[MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

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[MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:46 pm

Not sure what has been or hasn't been posted/recovered, but I'm just going to throw it all here in separate posts.
I and/or another Admin/Mod can feel free to sort through (I have to go soon).
All formatting is lost though, sorry.
Most formatting is lost, although I may (Probably not) go and reformat stuff on my own.

If any pictures don't work, just try and open them in a new tab (Or "View Image", or whatever it is in your browser).

From the other thread, someone made a download of all of them.

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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:48 pm

[MXL] Miniguides Compilation (post your own!)

Original post by MarcoNecroX on the old forums (forumer).
Most formatting is lost, although I may (Probably not) go and reformat stuff on my own.


After a while I thought to make a guide where people
could post "mini-guides" telling only general info about
a char you made, this is to avoid making thousands of
guides or just guides that are almost the same as
others, as well as if you're to lazy to make a guide and
you want to post a mini guide without telling how to do
every little thing.

All "guides" will be collected in this post, quoted from
the author, and you can freely comment anything
about any guide. I hope you are interested posting
your builds without need to make a guide !

Pre-designed Template for easier guidemaking.
Freedom, put what you want in your guide, and what you don't, then don't put it.
Variety of original guides, not posted yet, as well as build variation.
Each guide contains a link that will redirect you to the quoted post. Click the name of the guide.
Guides are easy to follow, they are short but very precise.
All guides are updated, current version: 1.D9.
Guides contain a small description so you can quickly know what the char is about.
Easiest & Fastest way to make a guide, 30-60 minutes max.

Here's a template if you want to post a guide: (copy, paste & edit)
[size=18][b]You char's name[/b][/size]
[img]paste a mini-banner / pic here (150x100 best)[/img]
[size=16][b]Very general description (less than 10 words)[/b][/size]
[i]by ...[/i]

[b]General Info[/b]
Comments, playstile, whatever you want to comment about a char. If there's something you want to say about the char, feel free to post it right here. Describe you character here.

[b]Skills Placement[/b]
Supermax Skill A: because..
Supermax Skill B: because..
Max Skill C: because..
20 points in skill D: ..
Leftovers in skill E: ..

Variation: put any variation here to the previous skills here.

What skills to max, where to put leftovers, optional comment, and optional variation, if you want.

[b]Stat placement[/b]

You can write numbers here, as well as "distribute points here and there", and a short comment why to put points in X stats.

[b]Gear Pieces[/b]
Socket filters:

All above optional, you could only write the "core of the build" as well as post everything here. Only put the name of the gear piece and a little comment in most important gear pieces.

[b]Uberquests review[/b]
Heroic Levels:

Few comments in all of them without writing down specific strategies of everyone. In summon you could say "prebuff battlefield with X" or "summon monsters in becaon", etc... And comments about specific uberquest in case they need that "specific comment".

[b]Media Links[/b]
Screenshots: (please link them or put them in those thumbs (I think they're claled that way))

Write whatever you want, like I said. It's a template and feel free to modify whatever you want.

Table of Contents
BFG83K Zon (Firezon with BFG83k Magic o-Skill) by MarcoNecroX

Time Bandit (Throwsin, Massive %Slow) by Jek
Ways of the Echo (Batstriker / deffensive & tank) by Iwansquall
Asp (Hybrid Scorpion Blade & Psionic Storm, poison based) by Beefy2
Hades-sin (Meleesin, Hades gate proc-based) by stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52 (In the HowTo: Build a Waysin (UPDATED!) thread)
Quantum Leap (Throwsin, Hades gate & Singularity proc-based) by Xypherous (In the HowTo: Build a Waysin (UPDATED!) thread)
Maelstromer (Throwsin, fire damage, main skill is Maelstrom Mk. II) by MarcoNecroX
The RageSin (Meleesin based on Death's Bellringer 2-handed weapon) by burningled
The Queen Procasin (Procasin based on physical on-striking procs) by Conquest (In the HowTo: Build a Waysin (UPDATED!) thread)
Spidersin (Poison Procasin) by stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52

Siberia Barb (BloodHatred Barbarian + Shatter the Flesh o-skill) by Conquest
The Thunderclaper (Stormblast + Kraken Barbarian) by Conquest
Donkey Kong (Hybrid: Powder Keg & Melee) by Hasse
Master of the Elements (Kraken Meleebarb) by Syntax Error
Gatekeeper (Hades Gate Barbarian) by FriedMilkyWay
Snake Stance God-Barbarian (40k life, 1m def, 90% slow, tank snake barb) [/i]by MarcoNecroX[/i]
The Leader of the Pack (Tantrum Barb) by Topnec

Green Wing (Hybrid: Summoner & Caster) by Jek
Gammaclysm Bow druid (Hybrid: Fire/Poison Bowdruid) by MarcoNecroX

Dragon Necro (Reanimates Star Dragons, which use Death Spiral and Dark summoning) by stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52
Venomous Lord (Necro based on Venomous Spirit -on striking) by MarcoNecroX
Multielemental Pwnymancer (Kraken/DFT summoner/reanimator necro) by MarcoNecroX

Trinidin (Five Elemental Unholy Paladin) by MarcoNecroX
Bloodknight (Blood Throns based Unholy Melee Paladin) by Khenra
The Procian of Death (Multielemental Unholy Melee Procadin) by MarcoNecroX
Plague Retaliator (Holy Retaliator using Plague Uberskill) by stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52
Arbalest Crusader – Pew Pew Pew (Low-Level-Gear Crossbow Paladin - based on Silver Dart oSkill) by [clueso]
Son of Karcheus - Unholy Lazydin (Mainly runs, Hive triggers Glacial Nova on kill) [i]by MarcoNecroX
Taqyya Master (Immolation/Nova Bomb Unholy Procadin) by MarcoNecroX

The Stormtrooper Sorc (Light/Fire Sorceress) by Snarky1
Streamroller (Pure Melee Sorceress / Whirpool o-skill) by xfenix
Spiderwoman (Carpet of Spiders Poison Sorceress) by Conquest
Feedback Sorceress (Feedback Sorceress) by pneuma

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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:48 pm


MarcoNecroX wrote:
BFG83K Zon

A Firezon with BFG83K o-skill
by MarcoNecroX

General Info
This will be an amazon that will deal high fire and magic damage, while our gear will be focused on mana and survability, so we can spam BFG without problems, and don't need minions to survive, it is a funny char, and I hope you like it

Skills Placement
Supermax Bloodlust: %Spell damage, no further explain needed
Supermax Spirit of Venegance: %Spell damage, Max life, reanimates don't hurt
Supermax Defensive Harmony: Slows attacker down HEAVILY
Supermax Lava Pit: Anti-magic immunes
5 points in Wings of Wrath: speed boost
Leftovers in Balance: Def is welcome.

Variation: Use bloodstorm instead of Lava pit, if you're a stars fanatic (BFG is a star too..)

Stat placement
Strength: Enough for gear
Dex: Enough for gear, Leftovers
Vita: 0
Energy: Depends on what items are you using, Aim to reach cap (32k), and give some points away for dex for %block.

Gear Pieces
Weapon: I'd choose dreamflange over durga, 5% max resists, high spell damage, EF
Shield: I'm using This. 2%block, %ED, Fire affixes, cheap option. Weird craft, +4zon skills, 2% block, 300%ED are most important things to get.
Armor: Linga Sharira on Ancient armor, mine has 570%ED, 6%DR. 50%mana regen is main reason to choose this.
Helm: Cambion, BFG83K oskill , up to -50% enemy fire resis.
Belt: Ashaera's Armor, resist, 10%DR, spell damage, good otpion
Boots: Megalith, 50% mana regen, %DR, Mana totem optional (in some cases)
Gloves: Craft (mana/dex/hidden), get maxed resists with this. If you still have space to MO, make sure you already have got -100% enemy fire resist.
Rings: EMP BANDS x2, MO'd with Endless lights, there are other good MO's for rings.
Amulet: Witchmoon, max mana 40%.
Socket filters: %stat jewels, fire spell damage jewels. Lah runes optional.

On Switch: t6 balanced axe / war scepter (6 sockets) with nih runes x6, witch drum shield with Nih x4. This equals to a 3min bloodlust.

Uberquests review
Summoning: All places where you summon have 1 monster at least. Let your SoV attack it with sacrifices. Summon mana totem, dark summon, and it's cake.
Dungeons: Enter, go with bloodlust & SoV (like always), kill with BFG, lava pit anti-immune.
Uberlevels: In most cases you will need to enter, throw one or 2 bfg and see monsters die. In big areas, Mana Tide totem is welcome, since you won't need to recast it 100 times, or whatever. Lava pit-anti immunes ftw.
Heroic Levels: Lava pit/BFG combo. This shouldn't be hard with SoV, mana tide totem optional, in small places BFG is not as effective, so maybe that's a good thing to do.

Media Links
Video: *Soon*

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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:51 pm


Jek wrote:
Time Bandit
Throwsin based on stopping her enemies movement.
by Jek

Moved (due to lack of space in assassin post) to -> [1.F9] HowTo: Build a Waysin

Iwansquall wrote:
Ways of the Echo

Survival guide for bat-striker
by iwansquall

General Info
Echo is something what bat used to move around and searching for prey.

Fastest build for clearing hatred. This guide will talk about how will maximize potential use of all batstrike bonus. This build combined of tactical strategies, fast reaction and understand concept of ways of echo. Not your usual cookie-cutter build, but fair enough if you want something challenging.

Skills Placement
Supermax Batstrike : It add huge base life to your familiar which mean they become more tankish. Good meatshield if you can spend your time getting some %minion life. 3screen wide nova with 3/2 modifier also welcome as it best combine with poison like ways of the spider.
Supermax Ways of the Spider: Add passive poison damage to your main skill. % poison spell dmg add juicy extra damage if you hit monster within melee contact (applied to your familiar as well)
Max Perfect Being : Your main survival skill, as well your familiar. Check breakpoint before you putting your points here. Every extra avoid count.
9 points in Queen of Blades: Extra hits always good. Depend on how will do in crowded place, if too much it useless in less density place. Too low and you wont free-hit most of them.
Put one point in each ninja, ki and melee tree.

Max Ways of the Phoenix : Additional fire damage. Although we might deal as much hits per second as other build, but it still applied to your familiar which is good things.
Max crucify : Simply for doom synergies. You might heard it few time about doom proc and target take additional damage (TTAD). You can make full of use here.
One point in Cryo Beam : If u need it, good freeze duration alone with +skill from your gear. %buff duration make it better even duration are 1/3 on destruction.
10 points in Blink : Overlooked crowd control. Stun for short time, gather your familiars to give free whack on enemies.

One point Beacon : You need it for uber-cheesing or some punch once a while. What make it useful are the deadly poison after explosion, can easily kill any non-poison immune with ease.
Max Ways of the Gryphon : Like other ways, extra damage for minions are good. If you have more points to spend, I suggest get this instead of beacon
Rest to Ways of the Raven : Damage not really that high, but it give your familiars ability to cold-slow every monster they hit.

Crowd-control are most importance for survival. You have blink, charm on 3rd charge of batstrike, reanimate, freeze and hades gates.
Most annoying would be you get interrupted when you using batstrike, that’s why crowd control are essential for this build.

Stat placement
Strength: Enough for gears, none if you got respec or twink
Dex: Same as above, we lacked shield. %max block not possible
Vita: Put as much as possible. More survival you have = better.
Energy: None


Gear Pieces
Core gear : Witchhunter ‘s Set
So many good bonus it have. %ctc sacrifice, free crucify, -% enemy resist, good reanimate and most important, extra 10% avoid.

Things to look for :
%reanimate, -% enemy resist, %minion life/resist, %slow, stun attack, %CB, doom amulet if you max crucify, any freezing proc.
standard defensive stat, life, defense, %TCD, life regen, %PDR, %FHR

Advanced mechanic: WSM bugging
Important thing to speed up the hard-coded 2hand strike of batstrike. You need speed weapon (claw or scissor-katar) and slow weapon (wrist blade or blade talons). Also get %IAS on speed weapon itself for huge boost in attack speed with batstrike.
How to do it:
1. Put slow weapon at above glove, and speed weapon on above boot.
2. Pick up the glove side, and put it back.
3. If its properly done, your speed should be very fast (not as fast a single claw crucify though)
4. Do it each time you save & exit or died.

Uberquests review
Summoning: Shamo RW naginata or beacon. Your familiar should able to tank you very well.
Dungeons: Depend on area and your gear. Always get your familiar first before going any dungeons
Uberlevels: Same as above
Heroic Levels: %minion resist and max resist important here. Beware of stun-locking.

Media Links

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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:53 pm

Beefy2 wrote:

A hybrid Scorpion Blade/Psionic Assassin
by Beefy2

General Info
Psionic Storm is a new Assassin skill in 1.D9. However, it doesn't really fit into the play style of a bombsin because the way the skill works encourages people to stay away from the fray. The other assassins skills that are used like that are throwing skills.

Skills Placement
WoTS- Max
Scorpion Blade- 1 to max.
Maelstorm- 20 points
Psionic- Max
QoB/Perfect Being- Extra

WoTS is used for high poison damage. Scorpion Blade will have some sick damage even with one point. Maelstorm provides Scorpion Blade with additional missiles and has pretty decent fire damage. Psionic Storm is the main AoE killer of the build. Queen of Blades provides pretty decent AoE poison damage even with a 1/2 modifier.

Stat placement
Strength: Enough for gear, 50-100ish will do.
Dex: Enough for gear, 50-100ish do.
Vita: None
Energy: The remainder

Glass cannons are more fun.

Gear Pieces
Chrysopelea (Thul)- Good proc and modifiers.
Death Touch (TU Throwing Knife)- +Skills, a decent proc, and poison modifiers.
Quantum (Ber)- +Skills, sexy proc, and -enemy resist.

Fiend (Lum in helms)- +skill and -enemy resists.
Lily (Jah in circlets)- +Skills and charm charges.

Lumen Arcana (Ith)- +Skill and -enemy resists.
Cathedral (Gul)- Ridiculous poison damage modifiers.
Dragonheart (Kra)- +skills, +life, and amazing defense.

Geas (Nef)- +Poison duration
Pharoah (Sol)- +Skills and +Poison spell damage
Leoric's Legion(TU Bladed Shield)- Reanimates and poison modifiers.

Wormtongue(TU Light Belt)- +%AR, +Dexterity, and +poison damage.
Honorific with +Resists and TCD.

Pollice Verso (TU Gauntlet)- Life and mana after kill, and Time Strike is a 3/2 modifier which is sexy with WoTS.
Kali(Pul)- +Skills and Possess charges.

Wake of Destruction- Poison spell damage.
Lionpaw- +stats, TCD, and +life and mana.

Endgame Gear- If you have sacred uniques, sets, and great runes, you should know what to do with them.

Uberquests review
Summoning: Beacon. Lolsummons for Legacy of Blood and Judgement Day
Heroic Levels: Witchhunter's Hood or gems.

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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:54 pm

MarcoNecroX wrote:

A fire throwsin based on awesome Maelstorm Mk. II skill!
by MarcoNecroX

General Info
This is a char a bit like a dragonlady, but a lot more fun and uses maelstorm skill, which isn't as boring as dragonforce, however we're not zon's so let's focus on this char; normal throwsin using maelstorm, + fire (spell) damage, as well as some nice poison from scorpion blade (singletarget) and way of the spider. Very fun build that I enjoy sharing with you all!

Strategy: Go wherever you are and spam Maelstorm using your brain, once monster poped up, aim at them and maelstorm with explode in their faces. Once there are few monsters left, FINISH THEM WITH HADES GATE . Qob and beacon always active, those are the strategies for this super fun build

Skills Placement
Supermax Maelstorm Mk. II: Who doesn't supermax the main skill of a build? .. Adds some fire damage. A nice skill throwing knifes eveywhere and with a fire-splash end. And it looks badass, too.
Supermax Way of the Phoenix: Insane fire damage boost & Spell damage.
Supermax Crucify: Doom synergy
14 Points in Queen of Blades: We don't need the 30 blades buff, we will be pretty much far away from monsters most of the time.
1 Point in Scorpion Blade: +2 knifes from Maelstorm, good single-target skill
1 Point in Blink/Premeditation/Perfect Being: Best is to get them by a charm, but make sure you have at least 1 point in each.
1 Point in Way of the Raven: Optional, some ice damage doesn't hurt.
1 Point in Beacon: 1-point wonder, awesome skill
1 Point in Hades Gate: Secondary skill, KB, 3/4 weapon damage, teleport, good.

Leftovers: You can choose to max another way, I personally choosed way of the spider, -100% enemy poison resists also buffs scorpion blade.

Stat placement
Strength: Enough to wear gear. I'm using plated belt & Gauntlet, so I needed around 50 base.
Dex: Enough to get Maxblock
Vita: Nothing here
Energy: If you reached maxblock and still got points, put leftovers here -> fire damage buff.

Gear Pieces
Weapon: Craft, best: 200-800 fire damage, 1k max damage, 350%ED, 20%dex, 100 life on kill, almost all procs are useful.
Shield: Norrec's Targe. 10 life on strking is pure win.
Armor: Hralti's Craft? Not sure. 100 dex, %DR, %MF. Never crafted armors so don't know.
Helm: Witchhunter's Hood, cheap, maxed resis, insane dex/str buff.
Belt: Truce, defensive option. Crafts are choices too, but it's your call.
Boots: Hibagon for meatshields & resistances, crafts optional.
Gloves: Crafts here, fire based.
Rings: Emp bands x2, Mo'd with thunder hammer & endless light UMO's.
Amulet: %15 Doom on kill is an important choice. Get TTAD, +4 skills welcome.
Socket filters: %stat jewels, leech useless, %fire spell damage.

Note: Get -100% to enemy fire resist, and also your second element (poison?). Upgrade all your gear, obviously, too . Use shamanka for bloodlust on switch.

Uberquests review
Summoning: ATMG sentry + Becaon are pure win here. Lulz
Dungeons: Get in, start spamming maelstorm, and that way kill everything.
Uberlevels: Kill mobs with Maelstorm, get in and knockback with Hades gate, start killing everything with maelstorm until screen is clean. Go slowly shooting maelstorms and do not get in the middle of a mob.
Heroic Levels: Same as uberskills. Max resis here, please.

Media Links
Video: May add soon!

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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:55 pm

burningled wrote:
This spawned as a completely random respec for lulz. I do not sponsor or support the use of this build, since it probably sucks at destruction ubers.

The RageSin
The Assassin With a Huge Maul.
by Burningled

General Info

This character will be using the Death's Bellringer SU Maul, along with Doom, Crucify, and QoB to walk around causing all of the monsters to ragequit life from her awesomeness.

Skills Placement

Crucify - Supermax. Our main active damage.
Queen of Blades - Supermax. This kills almost as effectively as Crucify since this build is based on having maxed base damage and decent speed, not decent base damage and maxed speed.
Doom - Supermax. Cast it on EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. Even the NPC's.
Perfect Being - Whatever keeps you alive, 5 is usually a good number. Be sure to have blink and premed as well, of course.

WotP - Supermax

Vampiric Icon: 1. Check this out!
WotG - Leftovers. OR Beacon - 1.

Make sure you've got that 1 preq point in HG, it's a good situational skill.

Stat placement

Strength: Everything not into dex.
Dex: 100-150 points plus Jewels for a decent AR. (Thanks pneuma!)
Vita: Nope. (Though if you're really that squishy, toss some points in here. She doesn't get great returns, though.)
Energy: Didn't you read the above?

Gear Pieces

I'll only list the core items and the mods you want here:
Death's Bellringer SU Maul: No exceptions here -- SoR proc, stun, strength boost, and reanimate make this godly.

Getting any three items from the Serpent set is a good idea due to the 50% EWD boost, which especially helps with Crucify and Queen of Blades.

As for mods: IAS, get lifeleech or Life on Striking, DR since you get -25% from the maul, any proc is good proc, Enhanced Damage or Enhanced Weapon Damage, and phys/mag damage boosts are good too (Though not essential.)

Uberquests review

Before all of these - Prebuff with Queen of Blades, and ALWAYS make liberal use of Vampiric Icon.

Summoning: Summon, run, doom, crucify. Hades Gate if you're getting mobbed. Try to whip up a reanimate army beforehand if you can, it's helpful.
Dungeons: Run in, doom, whack everything with crucify.
Uberlevels: Run in, doom, cruc, doom, cruc, doom, Hades Gate if the mobs grow too large.
Heroic Levels:... I warned you, I don't even think this COULD pull off any of the Heroic Bosses. But basic strategy applies -- QoB, doom, whackwhackwhack. Be sure to HG next to the boss whenever you can for a knockback and then continue with the doom and whacking.
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:16 pm

stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52 wrote:
A poison proc-based assassin
by stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52

General Info
This is an assassin based around the Ghoulhand SU Katar. With the right gear it can be a fast and effective farmer, particularly IotSS.

Skills Placement
Skillplan Spidersin (Assassin, 1.F9)

WotS: Poison Spell damage
Death blossom: Poison spell damage synergy to Shadow refuge, also immune killer.
Shadow refuge: DR%, PSD%, Velocity
Beacon: The only really usefull berskill choice
WotP: Boosts Death blossom to kill immunes
Black Lotus Strike: Main skill

Stat placement
Vita:What you want
Energy:All leftovers: More proc damage

Gear Pieces
Weapon: Ghoulhand SU katar: Core of the build, Poison flash proc which kills single targets fast, Carpet of spiders which will endlessly proc-chain and 666%goldfind.
Shield:Either Hexward SU totem shield or Chalice of horrors SU large shield
Armor:Scales of the serpent or if you're using it on your pouncesin Serpents scales set light plate
Helm:Royal circlet SU tiara or witchhunters hood set cap
Rings:+1 PSD% rings or earthshakers
Amulet:+4 Hymn ammy
Socket filters: Zod crafted jewels with 6%PSD or Nih crafted jewels with 8 life in melee and 3%PSD

On-switch:Rahab(Fal in assassin shields) runeword for thunderslam and Void(Lo in a weapon) runeword in a war scepter for 40% slow.
Make them with slow jewels and every 5 seconds or so you can spread about 50% slow and 3 second stun to the entire screen

Uberquests review
Dungeons:Kill with BLS, DB for immunes
Uberlevels:BLS, let spiders proc
Heroic Levels:Not so good, Witchhunters hood is a must

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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:17 pm


Conquest wrote:
Siberia Barb

General info:
BH Barbarian that uses 2x Skeld's Battlesong for oskill Shatter the Flesh to freeze and pwn his enemies quickly. Doesnt need any stance (only eagle for mana regen sometimes) Really expensive items required, this build is directed to players with giant shared stashes full of various shiny treasures.

Skill placement:
Supermax: Ancient Blood, Spirit Guide, BloodHatred
10p into Wolf Companion
5p into Eagle Stance (mana regen)
1p into everything else, without spirit tree (0p here)
Uber: Runemaster, 1p is enough.

Strength: 0-x. Under the heaviest item.
Dexterity: 0
Vitality: ~50% pts. Moar HP
Energy: ~50% pts. Mana and SD.

Weapons: 2x Skeld's Battlesong. Try to get +27 to Shatter the Flesh and -40+% coldres on both of them.
Armor: Robe of Steel. Spelldamage
Belt: Nero RW. Fortress on attack, duh
Boots: Crafted with 20% EQ proc or Slippers of Yaerius
Gloves: Lorekeeper. More spelldamage.
Helm: Hellmaw or BK's Voice, whatever you have or like better.
Rings: +1 All Skills, +55% Cold spelldamage are perfect. Hunt dest a2 dragons until you get 25%+ SD with +1AS, then lucky it, then apply MOs.
Amulet: +4 All Skills, +40% Cold SD, +400 life/mana is teh winner.
On Switch: Pagan's Geis + Witchdrum for teh stylez OR Shamanka. Socket with nihs anyway.

Socket fillers: ~10 Nihs, Auhes in weapons, the rest: cold SD oriented jools.

Uberquests review:
Kill some mobs to get bodies, then StF the rest. StF damage can break 150K if you have good gear.

Note: All the +spelldamage you have DOES affect Skeld's Battlesong flat added cold dmg (2k-4k) if you direct hit the enemy. Well, BH barbs do only direct hits so

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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:17 pm

Conquest wrote:
The Thunderclaper
Stormblast barb using Kraken Stance
by Conquest

General Info
This barbarian revolves around skill Stormblast and uses Kraken Stance in the endgame. This gives him rainbow damage despite 100% lightning conversion on SB. Before level 90 our main stance is Lion Stance, which we are maxing anyway due to Kraken synergy. We’ll be using heavy two-handed axes to deliver pain to our enemies. Wolfsangel is our weapon of choice at the end. We are Barbarians after all, shields are for prepubescent girls!

Skills Placement
Melee Tree: 1 point everywhere. Stormblast too, with +skills range will be more than enough.
Wolf Companion: 5x. To your preference, more than 20 is overkill though.
Spirit Guide: Supermax. Gives much needed defense and EWD.
Mountain King: 1 is enough due to severe diminishing returns.
Ancient Blood: 4x. Don’t put too much there though, better pump stances to buff Kraken.
Lion Stance: Max. Main stance before level 90, LI mobs are not a problem with this.
Uberskill: Kraken Stance. Endgame stance, supermax it.
Leftover Points: Any other stance you want to beef. Increases Kraken dmg output.

Stat placement
Strength: 50-100%. Your preference but 2H weps have giant stat bonus. You need this EWD as you don’t have any (apart from WC and LS before 90)
Dex: zero. We don’t cower behind shield.
Vita: 0-50%. Depends how much you invested into str. Life is innermost layer of your defenses, increasing it has greatest benefits.
Energy: Lulz?

Gear Pieces
Weapon: Wolfsangel ‘Sha’ad’ in 2H barb axes. This weapon is made of win, period.
Armor: Arreat’s Heart or Erawan. Both are good.
Helm: Hellmaw. Procs are always welcome, also more damage.
Belt: Nero ‘Auhe’. Another item made of win.
Boots: Hibagon for much-needed meatshield (those titans have 10x more life than dedicated summoner’s spirits)
Gloves: Snowsquall ‘Krys’ Maybe they aren’t uber OP but 20% slow target from gloves is very good.
Rings: Seal of Nephilim Kings (omg how original) or UMO project empyrean bands (endless light)
Amulet: Death Ward or some good rare
Socket fillers: Ber crafted jewels (with +str, life, vita etc.) and runes. Thai – if you don’t have res, Lah – even 3% one is very good.
MOs: SUs and jewellery: -enemyres, try to hit -100 on every element (except psn of course). Runewords: damage/defense.

Uberquests review
Summoning: Summon, clang clang, done
Dungeons: Walk in, swing your little axe, they’re dead
Uberlevels: These are usually very crowded. In phys based ubers wear Gotterdammerung, it’ll help immensely. Stormblast dispatches them almost instantly but survival can be problematic, especially in TA and Fauztinville. For those you can use Kahless + Toraja’s Champion, even with 0 block you’ll have 25 (!) life on striking which combined with stormblast will keep your bulb full.
Heroic Levels: Pew pew pew. Bosses are pretty difficult but all of ‘em are doable (mb except Brother Laz)

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