[From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:15 pm

Act 2 done

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:04 pm

Go back to Part 9&10

Part 11: From "Spider Forest" to "Upper Kurast"


Keep working on the quests,go for the eyeball first.

wow:No more "eyeball",explain later. Wink

Median xl elite monster mini-lessons.Onyx Knight.These monsters are very aggressive,have high speed,but not a big threat in general.

MiShan accidentally broke a dragon egg.Actually I do not want to cause trouble with it,but now I have to fight.

wow:Just in case,those big words in the middle means "Entering Spider Forest".

I have already passed the level requirement,kill baal's spawn will not get any reward.So this part is just for the entertainment.

wow: —_—! Evil girl!

From the Document:

Act 3

Maximum character level to do recipes
Hatred: level 60
Terror: level 100
Destruction: unlimited

Killing the dragon gives you essentially an unlimited Chaos Reroll recipe for 30 seconds. This recipe will turn the item into a new item of the same type, which could be cracked, magical, unique or anything in between.

Any item + identify scroll -> reroll item randomly + identify scroll

Item level of output item
Hatred: level 50
Terror: level 80
Destruction: level 99

Do you best to avoid it's Flamestrike. I have 75 fire resistance,but still hurt when got hit.

wow:Run to avoid all spells,attack from time to time with Hammerstrike.

At this time,defense is useless,try to avoid is the key.

Cross dresser Lolita vs Evil Dragon.

You see Flamestrike is coming,just run away,then come back kick it's ass.

The Evil Dragon is not that great......New comers better not to start trouble with it.In my opinion,a baal's spawn probably equals to 3 normal Diablo. If you are not ready,do not bother to try.

wow:Not worthy for holy melee,we have enough good items which we can make ourselves.Check the document,you should know how to find them now.

Ok,keep going with quests.Beware monster's Gamma Field spell.Those players who has low poison resistance should pay attention.

wow:If all your resistance still not maxed yet,shame on you Evil or Very Mad

Entering Spider Cavern.

Killed the unique monster who guarded the box,dropped the Jade Figurine.

Got the eyeball.

The punisher trap makes me nervous when I am seeing this.

wow:The Chinese word means "cocoon".

Median xl elite monster mini-lessons. Marbled Frog.It has charge skill.

wow:You do not even need to come here anymore,so bye bye to this elite......wait,I forgot to tell you that you should not go in there?

Exchange the Jade Figurine with the Golden Bird.

Complete the quest got a plus 20 hit points potion.But I think 20 hit points in median is not so important.

From one of Diablo 2's website:

The Golden Bird

Alkor asks who has not dreamt of immortality. One man is rumored to have done more than merely dream. Find the Golden Bird of Ku Y'leh and you might find the secret to everlasting life.

Given by finding a Jade Figurine.

Tip: Look for a Unique Monster

wow:Immortality is 20 more hit points?Can someone get me an energy shot?I want my immortality. Laughing

Elite monster introduction.Plague Bringer.This monster will cast large amount of poison nova,it's a big threat to those players who does not have high poison resistance,fast kill speed is the key to deal with it.

wow:This monster casts beautiful green nova,after you enjoy the show,Kill it with hammerstrike.

My brain start disfunction from here......I want to run death projector,but what happen next will prove this is not a good idea.

wow:Death projector can give you lots of experience early game,it is like you do level challenge 0 with a little bit change.If you are not sure what you are doing,do not need to try at this time of the game.

Frozen orb trap......

Hack death projector till it got only half health left,then because of one miss step,the laser touched me......This is my first death in act 3,melee classes are really not that good against it.

wow:Death projector has a clockwise one shot kill laser, it got lots of hit points and also protected by lots of untargetable minions. Paladin has no multi-hitting skill as stormblast or bladestorm."Hacking" it hit by hit like an idiot while dodging it's laser and minions is really not a good choice.What You need is a real good proc can take death projector out in a few hits.

Such as:

The Flying Anvil
Great Maul (6)
Two-Hand Damage: (259-287) to (394-437)
Durability: 138
Required Strength: 640
Required Level: 55
+(131 to 150) Crafting Points
30% Chance to cast level 19 Flamestrike on Attack
+(216 to 250)% Enhanced damage
Stun Attack
+(66 to 75) to Strength
Total Character Defense Plus (36 to 40)%
Socketed: 6


Any paladin two hand weapon with item level over 48 can have shower of rock oskill.

There are other choices too,you need to learn to find them.Remember,what you need is a strong DPS proc which is good at taking out single target. Thumbs Up

After I got my body back with my own speed advantage,I understand that I am not good at doing this,so I am getting out of here.

wow:Good idea.You can always power level at other epic uber later.

Keep going with the quests.Elite monster,Djinn,seems no special power,easy to deal with......

From the Document:


Immune to: Magic.
Skills: Melee physical attack, teleports you on striking AND casts Immolation Bomb on striking too.
His hatred against humanity is only surpassed by his hatred against ponies, I’d tell you the full story but it’s too off-topic.
Their physical attack isn’t the problem at all, the thing is that once they tele you, you have 3 seconds to get out of the bomb’s range.
However, they’re not likely to kill you that way if you have decent resistances, even getting the full blast in the face will do so-so damage, and due to the way missiles spread you can’t get hit by all the fireballs in the first place even despite the skill doesn’t have ND.

wow:Yea,no special power at all. Laughing

Gidbinn. After lighten it up,need to wait a few seconds till the monster with Gidbinn shows up.

wow:Sometimes the monster does not even show up,it has happened to me several times.But it is a useless quest anyway,so...... Shifty

wow:Words on top of her head "This blade shall pierce the heart of evil".

After complete the quest,got a rare ring as reward,but basically useless.

In Flayer Dungeon meet with Deathspit. This monster has extremely heavy poison damage,suggest drink a potion first,then go kill it as fast as possible.

wow:You won't see this monster in [MXL:U],so take a good look at it now. Mr Green

Got the brain......

wow:Finally! Mr Green

Keep going,meet with unique monster The Vizier。This monster's attack is very strong,half physical damage,half fire damage.Suggest to increase defense and fire resistance,or it is going to be a tough fight.

wow:In [MXL:U],mostly this is the monster will drop the Jade Figurine. Hammerstrike it to the death.

This monster is fast and have area of effect attack.Hit and run doesn't fit here,kill it as fast as possible is the only way.

wow:You have hammerstrike,merkabah,blazing fury and many fire spell proc to fight back,no problem. Thumbs Up

Elite monster mini-lessons.Monkey King.They will throw exploding barrel at you which causes significant fire damage,kind of a threat.

wow:They can throw barrels of screen,not that dangerous,but extremely annoying. Mad

Monsters in Kurast are kind of a threat to new comers.Fight in small groups only,it is not wise to fight a large group.

wow:The whole Kurast area is full of monsters which cast big laggy spells such as miasma.So kill speed is needed here,engage physical damage group such as melee warriors or archers,get retaliate active is the key.

If need money,pick up rare items and sell them,this place drops lots of rare items.

Gain a level again,one more step closer to the top.

Generally speaking,if you pay attention,this place is not that hard.

wow:Not hard.Just laggy and annoying.

I feel it is more painful for me listening to him.

From a Diablo 2 website:

Alkor:"It pains me to waste time with you, so I'll get right to the point. There is a very special book which you must find for me. It was written long ago by a sage known as Lam Esen, who studied Skatsimi magic and the effects of the Prime Evils on the mortal world. The Black Book was lost when the Children of Zakarum took over this land. Now, you must reclaim it without delay! Its knowledge may aid us in this dark time ahead."

wow: Hitting a Wall

When looking for Lam Esen's Tome,pay attention to the entrance's name.Brother Laz turned some temples into uber area,if you accidentally rush into Vizjun,you will be sorry.

wow:The temple she is pointing at is not Vizjun,it is Ruined Temple,not an uber area.

Nightwing the Cold,has strong cold attack,suggest let your mercenary tank,you fight from behind.

Successfully complete the quest,got 5 points stats.

This has already leave a shadow in my heart.......

What monster is this?

wow: Salut

From the Document:

Living Rock

Immune to: Cold.
Skills: Charge, which won’t care about your avoidance, physical melee attack
vAncient deity of the cold nomadic tribes that was submited by the Zakarum and used as guard of their temples. However, they still do the same, chopping people by the half.
Strategy: Very slow moving/attack speed, so charge isn’t a real problem, and on top they lack a heavy melee attack to make up for it. Beta47.

I wonder how are you guys feeling right now?

Elite monster.Mangler.They use area of effect spike field attack.Fight it with caution.

wow: Scratch That's really what she said,"spike field".Maybe back then Mangler was like that,this is what I got from the document.

From the Document:

Mangler ELITE

Immune to: Cold.
Skills: Storm Crows (seven knives), melee stunning physical attack.
Comment: By Mango.
Strategy: The knives multihit, and that’s bad, but you can dodge then with some defense and as well you can move to avoid them completely. For melee there’s no real problem, since the melee attack is somewhat slow and their HP isn’t so outstanding.

Finally I can wear the armor.Tear face.

You can't think of him as an ordinary person.He is absolutely not mortal.

I think laz must be a crazy type of person.

wow:Sorry guys.Had to do this part,it is so funny.I wonder what they say about marco?

I was thinking about update till act 4,but power was out,so I had to stop right here.Thanks for watching. Comments are welcome.At last,here is a picture of my current stats,thanks for everyone's support.

wow:Power was out?Your boyfriend turned it off? Laughing

Part 12: From "The Sewers" to "Travincal"


First,I need to thank RainbowCleave for giving me sacred armor and superbeast secret charms.If I try to get them myself,it will take a long time and also do no good to our broadcast.But don't worry everyone,I will do all the necessary ubers.

wow:Mother F***er Evil or Very Mad I don't know about your broadcast,but I almost stopped this guide right there.That is a lot of twink.I didn't even finish reading this before.Damn,if I knew this. Nope

Superbeast secret charm,paladin's dream secret charm,thanks again for RainbowCleave's kindness.Even I can not use it right now.

Start the quest.Get the heart from sewers first.

wow:The act 3 sewer is a two level uber in [MXL:U].Just to let you know,you are still free to get yourself killed. Mr Green

The sewer is really a pain in the butt.After many turns finally find the entrance.This is one of the bad things without maphack.

Got the heart.The sewer level 2 is pretty small,beware punisher traps.

wow:Seems punisher trap is really her nightmare.Well,it was my nightmare also. Hitting a Wall

Sold many rare items,finally got enough money to get a book of summoning.Don't say it is a small book,it worth so much.

After got the heart,keep going to The Temple City of Travincal.

wow:Big words in the picture,"Entering Kurast Causeway".

I want to test my strength right here.This is a level 100 dungeon uberquest,but entering right now has no secret charm reward.

These monsters are really out of the ordinary.Even they only have 5% chance to hit me,but there are too many of them,just got a few hits,more than half of my hit points are gone.

wow:This uber is super annoying.With holy melee,I suggest you do not go in till you have some heavy single target damage proc such as flamestrike.

It is very hard to push forward.Only reach half of the map,all my potions are gone.No other way but retreat.As I expected,my strength really hasn't reach that far,but if I run with player 1,finish this will be no problem.

Just for better knowing of my own strength.Keep going with the quest.

After defeat Deathshade Fleshmaul,I got the quest item.This monster is the weakest in all council memebers,will use frost nova and teleport skill,but if you pay attention,there will be no threat at all.

wow: Laughing Funny info.

From the Document:

Deathshade Fleshmaul ...“Immabanana!” :]

Kind: Night Clan (Priest) .
Home: Travincal.
Immune to: Cold
Preset Unique modifier/s: Cold Enchanted, Teleportation.
Skills: Casts Pain Spirit, Explodes his minion’s corpses, has passive Bacchanalia. Casts Glacial Nova on death.
Comment: ...See? This is what happens when you let any random nooblar take part in contests to be a new SU boss.
Minions: Night Clan (Melee).
Strategy: “Gah bleh sputter” –Laz.

After transmute,got Khalim's Will.

wow:In [MXL:U],the heart,the eye and the brain are gone,those places where you will find all the 3 relics become 3 new uber levels.Now after you kill all the council members in Travincal,two things will drop,one is Khalim's Flail,another one is Khalim's Will.You need to pick Khalim's Flail first and turn it into shard,otherwise after you used Khalim's Will to break The Compelling Orb which is the way to find mephsito,you can not pick up Khalim's Flail anymore cause the quest ended.You can also turn both flail and will into shards and make Travincal a farming place,it is up to you. Wink

Member of the high council,Zhar the Mad.This monster will keep casting naked running man with raging fire skill,cause massive fire damage,suggest you to max out fire resistance and use dodging skill to dodge it's skill.Or you can use MiShan to fight,yourself dodging the spell.

wow: Laughing You horny girl.That "naked running man" skill is druid's Elemental spell.Also just in case you forgot,"MiShan" is her mercenary's Chinese name.

From the Document:

Zhar the Mad Is MaD!

Kind: Undead Counselor.
Home: Travincal.
Immune to: Fire.
Preset Unique modifier/s: Magic Resistant, Spectral Hit.
Skills: Melee physical/spectral attack. Casts Elemental (old autotargeting version).
Comment: “I dunno if you’re high and/or hallucinating. But NO WAY I’M NOT KICKING YOUR ASS, B*TCH!” *jumps down from his helicopter, ready to kill*.” –Acid Visions.
Minions: ~5 Undead Counselors, all of them shoot Elementals.
Strategy: You’re facing a single element user enemy next to the end of Act 3, and you should have maxed resistances since you started it. Well, be how it be, the fire damage won’t be a problem, so unless a helicopter appears in your screen and he 1HKOs you with a deadly Sonic Slap, no big deal. Razz

Member of the high council,Lachdanan. This monster will use many curse spell on you and it's immune to magic.Damage is not very high,but you need to fight it separate with Zhar the Mad,that way will make the fight easier.

wow:This is not important,but if you are interested,Lachdanan is actually the council leader.

From the Document:

Lachdanan Council Leader

Kind: Twilight Archon.
Home: Travincal.
Immune to: Magic.
Preset Unique modifier/s: Extra Strong, Cursed.
Skills: Melee physical attack, casts Thunder Hammer, casts Thunder Wave. War Spirit (blasts Spike Novas when close to enemies). Curses on striking.
Comment: Even though his sudden humor changes and spikeblasts still make him be one of the most popular bosses, it’s not been the same since he lost his “Join Us” aura... That was a particularly hard blow.
Minions: ~5 Twilight Templars.
Strategy: To beat the three Council Members, you should clear the large area completely, really, not having monsters trying to bite your ass actually helps. A lot.
Now that’s clear, let’s take a look at Lachdnan himself. He has a pretty aggresive AI, meaning he’ll rush to you pretty often. But there’s a flaw with that, when he’s at melee range, he won’t attack you unless you hit him first. An eye for an eye.
However, don’t party yet, because his minions will go on attacking you and his Spike Novas will go on happening as usual.
Also, he’ll flee from you at low health.

After wiped the council members out,use Khalim's Will to destroy The Compelling Orb,open the path to Mephsito.

wow:Remember,if you want to farm here,do not destroy the orb.

Video made by BassToMouth:

Go to the Next Part

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:51 pm

Go back to Part 11&12

Part 13:"Durance of Hate"


Entering the model worker's hidden place,beware there are lots of elemental immunity and invisible enemies around here.Suggest casters ignore these trash fishes.

wow:Model worker means someone will finish their job no matter what happens to them. Mephisto was the ultimate farming boss back in classic diablo 2,no matter how you kill it,it will be there next time when you entering the game.That's why in China,most of diablo 2 players call mephsito "the model worker".It is a joke. Laughing

Median XL elite monster mini-lessons. Ulfhedinn. These monsters have slow on strikes,pretty annoying.But paladin can use rapture to even it up.

wow:Retaliate is your friend here.

The fourth member of the high council. Bilefroth the Pit Master.It will use curse on you.If you pay attention,not a big deal.

wow:Who says this guy is the fourth member?I can not find anything in the document. Scratch

The fifth member of the high council. Bloodmoon Soulfire. These monsters sometimes can stop you from using any spells,use melee attack kill them,if you are a caster,let MiShan kill them.

wow:Their aura even stop ranged skills.If you are a thrower or an archer,use normal attack to kill them.

Mephisto. Act 3 final boss. Mephisto is super enchanted in Median XL.It will use winter avatar cause big area cold damage,and it will keep summon trash fishes to attack you.Max your cold resistance and kill it as soon as possible,or you will find yourself surrounded and fell into a hard battle.

wow:Mephisto is still the model worker in Median XL,so...... Twisted Evil

From the Document:

Mephisto Prime Evil: Lord of Hatred

Kind: Mephisto.
Home: Durance of Hatred, Level 3.
Immune to: Nothing.
Preset Unique modifier/s: None.
Skills: Organizing this one too:

-Nova Charge: Spawns Supernovas when an enemy is close. This little thing has no ND and hence is likely to be kickass.

-Countdown: Creates a small “mark” of ice on your head, then after two seconds it explodes in a rain of frost. This one does seem to deal less damage if you stand still on it than if you try to run across the waves of ice. Freezes.

-Winter Avatar: Avatar appears and Mephisto laughs like a maniac, then a lot of Frost Novas wipe the place. Freezes too.

-Monster Spawn: He basically spawns (on you) any monster that would normally spawn in the Durance (Level 3). That includes all types of Undead Knights, Twilight Archons and others. However, it also includes Death Knights, Que-Hegans (with their Peace Warders) and Heretics (yeah! Razz).

Comment: If at first you don’t succed, failure may be your style.
Minions: There’s always a Que-Hegan by his side since the beginning.
Strategy: Aaah, Mephisto...
I don’t really understand why so many people find him so absolutely, totally and utterly indestructible and 1HKOer.
You’ll see, you should have the path behind of you completely clear before going any close to him. Then, simply advancing a little in his “sanctum” will make the vicious demon rush after you. Blindly, he’ll follow you everywhere. Whithout even casting Nova Charge most of times. Run, and even with your suxy speed he won’t catch you.
The entrance to the Durance is usually the best place to kill him if you have personal problems with TPs or simply don’t want to die ever because that sucks, kthx.

Well, you know where to cheese him, now there they go a bunch of tips so that you don’t fail. At least, not epically:

-Max out your resistances, in case you haven’t yet. The only one that could be optional is fire. The other ones are a total must.

- This is likely to be a slow fight. And I mean literally slow, melee swings will take years to hit, moving will make you feel like a snail. There are two ways of fighting this: Get faster (aka= increase all of your speeds, even at cost of damage iself) or become immune to freeze.
The latter option can only be used on Terror/Destruction, since the shield runeword with that effect requires a clvl of 63. I’m talking about the Goddess (Ber) Runeword.
Also the Slow effect from Peace Warders cannot be fought in any way.

- Minions and reanimates: The more, the merrier.. not. Don’t give reanimates a priority. A lolminion should be used as distraction from time to time, though.

- Remember, you want to kill Mephisto, not his underlings. Focus all your firepower on him as often as you can. For casters, AoE spells (like Flamestrike, Hailstorm, etc) have proven to be better than directional ones most of times.

- Monsters. He spawns them almost constantly, but you shouldn’t care too much about them unless they have special effects (Death Knights, slowing undeads...) or are specially kickass (Que-Hegans, Heretics...). You can find detailed info about them in the Bestiary.

If he happens to summon any of those, quickly drop a lolminion between you and them and flee. Meph. will follow you.

- Also, at low health he’ll go “defensive” and flee from you, possibly over the pits, where you can’t follow him. No big deal, run away from him and he’ll follow you in a few seconds.

-By the way, in case you kill him over the pits, he won’t drop the soulstone. Yet once you cross the portal to Pandemonium it will magically appear in your inventory. Rocks, eh? Razz

Mephisto's winter avatar spell,if you do not have high cold resistance,you will be sorry.

wow:Dose that even look like winter avatar?I do not see any avatars. Sad Maybe back then the spell looks different.

All corpses on the ground are trash fishes Mephisto summoned,so you need to end the battle as quick as possible.

wow:Nice retaliate!

Mephisto's dodging skill is sexier than mine,it knows to avoid my retaliate.

wow:It's ok girl,you both sexy. Drunken Threesome

I use lionheart with rapture,my highest fire power to fight it.

wow:Ok,this fight takes way too long,where is your hammerstrike?Now you only against one enemy,why still retaliate?

Tier 2 uniques are no use to me,still need to buy blue bottle to disenchant them.

wow:Blue bottle means mana potion DOH! ,we do not need mana potion to do disenchantment now.

End of Act III

Part 14:From the "Pandemonium Fortress" to "The Chaos Sanctuary"


After get rid of "model worker",we are here at the Pandemonium Fortress.A place between heaven and hell.

wow:I have always loved this place,the name is so cool and so close to my favorite farming place.A place that does not have too much map change in each game.

From a Diablo 2 website:

History of the Pandemonium Fortress

The Great Conflict was waged over the Worldstone, which lay in the heart of Pandemonium. During the war, the archangel Tyrael ordered that a bastion be built around the object, the Worldstone itself kept within a guarded chamber. This stronghold came to be known as the Pandemonium Fortress. Over the course of the conflict, the fortress changed hands many times between angels and demons and as a result, took on structural and metaphysical traits from both the High Heavens and Burning Hells. Other outposts were maintained around the fortress as well. However, this state of affairs came to an end when Inarius and his renegades were able to steal the stone from the fortress, beginning a series of events that would lead to the creation of Sanctuary.

It appears that even after agreeing to leave Sanctuary be, the powers of Heaven and Hell continued to war over the fortress. The blood of thousands of champions of the Light were spent in these battles, many of such champions being mortal. By the time of the Prime Evils' intended return to Hell, the Pandemonium Fortress was occupied by the forces of Heaven, and was their last bastion before the Gates of Hell. However, by this point, it had effectively been abandoned. Diablo, having passed through the Infernal Gate, passed through the fortress before entering Hell. Still, it was from the fortress that a group of heroes, at the behest of Deckard Cain and Tyrael himself, were able to venture into Hell and thawt Diablo's plan.

Anyone noticed there is something wrong with this birdman's figure?

wow:Nope,not at all.Why? Scratch

Love's flame,not a bad name.

wow:Living Flame!Not fucking love's flame!Who the hell did the Chinese version of Median Diablo II?

Entering the Plains of Despair,looking for the fallen angel Izual.

Izual's skin is thick,but damage is very low,let MiShan to fight,you can stay behind and have some tea.

wow:Thick skin means has lots of hit points.And here is something funny from our document.

From the Document:


Kind: Izual.
Home: Plains of Despair.
Immune to: Cold.
Preset Unique modifier/s: None.
Skills: Melee physical stunning attack, casts Hailstorm.
Comment: Had a crush on a cold sorc decades ago, he’s still obsessed about it today:

“You belong to me
My snow white queen
There's nowhere to run
So let's just get it over
Soon I know you'll see
You're just like me
Don't scream anymore my love
'cause all I want is you.”

The fun thing, which he hasn’t realized of yet, is that it was a morphed paladin fooling around with Shadow Avatar. Razz
Minions: None.
Strategy: Izual, by himself, shouldn’t be too hard. Even though this is true of almost any boss, if you don’t rush too much and don’t bring random mobs with you, you should be fine:

One thing to watch out for: Hailstorm.
That skill is just kickass, and it can kill you in seconds even with maxed cold resistance. However, it’s very avoidable, simply moving a few yards from it when he casts it should do. Also, lazy summoners who don’t want to resummon can just Blink (Pax Mystica) right behind of him, so that he doesn’t have time to cast it again and their summons escape the obliteration zone.

I do not know where the middle part of the dialog came from,but that's funny. Laughing

Even after been defeated,still did not forget to speak some shit about the birdman,a true fallen angel.

wow:Let's hear what kind of shit came out of a defeated fallen angel's mouth.

From a diablo 2 website:

Upon his death, Izual gives the player a speech unveiling a secret plot the Three had masterminded in order to finally defeat Heaven.

"Tyrael was a fool to have trusted me! You see, it was I who told Diablo and his Brothers about the Soulstones and how to corrupt them. It was I who helped the Prime Evils mastermind their own exile to your world. The plan we set in motion so long ago cannot be stopped by any mortal agency. Hell, itself, is poised to spill forth into your world like a tidal wave of blood and nightmares. You and all your kind... are doomed. "

He clearly mentions the Three having masterminded their own exile, which undoubtedly refers to the banishment the other four Lesser Evils carried out. This speech however implies that there was never any tensions within the ranks of Hell, and that it has all been a ploy to fool both Sanctuary and Heaven. This would, by extension, also mean that the civil war that is said to be raging between Azmodan and Belial has been nothing but a ruse.

This is heaven or hell?

If you like it,it is heaven.You don't,it is hell.

-wow123400 Cry Me A River

Go to birdman complete the quest,got two skill points,awesome!

Keep going.Entering City of the Damned.

Median XL elite monster introduction.Mutilator.These monster come in packs and use fire attack,but not a big threat.

wow:They shoot balls,but those are not fire balls,those are some type of physical damage balls.

From the Document:

Mutilator ELITE

Immune to: Cold.
Skills: Melee heavy physical attack, also shoots a wave of piercing (with ND) physical damage orbs (It spreads the same way as Arcane Torrent).
Comment: “Nobody likes me, so they can all just die!” –Ikari Shinji.
Strategy: Defense is the deity you have to adore to tank them, all of their attacks are weapon based, so it’s a major help. However, moving and shooting around every now and then does the trick perfectly for ranged characters.
Just a note for summoners, their missiles pierce, so if you think your swarm of minions will protect you from harm as usual you’re wrong, move around or face mutilation!

In City of the Damned,you can find some colored windows.In terror difficulty crush those windows and cube your class charm and No.15 rune will give you +1 to max skill level.It is a mini-game.

wow:No more,now you get the +1 to max skill level free. Dancing

Entering River of Flame,as if entering hell.

wow:Not that bad,it is worse than hell. Happy Upside Down

Monsters are very strong right here,try not to fight with a large group of enemies at once.

Monsters mainly use elemental attacks right here,cold,fire,lighting,poison all included,high resistances are needed.

Hellforge smith.Only use physical attack,easy to be dealt with.

wow:This guy hits hard,use some brain to fight it.Do not blindly charge in......Did I mention it also use forcewall to trap you?No?Oh,well.Now you know. Mr. Green Angel

Mephisto's Soulstone turned into gems and runes.The model worker's life is a tragic.

wow: DOH! Mephisto is the Lord of Hatred.Whoever got so much anger is meant to have a tragic life.

When you fight here,you need to be careful,especially those players got low resistance.

wow:I have lost the count of how many times she mentioned this.Remember,if you still do not have all resistance maxed by now,you need to go back to page 1 and restudy the whole thing.

This Gravedigger is not the Gravedigger.

wow:Real life Gravediggers looking for treasure,our Gravediggers in game looking for corpses to eat and spit it to us. Pale

Elite monster introduction.Horned Leviathan.Very aggressive,physical damage is high,suggest you not to engage with too many of them at once.

wow: Isn't Leviathan a sea monster? Scratch

Unique monster Sinwar of the Storm.Will cast mind flay,those players have low lighting resistance be careful.

wow:The boss which guards the middle star in The Chaos Sanctuary.

Got a unique amulet.Why it is not Witchmoon?Even The Dreamcatcher will be fine.

wow:You are holy melee,why do you need that two?A + skills rare amulet with a good proc is better for you.

From the Document:

The Dreamcatcher
Required Level: 80
+2 to All Skills
15% Faster Cast Rate
-(6 to 10)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(6 to 10)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(6 to 10)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(6 to 10)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
All Resists +(21 to 25)%
+(31 to 40) Mana after each Kill

Required Level: 100
+(11 to 15) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
4% Chance to cast level 17 Frog Prince on Attack
+(1 to 2) to All Skills
+(16 to 20)% to Spell Damage
Increase Maximum Mana 40%
(11 to 15)% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

Viletouch. That name......

wow:It's a demon's name,what do you expect?And......that's the demon which guards the left hand side seal in The Chaos Sanctuary.

Bluehorn The Flayer. Can stun you,let MiShan goes first.

wow:The demon which guards the central seal in The Chaos Sanctuary.

Our offline document is really out of dated.This is what I got from our current offline document:

Warlord of Blood

Kind: Minotaur.
Home: The Chaos Sanctuary (central seal)
Immune to: Fire.
Preset Unique modifier/s: Extra Strong, Magic Resistant.
Skills: Melee spectral attack, casts Time Strike on attack.
Comment: Diablo secretly hates Bartuc, hence, in an act of mockery he picked a cow, gave it a mace and called him “Warlord of Blooood”.
Minions: ~7 Minotaurs.
Strategy: Oh come on, it can’t be that hard to kill a bunch of ridiculous melee killermoos with ridiculously slow attack speed.

(Now there really isn’t any more excesive blood here Razz)

And I have to go and watch one of Median XL playthrough series from youtube to catch the real name of the demon which guards the seal now:

From 404star's Median XL LP:

The last seal is open. Doomcloud,casts Death Ray Epileptic Clone,you need lighting resistance.

wow:The demon which guards the right hand side seal in The Chaos Sanctuary.

The big pineapple gorgeously showed up on stage.Too bad it only got 5% chance to hit me.

wow: Diablo rarely hit someone with melee attack,besides it does even need to melee with you.

From the Document:

Diablo Prime Evil: Lord of Terror

Kind: Diablo.
Home... Sweet home...
Immune to: Nothing.
Preset Unique modifier/s: None.
Skills: Organization ftw:

-Melee physical attack, it slows you down, btw.

-Flamestrike: The Flamestrike. With max fire resistance you don’t actually have to care about it.

-Bloodstorm: Places a trap, which shoots Blood Stars at enemies wihin range. Note that he casts it right on you, meaning that if you stand still it won’t shoot nor deal any damage.

-Blast Wave: Spell. Creates several stunning novas that knock back and deal physical damage.

-Monster spawn: Just like Mephisto and The Summoner, Diablo snaps his fingers and drops a random monster on your head. Note that he spawns several monsters on death too. Don’t let your guard down.

Comment: When the black abysm spawned the three brothers, the best raw materials were used to create Diablo’s body, as it was obvious he’d be the most popular one.
Long time after that, each of those were used again in particularly powerful hellspawn:

-Charm -> Robert Redford.
-Voice -> Dirty Harry.
-“Lulz skeelz” -> Jim Carrey.
-Win-fu -> Chuck Norris.
-And of course, Clapton got the allmighty allmightiness. Smile

And if you think Diablo’s comment should be better than this crap, I’m open to suggestions. Razz

No, not really. You possibly suck too much to do it better than me. Wink

Minions: Spawns with a pack of Guardians.
Strategy: A lot of people find Diablo pretty easy, even nooblars. Are you telling me you are worst than nooblars? :O

I’ll scatter some random tips:

-Monsters: What you should do depends on what he summons. Suxy monsters like Guardians he spawns with should be ignored to focus you fire on him. But if he summons Elites or fingermages, destroy them asap.

-Melee fighting: Keep yourself at full health, even if BWs just deal 1K or two, heal anyway. It shouldn’t really be too difficult, just keep getting to him and chase him when he gets at low health.

-Ranged fighters: A destructive short ranged skill will be needed, since his mobs will appear right on you. Other than that, snipe him and don’t let him stack too many Bloodstorms on you. They won’t hurt af first, but if he KBs you with a BW, the lazorbeam will headshoot you despite of you max fire resistance.

-Summoners: Play an active role, your minions will be pretty slowed and will have difficulties harming him, but you can let them tank and pummel his HP down with some random spell of yours.

Beware the big pineapple will cast flamestrike at you,remember to dodge,or even you have 75% fire resistance,you will still be sorry.It also uses blast wave to knock you back,and you need to watch out for those trash fishes it summoned.

wow:Basically,a big red pain in the butt. Mad

MiShan got taken out by the big pineapple's flamestrike,tired to bring him back.

wow:Some comrade you are. Evil or Very Mad

The big pineapple is not that strong,actually in this battle,those trash fishes it summoned are bigger threat.

wow: Nope Diablo's summons are actually your help here.Some of them will help you active retaliate,others can help you trigger the shower of rocks proc from your tierd unique heavy belt.

The big pineapple is really weak,ubers are really the hard part of Median XL.

wow: DOH!

Pineapple gone to heaven,I did not even hit it a lot.

wow:Heaven?That's the most terrifying punishment for Diablo,I guess. Laughing

End of Act IV

Go to the Next Part

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by Xplosive on Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:15 pm

T-up for continuing this ridiculously funny walktrough .
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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

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@Xplosive wrote: T-up for continuing this ridiculously funny walktrough .

I just love the word "ridiculously".....for real,I am not joking Very Happy

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by kamilek234 on Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:13 pm

Keep up good work man i like such a things and would definietly give cookie if i had one Smile

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:32 pm

here you go Thumbs Up

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by kamilek234 on Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:05 pm

Thank you and here's your cookie seriously i see a lot of effort put in this and yet this is so horribly underrated Thinking

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by wow123400 on Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:14 pm

Thx man Very Happy

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

Post by BillRuss on Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:37 am

Awesome work Smile This guide is pretty different and interesting.

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Re: [From 1f9b to v7]Holy Melee Paladin Guide

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