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[MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:25 am

[MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide
By BassToMouth
"The general guide for everything Ultimative"

Table of Contents:
1. Items

  • How do I get Double MO effect on Weapons?
  • What does iLvl, qLvl and aLvl do?
  • How do I see the iLvl of an item?
  • Disenchanting isn't working...
  • Jewelcrafting
  • What does X o-Skill/Proc do?

2. Farming

  • How do I get gold?
  • How do I get arcane crystals?
  • How do I power-farm UMOs?
  • How do I get Stat Signets?
  • Where do I get sets?
  • Where do I get SUs?
  • I want a specific Unique Ring/Amulet/Quiver/Bolt
  • How much MF% should I have?
  • Bonus: Farmers' Spotlight for Newbies!

3. Boss Mechanics

  • How do heroic shields work?
  • Help! I can't beat X boss!

4. Class Specific Mechanics

  • What Class is the best?
  • What are my FCR/IAS/FBR/FHR breakpoints?

5. Others

  • How do Procs and Spell damage% work?
  • Damage Caps and Life Rollover Values
  • What is Next Hit Delay?
  • What is the radius/distance of 1 yard?
  • Where can I find the latest version/changelog?

6. Theorycrafting Tips 

(continues in 2nd post)
7. List of ways to lower enemy's Base Resists

8. Hit Recovery Animation - things you didn't know.


Hello and welcome to the thread for people who don't like using the search function! Well, joking aside, I hope to add in some things that are a bit less-known or possibly expand on ideas/explanations that are already out there. Because I'm going to be doing this off the top of my head, there are probably a lot of things I'm going to forget to write up, so if you have a suggestion, please post it or PM me. Keep in mind that this wasn't written to be read from beginning to end (although you can if you want). Use the table of contents and the ctrl + f search function to skip to sections that interest you.

Also before we begin, if you don't have the updated offline tools get it here:

 1. Items 

Q: How do I get the "Double Orb" effect on Weapons?

For Runeword Weapons:

  1. Apply "+999 to I need a life because I have 6 Sha'ads" Mystic Orb onto weapon. If no green text saying "Orb Effects applied to this item are doubled," then it failed. There is a 2% chance for success so simply use an oil of renewal to re-roll (refresh) the item and try again until you succeed.
  2. Once you get the effect, apply oil of luck for a 100% chance to get the lucky bonus.
  3. Generally for WDM builds, its favorable to re-roll a superior base weapon until you get 50-60% ED and AR% (if you character needs it), and then apply the Sha'ad Mystic Orb. Of course, this means its going to take longer, but you will end up with a better base weapon.
  4. Doing step 3 will allow you to "by-pass" the 350% ED cap when you socket a runeword into it. This is because the pre-RW base item is considered a separate item from the post-RW. Example: 97% ED from superior + luck oil roll -> MO up to 350% ED -> Apply RW and get ED% from RW -> Apply more MOs up to 700% ED cap.
  5. Note that not all RWs will allow you to reach the 700% ED cap. If you don't get at least 150% ED from the RW itself, you will run out of MO space first since you can only apply 15 of any MO to an item.

Sample Pictures:

For Other Weapons:

  1. Tiered Unique Weapons: Just use 2 Arcane Crystals + Oil of Enhancement to re-roll the item and try until double MO effect.
  2. Rare Weapons: Unfortunately, you need to use oil of renewal so you will lose any nice affixes you managed to obtain. Still possible, but time-consuming.
  3. Sacred Sets/Uniques: You need to find a new item since no method of re-rolling these exists.

Sample Pictures:


Q: What does iLvl, qLvl and aLvl do?
Taken straight from my WNG-din guide:
Before we continue further, I feel it is imperative that you (the reader) understand the basic mechanics behind how items generate affixes since much of our equipment will be rares/crafted items. This way you will be able to make your own educated decisions about keeping certain items, and also if you decide to play another character in the future, you'll be able to build your own set of gear.

First of all, iLvl, qLvl & aLvl.

  • iLvl - This is the "hidden" level of the item, generally corresponding to the area you found the item in. Generally we want this to be at 99. You can see this value via plugy or MXL utility tools.
  • qLvl - The "quality" level of an item. You can find a full list of this under "Base items" in the offline documentation. 4th column from the right called "Itm Lvl." You'll notice that higher quality swords E.g. War sword (T1) has a qLvl of 18 has more qLvl, compared to Short Sword (T1) which only has qLvl 1. This will have an effect on the aLvl.
  • aLvl - The overall number that will affect how an item will turn out with it's affixes. A full list can be found Here. Simply match up the iLvl and qLvl row to get the aLvl. E.g. T1 War Sword with ilvl of 24 and qLvl 18 will have an aLvl = 15.

How to get ilvl 99 items

  • Find the base item in Terror Act 4 Chaos Sanctuary and onwards. If you're trying to get a rare but found a grey/magic item, DO NOT use the quality upgrade recipe since you will lose ilvls from it. Use chaos reroll recipe instead and keep trying until it rolls into a rare.
  • If you're not dealing with sacred items, the unique upgrade quality recipe will automatically set the item to ilvl 99.
  • Gambling at clvl 104+ will always result in ilvl 99 rings/amulets/jewels. I think the gambling formula works something like clvl +- 5 = ilvl.

Grig's Epic Online Tools of Awesome
Heres the link to the site: http://grig.vlexofree.com/

I've highlighted in red the links that are most important to us. 

  • Type - Either prefix or suffix. Don't worry about this so much, just know that rares can only spawn with 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes max, and they can't be from the same group. E.g. Eagle Stance and Elemental totem will NEVER spawn simultaneously on Orbs. Don't confuse this with "Affix" - affix encompasses all suffixes/prefixes.
  • Properties - Will show us what can spawn on different items. You may notice that there are several groups for one affix; this just shows how the game differentiates between the intensity of mods that can spawn, corresponding to the item's aLvl.
  • itemlvl - The minimum aLvl required on an item before a certain affix can spawn. It says itemlvl, but its the same as aLvl.
  • reqlvl - The required cLvl (character level) to equip an item that spawns with a certain affix. The formula for finding the required level of an item can be found in the offline documentation under "Cube Recipes" -> "Shrines." It also shows how crafted items are different from regular rares.
  • rarity and group - rarity is how often an affix will appear (just use this as a relative number), group just means certain affixes cannot spawn at the same time if they're from the same group.
  • items and excepted - Shows which item classes that affixes spawn on. Some things that say "Weapons" encompasses all weapons. Excepted means that those particular items are not counted and cannot spawn with a certain affix. E.g. Meteor Shower spawns on helmets, but NOT on circlets.

Crafted Items
Crafted items follow similar mechanics as rare items, but differ in that they spawn with 1-4 random rare affixes PLUS 0-3 preset affixes, determined by what kind of shrine you are using (Grig's Tools also shows this list). If you craft on items with iLvl 71+ you will ALWAYS see 4 rare affixes spawn. The other big advantage of using crafts is that they always spawn with max sockets and double MO effect.

Shrines and Blessing
After crafting an item via a shrine, you can additionally "bless" them using an arcane crystal + shrine, and what this essentially does is give the item another roll at the 0-3 preset affixes belonging to the shrine. This can only be done once per item (so if nothing happens, hard luck, you got the "0" preset affixes roll). Don't forget that you can bless sacred rares and honorifics as well as crafted items.

So I understand these mechanics, now what?
I'll give a simple example of this knowledge in action. Lets pretend we're a caster sorceress who wants to craft some nice spell damage boots. Having a quick scroll down the Affixes Table, you might notice that boots cannot spawn with %spell damage or -enemy resists. It's clear that there is little reason to actually use ilvl 99 boots since we just want spell damage and using ilvl 99 will force the item to possibly spawn with affixes that raise the required level, limiting our Mystic Orb space. So what we do is use the "zomghelp recipe" (magic weapon/armour + magic amulet + magic ring in cube) to lower the ilvl to 1. Then we upgrade the quality to rare so we can use shrines on it. We also want to use leather boots over something like greaves since that will affect the qlvl (and lower str req too). Now you will notice that the boots will start spawning with lower level requirements for the most part and we're essentially just crafting for the shrine bonus + bless. The end product is that we now have boots with shrine bonus/bless and low level req (around 40 or less) so we're free to MO it up further for more spell damage% or -enemy resists.

Q: How do I see the iLvl of an item?
Use Plugy or MXL Utility tools and use the readme that comes with each download to find out how:
Plugy: http://plugy.free.fr/en/index.html
MXL Utility Tools: http://www.medianxl.com/t116-113c-mxl-utility-12

Q: Disenchanting isn't working...
You can't disenchant items from Griswold's gift box. You also can't disenchant more than 10 items at once.

Q: Jewelcrafting
The recipe for this is:
Arcane Shard/Crystal (will take 1 charge per roll) + Oil of Jewelcrafting + Rune + Jewel = Rune + New Jewel

Other things to note while JCing:

  • Everytime you use the recipe, your jewel will lose 5% iLvl per roll (rounded up) - so that's 5 ilvls per roll until iLvl 79, and then it will start dropping by 4 iLvls per roll etc. Keep in mind the iLvl here will affect how many/what kind of affixes can appear. I generally tend to roll no more than 6-8 times per jewel.
  • Use Grig's Online Tools Affixes list to see what affixes will be favourable for your character.

Q: What does X o-Skill/Proc do?

  1. First of all, use this: http://modsbylaz.hugelaser.com/itemonly.html (also found in offline documentation) - This will give you the description.
  2. Next, see if you can obtain an item with that o-skill so you can have a look at the damage etc. in-game: First consult the "items with o-skills" page in the offline documentation. Keep in mind this list does not encompass possible o-skills from rares/crafts, SSSUs or Elemental RWs. You'll have to search separately in offline documentation for those. A list of o-skills that can appear on crafts/rares can be found here: 

  3. For some older skills e.g. Hades Gate, no skill description exists in the offline documentation. Your best bet here is to look into the older documentations to find out here: http://median2008.wikispot.org/Index AND here:http://www.diablowiki.com/Category:Median_XL_Skills
  4. The basic idea is, try to obtain that o-skill or proc in-game so you can read the skill description on it. If you can't, then search through the documentations to see if anything is written up about it.
  5. Example - the in-game skill description for "Time Strike" (oskill on Assassin "Ligeia" RW) is very vague, and the proc for this can be found on many items throughout the game - we want to know more. Looking into the 2008 MXL wiki reveals this: http://median2008.wikispot.org/Time_Strike. Now we know exactly what more levels do, the Next Hit Delay value and various other mechanics.

 2. Farming 

Keep in mind that most of the suggested farming areas are focused on easy yet effective areas targeted at new players. Not all of these spots are the best (in most cases they are, since the easier an area is, the faster you can run it).

Q: How do I get gold?

  • Socket random grey throwing weapons you find with rune and sell. Depending on which Act and difficulty you are currently on, as well as the level of the rune you socket, will affect how much gold you get. Other quality (white, magic, rare etc.) work too but you will need to downgrade it with rune + catalyst of destruction before socketing it (you can use a jewel to punch in a socket for the rune if it didn't spawn with one).
  • Level 0 Challenge (apples and gold drop).
  • Invest in full set of honorific gear MO’d with GF% + socket with tir runes and run underground passage level 1 in either hatred or terror. In terror, the cave dwellers will give around 50k-200k gold depending on gold find. It's a bit of a chore putting together this gear, but if you're always struggling with gold because you're a gambling addict, this will pretty much fix any gold problems until you hit Destruction.
  • Sell Sacred items to Destruction Act 5 Vendor for up to 500k gold.

Q: How do I get arcane crystals?
Disenchant Uniques/Sets using Catalyst of Disenchantment

  • Hatred Act 1 Andariel – always drops 1 unique
  • If you haven't done the Horadric Staff quest, you can run the Claw Viper Temple quest and disenchant the "Staff of Kings" and quest Amulet for 2 arcane shards. This is the best place to run before you do LC1 for arcane crystals. However, if you finish the quest this method becomes void so only make the staff once you have enough crystals.
  • Hatred Act 3 Mephisto - always drops 2 uniques.
  • Once you hit around level 80-90, invest in a full set of honorific gear MO’d with %MF/ED and socketed with Lums. Each Hatred TA run will net around 10-25 Uniques. Just make sure you have around 10k Def (which should be easy) and this is probably one of the fastest ways to powerfarm arcane shards.
  • You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by running Destruction Nithalak and get Uniques + 3x Stat signets

Q: How do I power-farm UMOs?
Hatred Fauztinville on players 8. MF% won't help here so focus on kill speed (unless you want to also find Uniques for shards/stat signets).

Q: How do I get Stat Signets?

  • Destruction Nithalak drops 3x Stat Signets every time and also has a chance to drop SUs which can also be disenchanted further into Stat Signets by using Catalyst of Learning.
  • Use Catalyst of Learning + Unique Jewel/Ring/Amulet (very common drop in Fauztinville)
  • As of 6e Terror K3KBA, Duncraig & Fauztinville is effective for Stat Signets, as you can just speed farm the areas on high players setting for Sets and then Disenchant using Catalyst of Learning

Q: Where do I get sets?

  • Terror/Destruction K3KBA - Speed farm the totems here for sets. The skeletons can be additionally killed for a chance to drop sets.
  • Terror Duncraig - A bit harder than K3KBA but still a good source of sets with a bit of MF%. Note that Terror Duncraig won't drop SUs.
  • Terror Fauztinville - Another good place to come for sets!
  • Terror Cow Level - This place is great for casters since the cows in here have no immunities. Set drop rate seems a bit low, but you can make up for that with killspeed.

Q: Where do I get SUs?

  • Destruction Chrysaor: This place is great for casters and high single target damage characters. Less effective in multiplayer since you might not always get a good map roll.
  • Destruction Duncraig: You'll want at least 200-400 MF% and come here with as much killspeed as possible. Other than the obvious, reanimates, proc fest and %damage to undead does very well here.
  • Destruction Bloody Foothills: This area isn't so bad if the other uberlevels are too hard. You can usually net around 1-2 SUs per full run.
  • Destruction Fauztinville: The high density generally tends to net a decent amount of SU rings/amulets/jewels.

Q: I want a specific Unique Ring/Amulet/Quiver/Bolt
Only way to do this is to keep using the 2x Arcane Crystal + Oil of Enhancement - from there it's just RNG, but some Uniques seem to be more biased than others. Just keep re-rolling until you get the one you want! Of course, the Sacred Unique counterparts cannot be obtained this way.

Q: How much MF% should I have?
The answer to this is going to depend on your character and build, but the general concept is to stay around 300-400 and increase killspeed instead of more MF. It's even more effective to increase the players difficulty, but not to the point where you are killing too slowly. Remember MF% does not effect Rune or UMO droprates because they are not magical items (i.e. cannot drop as a blue item) so you can't affect the quality of drops.

I'm going to regurgitate some information on MF Mechanics here:

  • MF only affects items that have different "states" of quality(E.g. Rings[magic, rare, unique], but NOT runes, UMOs)
  • MF% only comes into the equation once the item drops. E.g. If the game determines a Sacred Cap will drop from a monster kill, its destined to drop. From there MF% will affect your chances of it being a magic, rare, set or unique. Keep in mind that even though sacred items can drop in Terror, they cannot be Uniques until Destruction Act 1 onwards. Same applies for Set items, however as of 6e, sets can drop from Level 115 areas so most Terror Uberlevels can now drop set items.
  • 100% MF just means your chances are doubled from what the "resting" chance is (i.e. 0 MF%). If we take an imaginary number and say you have a 0.1% base chance to roll a unique quality item, with 100% MF you have 0.2% chance. Because of this, if Player A with 100% MF can kill 10 monsters per minute and Player B kills 25 at 0% MF, Player B is being more effective (because we are trying to balance killspeed versus effective MF%, assuming all other variables stay consistent).
  • Bosses like Chrysaor have a 100% to drop Uniques so MF has no effect here, just bring as much killspeed as possible. Same concept applies to other bosses like Mephisto etc.

Bonus: Farmers' Spotlight for Newbies!
No doubt Terror Fauztinville is one of the best farming areas in the game. It drops Sets, Shrines, Perfect Gems, High Runes (not Great Runes though), MOs (chance for UMO) and a high number of unique rings/amulets/jewels for Stat Signets. Destruction Fauztinville is obviously better, but if the area is too difficult for you, the Terror version is a great alternative!

 3. Boss Mechanics 

How do Heroic Shields work?
Simply put, heroic shield bosses are always immune to all elements - however they will randomly drop these immunities from time to time because of the way their "resists" are randomly generated.

The Shield Mechanics

  • Each boss has a "base resist[BR]" and a "randomized resist[RR]." RR will randomize every second to value between 0-400.
  • If BR + RR < 100, the boss will drop that particular immunity. 
  • Example: Secret Chrysaor has base fire resist of 75%. RR randomizes 55 168 20 59 over 4 seconds. So on the 3rd second, BR(75) + RR(20) < 100, so the boss will drop Fire Immunity for 1 second (because the next RR value was 59) and have 95 Fire Resist. This 95 Fire Resist is now subject to -enemy fire resist from our equipment (hence why people stack -199 to ensure heroic bosses ALWAYS have -100 resist).
  • So skills that debuff the boss (e.g. Mythal, Phasebomb, Spellbind, Colosseum, Bane etc.) will lower the value of BR, allowing more leeway for RR. -Enemy resist from items have no effect on BR, they only come into effect once the immunity is dropped.
  • Example: With 0 debuffs, Secret Chrysaor has 75% all resists. This means his immunity will only drop if RR falls to a value between 1-24 (i.e. 6% chance per second). However, if we debuff his BR for Physical to 0 (i.e. -75) using Bane, RR can now be any value between 0-99 and his Physical Immunity will drop (i.e. 99/400 = 24.75% chance per second).

Known base resists of bosses (taken from Marco's post):
@MarcoNecroX wrote:
Astrogha has 75% all (1000% poison)
Bull Prince Rodeo has 85% all (since Ultimative v6d)
Quov Tsin has 75% all (1000% poison)
Secret Chrysaor has 75% all (1000% poison)
Brachyceran has 90% all (1000% poison)
Diablo Clone has 85% all (1000% poison and fire)
Kabraxis has 90% all (1000% poison)
Athulua has 85% all (999% poison)[/size][/color]

Help! I can't beat X boss!
First of all: http://www.medianxl.com/t44-guide-to-all-uberquests

Next, determine why exactly you are losing the fight. Think hard about the strengths of your build against the strengths of the encounter. For example, if you are trying to defeat Brachyceran but his "Worm Curse" morph is getting you killed. Logically, there's various methods to counter this:

  • Kill him before he has a chance to cast the Worm Curse - this would require some sort of 1-shot method + dropping his base resists to force him to drop his heroic shield more often.
  • Find a way to stop the morph - this one may be a bit confusing as to how you would go about countering this. You may have noticed that there are various "Morph" affix on some items. An idea might be to override that Worm morph with another one, cancelling out the movement penalty for you to be able to move away. And surely enough, after a quick flick through the items section in the offline documentation, we find the SU Long Staff "Shamanka" that all classes can use. Simply place this item on switch and everytime you get morphed into a worm, switch weapons and the druid morph will override the worm one.

This is of course, just an example on how to approach a problem. Just think about it logically, determine what's causing you to fail and remedy. If you can't think of how to remedy something, feel free to ask in the forums.

 4. Class Specific Questions 

Q: What Class is the best?
A: There is no "best" class, however iwansquall has written up some very nice explanations of class skill trees and their builds here:

Q: What are my FCR/IAS/FBR/FHR breakpoints?
A: http://www.medianxl.com/t55-speed-calculator-in-java

You need java installed for it to work. You don't need to worry too much about the confusing stuff, just change the weapon type to get the relevant IAS/FCR BPs - this is because some different weapons will give you different cast/attack speeds (e.g. Dual Wield/Staffs). The FBR/FHR BPs are just straight forward values for you to reach.

To explain what Breakpoints are:

Diablo 2 Wiki wrote:

  • An animation takes a certain amount of frames to display, depending on the class and action being rendered.
  • Each animation is calculated in frames. Since the game runs at 25 frames per second, one frame is equal to 1/25 of a second. A certain value must be met (the breakpoint) before a frame will be removed because you can not remove parts or percentages of a frame. I.e. values in between breakpoints, essentially do nothing.
  • After meeting the required value to drop a frame, the animation will take exactly one frame less.
  • The removal of multiple frames requires progressively bigger amounts of an attribute to be met, with diminishing returns. This keeps animations from being completely removed.

 5. Others 

Q: How do Procs and Spell damage% work?

Spell Damage% also works with spell damage based procs e.g. The plague avatar proc from "Demhe" RW will benefit from poison spell damage%, however something like CTC% Arrow on striking will not because the arrow deals 1/1 WDM damage.

The easiest way to differentiate between WDM and Spell damage is to see if the damage is listed as 1/2, 3/4, 5/4, 3/2 or flat values like 1534-5356. The fraction values represent WDM i.e. will trigger on striking etc. where as the flat values indicate that it is spell damage.

Types of Procs:
LFAQ in Offline Documentation wrote:Q: What triggers 'on Melee Attack' procs?
A: On Melee Attack triggers every time you swing a melee weapon at an enemy. (Swinging in the air does nothing.)
Bows and throwing skills don't trigger 'on Attack'.
Note:Apparently, non-'Normal Attack' skills require a successful AR check.
(Thanks terryys.)

Q: What triggers 'on Striking' procs?
A: On Striking triggers any time you actually hit a Monster with a weapon-damage carrying attack. (i.e. 1/2, 3/4, 3/2 etc.)
This includes multi-hits from skills like Retaliate, Wychwind, Faerie Fire, etc.

Q: What triggers 'on Kill' procs?.
A: Weapon carrying attacks or poison attacks that take more than 1 frame to kill their target. Therefore, kills from spells (other than poison) WILL NOT trigger on kill procs.

Q: What triggers 'when Struck' procs?
A: When you get hit by a physical attack.
Shield-blocked attacks don't count. Avoided/dodged attacks don't count.

Q: What triggers 'when You Take Damage' procs?
A: Like it says. This includes anything other than damage over time from poison or life drain.

Q: What triggers 'when Attacked' procs?
A: Any melee attack, regardless of whether it hits or misses or you dodge it.

Damage Caps and Life Rollover Values
Pretty much any information here I will be taking from outside sources and regurgitate them in my own words to try and keep it short. Source: http://phrozenkeep.hugelaser.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=8747&sid=a999eac38e73fedc0521d0db67cace41

So what exactly are they?

  • Cap Value - This is the point where a stat ceases to be effective until you reach the "roll-over" point.
  • Roll-over Value - This is the point above the Cap Value, where your stat will "restart."
  • Simple Example - Your Damage = 1000 / Cap Value = 400 / Roll-over Value = 800 / Your Real Damage Output = 200
  • As you can see in the above example, any damage between 400-800 is "in limbo" and has no effect until you reach the roll-over point.
  • The damage value we're dealing with here is the TOTAL damage, so even if the LCS shows that you are slightly under damage cap, -enemy resists will force that damage above the Cap Value, sending your total damage into limbo, and thus dealing no damage.

Elemental Damage Caps
GhOsT(eth) wrote:Elemental Damage:

  • Lighting: 83886 - Damage rolls back to 0 around 167773
  • Fire:83886 - Damage rolls back to 0 around 167773
  • Cold:83886 - Damage rolls back to 0 around 167773
  • Poison: 83886 - Damage rolls back to 0 around 167773
  • Physical Damage (NO elemental damage included): Guessing same as other known caps 83886 - Damage rolls back to 0 around 167773

I believe these values are based off per-instance and source on each projectile. What this means is something that hits rapidly per-frame will not reach the damage cap as easily as something that strikes once for a high amount of damage. E.g. Let's have a look at Disintegrate and the picture. From the skill description we can see that we're WELL over the damage cap and roll-over, however the LCS shows us our real damage per hit (80k-161k). On top of that, we're dealing physical and magic damage so essentially we need to divide that value by 2 (40k - 80.5k) which means we're still safe. However, if we incorporated something that lowered enemy physical resist (e.g. Bane), we would go over the Cap Value and into limbo.

Note that the above values are TOTAL values, meaning if we factored in -100 enemy resist, the LCS caps would look something like 41943.

Disintegrate Picture:


Life/Mana/Stamina Rollover Values
GhOsT(eth) wrote:Life: 32767
Mana: 32767
Stamina: 32767

Life/Mana isn't too big of an issue since we don't go into limbo with these as there is no cap, but the graphics of the health orb will show less. However, one thing to keep in mind is that once you hit the Rollover Value for mana, the game will think that the remaining points of mana is what you actually have. I.E. If I have Total Mana = 32768, the game will think I have 1 Mana and I will not be able to cast any spells UNTIL I somehow drop that mana under the Rollover Value (32767), at which point my mana bulb will become "full" and I will be able to cast as if I had 32766 mana. Not an issue for Health since when a monster hits us, our HP will drop below the Rollover Value anyway.

Minion Cap/Rollover Values
Source: http://www.medianxl.com/t9-less-frequently-asked-questions

  • Minion's damage cap - 2000 BASE damage (this is from sLvls). This value can then be taken over 2000 using "%Minion Damage" affix from items. In this respect, minions do not have a Cap Value or Rollover Value (as far as I know) because it doesn't go into "limbo" by raising damage above 2000.
  • Minion Life Cap - Based off the information on Barb Spirits HP capping at 135-145k, one would assume that this applies to all summons, it's just a difficult value to reach for others. Also thinking back to our damage Cap Values, I would make an educated guess that the Rollover Value is at around 270k-290k. So in other words, the "Limbo" value is between 135k-290k hp for minions (speculation).
  • Minion Resist Cap - At sLvl 5, minions have a base resist of 75% which is subject to the resist penalties in Terror/Des (so 25%/-25% respectively with no minion resist from items). The Minion Resist cap FROM ITEMS is 75%, meaning in Hatred you can have 150% all resists, 100% in Terror and 50% in Destruction. No need to worry about Cap Values and Roll-over for resists.

Q: What is Next Hit Delay?
First of all, here's a list of NHD on various skills. If no number is listed, that particular skill has no NHD: http://grig.vlexofree.com/ndwdm.html

  • Definition: Simply put, it is the number of frames that must pass before a skill with NHD can deal damage again to a target. 
  • For example, we have multiple Claw Tornados going out, and we notice that this skill has a NHD of 4. So if two consecutive CTs hit the same target within 4 frames of each other, the second CT will deal NO damage because 4 frames has not passed. But if the damage takes place like this: 1st CT -> 4 frames later -> 2nd CT hits, then both CTs will deal their damage.
  • This applies to ALL NHD skills, meaning it doesn't just have to be a second CT, it could be a mix of different skills with NHD.
  • Example: 1st CT hits -> 3 Frames pass -> Wychwind hits (which has NHD = 5). In this case, wychwind damage is denied because the monster is still "recovering" from the first CT hit and has to wait for 4 frames to pass before another skill with NHD can deal damage.
  • Conversely, if we take the above example and replace Wychwind with Thunder Hammer (no NHD), it would look like this:
  • Thunderhammer Example: 1st CT hits -> 3 frames pass -> Thunder Hammer hits. In this case, both CT and ThunderHammer deals damage because TH HAS NO NHD.
  • This is designed to prevent some skills from being able to multi-hit every frame, while others have purposely no NHD to serve as a multi-frame hitting skill.

Q: What is the radius/distance of 1 yard?
A: Use this picture here (I didn't make the picture):

Q: Where can I find the latest version/changelog?
A: For some reason people seem to miss this so here's the link...

 6. Theorycrafting Tips 

This section is going to be very subjective and cover what goes through my mind when I want to make a build. First of all, pick a class and basic tree (i.e. Melee WDM, Ranged WDM, Caster, Melee Caster, Summoner etc.)

Checklist (write the answers to these questions on some paper!):
What are the strengths of the class? In other words, WHY this particular class?

  • Skills - What passives and active skills are available to us and where/why do they excel?
  • Items - This includes class-only runewords, sets, uniques and craft/rares and the oskills, stats and passives these offer.
  • Speeds - How slow or fast is my chosen class? Can this be remedied? For example, a paladin has much slower cast frames than a sorceress. However, a quick look in the offline documentation reveals to us "Hierodule" Paladin-Only Helm RW which will morph us into a sorceress, giving us the full advantage of the sorceress' cast frames and BPs.
  • Weaknesses - What is the limitation of my class/build? I.e. there are just some things your build will NOT be able to do efficiently. Many of these flaws can be remedied, but there are just some innate ones E.g. a pure caster will not be able to defeat Brother Laz who requires a method to apply OW, so for that particular fight, you will have to re-gear/re-spec.

After finding my class/build's strengths/weaknesses, lets pick our main skills:

  • Are we using an o-Skill? This buffed by +skills items will free up many skill points in your tree, allowing you to put more into passives. But is the oskill any good?Compare similar slvls against your innate class spells to see which is better. Keep in mind some skills have multi-hit components so you need to factor those in.
  • What does placing points into X skill actually do? In other words, is it worth maxing some skill or passive? Or does 1 point do enough for what we need out of the skill? Or is better to place specific amounts of points? (e.g. The unholy paladin caster skill "Slayer" - you might want to only raise these in 10s in order to synergize for your main skill, Mindflay).
  • Once I've found my skill set, what compliments them best? E.g. should I invest full points into energy, or spread my stats around? In order to be able to answer this question, you need to understand what the skill does, how it applies damage and what affixes help increase damage as much as possible for that particular skill.
  • Where will my chosen skill fail? For example, if we are a lightning sorceress, we are going to need a secondary source of damage to deal with lightning immunes (or something to break that lightning immunity e.g. Mythal, Phase Bomb etc. This option is not available to all characters, hence fall under the "class advantage" section).

How is your character going to survive?

  • Offense is the best defense - often the mentality behind glass cannon builds, the idea is to deal so much damage that you either put enemies into Hit Recovery animation by dropping their hp by a certain amount per hit (more info in Hit Recovery section) or just killing them outright. Forcing enemies into HR + slow target% is a deadly combination, as it forces their animations to take longer (but not the Hit Recovery Animation)
  • Block - Dex based characters will be able to achieve a max block of 75%. Some will require more or less dex depending on their base shield block rates. Keep in mind you will need FBR to compliment this in order to avoid getting block locked (consecutive block recovery animations can "lock" out any other actions).
  • Defense - Primarily the survival strategy of most melee based characters, enough defense can mean enemies only have a 5% chance to hit you with physical attacks. The best thing about this is that it triggers no recovery animation since you never get hit in the first place.
  • Summons/Reanimates - some builds can utilize other monsters to be meatshields, allowing you to deal damage while your enemies are distracted.
  • Skill based survival skills - these are quite specific to the character in question. Examples might be: Perfect Being (assassin dodge), Sacred Armor (Paladin), Black Mass (Necromancer)
  • Crowd Control Skills - these skills will incapacitate the enemy in order to buy you time to deal damage. E.g. Thunderslam (Barbarian), Black Sleep (Paladin), Elvensong (Druid).
  • HP - Some characters who have a lot of life return per vitality point can reach high amounts of life by investing in Vitality/life via stat points/items/skills. Keep in mind morphs carry over these conversions E.g. Shamanka SU Long Staff druid morph will give you the life return per Vit point of a druid.

Once, we understand what skills we are using, we need to pick our items

  • What affixes do we need on our items? -Enemy resist? Physical EWD? +Skills? Defense? Dex or Vitality? Prioritize these and pick accordingly. Think about these affixes as limited resources and that spreading your character too thin will force it to be weak because it is "confused" as to what it needs to achieve. Choosing one will require you to sacrifice another (E.g. choosing to socket Perfect Amethysts for Dex% will mean you are sacrificing all other possible affixes you could obtain from that socket like Vit% from Perfect Rubies, jewelcraft affixes etc.)
  • Early Game Items - if you are twinking you might not need to consider this section. However if you are not, then you need to think back to our skills discussion and find out what compliments our main skills and survival.
  • Mid Game Items - how will you transition with this character to end-game? I.e. what items are relatively easy to get? E.g. A caster could get shrinecrafted items as their mid-game setup by farming Terror Fauztinville.
  • End Game Items - Which items will utilize our characters strengths and cover the flaws/weaknesses in our build?

What is our end-goal for our character?

  • Area based specific farming? For example, a character purely focused on farming SUs from Duncraig.
  • Defeat all uberlevels and bosses? Something like this will require as much versatility as possible and likely have to sacrifice kill-speed in the process (remember our mentality from the items section - everything is a limited resource and picking one affix will require you to sacrifice another).
  • Funny or "Eye-candy" joke character? This kind of character doesn't aim to be the strongest, but to provide entertainment to the user.

Hopefully these points will give you some insight and a starting point for your own personal build. More often than not, it requires A LOT of tweaking and testing before reaching acceptable results. An indication I like to use to see if a build is "strong" or not is to pick one of the end-game uberlevels on P8 while wearing End-Game gear set. If it cannot clear at least 1 in a decent amount of time (under 15 mins) this, I would consider the build "weak" and this means the end-game gear could use some tweaking or the build in itself is innately weak.

To end this post, here's a video to motivate your farming future!

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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:38 am

[MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide (Continued)

By BassToMouth

"The general guide for everything Ultimative"

7. List of ways to lower enemy's Base Resists
Please distinguish between lowering enemy's base resists i.e. altering THEIR state, and -enemy resist from items. The latter does not affect a monster while it is immune, where as the former will break immunities (as seen in the following pictures).
(Mechanics details only any those that are relevant to lowering enemy resists)

Physical Resists
- Colosseum. Available via:
  • Holy Paladin Skill
  • Alpha Centuar Reanimate - sLvl 5 Colosseum (hidden shrine craft & bless / maybe BPR charm too, not sure of renanimate pool on that charm)

- Mechanics:
  • Lowers Enemy Physical Resists -50 of any enemies that step into circle
  • Looks to be around 6 yard radius.
  • Duration fixed at 5 seconds (the circle itself), regardless of sLvl
  • Extra sLvls grant more bonus fire damage and Hard Points lowers timer by 0.2 per sLvl to a maximum of 5 seconds.
  • Stacks linearly with Bane (seems to be able to go lower than -100). Unsure if Mega-Impact Overrides it (I'm guessing it does since mega-impact over-rides Bane).

- Mega Impact. Available via:
  • Necromancer Scythe
  • Amazon Spears

- Mechanics:
  • 25% chance on Attack.
  • Reduces enemy physical resist by -25.
  • Duration seems to be around 2-3 seconds.
  • Over-rides Bane, unsure if it over-rides colosseum (most likely does).

- Bane. Available via:
  • Necromancer Skill
  • Rare/Crafted Assassin Claws oSkill
  • SU Battlestaff oSkill
  • "Cinande's Craft (Paladin Holy Melee Set) - Full set bonus gives +13 Bane as of 6e (P.S. this set is godlike)

- Mechanics:
  • Requires a friendly minion as target and casts a large AoE effect that lowers any enemies' phys resists that get hit by it.
  • Duration fixed at 10 seconds regardless of sLvl.
  • -2 extra resists per sLvl (no diminishing returns)
  • Stacks with Colosseum but not with Mega-Impact.
  • Skill itself caps at -100 but since it caps at a floor of -75 phys resist (6e change), essentially any sLvls above 16 are useless.

- Spellbind. Available via:
  • Amazon Ennead Skill
  • Rare/Crafted Paladin Helms - 3% CTC sLvl 11 on Attack
  • SSU Broad Sword - 5% CTC sLvl 16 on Attack

- Mechanics:
  • Hard Points decreases timer (Diminishing Returns) and soft points increases duration by 0.4 sec per sLvl. Unsure if timer caps at 5 sec maximum.
  • -50 enemy physical resist when hit by projectile for a duration based on sLvl
  • Stacks with Bane, so assuming it also stacks with Colosseum.

Elemental Resists
- Mythal. Available via:
  • Druid Skill
  • Rare/Crafted Gloves - 100% CTC on Death sLvl 24 (put this on a merc)
  • Rare Amulets - 2% CTC on Attack - sLvl 1
  • Necromancer Wand - "Frantic" 2 Magic Elemental RW - sLvl 13-23.
  • 4 Piece Amazon Javelin Set - sLvl 4
  • 4 Piece Paladin Holy Caster set - sLvl 8
  • SSSU Crystal Sword - 5% CTC on Kill - sLvl 13
  • SSU Sacred Globe - 100% CTC on death - sLvl 43
  • Technically Mephisto Renimate from SSSU Dart Thrower, but he seems to die instantly when reanimated so from a practical view-point, not really useful (unless it gets fixed).

- Mechanics:
  • Skill places a sparkly AoE (maybe around 6-8 yards). Any enemies in the radius get their elemental resists lowered.
  • Lowers enemy elemental resists by -40.
  • Per extra sLvl: Duration increases by 1 second, Hard Points lowers timer by 0.2 seconds (to a maximum of 5 second timer)
  • Stacks with Phasebomb. In this picture, we can see Mythal and Phase Bomb stacking linearly and is not subject to the 1/5 penalty as everyone believes it is. You can see because this elite originally had 100 Lightning Resist (i.e. Lightning Immune), yet has it's base resists dropped to 10 (-90 from Mythal/PB). This monster is now no longer immune and subject to -110 Enemy Lightning Resists from our items to drop their resists further.

- Phasebomb. Available via:
  • Assassin Uberskill
  • "Cliffs of Dover" 4x Stone Elemental RW - 5% sLvl 17 when struck.
  • SSU Spear - 5% CTC sLvl 10 on Attack

- Mechanics:
  • Places a small totem at your feet. After 2 seconds, this explodes, sending a slow moving nova outwards. Anything hit by this will have their resists lowered.
  • Any physical damage dealt to a phased enemy will return 50k damage back.
  • -50 Enemy Elemental Resists (fixed)
  • Extra 1 sec duration per sLvl.
  • Stacks with Mythal.

- Starfire. Available via:
  • SSU Mace - 2% CTC sLvl 1 on Attack

- Mechanics:
  • Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but starfire was an old sorceress skill I believe. You can only get it as a very low CTC on Attack on the SSU mace. Unsure of related mechanics.
  • -10 enemy resists for 2-3 seconds (unsure)

Magic Resists
Now that I look again, Mythal seems to be the only thing that drops enemy magic resists. Unsure if there are others that do as well.

So whats the point of all this info?

  1. Lowering heroic bosses' BASE resistance causes them to drop immunities more often. If you don't understand why, read the heroic bosses section above.

  2. Allows element based casters to focus on a SINGLE element, provided they have a method to break immunities reliably (i.e. one of the elemental methods above). This means you don't need to invest in secondary trees/skills and can focus all your stats/MOs/items on a single extremely powerful element. Look at %spell damage/-enemy resist etc. as a limited resource and that spreading it around means less damage overall. Once an immunity is broken, the rest can be dropped to -100 via items.
    - E.g. Monster with 100 fire resist (i.e. Fire Immune). Mythal drops it by -40 (now FR = 60), and with -160 enemy fire resist from items, we can drop their resists in the DAMAGE CALCULATING phase to -100. This is because any monster that is NOT immune to an element is subject to -enemy resist mods from items. However, when they are IMMUNE, the -enemy resist does nothing and also cannot be hurt by that element.
    - For this reason I think the "Cliffs of Dover" RW boots may be one of the best caster items in the game. Find a good balance between defense and LAEK and you could have this proccing quite often.

  3. Having -enemy physical resist gives INSANE damage boost to WDM based chars - this is because of the way damage is calculated, -enemy physical resist comes into the equation AFTER total damage (EWD included) is factored.
    Simple example - You deal 100 base damage with 100% EWD from items/skills to deal 200 total damage. From here -100 enemy physical resist increases your END TOTAL damage to 400. However, if the -100 came in EARLY in the equation, it would just work like EWD and our total damage would only end up as 300. You can see that the -100 phys resist coming in at the END of the equation allows for more damage.

8. Hit Recovery Animation - things you didn't know
I'm just going to briefly cover the basics first for those of you who don't really understand what Hit Recovery and Faster Hit Recovery (FHR) does.
Most of the advanced info is taken from here: http://www.mannm.org/d2library/faqtoids/fhr_eng.html#abl and re-worded/re-formatted in an (hopefully) easier to understand way.

First of all, FORGET the 1/12th hp = Hit Recovery animation. This is an extremely loose and inaccurate amount of the REAL amount of damage you need to put an enemy into Hit Recovery (from here on, termed "HR"). Before we begin, lets go over the basics.

  • If a hit deals some amount of damage (to be explained later), the model taking damage has a chance to go into Hit Recovery Animation (HRA).
  • Poison CANNOT trigger HRA (game engine ignores poison altogether).
  • A Frozen unit CANNOT be put into HRA.
  • Every character model has a base number of frames required to complete one HRA.
  • These frames can be decreased (faster) via FHR% when certain breakpoints are met.
  • These frames CANNOT be increased (slower) via "slows target%" modifier.
  • The "Hit" that triggers recovery is the total damage of ONE single instance. For example an assassin with maxed ways using Broadside will only trigger HRA if each single knife deals the HR value. It takes all physical/magic/light/fire/cold damage from that single instance (i.e. a single knife) into account.
  • Conversely, a sorceress using Thunderstone will only have 100% chance to trigger HRA on an enemy if a single charged bolt projectile deals 4/16th of enemy's max life (why it is 4/16th is explained below). However, the advantage here is that since there are several projectiles here, only dealing 1/16th of max life will be likely enough to trigger HRA (37.5% chance per charged bolt, and there are many from Thunderstone).

More Advanced Stuff:
  • First of all, understand that the game needs to obtain the "HR" value - this is simply the %of max health of our target that we need to deal in damage in order to put them into HRA.
  • For many things, this HR value is 1/16th of enemy's max HP. However there are some exceptions to this (full list can be found in the link supplied above).

    Now here is where it get's interesting. I'm going to use 1/16 as the HR Value for the following examples (as of 1.1x, this is the most common Divisor Value, although it is subject to change for MXL):
  • If damage dealt was 4/16th damage of enemy's max HP or over, it has a 100% chance to go into HRA.
  • If damage dealt was between 2/16 & 4/16th of enemy's max HP, it has 75% chance to go into HRA.
  • If damage dealt was between 1/16 & 2/16th of enemy's max HP, it has a 37.5% chance to go into HRA.

As you can see, to ALWAYS force enemies into HRA, we need to be dealing 4 times the HR Value. Anything lower will only give a chance% at putting them into HRA.


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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by iwansquall on Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:40 am

Great! Now I dont need to this stuff and focus more on other things.

Although some of them might be redundant with LFAQ, but i guess this one less overwhelming

Terror fauzt not that easy though, BRC is horror for new player Very Happy

I think marco changed the wording from "on attack" to "on melee attack".

Add crowd control to "how to survive" because not all of them are survival base spell depend on how you look at it (chronosphere, thunderslam,black sleep).
Survival IMO are like spell that doesnt effect monster at all (sacred shield, inner fire, Tainted Blood, Lionheart), although it kinda like active-defensive spell.
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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:26 am

Yeah, a lot of this information is just regurgitated information since I don't do excessive amounts of testing myself. Also I believe Marco nerfed terror Fauzt to be a lot easier in one of the changelogs.

I will try to update those things.

Okay, added the bit about caps and rollovers + examples of how I understand it.

@anyone else who understands caps/rollovers better than I do
Please correct me if I misunderstood something, ty Smile

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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by briaeros on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:02 am

Very great guide Bass ! Every new player must read that before start playing !!!! Very Happy

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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by Arc_Razer on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:03 am

Very Nicely done, have a cookie...

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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by xpengx on Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:30 pm

Unbelievable guide Bass. Awesome for starters and even for someone who has a doubt on specifics!! Congrats!
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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:17 pm

@MarcoNecroX wrote:your guide layout is very good, would you like me to create a command like:

[basstomouth][/basstomouth] ? it could create a custom box for you, as I see you repeat your styles.

simply try marco tag if you want an example (can be customized a lot), make sure to add a space between tags and text.

This interests me because doing the layout does take a long time (hence why I just copy and paste now from my other guides Razz)

I'm curious as to how it would work though, although I'm guessing you used that bbcode to update the 6e Changelog with the little icons.

When I use it, it comes out like this

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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by MarcoNecroX on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:25 pm

basically its a very long & complicated code for bbcode tables, and I use word censoring to replace a custom tag with it.

Just PM me a layout you would like... flat background, or pattern background (images repeated), border or no, and if so what color. And an icon just like that one too. and the code you would like for example [btm.title][/btm].

you can also customize them with other tags I added; like fixing width:
Example 1
Example 2

You can even add custom codes to it, the mr green one comes with bolded text for example Wink
Just PM me, be as picky as you wan't, already know most CSS after making the design of the forum Razz

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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

Post by MUS01 on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:49 pm

One question about damage cap. It's suposed to be 80k, but for single missiles, right? I mean, take Mind flay with 4 rays.
-If each ray deals 45k of damage, wiht -100% ELR, the damage of each missile can be 90k,there's damage overflow, and then MF real damage only should be 5000?.
In the case of skills like abyss, where his daamge can be 56-93k(1 point), aplying - res, this spell is over the cap??? However hit 25 times in a second, so this daamge is for each misile?.. Thanks.

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Re: [MXL:U] FAQ & Mechanics Guide

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