[MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:17 pm

Hasse wrote:
Donkey Kong

A barbarian based on the Powder Keg offskill
by Hasse

General Info
This is just a build that I thought about one night when I was bored and was checking through the list of offskills.
The playstyle is a bit unorthodox as you can't really tank much and you'll have no block (unless you go that route ofcourse, it's viable).

The character uses a massive amount of +Firespell damage and -enemy fireres.
The way to play this character is pretty basic, use Powder Keg and Eagle Stance and throw barrels everywhere, and clean up the fire-immune mobs with Supernova or Shower of Rocks + Kraken Stance!

Skills Placement
Supermax Ancient Blood: Max life and skills, no reason not to max it. (We won't use many skills anyway, and there's alot of room to customize the build to your liking)
Supermax Spirit Guide: Damage, defense and cast rate. Yeah, just max it.
Max Kraken Stance: I maxed Kraken Stance to deal with fire-immune bosses/mobs.
10 points in Wolf Companion: I use this for 2 extra wolves (3 total).
1 point in <Every combat-skill>: Stormblast, Shower of Rocks, Thunderslam, they're all great skills to have when the need arises (Fire-immunities)
1 point in Wolf Stance / Thundergod: Wolf Stance for synergy with kraken, and Thundergod for the aoe-stun.
Leftovers in Other Stances: I split my remaining skillpoints between the stances, but most of them into eagle for the manareg / Lifereg.

Stat placement
Strength: Enough to wear your thong.
Dex: ABSOLUTELY nothing
Vita: 0
Energy: Bingo! Everything!

Gear Pieces
Weapon: Dreamflange (SU Mace)
Weapon2: Dreamflange (Su Mace) (That's right, I Dual-wield them!)
Shield: Dragon's Breach (If you decide to go for a shield and can't live without block (LOL WONT USE DEX ANYWAYS GLHF ETC)).
Switch: SU Long Staff (For bloodlust)
Armor:Robe of Steel (SU Full Plate Mail)
Helm: Fawkes Runeword (Zod in Barbarian Helmets) The core of the build.
Belt: Crafted +Firedamage / -enemy fireres is absolutely the best course, but you can also use Ashaeras armor (SU Belt) Energyfactor, spelldamage, %bonus to energy, allres, damagereduction. What's not to like?
Boots: Same here, crafts are the way to go! Crafted +Firedamage / -enemy fireres
Gloves: Crafted +Firedamage / -enemy fireres, alternately you can use Lore Keeper, they're also wicked! Spelldamage, allres, %bonus energy.
Rings: I use two +1 skill ring with 9x Endless Light UMO's
Amulet: Black Dwarf (Secret!). Skills, spelldamage, -enemy resists, TCD, Cast Rate, Hit Recovery and a lightning-based offskill to deal with fire-immunities (Supernova). You can use Dreamcatcher, Witchmoon or Teganze Pendant, those are three very good options if you don't have the Black Dwarf.
Socket filters: I use crafted fire-damage jewels with Energy factor on them. If you craft jewels, try to get 5-6% firedamage on them, it's not hard at all to get.

Uberquests review
This goes for every Uberquest:
Summon your wolves (prefferebly 3), 10 Edyrems (optional), buff Thundergod and Bloodlust (SU Long Staff on switch)

Summoning:Throw barrels, summon, watch everything explode.
(Note: Haven't tested CFM with this character, so no idea there)
Dungeons: They can all be done, but they're challenging (Toraja mostly).
Ease forward throwing barrels + Summoning Edyrems and you might make it, and you might not.
Uberlevels: Can't imagine Bremmtown + Kingdom of Shadow is going to be pleasant at all, but the other ones are very doable.
Heroic Levels: Since fire-immunes rapes us, I wouldn't really recommend this.

Try not to tank too much, let Edyrems tank if you have to tank something

Media Links
Video: Coming soon, uploading to YouTube at this moment!
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:17 pm

Syntax Error wrote:
Master of the Elements

Melee Elemental Barbarian
by Syntax Error

General Info
The Master of the Elements is a meleebarb that uses Snake and Kraken Stance as his main damage dealers, while using all melee skills depending on the situation. Generally, you poke something with Thunderslam + Snake Stance (massive screenwide poison/slow combo), then use your other melee skills (particularly Stormblast) to kill everything while the poison is active.
Skills Placement
Smax Snake Stance: Main Damage Stance before level 90
Smax Eagle Stance: Synergy for Snake Stance
Smax Kraken Stance: You are the master of the elements
1 point in all other stances
1 point in all Melee Skills: All skills have their uses.
Smax Spirit Guide: We need MOAR DEFZ
5-preference in Immortal: 5 points is enough for 10% Avoid while standing still
1-preference in Mountain King: Let the +skills handle the rest
spare points into Wolf Companion: Helps you keep the Spirit Guide bonus more often


Throw build with Overkill.
You may need to readjust other skills to give way for smax Overkill. The important part is to still have your stances smaxed, and pump SG as much as you can.

Two-Hand Melee Build.
Same skill build, but use a Darkspite if you want more damage from your stances, or use "Wolfsangel" (Sha'ad on 2-h Barb weapons) for a good, all-rounder option.

Stat placement
Strength: 300 - enough to equip everything, the bonuses from MK will take care of the rest
Dex: 200 - enough to hit in the Ubers, since all our skills use AR
Vita: Rest
Energy: You are a barbarian.

Gear Pieces
Weapon: Sterrenvogel, for the -enemy resists. Any weapon will do, actually, since we're not very dependent on weapon damage in the first place. You may use Honorifics if you want.
Shield: Invictus or a decent Crafted Gilded Shield (we use this for the Def, anyway)
Armor: Queen of Glass, for the same reasons we get Sterrenvogel
Helm: Slimedrool, to boost our Snake Stance Damage
Belt: "Truce" on a sacred Plated Belt. You can get up to 7k defense on this belt alone (I have 7162 def from this).
Boots: "Nephilim", we need moar defz. The stat bonuses are also killer.
Gloves: Pollice Verso, or just about any other decent gloves out there
Rings: +skills rares to boost Snake Stance/Empyrean Bands for Stats and the Singularity proc/SotnK because it's awesome
Amulet: +4 skills rare
Socket filters: Be sure to use "Indestructible" jewels to keep yourself from going insane because of repair costs. Zakarum Stoning Rocks are great for their SoR proc on-kill. Also, you can never go wrong with stat jewels.

Note that for equipment, just stick to one other poison source to boost your poison damage. This will just help simplify the maths for your total poison damage. Now if you get Scales of the Serpent, for example, replace your helm.

Uberquests review
Summoning: Poke with Tslam + Snake, kill the stragglers with SB/SoR/Earthquake + Kraken. Cast Fortress for more chaos.
Dungeons: Poke with Tslam + Snake, kill the stragglers with SB/SoR/Earthquake + Kraken. Cast Fortress for more chaos.
Uberlevels: Poke with Tslam + Snake, kill the stragglers with SB/SoR/Earthquake + Kraken. Cast Fortress for more chaos.
Heroic Levels: Poke with Tslam + Snake, kill the stragglers with SB/SoR/Earthquake + Kraken. Cast Fortress for more chaos.
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:18 pm

FriedMilkyWay wrote:
Hades Gate Barbarian
by kirzy

General Info
Run toward the 1st monster you see. Thunder Slam it to spread the slow (and poison) then switch to either Titan Strike (to heal if you are down on hp) or Stormblast to quickly start your Hades Gate Procs.

Skills Placement
Do it exactly as I say. Where I say there is room for variation, I will say how many points u can very on.
Ancient Blood: [40] We could go to 42 but we want this for the extra skills. Nice hit recovery passive and nice extra HP.
Snake Stance: [42] Massive slow (10+(42*2%)=94%, cap is 90% lolzors) and massive poison over a shot period of time. Our proc machine!
Eagle Stance: [38] Adds synergy to our Snake Stance. Max it once u find the charms for Stormblast/Spirit Guide and Mountain King.

1-pointers: [1] Earthquake, Bloodhatred, Thunder Slam, Shower of Rocks, Stormblast, Lion Stance, Bear Stance, Wolf Companion, Fortress, Spirit Guide, Mountain King, Runemaster, Immortal, Thundergod.

Charms: Mountain King (frees up 1 points), Spirit Guide (frees up 1 point), Spirit Walk (teleport skill) and/or Wolf Stance.
Option #2: Take 1 point out of Eagle Stance (-9% synergy) and just find the charms for Snake Stance (2 charms*+2 to Snake Stance). For those who rather teleport with Jitans Gate, you can even add all the charms to Snake Stance for some insane extra poison damage.

Stat placement
Strength: Enough for your gear. I’ve put in 200 but I can go much lower. Possibly even 0
Dex: No shield is no block. NONE
Vita: As much as we can. Maybe all?
Energy: NONE. Period.

Gear Pieces
Weapon: Goreshifter (Sacred). Hades gate Proc. [6 sockets]
Shield: NONE
Armor: Your choice. [6 sockets]
Helm: Hellmaw Fanged Helm (Sacred) [4 sockets]
Belt: Your choice [2 sockets]
Boots: Your choice [4 sockets]
Gloves: TAHA runeword. Adds +1 maximum skills.
Rings: Your choice [Mo with –poison resist][preferably with added –poison resist already on them]
Amulet: Your choice [Mo with –poison resist] [preferably with added –poison resist already on them]
Socket filters: Runes. Possible options: Lum, Jah, Zod, Sha’ad. (going from low to high)

If you choose to use a runeword, only use your armor slot, this due to the fact that we are using Rune Master as an Uber Skill.
[100% Lum = 440% Magic Find. 100%. Jah and Sha’ad depend on the items they are put in. Zod only on your weapon, 6*5%slow=30%slow added (only use this before u reach the cap to just reach it more quickly)]
ps. Don’t worry about socketing with that many runes, go with the cheap low ones (like Ist) and unsocket them later for the better ones!
Pps. Rune Master often gets bugged when you load your game. Just re-equip your gear and go from a decent defense, to an awesome defense.

Our helm gives us the poison damage we need to survive and kill quickly on hellmode (Destruction). A quick look in the poison thread tells us this helm gives us +320.83% poison damage.

If you decide to use Wyrd (which is recommended), then you only need 1 MO (+1 to wyrd MO that is)(more is useless). Just cast 1, and switch back to your stance. If there where mobs there, they will die soon enough and start your proc chain. If not, just walk a few yards and try again!

Uberquests review
Summoning: 3-step program: Summon. Slow* and poison them. Collect. (poison immuum is done by using Stormblast)
Dungeons: 2-step program: Slow* and poison them. Collect. (poison immuum is done by using Stormblast)
Uberlevels: 2-step program: Slow* and poison them. Collect. (poison immuum is done by using Stormblast)
Heroic Levels: 2-step program: Slow* and poison them. Collect. (poison immuum is done by using Stormblast)

*Remember the cap at 90% for normal monsters and 50% for bosses

Media Links
Video: Make your own.
Screenshots: Make your own.

Comments are welcome, keep in mind this is my 1st guide!
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:19 pm

MarcoNecroX wrote:
Snake Stance God-Barbarian

Barb based on Snake Stance and Crowd Control
by MarcoNecroX

General Info
Well this is a godly char, thunderslam snake stance barbarian, based on being a mega tank. 40k vitality, 25 life on striking combined with ATMG+timestrike+stormblast, 800.000 defence, 90%slow, 8k life healed per second with eagle, godly poison damage, glacial novas, etc.

Two different kinds of playstile,

With switch: Go with wolf, switch to snake+thunderslam, hit mob, thunderslam has a 3s duration and 4s spell timer, when those 3 secs are over (a bit earlier), switch to hand of karcheus for glacial nova, switch and repeat. That way you'll have mobs controlled 100% of the time, and your stance on switch will be eagle stance, so you'll be healed as well.

Without switch: this mode is based on dealing more physical damage, and without switching, simply thunderslam a mob, ATMG sentrys will proc + doom, will regenerate your life decently fast, use stormblast at cooldown with wolf. Also ATMG + Wolfs is a terrific combination, will make you even more invincible, and will pwn badly.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: Destroyer shaman reanimates will give you +5k life, so without them you'll have only about 35k life. I strongly recommend those for this build!

Skills Placement
Skillplan Snake Godbarb (Barbarian, 1.F9)

37 points in Snake Stance: that is enough for 84% slow (cap on single source, by aerial)..
36 points in Wolf Companion, insane doom damage, 7 wolves, abuse it with TTAD & ATMG proc.
35 points in Eagle Stance: 5s full life heal, synergy to snake stance
20 points in Ancient Blood: Max points, Max life, skill %IAS, godly..
1 points in Thunderslam (charm best): If you're about to reach a lower timer, put points, otherwise don't. Possibly put leftovers here.
1 point in Stormblast (charm best): godly, light damage, procs timestrikes, life on striking
1 point in Wolf Stance: our stance when monsters are poisoned, speed boost and dmg
1 point in Mountain King (charm best): %stats
1 point in Runemaster: 16 %def per rune, more points is far overkill
1 point in Immortal: that 1 point gives 6% avoid
1 point in Thundergod: another cool thunderslam
1 point in Spirit Guide (charm best): Will be on all the time

Stat placement
Strength: about 70, required for gear
Dex: about 50, for hand of karcheus on switch, also AR
Vita: everything + signets here. 40k life is the way to go.
Energy: zerro!

Gear Pieces
Weapon: my choice is ATMG kriegmesser with 350%ED craft, I mo'd with 550%attack raiting, and 20% life leech. ATMG works awesomely with wolves, btw.
Shield: Toraja's Champion, 25 life on striking FTW!
Armor: Scales of the serpent, Time strikes FTW!
Helm: Hellmaw. Combined with scales, will increase our snake stance duration to 6 seconds. (dps remains, but end damage ends up being great compared to not having it)
Belt: Quiet craft with 20% vita and +vita, resis/350%Ed welcome, disintegrate proc welcome too
Boots: Quiet craft with 20% vita and +vita, EQ proc welcome.
Gloves: Quite craft with 20% vita and +vita.
Rings: Empyrean bands, MO'd with thunderhammer and endless light UMO's.
Amulet: Doom ammy with TTAD, +4 skills, MO'd with endless lights and thunderhammer
Socket filters: Ohm runes for every socket, except armor/weap (jahs), and in shields put either jah/ohm , it has a very high base defence, but we don't need it so much.

Notes: get -100% enemy poison/light resistances. We don't have any item which grants us resistances, so make sure you have all maxed. End game gear gives less than 10%DR and only 4% block .

Uberquests review
Summoning: Summon, stormblast + snake/wolf
Dungeons: check playstyle section!
Uberlevels: check playstyle section!
Heroic Levels: our resistances aren't godly (85x3, 80 psn) but our life is, so these are quite easy.

Only wolf+thundergod as prebuffs.

Media Links
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px9Off-gIwI (includes all uberlevels)
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:19 pm

Topnec wrote:
The Leader of the Pack

Tantrum Barb guide
by topnec

General Info
This is a guide for a barb that abuses the oskill tantrum. You can get it at level 21, and you won't need to change your bow till level 100. But let me explain first, what tantrum is exactly: tantrum is a oskill that can appear on bows. It shoots clouds around your character, dealing 1/3 weapon damage. But it hits so many times, that you can't even count how many times. I went through hatred and terror with a weapon damage of 15-21. everything self found, not rushed.

Skills Placement

In general, there are only 5 skills you need to put points into:
Wolf Companions: 35-40 points. really 35 points is already enough. You'll have 8 wolves around you and the doom effect adds 7,5 k dmg.
Ancient Blood: put as many points into it as you want. The important thing is the +max skill level. As soon as you can put 35 points into Wolf Companions, you can stop wasting your points and max an other skill.
Spirit Guide: Oh yea baby! 640% TCD (total character defense) at skill level 30. However, put as many points in it as you want. 20-smax
Mountain King: Great skill. Adds a nice bonus to your stats. You won't need to put so many points into str, so you can put them into vita or dex. But 20 Points are already enough.
Wolf Stance: 10 points. Get it, love it, and abuse the 20% additional speed as well as the nice move and attack speed bonus. You Won't need more then this, because you hit the enemies so many times, that they are dead before they reach you. cb is just for bosses.

Uberskill: Thundergod, Runemaster and Immortal are important skills for us. But 1 point is really already more than enough.

Leftovers: you can put the leftovers ito wolf stance to be more offensive, or Runemaster, spirit guide, or mountain king to be more defensive.

Stat placement
Strength: As much as you need to wear your equipment
Dex: Same
Vita: Everything else
Energy: 0

Okay wearing your equipment is really important. But Mountain King helps us a lot, so you won't need to put that many points into str and dex.

Gear early game
Weapon: 0rt rune into bow. That's the RW that grants you tantrum. You can use it from level 21 on, so go ahead and love it
Arrows: Well I found Locust Hive at level 30. These are really really good. The on striking proc owns everything, because it is procced so many times, even with a chance of only 5%.
Armor: Jitan's Kamon Tiered Unique splint Mail. DR, nice on kill proc, ele damage. Its a godlike armor for us. We will need to stay at the front, so dr is really helpful. As well as the elemental damage. As soon as we enter terror, there are PI. So you really need elemental damage.
Helm: Thunderdome Tiered Unique Assault helm. There are so many different unique and runeword helms... but this is the only one that is useful. So use it! elemental damage and %str is enough to decide on this helm
Belt: Deadfall Tiered Unique Heavy Belt. Cb, proc, ress and str. Awesome. 1 of the best tiered uniques.
Boots: Doesn't realy matter... I used some random rare boots and mo'ed them with resis... but if you really want to have some good pair of boots, use Lionpaw Tiered Unique Chain boots. +Life, tcd, and +stats are quite good, so you can eventually use them.
Gloves: Pollice Verso Tiered Unique Gauntlets. the only Thing that will help us to keep our life orb full. The life after each kill will help us to survive, even lategame. The spelltimer of the proc doesn't really matter, because tantrum lasts quite long. So if it lasts 1 second, you would have to kill 5 enemies every 0,2 second, to not be able to cast it again. ok Cow level is a place, where this might happen, but when you are there, Tantrum will definately last longer.

Gear end game
Weapon: Crafted Bow with about +20 - +30 tantrum and nice other stats, like on striking procs.
arrows: You will still use locust hive. In addition, you can find good non-unique arrows, but you'll need luck to get those.
Armor: SotS: still the best option. There's nothing to discuss about.
Helm: There are 2 options that grants elemental damage: Hellmaw
Fanged Helm (Sacred) and Larzuk's Contraption
Jawbone Cap (Sacred). We will need 1 of them. It doesn't really matter which it is, because both adds elemental damage. And thats important to us.
Belt: Vith rw. 10% DR is better than 10% more defense. Thats why its the only one runeword we use lategame.
Boots: Everchase SU boots. DR is needed. and you can fill it with runes.
Gloves: Still Pollice Verso. The only thing that keeps us alive.
Rings: Seal of the Nephalem Kings best option.
Amulet: Klaatu Barada Nikto
Socket filters: RUNES OF ANY TYPE! but ofc, Jah and Ohm runes are the best for us. If you need more def, get Jah runes, if you need more life, get Ohm runes.


early game: try to stand near enemies and then cast tantrum.
late game: cast tantrum a few times, and then lure enemies in the damaging zone. good strategy against ranged enemies.

Beware: Don't use anything that makes enemies run away, stop them far away from you or summons /reanimates. Those things will destroy the strategy.

Summoning: Most of them are easy to handle: cast tantrum, cast dark summoning, take the drop. special strategy for Judgement day: get a lolsummon, cast dark summoning and summon your lolsummon till malthael or the other one appears, kill, have fun with your new charm.
Dungeons: Use the late game strategy. Azmodan: I used shoes with %teleport when struck. I teleported right next to azmodan and killed him.
Cathedral of Vanity: Immunity is a problem. whatever, just teleport down, avoid the enemies, and cast tantrum near the crytal ball. Then you can kill everything else.
Toraja: cast edyrems, use teleport and cast tantrum.
K3K: Cast your 7 seconds lasting tantrum next to the totems, run away and see how it is killed.
Island: just kill.
kahlim: Just cast tantrum all the time. And avoid the punishers.
TA: Quite hard if you have low def, but you can easily lure enemies into your tantrum clouds.
fauzt: some kind of hard. necrobots won't follow that much. And they even run away if you are near them. Just simply cast tantrum, and run behind the bots, and cast tantrum again. they will run straight into your 1st tantrum.
Bremmtown: cast tantrum and see how your enemies are wasted away.
Duncraig: I killed about 40 enemies in there when i was level 103. It is quite easy, but I lacked defense. So get a nice amount of defense, avoid the barrels, and everything is fine.
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:20 pm


Jek wrote:
Green Wing

Caster/Summon hybrid druid.
by Jek

General Info
A very strong build for the untwinked and hardcore crowd. It combines raw firepower from the druid's incredible strong offensive spells with the safety of a minion build. This is one of the few builds that really has nothing on the "con-list", as it posses great killspeed, safety, possible untwinked and the ability to do every uberquest in the game. A perfect first character for a new player.

Skills Placement
Supermax: Acid Fiends, Plague Avatar, Poison Flash, Rain of Fire and Goodberries (the core of the build).
5 points: Hunting Banshee - enough to be useful for spamming and killing through walls.
1 points: Lifeshield and Uber skill of choice.
This leaves you with 9 skill points to spend as you want:
Life Shield for additional defense.
Uber skill for additional spelldamage/avoid/tremorpwn.
Charm for lower timer.
Hunting Banshee for more cold damage.

With the left over points I went for Lifeshield, but in all honestly you don't need it when you have ~50 Acid Fiends rocking out with 50.000 life. Rain of Fire is stackable so it will tear down high HP targets such as Totems and uber bosses in seconds when spammed.
Pagan Rites is one of the strongest utility spells in the game, use it!

Rain of Fire is your main skill of choice, it destroys anything not immune in a matter of seconds, against immunes Fiends backed up by Plague Avatar will tear them to shreds almost just as fast. Hunting Banshee, isn't used much but it comes handy in heroics (shoot through walls) and in uber levels where it can target off-screen monsters.

An entirely viable variant would be switching Rain of Fire with Hailstorm.

Stat placement
Strength: ~175
Dex: None.
Vita: ~100
Energy: ~175
Note: If you went for Force of Nature, pour rest of your points into strength/vitality, otherwise go for energy/vitality.

Regarding vitality: the druid only gets 1 life per point, but with stat% it adds up and this small investment makes the game prior to level 90 (Goodberries) bearable.

Gear Pieces
Weapon: Minion Crafted Druid staff.
Switch: Shamanka
Armor: "Unity"
Helm: Minion Crafted Druid pelt.
Belt: Minion Crafted Plated Belt.
Boots: Minion Crafted Greaves.
Gloves: Minion Crafted Gauntlets.
Rings: +1 lvl 30 rings or Empyrrean Bands with, both filled MOs.
Amulet: Dreamcatcher
Socket filters: Minion jewels and/or Runes. Life% and resists are more important than their damage (more on that in a bit).

Note: Crafted druid pelts and staves can roll exceptional powerful modifiers, I've used Tainted Shrine (minion AR+Dam) on my staff, and it rolled ~50% fire damage and pierce alongside +9 skills (+12 is possible) and a gigantic minion boost, the pelt is identical just with +3 skills instead (+4 is possible).

Budget/Early game:
Weapon: Dubhdroiacht or Naiad King
Switch: Koth's Leason (Plague Avatar can proc Blood Lust)
Armor: Robe of Leaves, Queen of Glass or "Mirage".
Helm: Skyguard or "Ra".
Belt: Aerin Orbiter or "Rainbow".
Boots: Lionpwn or Wake of Destruction.
Gloves: Pollice Verso or Jewelword.
Rings: +skills rare.
Amulet: +skills rare.

About Acid Fiends: Their Poison Flash will do most of their damage, and empowered by their own Acid Trance and Bloodlust will tear anything not immune down in seconds. Minion damage% of course is nice, but it shouldn't be your main focus - once you get them to do around 10.000 physical damage (roughly 500% damage), focus everything on their survival.

Don't forget to enhance your fire damage with -enemy fire resistance.

Uberquests review
Summoning: Summon your entire army, lay down a gamma field, dark summon, step back, spam rain of fire, scoop up charm. Every summoning uber is really easy with this build.
Dungeons: All are easy, you're well equiped to fight everywhere. The super fast Acid Fiends will intercept everything, Rain of Fire will tear down poison immunes in a flash.
Uberlevels: See dungeons. Don't attempt Ureh until you get Life Shield.
Heroic Levels: See Dungeons.

As long as you keep your army intact, and buffed with Bloodlust (not really that important later in the game, when you supercharge them with gear) you'll be safe and killing at a tremendous speed thanks to Rain of Fire's raw power, Acid Fiends poison damage and tank ability.
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:21 pm

MarcoNecroX wrote:
Gammaclysm Bowdruid

Hybrid Fire/Poison Bowdruid
by MarcoNecroX

General Info
Well... I was wondering about rain of fire skill so I decided to make a caster druid. But then I got curious about Force of Nature. It is possible to reach 1% spell damage every 3 points in strength with a slvl of 74. Every 4 points with a slvl of 59, and every 5 points with a slvl of 49. Reaching a slvl of 74 on an uberskill without elixirs of power, is impossible. First I was going to stay at a slvl of 59.

Then I though... wait, so I have to pump all in strength..? Why not use a bow then? and then the idea of using a bow came out. But, then no +12 skills staff, so I decided to leave Force of Nature at 49 points. 1% spell damage every 5 points in strength, would equal to 221% spell damage end game with signets and all in strength. Yes, in comparation to what superbeast gives this is ****. But well, after deciding to use a bow, elfin weapons needs to get maxed without doubt. Before using the bow I thought of a mix of hailstorm/gamma field/rain of fire, but now we're lacking of points so we only go for gamma field, since it fits our playstile, because it has such a long duration, only thing we need to do is to cast it and start throwing arrows. Instead of maxing hailstorm we will max elfin weapons, because we use a bow. But I found a bow, a very interesting one. 50% cataclysm on kill druid-only bow. So no max rain of fire, we go for godberrys. Thats a pretty good proc, because it has high chances to fire, it's an old m2008 firebolt nova skill. We don't get a spell damage boost from Force of Nature, but it's still good.

Why did I go for a bow in the first place? because crafting a stave for 3 elements would have sucked, imo. And since we're pumping all in strength, I thought of using a bow.

Skills Placement
Supermax Gammafield: The poison damage is quite good, doesn't require synergies, has a big duration, procs our cataclysm. What not to like?
Supermax Elfin Weapons: Bow damage, %CB
Supermax Godberry: +10k life. Insane def, without this skill, GL surviving anywhere.
Supermax Lifeshield: +1000%TCD. Good, isn't it?
X points in Force of Nature: will all the gear, enough points to reach 1% spell damage every 5 points, and no 6.

1 Point in Cascade: The best (imo) bow skill. It will own everything with only one point.
1 Point in all elemental / poison skills: Since we have a decent spell damage boost are all useful, hailstorm will be our only ice skill at one point.

Leftovers in: Cascade (for more points in ElfinW.), rain of fire, hailstorm.

Variation: If you dislike FoN you could use tremor, but then putting points in strength would be stupid, and you would need to put all in energy, which ends up in no bow, which ends up in no cataclysm, so bye bye gammaclysm druid. Although this would be viable (and was my previous idea), you would need to make good crafts for all three elements, and supermax hailstorm, rain of fire and gammastorm, as well as tremor. But this is a big variation you know, I would call this an idea, instead of a variation because if you're going this way, ignore the whole miniguide.

Stat placement
Strength: All
Dex: Our gear doesn't require dex. big zero.
Vita: Nothing.
Energy: Sadly, nothing.

Gear Pieces
Weapon: "Magma Spitter". 50% Cataclysm on kill, procced by gammafield & cascade. Slow, max damage, fire damage, +skills, good bow. Other options are ONLY BOW DRUIDS. Those are the only which benefit from strength.
Quiver: Kingsport's signal is good. It has everything we need. Otherwise, just a rare MO'd with -enemy res.
Armor: Robe of Steel, energy, str, def, %EF, %SD, life after kill, resis. Perfect.
Helm: Thinking cap. +Skills, spell damage.
Belt: Ashaera's Armor, Spell damage, %DR, resis, EF
Boots: Hibagon, +skills, titans (meatshields)
Gloves: Lorekeeper, resis, %SD, low reqs
Rings: Emp Bands x2
Amulet: +4 skills, spell damage amulet.
Socket filters: %spell damage, is the only thing we will benefit from. Jah's for weapon & armor.

Mystic Orbs: "The Endless Light" is more than perfect. Flat defense, -3% enemy poison/cold/fire resistances. GL collecting these, but they are very good. Make sure to end up with -100% enemy fire / poison resistances. Cold is optional.

Uberquests review
Summoning: Gammafield first, summon acid fiends (as lolsummons), go away and shoot cascade. Easy.
Dungeons: Use gammafield every now-and-then, cascade to enemies. Hailstorm/rain of fire to the boss.
Uberlevels: Make sure everything is covered with gamma field, and just attack with cascade. Kill singletargets with hailstorm/rain of fire (totems, for example)
Heroic Levels: Gamma field, start cascade. Cataclysm will kill immunes.


Always make sure enemys are poisoned. No need to spam gammafield, since poison damage doesn't stuck. It has a very high duration, so one gamma field poisoning a monster is enough, since it has skyrocket duration. Kill them with cascade and cataclysm will start proccing like crazy killing stuff. Use hailstorm/RoF against single targets, since they're good. Have goodberrys always activated*. This char is specially good for fautzinville, since he can kill all monsters easily (because physical, fire and poison are three totally different kinds of damage). You will have tons of life. Healing is more than easy with pagan rites.

How to activate goodberryies properly: Get a crafted druid stave with +12 to all skills, drink a power elixir (sapphire + TP) and then you'll hav ea boost of +27 to all skills, (+2700 max life also), eat godberry. You will gain extra defence and life with godberry for those +skills, for 10 minutes. After that, change to shamanka for bloodlust.

Media Links
Video: <Hybrid Bowdruid @ Duncraig>
Screenshots: video is enough.
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:17 am


stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52 wrote:
Dragon Necro
Dark star dragon reanimator
by stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52

General Info
This is a build is a re-animator that uses dark star dragon re-animates.
Dark star dragon re-animates use 2 forms of death spiral(both directions) and a form of dark summoning that spawns on top of their target.
The fact that their dark summoning spawns on their target allows you to control where enemies are spawned.

Skills Placement

Skill placement is mostly like an ordinary re-animator.

Supermax Skill Sacrifices: Re-animates only have a limited life so you want to have as many as possible.
The sacrifices can also usually be used to start the dragons using dark summoning
1 point talons hold: For re-animates to increase kill speed
Bend the shadows: Enough points for zero timer(level 44)
Buff totems: Put points into totems of your preference.
Supermax death ward: Avoid and TCD%

Stat placement
Energy:100-200: For keeping up unholy prayer with 1 point mana tide.

Gear Pieces
Not much really helps re-animates, all you can really do it get +skills to give your totems more effect.

Weapon:Wing of the dragon god: Core of the build
On-switch:Weapon with another re-animate of your choice to kill things when you Want to stop
Shield:If you use a one-hander on switch, sinwar is a good choice for kraken stance o-skill.
Boots:Hibagon for the re-animates that give elemental immunities to other re-animates
Other gear: Anything with +skills
Socket filters:Whatever

Uberquests review

For most ubers, play like an ordinary re-animator, the dragons wont summon too quickly and they can do a fair amount of damage with their death spirals.

Summoning:Only have one dragon out at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.
Keep casting sacrifices until a dragon re-animates and starts summoning, then switch to your alternative re-animate weapon.
Continue casting sacrifices until everything is dead
If you're having trouble getting the dragons to start summoning, use dark summoning.

While you can farm summoning ubers relatively fast with re-animates, you can do it even faster if you play with someone else as your farming partner.
The best choice for a farming partner would be a build that can deal heavy damage without instantly killing, eg a holy caster using brimstone or a poison sorc.

Where not to use dragons
Cathedral of vanity: If inarius is summoned before the crystal ball is destroyed both uberquests become impossible.
Judgement day: You only need one dark uldyssian.
Death projector: No comment.
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:17 am

MarcoNecroX wrote:
Venomous Lord

Deathlord Necromancer based around Venomous Spirit
by MarcoNecroX

General Info
So this is a simple char based on Mkodos runeword. It has 25% chance to cast lvl 24 venomous spirit on striking, and that skill has no ND, so you can use it with any skill, however I though of using it with parasite and deathlord form because that weapon is also great offensively. So we're hybrids, melee char with an elemental proc. We have more than decent damage, and 1k % poison spell damage easily. You will also easily reach 200k defence, even without death ward, 10 life on striking and some leech.

Skills Placement
Supermax Elemental Totem: Around 300% spell damage. Quite insane.
Supermax Deathlord: Stats, def, main reasons to use this.
Supermax Parasite: I belive you can reach 33 targets, main reason. No ND afaik.
Supermax Rathma's Chosen: immunity to minions and insane damage with hard points
Enough in Bend the Shadows: Enough ammount to reach 0 spell timer
1 point in Summon Shadow: some spell damage and 50% max life
1 point in Blood Tide Totem: max life
1 point in Howling Totem: Optional, some "free" damage
1 point in Mana Tide Totem: for some quests where you use wyrd + unholy prayer
1 point in Unholy Prayer: useful sometimes
1 point in Talon's Hold: reanimates and great slow (40%)
1 point in Summon Void Archon: "Warp field aura" is great
1 point in Angel of Death: 1,3mil - 2mil damage per second, lolol !
1 point in Liche Form: with the insane ammount of spell damage we have, this is just godlike. Easy 450k-800k damage PER SECOND (doubled in 2 seconds) with only 1 point.

Variation: don't supermax Rathma's Chosen and put only one point with it. Put leftovers in Famine for l33ch and damage.

Stat placement
Strength: Nothing, we get enough from deathlord form for requerimients.
Dex: Everything, damage, defense (DL form), attack raiting, etc.
Vita: Nothing or put some points here if you want. You don't benefit a lot btw.
Energy: Nothing, we will just ignore EF and stuff and go for spell damage.

Gear Pieces
Weapon: Mkodos (sha'ad in sacred spirit edge) Just godlike. 300%ED, +skills, 25% ctc venomous spirit on striking, 50% PSD, -50% enemy poison resistances, and 10 LIFE ON STRIKING. Lol..
Shield: I would go for sinwar. Pathetic block, but kraken is just plain awesome. 4 to all skills and Ignore Target's Defence. Wow.
Armor: Crafted shimmering with as much %poison spell damage as possible, and %ED.
Helm:Crafted Shimmering with as much %psd as possible again.
Belt: Truce/Ashaera's armor
Boots: Hibagon is my choice
Gloves: Lorekeeper are my choice
Rings: Emp bands x2, MO'd with %buff duration, thunderhammer.
Amulet: %doom ammy, +skills, TTAD
Socket filters: %PSD jewels and if they have leech good. Focus on poison spell damagew

On Switch: 3 setups, witch drum + vizharan for lionheart, and/or kur runeword (wands) for bloodlust. Last one is Nymyr's shadow because it has Hymn oskill. All socketed with Nih runes for extra duration (specially bloodlust)

Mystic orbs: %poisons pell damage in everything.In both crafted pieces you will get 30%. Both helm and armor can reach over 100% poison spell damage.

Uberquests review
Summoning: you can use wyrd+unholy prayer. Spam wyrd, summon, UP and procs will finish all of them.
Dungeons: Enter with normal deathlord form and parasite, with your rathma'd minions, optionally use liche form against bosses, or AoD.
Uberlevels: go with rathma'd minions and kill with parasite. Use liche form evey now-and-then if you want, it's really good.
Heroic Levels: Quite easy, make sure you have maxed resistances. With kraken tohis is even easier, but you already have insane magic, poison and physical damage.

Media Links
Video: Not in this sh1tlike PC.
https://2img.net/h/i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy330/MarcoNecroX2/Screenshot039.jpg (tran athulua)
https://2img.net/h/i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy330/MarcoNecroX2/Screenshot040-1.jpg (the procs)
https://2img.net/h/i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy330/MarcoNecroX2/Screenshot041.jpg (hymn + DL + kraken)
https://2img.net/h/i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy330/MarcoNecroX2/Screenshot042-1.jpg (random action screenshot)
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:18 am

MarcoNecroX wrote:
Multielemental Pwnymancer

Tri-elemental (DFT, Kraken) Summoner/Reanimator Necromancer
by MarcoNecroX

General Info
So yes, another summoner necro guide, but this one is focused on tri-ele dmg mainly from DFT while we boost it with -enemy res & %spell damage. Dmg output is really godlike, so you can pwn stuff pretty quick at p8.

Skills Placement
Supermax Death's Fury Totem: Hard points here are what matter, about 2,5k tri ele damage..
Supermax Shadows : Almost 600% to all spell damage, also ele dmg on melee hit will be multiplied by 7.
Supermax Embalming: Nice mana regen for unholy prayer and nice %minion life
Supermax Jinn: Pierces enemy res, also doubled damage..
X points in BtS: It's really good to reach 0 spell timer, so you can use another timered skill
1 point in sacrifices: Useful for totem summoning but also for reanimates (see "boots")
1 point in all totems: if you have 4 totem spaces, then summon stormeye/fireheart/howling/and dft.
1 point in Unholy Prayer/Liche form: unholy prayer probably on left mouse button, and liche form pawnes stuff badly although it has a big spell timer.
1 point in rampagor/lamia/vk/va: They all will be quite powerful, VA's aura is awesome, Lamia's slow is godlike, rampagors poison attack is nice, and Veil Kings reanimates are really cool.

Stat placement
Strength: Enough for Gear
Dex: Enough for Gear
Vita: Rest
Energy: Enough so you can use unholy prayer without running out of mana

Gear Pieces
Weapon: Talon of Tran Oul - Nice stats and acid fiends, which give turbo speed to minions. Or t6 grim wand with dark power.
Shield: Sinwar - best/only option, kraken stance ftw!
Armor: Craft with +2 to all skills and minion stats, mine also has blast wave oskill.
Helm: Crafted tiara with +3 to all skills and minion stats.
Belt: Craft with minion stats
Boots: Craft with minion stats / hibagon (you summon thiese guys with sacrifices and they give immunities to minions)
Gloves: Craft with minion stats
Rings: Emp band with minion stats / umo project (kara's trinket or monsterball)
Amulet: Felblood with minion stats / umo project
Socket filters: Minion stats jewels

Minion stats crafts: tainted/magical craft depending if you want damage,ar/life,resis . Make sure that with all your gear, you reach 75% to minion resistances in destruction.

Uberquests review
Summoning: Easy cake, summon minions/totems, and use dark summoning, enjoy.
Dungeons: Really easy again, let minions cheese stuff and use unholy prayer.
Uberlevels: Go around with BtS, have unholy prayer active monst of the time and kraken, use blast wave if you have it / want it.
Heroic Levels: Again really easy, try to always keep unholy prayer on.

Note: I recommend a crafted necro staff on swith with 10+ to necro skills and minion stats. Mine has 300% minion life and +8 to necro skills, use this and an elixir of power before summoning minions/totems. Then switch and summon acid fiends.

Media Links
Video: Doing /p8 Tran Athulua [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPgXJsktPuM ] [ http://www.vimeo.com/9717548 ]
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Re: [MXL] Miniguides Compilation (Forumer)

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