the configuration file so you don't have to restart the clicker when you change the ini file, just press this hotkey to update it

auto detects when a rerolling/crafting has ended, for example if the shirine has no more charges (you still can force only 10 rerolls with ALT+BACKSPACE)
it reads the yellow texts also (useful if crafting/rerolling for specific reanimates)
negative pattern matching support (should not contain 'something' see the example from the included clicker.ini file)
comments are allowed in the ini file which allows you to simply comment out patterns or setting you might want to use again later
some minor optimizations (adaptive timings to maximize speed)

support for fullscreen and 256 colors video modes (experimental, it works slower due to aditional operations)
added the option autocolor:(0 or 1) to d2clicker.ini: when 1 it will use another algorithm for guessing what RGB best defines the font's color; 0 is the old behavior
small optimizations and bug fixes

define alternative properties (match some text OR another text)
add numeric constraints (for more info, read Defining the properties to match below)


Unpack the content of the archive wherever you want. All files related or created by the clicker will be located in this folder (clicker.ini, clicker-unprocessed.bmp etc)


if necessary, set up any properties you want to get on the item you craft/reroll (see USAGE.3)
start the game (you need to run the game in windowed mode to use the text-matching feature)
start the clicker (d2clicker.exe)
test if the clicker can read the properties of your items (see USAGE.2) if you want to use the OCR (optical character recognition) feature; you won't be able to use the feature unless the clicker can actually read your font
define a sequence of clicks (see USAGE.1)
if you're using the OCR to craft or reroll:
make sure the item is in the position where the game stores that item type when rerolling/crafting (do the operation yourself once and the item will get there automatically)
move the mouse over the item so that the clicker will able to read its properties while clicking
press 'y' if you need to run the sequence once or ALT+'y' to repeat that sequence
read USAGE.4 to find out what every hotkey does

1. Defining a sequence of clicks

move the mouse over the first target and press '+' to remember a left click at that location or ALT+'+' for a right click
if the previous click is supposed to open a new menu/interface etc, perform that click by yourself before adding new clicks
repeat the above steps (if necessary) to complete the whole sequence

2. Testing if it can read the properties from your items

move the mouse cursor over one of your items and press '\'(BACKSLASH)
if the item from step 1 should be matched by the settings from clicker.ini you should hear a beep; if it should be matched but you don't hear any beep, refer to the troubleshooting section.
check clicker-text.txt to make sure the properties are correctly decoded and match the properties of your item; refer to the troubleshooting section if anything went wrong
if it can't read the text, look in clicker-log.txt for the line "GUESSED RGB VALUES:" and try to edit in clicker.ini the r, g, and b (red, green, blue) values to the guessed values.
if necessary, read the Defining custom colors section to find out how to manually set the colors.

3. Defining the properties to match

open the clicker.ini file with a regular text editor (notepad.exe for example)
add as many match:patter lines as you need, where pattern is any lowercase text with no white spaces that is part of a property text you're looking for
if a line begins with a number (like 200nceddam) an item needs to contain a number greater or equal to match your criteria (for example 200, 321 etc)
if a line contains multiple texts separated by white spaces, any of those texts can give a match (for example, match:spikenova 2skilllevels will match if an item if it has ctc spike nova or +2 to something followed by skill levels)
save the file and start/restart the clicker

4. Recording video

for best performance, start the game in windowed mode
press ALT+F9 if you want to choose a custom video codec (encoder), by default it will use uncompressed avi output
press F9 when you want to start recording, the created video files will be clicker-cap001.avi, clicker-cap002.avi etc
press F9 again when you want to stop the recording
if you have too many dropped frames, consider lowering the frame rate (recorderFPS value from clicker.ini) or use another video codec (ALT+F9)

5. Drop Notifications

make sure the clicker is able to read your font properly (read USAGE.2)
set up what items you want by modifying the 'notify:' line in clicker.ini. Read USAGE.Defining the properties to match to find out how (the same rules apply for 'notify:' patterns and 'match:' patterns)
modify the 'notify_delay:' setting (clicker.ini) if you want it to check more often or set it to 0 for one test only, right when you press ALT
press ALT and the clicker will automatically look for your items and generate a beep when something was found
press ALT+'V' if something is on the ground and you want it to quickly pick it up, it will move the mouse over that item and click it

6. Other clicker.ini options

autocraft:1 (works only in windowed mode) if you leave the stash opened at some page where you have shrines, the clicker will automatically take new shrines from your stash (and advance to the next plugy page) and keep rerolling until the pattern is matched or it finds no more shrines in your stash. Set autocraft:0 to disable this behavior
set beeps:0 to disable all the annoying beeps or use beeps:1 if you want them enabled
delays defines how many milliseconds should the clicker wait before pressing transmute again, increase this value if it stops too soon when rerolling/crafting or you can decrease it if you have a very fast computer
recorderFPS defines how many frames/second should be captured (recorded), use a value between 15 and 25
recorderSpeedPercent defines how fast should the recorded video playback will be, 100 = real time, 200 = double speed, 50 = half speed etc...

7. Defining custom colors

if you need custom color definitions (either the clicker simply can't read your font or you want to use it in full-screen with custom graphics) read this small step-by-step tutorial:
drop some items of different colors on the ground
press ALT to see their names and then press '\'(BACKSLASH) while the names are still visible
edit with paint the newly created clicker-unprocessed.bmp image, this file was created automatically when you pressed BACKSLASH
zoom 8x
use the color picker to obtain the color for one of the texts (use the most intense pixels like the ones marked in blue in the example image)
go to the Colors menu, choose Edit Colors and press Define Custom Color
set the corresponding color in clicker.ini to the Red, Green and Blue values you see in the "Edit Colors" dialog box

8. Hotkeys reference

+': add a left click to the current mouse position
ALT+'+': add a right click to the current mouse position
BACKSPACE: delete all previous click data
'y': perform the sequence of clicks only once
ALT+'y': reapeat the sequence of clicks until a condition is met*
'\': beeps and leaves a text message on screen (windowed mode only) if the text condition is met for the item under the mouse cursor.
'\': creates the following files
clicker-unprocessed.bmp: this image file shows you what the clicker sees on the screen, this should be a print-screen image if everything is ok
clicker-postprocessed.bmp: this image should contain only the properties of the item under the mouse cursor (on a black background)
clicker-text.txt: a text file containing the properties of the item under the mouse cursor
ALT+BACKSPACE: toggle the repeating = only ten times ON and OFF. A high pitch sound means you turned it ON (will stop after 10 times), a low pitch sound means it is off (repeat for an undefined number of times)
ALT+BACKSLASH: reload configuration (clicker.ini); this allows you to modify the clicker.ini file and use the updated version without restarting the clicker
(*) the clicker can repeat the sequence:
until you press any key (so you can easily stop the clicks whenever you decide to)
for ten times only if you're crafting (look at the ALT+BACKSPACE hotkey description from above)
until the item resulted has the properties you asked for (read USAGE.3)

9. Binding hotkeys

while in the game (with the clicker active) press the key you want to be assigned several times
open/view the clicker-log.txt file and look for lines that look like 65 (A) was pressed 1 times, alt=0, extended=0, prev=1, released=1 and remember that bolded code (65 in this example)
open the clicker.ini file and look for the corresponding hotkey (addClickHotkey for example) and set its value to the code you saw in the clicker-log.txt file
restart the clicker or press ALT+BACKSPACE (or whatever binding you use instead of backspace) to use the new settings

10. Troubleshooting

make sure you are running the game in windowed mode
are you pressing the right keys? '+' is considered different to Numpad '+' for example.
use the standard font of D2
set the game's resolution to 800x600
disable any other third-pary software you're using (maphack, multires etc)
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Re: D2Clicker

Post by Zian on Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:39 am

How to work this thing?! :/
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Re: D2Clicker

Post by wow123400 on Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:19 am

damn all this time i tried to figure out how to record my play,then here is a tool just sit in our forum,wtf Hitting a Wall

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Re: D2Clicker

Post by nomercy4you on Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:36 pm

Tried on two different pcs today Sad windows 8 and windows xp. not working. There is no clicker-text.txt Sad

Logs shows:
86 [47] (V) was pressed 1 times, alt=0, extended=0, prev=1, released=1
   ->(0, 0, 135)
   ->(10, 0, 127)
   ->(44, 0, 125)
   ->(45, 0, 122)
   ->(50, 0, 112)
   ->(52, 0, 100)
   ->(53, 0, 95)
   ->(58, 0, 90)
   ->(274, 0, 77)
   ->(406, 3, 75)
   ->(400, 62, 65)
   ->(415, 62, 36)
   ->(508, 158, 0)
GUESSED RGB VALUES: red=80, green=80, blue=172, min=0

And thats correct for blue Sad 80,80,172. Like in preset, I double checked this... Any suggestions?
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Re: D2Clicker

Post by aahz on Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:08 pm

I use it on two computers (both with windows 7) without problems - Direct 2D, windowed mode, resolution 800x600, without custom fonts (D2kfixup.mpq)

Is clicker-unprocessed.bmp and clicker-postprocessed.bmp created when you press \ ? First should be normal screenshot (like using PrintScreen), second mostly black with visible text...
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Re: D2Clicker

Post by nomercy4you on Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:11 pm

My created images:

Does it look like yours?

I didnt change any fonts... Sad
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Re: D2Clicker

Post by aahz on Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:04 pm

yes, these images looks fine, even text RGB values (i checked it using colorcop) matches mine...
but when I press "\" clicker-text.txt is created and my clicker-log.txt contains:

MOUSE HOOK: 240648867
Reading configuration:
   match:'5reanimateas 77lifeaftereachkill 19enemyfire 29energy 21allattrib 4toassassinskill 35fasterrunwalk 18energyfactor 91tolife'
   notify:'-v113 -v112 -v111 -v110 -level '
   notify:'-v113 -v112 -v111 -v110 -level sacred(GOLD) '
   notify:'-v113 -v112 -v111 -v110 -level sacred(GOLD) jewel(GOLD) ring(GOLD) amulet(GOLD) '
   notify:'-v113 -v112 -v111 -v110 -level sacred(GOLD) jewel(GOLD) ring(GOLD) amulet(GOLD) recurve viper '
   discardable:'-scroll -trophy -greaterrune -perfect '
   discardable:'-scroll -trophy -greaterrune -perfect WHITE BLUE GREY YELLOW MAGENTA '
      notifications: use beeps
      notifications: flash window
REAL NOTIFY: -v113 -v112 -v111 -v110 -level sacred(GOLD) jewel(GOLD) ring(GOLD) amulet(GOLD) recurve viper greatrune trinket onsterba eartoffros relicof endlessli marksman soulorb ostmarb eofmal ofdisco olofstar gapea emooncry auriel olitude oundsho allbeari amingspher emoncor ldyssian ofannihil arbring pinstrik rathspir rystalofte therael eriapt odeston explorer rfectsphe
Resolution: 800x600
Window information
Raster capabilities: 32409
   BITBLT: 1
   DIBs: 1
BitsPerPixel: 32
Color Depth: 24
Screen Width: 1024
Screen Height: 768
DC Width: 320
DC Height: 240
Init done.

CreateWindowA: 1704676
16 [42] was pressed 1 times, alt=0, extended=0, prev=1, released=1
220 [43] was pressed 1 times, alt=0, extended=0, prev=1, released=1
   ->(0, 0, 199)
   ->(1, 2, 139)
   ->(8, 2, 118)
   ->(11, 2, 113)
   ->(90, 2, 110)
   ->(158, 2, 103)
   ->(398, 2, 75)
   ->(400, 62, 65)
   ->(415, 62, 36)
   ->(560, 128, 0)
GUESSED RGB VALUES: red=80, green=80, blue=172, min=0
   ->(0, 0, 199)
   ->(1, 2, 139)
   ->(8, 2, 118)
   ->(11, 2, 113)
   ->(90, 2, 110)
   ->(158, 2, 103)
   ->(398, 2, 75)
   ->(400, 62, 65)
   ->(415, 62, 36)
   ->(560, 128, 0)
GUESSED RGB VALUES: red=80, green=80, blue=172, min=0
clicker-text file created   <daiial(GOLD)>
EXCEPTED: -level in itemlevel1(WHITE)
EXCEPTED: -level in requiredlevel19(WHITE)
18 [56] was pressed 1 times, alt=1, extended=0, prev=1, released=1
18 [56] was pressed 1 times, alt=0, extended=0, prev=1, released=1
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Re: D2Clicker

Post by nomercy4you on Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:42 pm

Well grig send me a pm and hopefully he will fix this. Although I dont know what the problem is :-/ Installed a fresh new WIndows XP via VirtualBox, installed fresh Diablo -> does not work Sad I cry...
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Re: D2Clicker

Post by nerevarine on Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:26 pm

I've got an issue using d2 clicker. I've added "match:firespell" line to clicker.ini and the script does recognize it when i mouse over an item with +fire spell damage and press "\", but when i record a macro to simply click the craft button in horadric cube and press "alt+y" the script doesnt stop at all, it just uses all shrine charges and loops, even though every second item comes with +fire spell damage.

What am I doing wrong?


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Re: D2Clicker

Post by Sponsored content

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