[From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

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[From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:53 am

Holy Melee Paladin


无情幻月/Illusory Moon with no mercy



Thinking "A strange guide of it's first kind" Thinking

Before the Guide

Hello everyone,I will make a very strange holy melee paladin guide by myself for median ultimative v6f.

Why is it strange?

Because I will put this old guide in my guide also,the old guide was from a Chinese website, and it is in Chinese only,so...... Sad

The old guide was made by a Chinese girl named 无情幻月,it will take your holy melee paladin all the way from ground zero to very end of the game in median 1f9b,the guide contents lots of pictures with Chinese explanations,I will do the translation and put my own guide with it Very Happy

Now we begin

This is a holy melee paladin which use retaliate as main skill.

Too many pictures,I will put pictures and translations in spoiler just to save space and my comments as well.

Part 1: From "Blood Moor" to the "Den of Evil"


Paladin skills in median has been separated in two big systems.This solo play will be a Holy Paladin.

wow:Actually there are 3 systems,but a lot of people ignore the 3rd one.There are good builds for the 3rd one in this forum Wink

I open as p8 solo,new comer please do not do the same,median is a very hard mod,you might get hurt if you do not have any experience but act like a pro.

wow:This is not true,actually open p8 can help you leveling faster and feel less bored about this game,after all we do have to play the same game 3 times Sad

Ok,now we are going to save the world.

wow:......for the 1st time,2 more times to go after this Laughing

My 1st gold!

Under p8 monsters are very strong,you see?I just went one on one with a zombie......

wow:How the hell you got so hurt? Scratch Back then it was so hard?


@Homm wrote:And at the 1v1 zombie part,you could say that with ultimative the density of Blood moore is stupidly heavy,so beware. Because i died several time

wow:Forgot to tell this,thanks Homm.

Killed two rats,now I am level 2!

Because I am an holy paladin,so I will go with retaliate,all stats go to strength.By the way,in median except some special builds,you do not have to go vitality at all.

wow:It depends,you do not have to go full strength just because you choose a strength based skill as main skill.
Here is a prove
wow:In this video,BassToMouth also choose retaliate as main skill,but he put 60%of his stats in vitality and still have a good kill speed with a lot better chance to survive.
wow:Retaliate is a special kind skill,it will work only if you get hit by something with weapon damage,and we all know holy melee paladin has a lion heart skill,which can makes you almost impossible to get hit by weapon damage attacks.But there is a good news,in median,if you run,you total defense=0,so use walk/run is the key with retaliate.When you feel like retaliate never get triggered,just hit "run" key and move a bit,then switch back to walk and attack the nearest monster,retaliate will start.Because you need to get hit,so get as much vitality/elemental resistance/damage reduction/fast hit recover as possible for survival.

Retaliate in early game is very useful to clean the screen and it is not bad at end game either.

In early game,you need a lot of identify scrolls.Different from diablo2,In median early game,you never will have enough money,so you need to collect rare items to sell for gold.

wow:If you play median xl ultimative,you can ignore this part,since both level challenge 0 and the start gold sign will give you plenty of gold till you save cain.

My 1st mo,+1 to vitality.

Mo can give your gear extra bonus,but it will also add your gear's require lvl,so use it with caution,if pick something no use,just throw it away,cause if you put it on,it is impossible to remove it from your gear.

wow:You can buy mo from vendor in town and it is not expensive,so if it is not an UMO,you can throw it away without any regrets.Also,I think there is a tool can help you remove the mo bonus,but I never use any tools except D2SE and Plugy,so I can not give you the answer here Embarassed

Find a sweet sister XD

Finally cleaned the whole blood moor area and get to lvl8

wow:In [MXL:U] blood moor have a lot more monsters than old version,you can get to lvl11 in p8 normally,but remember you have to complete a lvl challenge 0 quest before lvl6,the basic info is right here
@BassToMouth wrote:LC0 (a.k.a Volrath) - It's foolish to try and do this in unholy spec or VoJ. Easiest way I've found is to get a random spear from Charsi (with the gold signets you get at the start), and use retaliate. Make sure you summon Volrath in an area NEAR Kill Rats. They're pathetically weak, but will help you get retaliate procs. Also because they're ranged, they won't get killed when all the traps are down. You can continue leveling in holy melee spec for a while if you want, since you can re-spec anytime from Akara (reward for completing Den of Evil).
That was from one of our finest guide maker in this forum.You have 3 sign of gold to spend when start,and here is a few tips from me Wink
  • You can gamble a paladin holy lance at lvl5 with higher damage
  • Vessel of judgement will auto attack!

Light and shadow,born against each other.

Brother Laz can make a help document like this,he must be a smart guy.

wow:In [MXL:U],no pearl of wisdom anymore Sad ,so check the document.

The fallens are stronger now.

Look at that firewall!

I am HIGH!

First rune!NO.2 "eld" is no use to me,NO.3 "tir" is better.

wow:She is probably talking about the +%gold find from "tir" rune,otherwise I can not think of any use for "tir" rune at the moment.

First rare!

Prince Albrecht the 1st boss you will meet in this game.It is kind of a threat for new comer,stronger than those shaman that uses firewall. You should learn to dodge,it's minions also freeze you,so I suggest you drink a potion then go fight them.

The document wrote:
Prince Albrecht

Kind: Archer Skeleton.
Home: Den of Evil, aka “The Cave”.
Immune to: Cold.
Preset Unique modifier/s: Cold Enchanted.
Skills: Cold ranged attack, slows (by 50%) on striking, casts Glacial Nova on death.
Comment: Has a serious lack of self-steem. Really, and the fact most Amazons look away when prowling at him the first time they see him doesn’t exactly help.
Minions: 10+ Archer Skeletons, wich shoot cold arrows and slow by 50% on striking.
Strategy: The only time you could have problems would be the first time you meet him, because you’ll have to deal with the freeze lenght. However, ranged characters with a minimum skill should be able of sniping them from a safe spot, on top, this is even easier if you have piercing attacks and so.
Now let’s talk about melee...
Well, since you’re not likely to have any decent way of tanking the arrows by now, try to kill them one by one. You can outheal the damage with your pots for a while, but it might happen that they’re still alive when you run out of them. No problem, just crawl away from them, TP home, heal and come back. Then slay the rest of them.
The damage from Albretch’s Glacial Nova is noticeable... but unlikely to kill you, however. Unless you kill him in melee range with 3 hp left, of course. If you do such a thing then prepare your soul for an icy death.

-In Terror and Destruction he’s piece of a cake. Mostly because you can afford a heavier use of health pots/TPs by then. Money rawrz.
wow:This guy is no threat to you if you play holy melee.Do not run away,do not afriad. Run to them and attack with retaliate,they all gonna die,no one can stand your retaliate nova. Smile

Except it is kind of stupid,the prince is still a pretty strong boss at early game,use retaliate and vindicate to kill it.

Only one rare,not worth it.

wow:In [MXL:U] you can get something to cheer you up,that will be the character orb.You can cube it with anything you can buy from vendor except gears.I will leave the receipt here,so you can check it out and decide what are you going to use youself.

After clean the Den of evil,go back to the rogue camp and find akara to get the quest bonus.By the way,sell some useless items I picked up.

wow:Cube your character orb with the statue you have when you start,you will get blink oskill from character orb!

The fire of hope has been started!

wow: Scratch

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:53 am

Part 2: From "Cold Plains" to "Burial Grounds"


I am not here to challenge the evil,I am here to make a commentary.


Damn!Forgot to repair my weapon,now I have to play rock paper and scissor with the chimp.

wow:You underestimate the power of town portal.


Seven people+beauty+black&white+beast

wow:Anyone got any idea wtf is she talking about?

Cold plains' little boss,damage is not very high,but fast!New comer need to watch out,do not get surrounded,play hit&run with it.

The document wrote:

Kind: Fallen One.
Home: Cold Plains.
Immune to: Poison.
Preset Unique modifier/s: Extra Fast.
Skills: Melee physical attack, Concentration aura.
Comment: Bishibosh shouldn’t have used so many rejuvs...
No, of course he didn’t really go back to his young version. He died because of an overdose and this guy replaced him.
Minions: 10+ Fallen Ones, extra fast too.
Strategy: They’re just a bunch of fast Fallen Ones, you really shouldn’t have any problem. Just remember to kill any nearby shaman first, because if you don’t they’ll go on raising the extra fast minions over and over.
wow:No threat to retaliater,attack and win! Evil or Very Mad

Quill Bear.The 1st elite you face in this game.Elites are monster that stronger than regular monsters,new comer need be careful,their name is in yellow,there are many other kind dangerous elites in game that I will mention.

wow:Elites got good drops,do not miss out,kill them all! Twisted Evil

wow:These rats hits hard in Hell,not a threat right now.

In early game amulets,rings and rares all can sell for good money,amulets and rings after identify will get you lots of money,rare normally worthy,magics you can ignore,normally won't worth an identify scroll.

wow:Again,LC0 takes care of our money problem.In [MXL:U],we do not worry about money.

"Tir" is a good rune,we can make "Banshee" runeword bow,the bow is even better than some uniques,new comer should know.

It's time to do god's work.

God:When did i ever tell you to kill anybody?Stop pretending that you are working for me!I don't even know you.

Frost Raptor.The 2nd Elite you will face.Will be a threat to new comer,please do not run away when you see them,go on and attack is the best way.

wow:These bats just got Lemures like unholy paladin,still melee attack,NO big deal to retaliater.

First rare amulet,not bad at all.

wow:The amulet (+16 craft points,+2% minion damage,+25 defense,+3 vit,+15 life,+1 mana)

Hand slip,wasted one point in merkabah.

wow:She must be playing version 1.12 or before,cause in 1.13 we can change our skill points anytime we want.

wow: Merkabah is powerful skill,you should max it as a holy melee paladin.I will set my skill plan before we reach LC1.

Now I reach the little bloody bird Lolita!

wow:In [MXL:U] Bloodraven got barrage and fire trap on death,so be carefully use her minion to trigger your retaliate and kill her with it,after she die, quickly run away for the fire trap.
wow:Here is a picture after my barb kill her,because I did not notice the fire trap,I almost dead.

Not even a rare,little bloody bird Lolita does not want to be friends at all.But in median,Bloodraven is not enhanced,so it is still easy to kill her.

wow: I think "Lolita" is a very cute little girl from Japanese animation,now most of Chinese use the word Lolita for cute girls.

Back to camp find Kashya to end the quest.The bonus is a sweet sister.

wow:Do not underestimate the sisters,when she is 13,give her a "Banshee" bow,she reaches 27,give her the "shockwave"("sol" runeword) bow Twisted Evil
Here is a little something you need to know:

Level 27


Twisted Evil 100% Chance to cast level 16 Punisher when you Kill an Enemy Twisted Evil
+(101 to 125)% Enhanced damage
+(41 to 60) to Maximum Damage
+5% to Poison Spell Damage
(11 to 15)% Chance of Crushing Blow
Slows Target by (11 to 15)%
+(21 to 40) to Energy
+(21 to 40) to Dexterity

Part 3: From "The Cave" to "Tristram"


A date with the sweet sister in this cave.

The sweet sister has two different type:One called ranger,using cascade attack and wraith arrow homing spirit attack.The other kind called priestess,using blood totem( Scratch I am not sure here,never heard of this totem)and tremor skill.I suggest the second type. But watch out for the totems,sometimes they block your way.

wow:Now the sisters got different skill,so pick the one you need.

The place under here called "Duncraig". Illusory moon here gives a advice to new comers.If a entrance showed a note such as "Danger uber area",please do not rush in,or you will meet your death.If you want to know anything about the ubers in this game,please go check the offline document,only go in this place when you reach certain level.

wow:Do you have the offline document yet?

Important mundane monsters introduction:Glowing Fungus.This one is a thread to new comers. When it get close to you,it cast omni lighting skill.Even it is not Elite,but if you against too many of them still a big trouble,especially to those players does not have high lighting resistance.In mundane monster,this one is pretty strong,new comers beware.

wow:Use hammerstrike to kill them!

El Chupacabras,unique boss monster in Stony Field.It runs fast and curses you.In conclusion it is kind of a garbage unique monster.

Keep going,meet with mundane Death Gnat,these monsters will cast poison flash when near you.It is a real danger for those players does not have high poison resistance,so if you do not have high poison resistance keep the distance.

wow:These little creatures could be trouble,use hammerstrike!

First unique,even not worth anything to me,it still is a memento.

Elite monster introduction: Bonegrinder. These monsters are fast and have poison attack,but they are not a big threat.

Got a paladin only helm.In early game use the helm to make paladin only runeword "Ilmatar" is pretty good. Before you make any runeword, remember to enhance your item to superior first, the formula is regular item with any jewel.

wow:Not anymore,now the formula is Regular item + Oil of Enhancement -> reroll item as superior

Step into the Dark Wood.

Inifuss scroll's protector: Wrathraven. Basically no threat,but it teleport when get hit,so it is kind of annoying.

One unique,too bad it has no use to me.If you do not need the unique,do not sell it,cube with a mana potion and it will become an arcane shard,you can use it to upgrade your gear.New comers please pay attention.

wow:Now the formulas are......
Any unique item + Catalyst of Disenchantment -> Arcane Shards + Catalyst of Disenchantment
Any set item + Catalyst of Disenchantment -> Arcane Shards + Catalyst of Disenchantment
Arcane Shards x5 -> Arcane Crystal
Any non-sacred weapon/armor + Arcane Crystal -> return item as next higher tier
Any non-sacred item + Oil of Enhancement + Arcane Crystal x2 -> reroll item as unique
Unique non-sacred weapon/armor + Arcane Crystal + rune -> reroll as next higher tier

Entering the cursed land Tristram.

What a tragedy.

Uncle Griswold is so cool,throw me a punch right when we met.

wow:In [MXL:U],after defeat Griswold you will get one item called Gift Box.

Here is what it looks like:

Here is how you open it:

Here is what you will get:

wow:Seven class have total twenty one different items from the Gift Box.Each class will get three items from the Box.Gift items for each class will always be the same. The gift unique inside could not be turned into Arcane Shard,but you can upgrade them.

List of gifts each class will get:


Jitan's Kamon
Splint Mail (1)
Defense: (150-363)
Durability: 75
Required Strength: 61
Required Level: 6
100% Chance to cast level 7 Singularity when you Die
5% Chance to cast level 4 Guard Tower when you Kill an Enemy
Adds (11-15)-(26-30) fire damage
Adds (11-15)-(26-30) lightning damage
Adds (11-15)-(26-30) cold damage
+(41 to 70)% Enhanced Defense
Damage Reduced by 5%
Socketed: 2

Setzschild (1)
Defense: (421-1030)
Durability: 90
(Amazon Only)
Required Strength: 47
Required Level: 12
5% Chance to cast level 3 Guard Tower when you Kill an Enemy
+(16 to 25)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage
+(11 to 15)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Resistances
+(61 to 100)% Enhanced Defense
(8 to 10)% Bonus to Strength
(8 to 10)% Bonus to Dexterity
Damage Reduced by (3 to 5)
Damage Reduced by 5%
Total Character Defense Plus (8 to 10)%
Socketed: 1

Cervelliere (1)
Defense: (33-63)
Durability: 44
(Amazon Only)
Required Strength: 39
Required Level: 5
5% Chance to cast level 3 Venomous Spirit on Striking
(2 to 4)% Life stolen per Hit
-(11 to 15)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+(21 to 50)% Enhanced Defense
+(11 to 15) to Strength
+(11 to 15) to Dexterity
Socketed: 1


Na-Krul's Spine
Naginata (1)
Two-Hand Damage: (80-102) to (105-148)
Durability: 88
(Assassin Only)
Required Dexterity: 58
Required Level: 6
5% Chance to cast level 2 Bloodlust on Attack
20% Chance to cast level 4 Flamefront on Attack
+(41 to 50)% Bonus Damage to Bloodlust
+(61 to 100)% Enhanced damage
15% Increased Attack Speed
Adds (31-40)-(51-80) damage
All Resists +(21 to 25)%
Damage Reduced by (3 to 5)%
Socketed: 2

Albrecht's Revenge
Chain Mail (1)
Defense: (110-255)
Durability: 63
Required Strength: (43-41)
Required Level: 4
5% Chance to cast level 1 Arrow on Striking
Adds (11-25)-(41-50) cold damage
+(31 to 50)% Enhanced Defense
Cold Resist +(21 to 25)%
(8 to 10)% Reanimate as: Returned Archer
+(7 to 15) Life after each Demon Kill
Requirements (-11 to -15)%
Socketed: 2

Chain Boots (1)
Defense: (39-66)
Durability: 55
Required Strength: 44
Required Level: 4
+(31 to 50)% Enhanced Defense
+(7 to 10) to all Attributes
+(31 to 50) to Life
+(31 to 50) to Mana
Total Character Defense Plus (3 to 5)%
(41 to 75)% Extra Gold from Monsters
Socketed: 1


Fauztin's Visage
Field Plate (1)
Defense: (167-412)
Durability: 87
Required Strength: 73
Required Level: 7
10% Faster Cast Rate
+(7 to 10)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+(11 to 15)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage
+(31 to 60)% Enhanced Defense
Cold Resist +(21 to 25)%
Poison Resist +(21 to 25)%
Level 1 Death's Fury Totem (15 Charges)
Socketed: 2

Umbaru's Jinx
Mask (1)
Defense: (36-52)
Durability: 26
Required Strength: 50
Required Level: 7
+(3 to 5)% to Fire Spell Damage
+(3 to 5)% to Poison Spell Damage
+(11 to 15)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage
+(4 to 5)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Resistances
Poison Length Reduced by (8 to 10)%
(4 to 5)% Reanimate as: Acid Beast
Level 2 Diseased Cattle (15 Charges)
Socketed: 1

Demon Head (1)
Defense: (111-265)
Durability: 70
(Necromancer Only)
Required Dexterity: 36
Required Level: 10
15% Chance to cast level 4 Fire Splash when you Kill an Enemy
15% Chance to cast level 2 Doom when you Kill an Enemy
+(21 to 50) to Maximum Damage
-(11 to 15)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
Stun Attack
+(1 to 2) to Devil's Fang Totem
(8 to 10)% Chance of Crushing Blow
(11 to 15)% Bonus to Dexterity
+(31 to 60)% Enhanced Defense
Fire Absorb (3 to 5)%
Socketed: 2


Bul Kathos' Teaching
Kriegsmesser (1)
One-Hand Damage: (33-40) to (62-259)
Durability: 126
(Barbarian Only)
Required Strength: 96
Required Level: 13
5% Chance to cast level 4 Spike Nova on Attack
+1 to Barbarian Skill Levels
+(41 to 70)% Enhanced damage
+(1.75 per level) to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
+(41 to 80)% Damage to Demons
+(1 to 2) to Inner Fire
+(101 to 150) to Life
+(6 to 10) Life on Striking in Melee
Total Character Defense Plus (3 to 5)%
Socketed: 2

Gilded Shield (1)
Defense: (332-831)
Durability: 67
(Barbarian Only)
Required Strength: 44
Required Level: 14
2% Chance to cast level 3 Gift of the Wild when you Kill an Enemy
Lion Stance Damage Bonus (21 to 50)%
+(41 to 80)% Enhanced Defense
+(11 to 15) to all Attributes
Damage Reduced by (4 to 5)%
Total Character Defense Plus (11 to 15)%
Socketed: 1

Spirit Teacher's Headdress
Avenger Guard (1)
Defense: (102-190)
Durability: 59
(Barbarian Only)
Required Strength: (75-72)
Required Level: 10
+(4 to 5) Enhanced Stance Radius
+(16 to 20)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+(16 to 20)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage
+(41 to 75)% Enhanced Defense
Regenerate Mana +(21 to 25)%
All Resists +(11 to 15)%
Socketed: 2
Requirements (-11 to -15)%


Crown Shield (1)
Defense: (133-319)
Durability: 77
(Paladin Only)
Required Dexterity: 43
Required Level: 10
5% Increased Attack Speed
5% Faster Cast Rate
+(7 to 10)% to Lightning Spell Damage
+(7 to 10)% to Cold Spell Damage
+(7 to 10)% to Poison Spell Damage
+(8 to 10)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+(31 to 60)% Enhanced Defense
Cold Absorb (3 to 5)%
Lightning Absorb (3 to 5)%
Fire Absorb (3 to 5)%
Socketed: 2

Skull Lord
Blackguard Helm (1)
Defense: (39-66)
Durability: 29
(Paladin Only)
Required Dexterity: 29
Required Level: 6
+(16 to 25) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
5% Faster Cast Rate
+(11 to 15)% to Lightning Spell Damage
+(11 to 15)% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
+(31 to 50)% Enhanced Defense
(4 to 5)% Reanimate as: Knight of Famine
(8 to 10)% Curse Length Reduction
Socketed: 2

Queen of Glass
Ancient Armor (1)
Defense: (227-522)
Durability: 11
Required Strength: (86-82)
Required Level: 11
5% Faster Run/Walk
15% Faster Cast Rate
-(11 to 15)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(11 to 15)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(11 to 15)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(11 to 15)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+(31 to 50)% Enhanced Defense
+(151 to 250) to Mana
Lightning Resist +(21 to 25)%
Cold Resist +(21 to 25)%
Decrease Maximum Durability -90%
Socketed: 2
Requirements (-11 to -15)%


Wedding Dress of the Zann
Ceremonial Armor (1)
Defense: (301-750)
Durability: 116
(Sorceress Only)
Required Dexterity: 97
Required Level: 12
+(2 to 3) to Moon Queen
+(2 to 3) to Spiral Dance
+(61 to 100)% Enhanced Defense
+(16 to 25) to Strength
+(16 to 25) to Dexterity
+(21 to 50)% Enhanced Damage to Moonstrike
Socketed: 2

Death Spur
Heavy Boots (1)
Defense: (19-28)
Durability: 42
Required Strength: 28
Required Level: 3
1% Chance to cast level 6 Spike Nova when you Take Damage
+(0.375 per level) to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
(21 to 25)% Chance of Open Wounds
+(11 to 15) to Strength
+(11 to 15) to Dexterity
Socketed: 1

The Warped Blade
Warp Blade (1)
One-Hand Damage: (25-32) to (90-150)
Durability: 44
(Sorceress Only)
Required Dexterity: (41-39)
Required Level: 12
15% Chance to cast level 4 Energy Beam on Attack
+(41 to 80)% Enhanced damage
15% Increased Attack Speed
+(51 to 100) to Maximum Damage
+(16 to 25) to Dexterity
(11 to 15)% Reanimate as: Soul Flayer
Requirements (-11 to -15)%
Socketed: 2


Spirit Mask (1)
Defense: (94-170)
Durability: 54
(Druid Only)
Required Strength: 77
Required Level: 10
+(1 to 4) to Summon Thunder Bear
Enhanced Weapon Damage +(16 to 25)%
Slows Melee Target by 5%
+(41 to 70)% Enhanced Defense
+(16 to 20) to Strength
(4 to 5)% Reanimate as: Shrieker
Socketed: 2

Shroud Royal
Full Plate Mail (1)
Defense: (260-652)
Durability: 105
Required Strength: 91
Required Level: 11
Strength Bonus to Weapon Damage
+(1 to 2) to Vanquish
(3 to 5)% Bonus to All Attributes
+(61 to 100)% Enhanced Defense
Damage Reduced by (7 to 10)
(26 to 50)% Extra Gold from Monsters
(16 to 20)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Socketed: 2

Spiked Shield (1)
Defense: (68-164)
Durability: 59
Required Dexterity: 55
Required Level: 7
1% Chance to cast level 6 Frozen Crown when you Take Damage
+(31 to 50)% Damage to Undead
+(31 to 60)% Enhanced Defense
+(7 to 10) to all Attributes
Replenish Life +(16 to 25)
+(2 to 5) Cold Absorb
+(2 to 5) Lightning Absorb
Socketed: 1

After taken care of Uncle Griswold and bunch of garbage in Tristram,now I am level 18,Lionheart will give me massive damage and defense,should be maxed.

Gem Shrine!

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:53 am

Part 4: From the "Black Marsh" to "Barracks"


Elite monster introduction: Shock Stinger.One of the threats in early game.It is harmful in melee range,better keep a distance with them.

wow:These creature are very dangerous indeed,if you do not have enough damage,better stay away from them.At this moment,it is you mercenary's time to shine,if you equip her a "banshee" bow,she will take them out with no problem.

From the Document:

Shock Stinger ELITE

Immune to: Poison.

Skills: Casts Flash on attack, Casts Venomous Spirit on striking, opens wounds, drains resistance, physical damage attack.

Comment: He will, he will, shock you!

Strategy: You don’t want these guys too close, Flash hits 4 times and actually deals some decent damage, mostly because of the lack of resistances you have in early game. Range/Damage over Time is reccomended. Note that they also cast VS...but since it’s on attack and you already have to keep distances because of Flash, you should’ve have too much problem.

Here I come,countess.

Elite monster again. Corruptor Archer.This time is poison damage,but these monster are slow,so you can just run away.

wow:We are holy melee.We do not run away.We run toward those archers and retaliate them. Twisted Evil No one weapon damage monsters stand a chance against us.

A unique ring.I do not have to check it,I knew it is the "Ring of Disengagement".But it is pretty useful to me,+20 fast movement can make up for the speed lose from Lionheart, it is also helpful in dodging.

wow:She is just luck,I got "Noob Loop" in Blood Moor like 100 times before I get one "Ring of Disengagement".

The Countess.
Very strong boss in early game.In median,the countess got a lot stronger.When she and her minion cast Deathstrike on death,it will instant kill you,very big threat for new comers.After you killed the countess or any of her minions,you should leave where you stand right away.Illusory Moon here gives everyone a heads up.

wow:Except in terror difficulty for the mini game,there is no need to go in this place.But just in case you like the challenge,use hammerstrike quickly kill them.After each kill,move away from where you stand,do not stand in one place and you will be fine. Open a town portal at the entrance of level five tower cellar,this way even if you die,you can easily get your corpse back.There are no real threat here can stop you from getting your corpse.

Of course you will get lots of experience from killing the Countess,basically one level each kill.If you have faith in your dodging skill,I suggest you spend your time till level 24 right here,you can get lots of runewords also.This way will make it easy for passing Andariel.

wow:This is exactly classic diablo 2 way of play.But in median,we do not waste our time here.I will explain later. Wink
wow:Look at the dark smoke.It is Deathstrike. When your priestess mercenary reach level 24,she can cast the same thing,but not that powerful.

Beware.The Countess's firewall in early game is pretty harmful.If you see the firewall lighting at the doorway,do not charge in,wait till the fire go out first.

wow:Ignore that.When you go near the door,some of her minion will come out and attack you.You kill as many as you can before you go in.That firewall is not a problem,cause we got potions.

After kill the Countess,reward is very good!Those runeword even stronger than some good tiered uniques in early game,but you have to have the same dodging skill as I do.

wow:We do not even need those runewords right now.

After a few Countess run got to level 24. If play holy melee,I suggest get Blessed Life at least to 50% damage reduction.

wow:Now Blessed Life is our Black Road Challenge skill.New skill replaced that called Colosseum.It is also a very powerful skill.

This is what it does:

This is what it looks like when actived:

Basically a super helpful skill,you can put skill points till it reach 5 sec timer if you really like to use it more often. Wink

By the way,at Countess runs,your mercenary probably will die,because she can not dodge like you are.So do not waste money to bring her back when you are doing Countess runs,bring her back after.

Elite monster: Warforged Shaman. These monsters can explode corpse kill enemy,so be careful.

wow:Very powerful monster with lots of elite little monsters help it.But no threat to holy melee,kill them all with retalitate. Twisted Evil

Step into Tamoe Highland meet with big sister "witch" the first time.New comers please pay attention,big sister witch are very sick enemies,when you get close to her,she make a creepy laugh and then rape you after,you can hear her singing one screen away,if you do not want to die,stay away.

wow:Patience my friends,you can kill this bitch at late game.

Keep on going meet with Elite monster Cog.These monsters are fast,after death their corpses will be exploded by Warforged Shaman. New comers please beware these dangerous monsters.

Time to put my powerful skills into a test.

wow: Eh?

The Smith.Small unique boss in Barracks.In median,The Smith got buffed.Attack speed and damage are both way higher.When in melee range,it will cast curse on you,it is one of the powerful bosses in early game.New comers please pay attention,better use mercenary like a meat shield to keep it away from you.

wow:Just go on and kill the dummy with retaliate.
Old picture from Omega version:

This Smith is incredibly stingy.

wow:Why do you even fight it?There are plenty of challenges ahead way stronger than this melee fool.

After knock down The Smith,give the quest subject to Charsi for one chance to strengthen one of your items with magical powers.Better save it for now,you can put a sacred item in there later.

wow:No,forget Charsi. When you get the "Horadric Malus",put it in your cube with a "Catalyst of Disenchantment",it will become an arcane shard and you can do as many times as you want.This is not a have to do quest,so why not?
Old pictures from Omega version,right now it is still the same:




As you see,quest is still there.After you save&exit,you can get the "Horadric Malus" again. Very Happy

Holy Paladin skill points set up.In early game one point for "Rapture" is enough,later you can put 5 points in it to get rid of the cool down timer,rest put into "Sacred Armor".

wow:Now it is a different story.In early game put as many skill points as you can into "Rapture" for speed boost,"Sacred Armor" leave with one point the whole game.

First unique amulet.

The proc is the actual shinny part.

Going down to Jail level one.

Part 5: From the "Jail" to the "Catacombs"


New comer remember to collect more gems for resistance.In median resistance is more important than defense,with low defense you probably will not be instantly killed,but with low resistance,you are sure gonna be instantly killed

wow:Resistance and defense both are important,but in early game focus on resistance first.

In median you will need a lot of money in early game,so do not forget to pick up rare and sell for money.

wow:Always have enough cash sure is a lot of help,especially in terror,try to pick up every rare since they are not just worth a lot of money,some of them might have high item level,you probably will need those item.

Enter "Inner Cloister",why is there always a corpse here?

wow:Hope this useless corpse could be used as a new uber in further median version.

Warm welcome after open the gate.There are a lot of monsters in this place,even most of them are garbage,but in early game with low gear still could be hard,hit&run is the right way here.

wow:There is only one kind of monster you should worry.

From the Document:

Black Priest

Immune to: Poison.
Skills: Casts Gamma Field and Cold Beam, also melee physical attack.
Comment: Preaches dual element devotion and cookies worship whenever he has the chance to.
Strategy: His low leveled Gamma Field damage can be easily tanked with some poison resistances, Cold Beam is ignorable with -100% cold resits. As you can possibly guess, this won’t be a hard fight.

Other than that are all ok.

This one can be used for runeword "Paaliaq" later,very helpful for melee character in early game.

wow:After you find better armor,give "Paaliaq" to your mercenary,unless you have better armor for them too.

Elite monster introduction: Bloodfire Rogue. Their damage and defense are stronger than regular Rogue,but not a big threat.

Blightfire. Unique boss in Cathedral. It can casts homing skill "Pain Spirit" and have "Demon Blood Aura",way stronger than Bone Ash.New comers beware.

wow:Bone Ash was the regular d2 boss in Cathedral.
Picture taken from a regular d2 site.

This belt can be used for runeword "Rainbow" in early game."Rainbow" is a very useful runeword in early game,gives lots resistance.New comer should use it.

From the Document:


Level 15



+5 to Maximum Damage
+5% to Spell Damage
All Resists +(11 to 15)%
(11 to 15)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+2 to Light Radius

My luck,almost prefect.

In Catacombs meet with Elite monster Steelfur Titan. They are strong melee monsters,those characters who has low defense should be careful here.Good thing is these monster are kind of slow.

Ed is kind of low,but others looks ok.

Act I Boss Andariel
Big sister Andariel is strongly buffed in median.It is a great threat to most of the new comers. Andariel will cast Meteor Shower and Hive at you. So get higher fire resistance and poison resistance can help to survive Andariel's attacks.If your character have low resistance,I suggest you use town portal to avoid Meteor Shower,but if you ran The Countess as well as I did before,pass Andariel is very easy for you.

From the Document:

Andariel Act Boss

Kind: Andariel.

Home: Catacombs Level 4

Immune to: Nothing.

Preset Unique modifier/s: None.

Skills: Melee physicak attack. Casts Hive, casts Fire Fountain, Apocalypse and Meteor Shower.

Comment: Rightfully named as Maiden of Anguish, this Sayan redhead demoness never doubted before using any of her woman weapons (such as the “how lonely I am” look, the lustful appearance, the sputter of neuro-toxic paralyzing acid...) to climb a little more in Hell’s scale. Also, in case you wonder about it, those spider like “arms” that come from her back are what her kind uses to cut her mate in pieces. You know, to make digestion easier and that.
Minions: None. Even though Acid Beasts seem to be linked to her.
Strategy: Oh well... Before anything else, you should know that clearing fully the entrance and the beginning of her hall is a great help. If you don’t rush too far she won’t see you and you’ll be able of killing a half of her underlings, making your life much easier. Now you can just go a bit further so that she sees you and lure her away.
Note that right after seeing you she’ll cast Hive, which will cast poisoned swarms if you get close. That’s why a large poison resistance will be a great help against her. Also she’ll cast fire spells. It doesn’t take a genius to see that fire resistance will help a lot too.

If for some reason you didn’t want to get fire resistance (I hope you did get poison), then you might find out, to your amazement, that her spells actually take some of your life away. She uses Apocalypse almost constantly, and there’s not way you can be in the same screen as her and avoid Apoc.
Also she usually casts Fire Fountain, surrounding you with traps that damage you when you move from your “safe” spot and touch them. Avoid them when you see them flying, simply stop attacking and get out of the way before they hit you.
Her Meteor Shower is the most rarely used one, and not really dangerous since there’s no reason for you to not move away from the impact zones and avoid the spectacular yet not too harmful meteors.

If you actually avoid her two avoidable spells and go all out in poison res, this fight shouldn’t be hard.

Of course, as a Summoner there’s little you can do to help changing the tide of the battle (other than resummoning and buffing them, duh), perhaps killing your monsters before luring her to an empty spot and then resummoning in town would be useful, though. (So that they don’t drag any other monster as well as Andy.)

wow:Fighting with Andariel,your main attack should be Hammerstrike,you should put as many point as you can in Blazing Fury to blow all other monsters away,so you can go one on one with Andariel.

Here is what the skill does,it replace Ring of Fire from the previous version:

This skill is simply amazing,it not only knock back your enemies for you,it also pierce enemies fire resistance,so it is a really must have skill for holy paladin in my own opinion.

All median act bosses are very generous. Every time will give sure unique,if you need to upgrade your unique items,please visit Andariel a few times.

wow:If you really interested in fighting her for unique,feel free to visit my guide for a few tips.

>>Opa Median Style<<

End of Act I.

Current set up. If use holy paladin as the first farming character,you can take this as your reference.

wow:You should focus on resistance from your gears for Act II. Stats go full strength is not bad for now.Skills set up should be like this: Skillplan (Paladin, 2012 v005)(Sorry for the 2012 skill set up,should be Blazing Fury not Ring of Light Wink )

End of Act I

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:28 am

Holy Melee Paladin


无情幻月/Illusory Moon with no mercy



Thinking "A strange guide of it's first kind" Thinking

Part 6: From the "Sewers" to the "Ancient Tunnels"


Continue on last chapter.Act II officially start,first go to change your mercenary to Act II defense spear man.Defense spear man is the best opening mercenary.Also he is the best tank.Strongly recommended for new comers.

wow:I just have to say,the Chinese version is completely a different story from ours.Well,same as Act I,you pick your own flavor. Wink

The Shapeshifter seems like the "defense spear man" she talked about in her play through.He is very tanky. The Exemplar is also a very strong warrior,he uses Lifeblood to heal himself which makes himself hard to be killed,he also has retaliate to knock enemies back. The Fighter Mage is very good crowd control warrior,he uses Glacial Nova to freeze all enemies,he also has Fortress which makes him a very powerful killing machine if equipped properly.

Here are some weapons recommended for your Town Guard mercenary:

Sea Summoner
Trident (1)
Two-Hand Damage: (14-17) to (28-34)
Durability: 48
Required Strength: 18
Required Dexterity: 29
Required Level: 3
5% Chance to cast level 2 Glacial Nova on Attack
+(41 to 70)% Enhanced damage
Adds (21-35)-(36-50) cold damage
Slows Target by (3 to 5)%
+(16 to 25) to Dexterity
Replenish Life +(16 to 25)
Total Character Defense Plus (11 to 15)%
Socketed: 2

Spetum (1)
Two-Hand Damage: (52-65) to (103-138)
Durability: 96
Required Strength: 42
Required Dexterity: 63
Required Level: 7
15% Chance to cast level 1 Miasma on Attack
25% Chance to cast level 6 Venomous Spirit on Attack
+1 to Amazon Skill Levels
+(51 to 80)% Enhanced damage
Adds (31-40)-(51-75) damage
(61 to 100)% Bonus to Miasma Haunt Duration
+(11 to 15) Life after each Kill
Socketed: 2

Death Pit Stake
Pike (1)
Two-Hand Damage: (24-30) to (67-84)
Durability: 120
Required Strength: (48-45)
Required Dexterity: (71-68)
Required Level: 10
15% Chance to cast level 4 Carpet of Spiders on Attack
+1 to Paladin Skill Levels
+(61 to 100)% Enhanced damage
15% Increased Attack Speed
Adds (9-19)-(19-38) poison damage over 3 seconds
+(21 to 25)% to Poison Spell Damage
Poison Length Reduced by (21 to 25)%
Socketed: 2
Requirements (-11 to -15)%

Sudis Murale
Glaive (1)
Throw Damage: (19-23) to (73-101)
One-Hand Damage: (18-22) to (60-85)
Durability: 104
Required Dexterity: 65
Required Level: 7
5% Chance to cast level 4 Fortress when you Kill an Enemy
+(41 to 70)% Enhanced damage
+(31 to 50) to Maximum Damage
(3 to 5)% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(21 to 25) to Strength
+(11 to 15) to Dexterity
Total Character Defense Plus (11 to 15)%
Socketed: 2

At first,help the widow to revenge......reward is a skill point.

Corruptor Mage
Act II first Elite monster,they have strong poison spells,those who has low poison resistance be careful here.Just arrived at Act II,monsters in the sewer are pretty good opponents.

wow:Just make sure you have 75% poison resistance then you are fine.Kill them with hammerstrike.

These Elite monsters have powerful poison attacks,they also cast Carpet of Spiders in melee range.Those who has low poison resistance be careful here.

Melee class unique glove.In median,uniques are better than regular Diablo II.

wow:Why "melee class"?Range class can use it too.My favorite weapon damage character glove in early game.

First sign of experience.New comers do not use it rashly.The sign of experience is hard to get,one difficulty probably will only drop around ten of this,use it in low level is a waste. After level 100 is pretty good.

While collecting fees in sewer meet with boss of the sewers,Radament.
Radament in median xl is strong buffed. Radament will throw thunderstone at you which will cause high lighting damage.Use dodging skill to avoid the stone and find chance to hit it. Radament's thundestone is very easy to dodge,but it is scary if you get hit,high lighting resistance can help you fight Radament easier.

wow:Dummy boss with loads of minions.Use retaliate charge in,then use hammerstrike go for the boss first.

After get rid of Radament,I decide to do some power leveling in dungeon uberquest the "Ancient Tunnels" by Lost City.This is a level 60 uber, new comers should not go.If you have faith in your dodging and control skill,you can go and try it.After all die a few times in uber is normal,but do not die too many times.It will be pretty bad if you have no money left to bring back your mercenary.

wow:No need to go there at all.Well,if you like to try.

From the document:

Creature of Flame

Hatred : 60
Terror : 115
Destruction : 120

Ancient Tunnels (Lost City)
Horazon the Summoner summoned a powerful demonlord that was too strong and overwhelmed him. He managed to trap it in his arcane sanctuary, but could not defeat it and it almost killed him. To save his own life, Horazon split off the prison zone from the rest of his sanctuary and banished it to earth where it now sits in a subterranean dimension. Breaking in and defeating the demon may yield great rewards.
Heed the familiar's holographic warning. The Creature of Flame ignores a percentage of all attacks and strikes with the force of a collapsing mountain, killing the unwary adventurer instantly. Luckily, the enemy of your enemy is nearby. The Astral Guardians protecting the area will defend it from the likes of you, but their magical attack phases you into the astral plane, weakening you to subsequent magical damage but also granting immunity to physical damage. This is exactly what you need to protect you from the Creature of Flame's physical death touch.
Defeat the Creature of Flame on Destruction difficulty to get Horazon's Focus.

Horazon's Focus
Keep in Inventory to gain Bonus
Required Level: 40
(3 to 5)% Life stolen per Hit
(3 to 5)% Mana stolen per Hit
-50 Defense
+(21 to 25) to all Attributes

In older versions of Median XL, this encounter did not have the death touch mechanic. The increased difficulty may come as a surprise.

Now the creature can one shot kill you.

Introduce some threats in early game for new comers. Condemneds are not Elite,but they have strong fire spell,some kind of threat in early game.

Darkwarden. Sick attack.They will use retaliate cause high damage.But these monsters are very slow,if you do not want to fight them,just go away.

wow:Funny description from the document.

From the document:

Darkwarden ELITE Summoned by Elite Beetles.

Immune to: Magic.

Skills: Lolling thunder (basically, a nova of weapon damage that KBs you and multihits. Similar to Retaliate, but without the “get hit” factor nor the added magic damage), apocalyptic physical attack.

Comment: This specific kind of giant used to roam hell berserkly and happened to have quite a thing for squashing giant beetles. It was Azmodan’s idea to cage them into talismans to unleash them safely in the middle of battles. Mephisto thought that it’d be much more fun to make them be summoned by scarabs.
When those two screwed it up, it took Baal quite a while to change their AIs so that they were actually “friends” of the bugs and didn’t squash them right after appearing.
Strategy: If this is the first time you come across this monster, please profit of his low speed and recover your corpse. Done? Good.
You really should leave him alone, I know that you might consider that “lol fleein’ suxorz”, but you’re NOT meant to kill this guy at low level. Rolling Eyes You still want to kill him, don’t you?
Ok, ranged characters should simply keep a distance and range him, I know it’s shocking. More or less same for casters, simply don’t let him catch you at all. Summoners should also just keep summoning over and over until he dies.
The thing is: “What the heck do melee chars do?” There are two options:
Ez mode-> Buy a few “Stun attack” MOs or get yourself some other stun source, then once you start hitting him it’s done.
Real man mode-> Dive in, hit twice, flee-> Dive in, hit twice, flee -> Dive in, hit twice, flee... Just don’t let him touch you or you’ll be dead meat. Maybe you can hit a few more times before fleeing if you have a decent defense rating.
Of course, if you think you can tank a pack of these monsters then you should leave drugs, seriously, that sh*t’s no good for you.
-Remember that you don’t have to kill anything in your way, we won’t laugh at you if you don’t. Or maybe we will, but you won’t know, so it doesn’t matter.

Daystar.(Extremely Dangerous!)
These Elite monsters' threat level is "S",new comer killer.The first time I play median,got killed by them many times.They will use Angelfire, kill speed is very high! To deal with these monsters,you need to keep moving,new comers and low fire resistance players should beware.

wow: Daystar uses fire skill same as holy caster's brimstone.It will cause very high damage in one place.So you need to keep moving if you see fire coming up from your feet.Go kill them with hammerstrike.

Dirge. Minions in "Ancient Tunnels",they have very strong poison attack,will cast poison missile on death.If you want to power level right here,high poison resistance is a must.

wow:These bat ladies are no longer exist in this uber,however......

From the Document:


Immune to: Poison.

Skills: Casts Death Star, casts Lower Resistances curse on death (all elemental res. reduced by 50%) and also Disco Inferno.

Comment: Farore had to get herself another job after the Great Fairies were kicked out of the game. Classic LoZ fans miss them, but all agree the new look is pretty cool too.
Strategy: She’s not as bad as it seems. It’s true that if she snipes you with Death Star while you’re locked in melee, she might kill you. But however you should have learnt to not get locked in potentially dangerous places.
So the worst thing that she can do is dying, and you can perfectly run away/hide behind a pilar until the poison orbs stop trying to maim you. Note that if you have a large amount of minions, you’d do better TPing home until it ends.

Horazon's Familiar.One of the bosses in "Ancient Tunnels".It has super strong lighting attack and charge skill,you need to have high lighting resistance,let your mercenary to tank for you,you hide behind and feed your mercenary potions.

wow:This boss still exist.You do need to have high lighting resistance.When you go in,colosseum the boss then hamerstrike it till it die.Pretty simple.

Creature of Flame.It cast forked lighting also has fire attack,just let your mercenary to tank for you,you attack from behind.

wow:Used to be very easy.Now "Creature of Flame" only does one attack,that will be something looks like an energy beam which will instant kill you if you get hit.And there is only one kind of minions in that uber place,that will be some black&white colored Cenobites alike monsters.They are harmless.If you kill them in melee,they will give you a shield in a short time which can tank the energy beam.So since we are melee,we need to kill these minions one by one and use the shield to kill "Creature of Flame".If the minions are gone and the creature still lives,just use dark summoning to summon one and keep doing what you are doing.Details about how to prepare yourself to do this uber will be explained later.

Uncle Mi Shan got killed smoothly.

wow:Same as English version,Chinese version also gives mercenary names."Mi Shan" is her mercenary's name.

It is normal that your mercenary keeps dying when you are doing ubers. Just do not let your mercenary die too many times,or the loss will outweighs the gain.

wow:She means the amount of gold you spent to bring back your mercenary will be too high.We will solve this problem pretty soon. Mr. Green Angel

I almost got killed too,so you must have quick hands.

wow:Quick hands to escape I suppose?No shame in that,it is pretty hard to get your body back from ubers at this level.

Got a tier(3) Gothic Plate from the "Ancient Tunnels".I used two arcane crystal to uptier it till (5) for the runeword "Thelema". Defense shouldn't be a problem in early game.

wow:How did she get a "Fal" runeword at such a early time of the game?

From the Document:


Level 41

Body Armors

+1 to All Skills
15% Faster Cast Rate
+(51 to 100)% Enhanced Defense
+30 to Energy
+30 to Dexterity
+30 to Vitality
+(41 to 50) Mana when Struck by an Enemy

Need more strength.Change the gem from my belt should be enough.

wow:I think she means change the gem from the belt to something add strength.

Level 49.Just one more level,I will go and do sunstone challenge.New comers please do not level over 50,otherwise you can not complete the sunstone challenge for the reward.

wow:Almost time for our big challenge.

From the Document:


Go to the Tran Athulua uberlevel on Hatred difficulty, find and defeat any of the three Priestesses.
She will drop her Sunstone. Cube it immediately while you have the red swirls on you. This will add some nice additional bonuses to your Sunstone, if your level is low enough.
You have 30 seconds to cube the Sunstone after killing the Priestess, so keep your cube empty!

Level Challenge 1A: Fire
(Max Level 70)
Kill Philios, Priestess of Hefaetrus. She will drop a Sunstone of Fire. If you are level 70 or below, cube it while the red whirls are on your character to add extra bonuses.

Sunstone of Fire + town portal scroll + identify scroll -> returns Sunstone of Fire with added bonuses

Requires: level 70 or below
This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:
All Resists +20%

Level Challenge 1B: Ice
(Max Level 60)
Kill Skovos, Priestess of Karcheus. She will drop a Sunstone of Ice. If you are level 60 or below, cube it while the red whirls are on your character to add extra bonuses.

Sunstone of Ice + town portal scroll + identify scroll -> returns Sunstone of Ice with added bonuses

Requires: level 60 or below
This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:
+2 to All Skills

Level Challenge 1C: Thunder
(Max Level 50)
Kill Lycander, Priestess of Zerae. She will drop a Sunstone of Thunder. If you are level 50 or below, cube it while the red whirls are on your character to add extra bonuses.

Sunstone of Thunder + town portal scroll + identify scroll -> returns Sunstone of Thunder with added bonuses

Requires: level 50 or below
This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:
20% Increased Attack Speed
20% Faster Cast Rate
20% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Faster Block Rate
20% Faster Run/Walk
15% Bonus to all Attributes

Update version for Median XL ULTIMATIVE:

In [MXL:U] you will get a new reward which named "Sunstone of the Elements".It will save you time&space.Thanks to MarcoNecrox Thumbs Up .

Sunstone of the Elements + Sunstones of Ice/Fire/Thunder --> Sunstone of the Elements with added bonuses and -10% enemy Cold/Fire/Lightning resistance.

Btw. You gain no experience on Hatred difficulty in Tran Athulua itself. Keep trying until you succeed!
Btw. Although all three Priestesses give you the same looking red whirls, you need to kill the right Priestess to cube the right charm.

By the way.New comer please be careful when open chests.In median,they added a few new traps when you open something.Others are ok,but the punisher trap in this picture should be a "MUST AVOID".This trap can instant kill you,but the trap is a slow mover,very easy to avoid.New comers should do it with extra caution.

wow:I still remember this trap.It is gone now.Replaced by a force wall type of trap,it only knock you back with a creepy laugh,so no need to worry anymore Cheers! .

Click here to go on.

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by BassToMouth on Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:08 am

My internet can't even load that page properly lol

Looks like she did a "Let's Play" series but used pictures instead of a vid D:

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:20 am

@BassToMouth wrote:My internet can't even load that page properly lol

Looks like she did a "Let's Play" series but used pictures instead of a vid D:

something like that,but she add a lot of comments about how to play the char,i think it was pretty helpful

i have already download 25pictures from the web will try to do all the translation and add my own opinion to it.you all are welcome to fix any of my errors.

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by RollsRoyce on Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:32 am

Do the translation^^
The Smith

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:24 am

@RollsRoyce wrote:Do the translation^^

i will do as soon as i can, so the 1st picture i put there is ok?you think the translation part is clear enough?i will use different format for my own words

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by ish_ on Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:29 pm

简直无情。。。。 Hitting a Wall


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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:35 am

@ish_ wrote:简直无情。。。。 Hitting a Wall

你是无情幻月? Very Happy

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

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