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[Ω002] Wyrmshot Amazon

Post by WolfieeifloW on Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:07 am

Original post by Milenko on the old forums (forumer).
Most formatting is lost.


The 'How To Dragonforce' guide is extremely outdated, and has the entire build based around a legacy item(wildhunt with runemaster), so I decided to write a new guide that went a bit more in depth(depending on how lazy I get).
I'm intending this guide to be noob friendly, as this is without a doubt one of the best builds for untwinked characters.
Wyrmshot has been nerfed oh so many times, and is still extremely viable.

You're an Amazon, how cool are they?
As I mentioned, it's noob friendly. I personally believe it's the most noob friendly build in the game.
You can do nearly ever uber in the game. Only ones I haven't completed with it are Laz who this character will never kill, Astrogath who might be possible(I haven't tried too much yet), and Kingdom of Shadow which I have gotten past the 'bridge' to him twice, I just got careless there and died.
You don't NEED any Great Runes or Sacred Uniques(SU's/SSU's) or amazing Crafts to farm most ubers. I'm going to list them, but they aren't even close to needed.
You can have 13000 life and 200000 defense and still kill everything off screen.
It's extremely versitile. Once you understand how the items work together, you can switch every single piece of gear.
Using only a bow and a quiver, you can farm some Ubers on Destruction.

You have limits, you need to learn how much you can take. This changes everytime you change a single item too.
Sometimes you reach the sprite limit because you have so many procs happening.
Wyrmshot doesn't sound as cool as DRAGONFORCE.
You can't pounce. <-- Worst part, by far, not even close.


Act 1:
Set players to 8 and we're off.
Put a nef rune in the first staff with a socket you find. Keep this weapon on switch. Forever. There is no acceptable reason to not have blink on switch with this character.
Spamming barrage is the easiest way to kill things for most of the time here. For all of your gear(except weapon), just find jewels and put them into socketed normal items. This gives a secret jewel bonus, and that's just better than the magics/rares you will find.
Act 1 is pretty simple. Don't kill the guy guarding the Horadric Malus(the smith), he can hit really hard, he gives a lot of experience, but you don't need it.
The only other difficult enemy is Andarial. Secret Jewel bonus's will give you some resist, they won't be max, but it'll be enough to let you blink onto her and barrage her to death.

Act 2:
You can either farm Andarial for Uniques, or you can do it in the sewers. Both are easy enough, I prefer sewers, since it has less running around.
Before killing Coldworm in the maggot layer, make sure you make a Town Portal, just in case you die.
Starting in the Lost City, there are Daystars. These deal massive amounts of fire damage if your resists aren't up to par.
In the Lost City, there is an invisible Fatal Morgana. If you find it, don't try to barrage it, either ignore it and run past it, or use Wyrmshot.
For Duriel, just teleport onto him and Barrage him, he'll die anywhere from instantly to in a couple seconds.

Act 3:
Hire a BloodMage and go back to act 2. Farm the Sewers or Duriel or Andarial for uniques, gold and gems. You can also walk through act 3 for experience if you get the gear you need. Whatever you do, stop when you get to level 48 and set players to 1.

Level Challenge Stats:
Strength: Enough to equip gear.
Dexterity: The rest.
Vitality: Zero.
Energy: 50-75. Enough to maintain Wyrmshot spam.

Level Challenge Skills:
Max Balance, wyrmshot, trinty, and ghost arrow. Put the rest in Wings of Wrath and/or Defensive Harmony.

Level Challenge Gear::
Weapon: Tiered Unique(TU) Reflex Bow. Hands down, best option, not even close. MO it with Life Leech(LL) and Mana Leech(ML).
Helm: TU Einherjar Helm. This has been nerfed at least twice. It's not needed anymore, but is better than the other options. It's dexterity based, and gives you wolfs as reanimates. MO it with resists or ED.
Armor: TU Splint Mail. You need a source of Fire/Lightning/Cold(Rainbow) damage for trinity. This also has an amazing proc, and some %DR. MO it with Resists or ED.
Quiver: Locust Hive is the best because of the Arrow proc. However, you can just use whatever one you have. MO it with Dexterity and Strength.
Gloves: TU Gauntlets were nerfed, but it actually doesn't matter for us. Mana after kill is much more needed on this character than Life after kill is, since you barely get hit. Still it'd be better if it didn't get nerfed, but the fact the nerf doesn't hurt us too much is okay. Or use honorific gloves MO'd with just resists.
Belt: TU Heavy Belt. Crushing blow, some strength, and shower of rocks proc. TU Light Belt is the only other option, it gives LL, Dexterity and Poison Damage. MO whatever one you pick with Resists or ED.
Boots: TU Chain Boots. Gives stats, life, mana, and mass defense. Best option by far. MO it with resists or ED.
Amulet: Whatever you happen to have. MO it with Thunder Hammer.
Rings: Whatever you happen to have. You probably don't have Empyrean Bands yet, if you do use them. MO your rings with Thunder Hammer.

Level Challenge 1:
Well this is just a joke. Your bloodmage(without any gear) can kill everything off screen, and so can you. If the priestess's didn't cast a nova on death, you could do this without even getting hurt.
Pick up the charms and cube them with a scroll of ID and TP.

Ennead Challenge:
Hire an Exemplar in Act 2 and go to Kurast 3K in the spider forest. This place isn't easy for us later on, but for right now, our merc makes it simple.
All you need to do is blink onto the totems and sit there, your merc's novas will knockback/stun the Skeletons, causing you to take 0 damage. Switch to your bow and use barrage on the totem while standing on it.
Repeat until you get your class Charm. Cube it with a jewel. Ennead Challenge done. You will not use the skill, but +2 to Amazon Skills and 15% life are both okay. Neither of them is actually good with this char, but since it's this easy, you might as well have them.

Level 50-120 Gear::
Weapon: TU Reflex Bow with ML and LL is still the best. Perfect Rainbow Stones in the sockets.
Helm: TU Einherjar Helm with ED and Total Character Defense(TCD).
Armor: TU Chain Mail with ED and TCD. Now that you're level 50, your source of rainbow damage will be your charms, so you might as well use this better armor.
Quiver: Locust Hive or Hanabigami with Dexterity/Strength.
Gloves: TU Gauntlets aren't good when you don't need the mana. Some people like TU Chain Gloves(featherclaw). I personally think they're the most overrated item in the game. I'd suggest making honorific tier 6 leather gloves. Put 1 of each perfect resist gem in them, and MO them with resists. They will give 140% Resist all in the end. By sacrificing one piece of mediocre gear, and you no longer have to worry about resists.
Belt: TU Heavy Belt with ED and TCD. Just use tier 4 Heavy Belt, and tier 6 everything else. You don't want to put all of your stat points into strength.
Boots: TU Chain Boots with ED and TCD.
Amulet: Angel Heart with Thunder Hammer/Dexterity/Strength(in that order).
Rings: Empyrean Bands with Thunder Hammer/Dexterity/Strength(in that order).
Sockets: Shove resist perfect gems into every socket, just for the "maximum resist". The difference between 90% resist all and 95% isn't 5% damage, it's 50% less damage.

Act 3(Again):
Set players back to 8.
There's nothing in Act 3 to watch out for until you get to Durance Level 3. Once in there, DO NOT TAKE THE DOWN/LEFT WAY TO MEPHISTO. Go up/right instead. There are hellcats the other way, and those are your mortal enemy.
As for mephisto, use Wyrmshot to kill all of the other things around him. Blink onto him and Barrage him for a 1 second kill when things are safe.

Act 4:
Hellcats are just horrible. If you find some, you can try having your merc kill them, or you can attempt to kill them from offscreen. Or you can just turn around and go the other direction(I suggest doing that). They lock out all ranged skills, which means you are useless.
Izual is kind of buffed up. If you have good resists and life, Blink onto him and barrage him. If you don't, lure him into groups of normal enemies and Wyrmshot them so you can leech off of multiple things at the same time.
The River of Flame and Chaos Sanctuary have Firebloods. They are invisible and attack with a ball of fire that explodes. It's slow moving, so dodge them. It's possible you can tank one or two shots, but it's better to move out of their way.
Diablo is hard for this character. Spam wyrmshot to kill all the guys that spawn with him, than blink onto him and barrage him. Bloodstorms will start popping up under you, when this happens, you'll want to run into a town portal, get healed and go back. After going back in Wyrmshot if there are a lot of enemies. When it's pretty clear, blink/barrage him again. After a few times of this, he'll die.

Act 5:
In the frigid highlands, you get to fight an enemy that uses Wyrmshot, that's pretty cool, not hard though.
At the Infernal Contraption, use the blink/barrage plan.
The only other real thing to note about Act 5 is that you should NOT rescue Anya. You WILL die in this game, and when you do, the resists from the Anya quest will not reapply. So you 'gear up' while you have those resists, but everytime you die, your actual resist is lower than what it shows on screen. If you can keep this in mind while gearing, feel free to rescue her.

Level Challenge 2:
You need to do this before Level 90. I've done it at level 52 before, so it's not really too hard. When you get to around 85, go to the valley of snakes and summon him. You can summon him in a corner to make there be less mages if needed.
After summoning him, run away. Spam Wyrmshot from offscreen, and take the mages out 1-2 at a time. He'll die in no time. Cube your Class Charm with a perfect gem after he's dead.

There is no level requirement for these, I just do them as I go through the game, so I'll put it here.
Go to the countess. In here you can use fire elementals to 'move' the witches out of the way. When you get close to the countess, make a town portal. Spam wyrmshot into her room, go back to town when she dies. Cube your Class Charm with a Eth Rune.
In the tamoe highland, find a 'witch', summon a fire elemental onto her. If there is an overlay, Cube your class charm with a Thul Rune while the overlay is on you. If there isn't one, TP, go through it and come back and try again, keep doing this until you get the overlay.
At baal, kill his Shardspawn's until you get an overlay. Go back to town and cube your Class Charm with a Lem Rune.

Veteran Tokens:
At the end of each act, there are sometimes powerful enemies that drop tokens. Collect all 5 and cube them with your charm. As a Wyrmshot amazon, only 2 of them are dangerous.
The ones in the canyon of magi are easy if you get reanimates up to distract them, if it's just you, they can do massive damage.
Landmasses in act 4 move really fast and almost certainly will kill you if you get hurt by them since you won't be able to run before you die. Just have some reanimates up, and they'll die quick enough.

Black Road Challenge:
You need this skill, so you should do this.
Killing the butcher in The Hole Level 2 is no big deal.
Summon koth at the arreat summit and run away instantly, spam Wyrmshot and they'll die quick enough.
Killing the necrobots in Fauztinville in the Stony Tomb is easy enough too.
For the gold quest, put on TU boots(rabbit's foot) and TU studded Armor(carmen arvale) and go to the island of the sunless sea in the glacial trail. 1-2 runs in here should get you 666,666 gold.
Tran athula in Halls of the Dead Level 3 is the hard part. I suggest going to the priestess that doesn't matter first. Once you do that, go down/left to the third, after killing that priestess, run(with celerity) back, and blink up/right twice and kill the last priestess. Or you can try luring them close to each other. 30 seconds is a long time, so it's not really hard.

Endgame Stats:
Strength: Enough to Equip your gear. Ideally zero.
Dexterity: As much as possible.
Vitality: Zero.
Energy: Zero.

NOTE: Some of this is theorycrafted. I don't have to have 100 marksmen eyes to know that putting 5 of them onto your rings is better than putting 15 dex and 10 str MO's in them. Nor do I have to have the SSU reflex bow to see it's good.

Endgame Skills:
Max Trinity. Over 10000 passive rainbow damage, no reason to not max this.
Max Ghost Arrow. Increases Wyrmshots range, causing enemies to die further away.
Max Wyrmshot. Keep this at an even number, 22 is the exact same as 23.

After those three skills you get choices.
Wings of Wrath. I personally don't think it's worth investing skill points into this. But it lets you move faster which is good on this character, so it's an option. You'll get more than enough from other options.
Balance. If you want X00000 defense, go ahead and max this skill and MO things with ED/TCD. I use this skill until I get to the harder ubers and have better items, at which point defense becomes less important for this character. For most characters, defense gets more important as you go on, but due to the playstyle of this, if you're getting hurt, you're doing something wrong.
Defensive Harmony. Put 1 point into this at least. You can max this if you want. I put the left-over points in this skill when I got rid of balance later on.
War Spirit. Just go for 100% Crushing Blow. Usually that means Max this skill, but it's possible with some builds that you might only need like 8 points into this.

All three have merits. It's been said you don't need one, however putting one point into any of them is good(SoV especially), so I can't imagine not getting one, unless you just want to brag about not using one.
Curare: Wyrmshot isn't the best at spreading poison, but it still adds damage. I think this is the weakest choice. You can put 1 point in for some extra damage, or you can max it for a lot of extra damage.
Paragon: Bam, 10000-13000 life. Seems good right? Only problem is, you don't really need life. This is like a crutch, or EZmode. Having 8000 extra life isn't actually going to do anything except give you more reaction time, since if you can start the proc/reanimate chain, you're invincible, if you can't, you're just dead. I maxed this for the harder ubers, it's perfectly fine to use this as a 1 pointer.
SoV: This is a summon that summons more summons. It boosts your life and damage a reasonable amount. The best thing about this is that your SoV is unable to be killed, but is targetable, so it is the best distraction ever made. Plus it makes more meat shields of course. I maxed this in the beginning, it's perfectly fine as a 1 pointer.
Good thing I helped narrow that down for you.

Endgame Gear:
I'm going to list a BUNCH of options. All are reasonable options. Just use what you happen to acquire. Depending where you want to farm endgame, certain ones will be better than others. For example, I enjoy farming Fauztinville the most(so stardust is the best), even though farming Duncraig is simple with this char(I prefer Gjallarhorn there).
Weapon: Still the most important part of this character. There are just so many options. Almost any SU bow with a proc is good enough to be used. If they don't have a proc, the Tier 6 reflex bow is usually just better. Here are the better options(in my opinon).
T6 Reflex Bow: This is still a great option. You can clear duncraig and nearly all ubers with this weapon. It's just never the best choice.
SU Hunter's Bow(Demonstorm): Fire Cannonade Proc, 21-25 Crushing blow. This is really common(or maybe I just find a lot of them), and it's really good in most ubers. If enemies aren't fire immune where you like farming, this is a really good choice.
SU Long War Bow(Harp of Vengeance): Arrow proc, FRW, IAS, ED, Decent damage. It even has life leech and a reanimate.
SU Long Battle Bow(Hand of Karcheus): Glacial Nova proc freezes enemies for a second or so. This is the only reason to use this bow.
SSU Composite Bow(Gjallarhorn): 25% CTC hammer on striking. This is a proc'ing machine. Also gives 26-30% Dexterity and some % Strength. And finally Reanimates. Everything you want, unfortunately it's a SSU.
SSU Reflex Bow(Chasmstriker): This is incredibly rare. If you ever find it(I haven't), use it. You don't need an explination for why this is good. Just look at it.
Dexterity Craft: Crafts can be better than nearly every single item. However, the best possible crafted bow isn't going to be easily better than everything else. If you can't find anything else, just use the T6 Reflex bow and be happy.
Ghal Runeword(Typhaon): Make it in a Sacred Reflex Bow. This was majorly nerfed. Still has 25% arrow proc, mass ED and maximum damage, some str/dex/resists. FRW, IAS too. It's the exact definition of rounded. Will be an acceptable option wherever you go, but it'll most likely never be the best in that area.
Auhe Runeword(Stardust): Good procs, 3-12000 rainbow damage with -enemy resists. Also has good ED and maximum damage. 30% Dexterity too. I'd say this is the best overall option.
Sockets: Use 6x Perfect Rainbow Stones. If you make a runeword, use 'ber' crafted jewels for life leech. Look for FHR/FRW/IAS/Resists/2% dex/+dex.
MO's: MO with either ED or LL. I prefer going with LL, since every one of these already do massive damage. However, life leech isn't needed, so what do I know.

Weapon on Switch:
'Nef' in a Staff(Pax Mystica): Blink is just so good.
SU Long Staff(Shamanka): Bloodlust, will add a lot of damage. This is only an option after you have Jitan's Gate.

Quiver: Pretty easy choice here.
Locust Hive: 5% arrow proc is the reason to use this.
Hanabigami: Good procs, good amount of rainbow damage, -enemy resists. And 60% FRW. I think this is the best option.
Bag of Tricks: This is kinda rare. Better procs than the other two. 20% IAS and a bunch of rainbow damage. I still wouldn't use it over Hanabigami, but I can't blame you if you do.
MO's: MO with dex/str. I guess technically if you have marksman eye's, you can use those instead. I've only ever found 2 though.

Amulet: Angel heart is okay, but it's nothing compaired to these options.
Best option without question is a good +4 skills, Doom amulet. Bonus mods are life/stats/Target takes additional damage/low level req(for more MO room)/etc.
Next best option is a good +3 skills or +2 skills, Doom amulet.
Klaatu Barada Nikto: This is an acceptable option I guess, but really, just find a doom amulet.
Black Dwarf: Same as Klaatu, but this gets better if you use stardust. Just find a doom amulet though.
MO's: Thunder Hammer proc of course. After that, str/dex or marksman eye's(again, rare, but I feel like I should mention them).

Rings: Empyrean band is fine.
Bad Mood Ring: Good rainbow damage, -enemy resistances. Probably the best option, if you want to go with an elemental bow.
Seal of the Nephalem Kings: DO NOT USE THIS, IT ISN'T GOOD ON THIS CHARACTER. If it gave 15% Dexterity instead of vitality or strength, it might be worth considering.
Earth Rouser: Tremor proc and some crushing blow. It's okay.
Empyrean Band: It's standard. Can never go wrong with this ring. Best all around option.
The best possible rare is only arguably better than Empyrean Band. So, don't bother wasting your time trying to find one..
MO's: Thunder Hammer, str/dex/marksman.

Helm: This needs upgraded pretty quickly, since the T6 helm is aweful.
Set Cap(witchhunter's): This is Shako. It's better than all but the best of crafts. The only thing I don't like about this, is how ugly it looks on your zons head. Best option.
SU Tiara(Royal Circlet): It's like witchhunters, except a little more rare, and a little better. It doesn't have 5% max resists though.
SSU Spangenhelm(Asgardsreia): Super rare(I found one!). 10% Arrow proc, 30-40% dexterity, -enemy resists. FRW, ED, and low req's. Would be the best choice, but it's too rare for me to say it is.
Dexterity Craft: +4 skills, 350ed, % dexterity, dexterity, resists, and it will be slightly better than Shako or Royal Circlet. Save your shrines for other gear and use Shako.
SOCKETS(This is for all armor): If you choose paragon, just use Perfect Ameths. If you don't choose Paragon, just use Perfect Ameths. The only other option is ber crafted jewels for Life leech/resists/etc/etc and -10% requirements. You could do a split between Perfect Ameths and those if you wanted to equip high strength items.
MO'S(This is for all armor): If you choose balance, make sure the item gets 350 ED before level 90, than give it 30 TCD. If you don't go with balance(or after you have 350/30 with balance) MO with -requirements and dex if you want, -enemy resists is an option. Marksman work too, but I'm pretty sure you'd have to be duping them to have enough at this point.

Armor: You already have one of the best armors in the game. So you don't need to upgrade ever if you don't want to. Plus, look how sexy your zon is when it's wearing black.
T6 Chain Mail: 10% Arrow proc, reanimates, up to 1600 cold damage. Enough said.
SU Gothic Plate(SOTS): blah blah, time strike proc, blah blah strength, blah blah poison damage, blah blah, crushing blow. Best option probably.
Kra Runeword(Dragonheart): Massive defense, 500 life, IAS. If you are using balance, go for this armor.
Dexterity Craft: This is a different option, not a strictly better one. If you want 6000-7000 dexterity, use one of these. Bonus mods are ed/low level req/10% bonus to all attributes/100+ to two resists/FHR/2 to all skills/etc. I use this one, but I'm aware SOTS is better.

Gloves: The honorific gloves with 140 resist all aren't 'bad', but they just aren't going to cut it as you start getting charms with resists, and craft stuff with resists. Keep your old honorific gloves in your stash, they'll come in handy.
SU Heavy Gloves(Hammerfist): Proc. Gives some strength, and some magic resist. Main reason to use this is the proc.
Dexterity Craft: This is the best option. Try to get +20% Dexterity, Dexterity, 80+ to a single resist, and a low level requirement. Don't craft an iLvl 99 glove since low level requirement is better than the horrible other mods that can spawn on this.

Belt: As you get charms with stats, bring your current belt to tier 6.
T6 Heavy Belt: Proc, mass str, crushing blow, and some resists. This is the best option.
Vith Runeword(Truce): 10% DR, and a bunch of defense. I don't think this is the best even if you choose balance and go for mass defense. 10% DR is a lot though.
Ghal Runeword(Ahriman): Good rainbow damage, +1 to all skills, 30-50 stats, high ED. If you choose typhoan, this becomes a lot better.
Dexterity Craft: Go for the normal stats, can get +1 to amazon skills. Inner Fire oSkill is a nice one, but isn't needed, if you have it, you'll use it.

Boots: Your boots are decent for stats, but you won't need them as you get charms, and will want boots that are good instead.
SU Chain Boots(Toesie Warmer): Great proc, fire damage and some resist.
SU Light Plated Boots(Akarat's Trek): They're okay, nothing special though.
Dexterity Craft: Best option. Aim for the normal stats.

Uberquests: I'm going to list these in the order they are in the docs. I was going to suggest an order to do them in, but everything changes with what gear you find, so I'll just let you try them in whatever order you want.
I'm not going to rate these by a number system. Since nearly all of them become a 1 or 'easy' once you figure out what to do and have enough charms or decent items.
On all ubers with 'walls', you can spam Ghost Arrow through it and clear most/all of the room before going into it.

Summoning Uberquests: Before summoning them, summon fire elementals/edyrem(if you have them). After using dark summoning, RUN AWAY. 2-3 screens away is fine. Summoning things by walls can cause less of them to spawn which makes it easier. However, I believe if you can kill half of a group of these, you can kill them all, so all it does is save time, it isn't going to make you able to do them when you couldn't.

The Butcher Black Marsh --> Hole Level 2.
This guy actually is rather hard on this character at first. He tanks pretty well, and if you blink onto him, he'll target you, so barrage won't work. Just go back to hole level 1 to resummon when you run out of summons. Repeat a few times.

The Binding Of Baal Lost City --> Valley of Snakes.
This one is simple. You can put your honorific gloves back on(you probably still have them on even). Just spam Wyrmshot from offscreen. If tal rasha comes at you, and you can't hurt him yet, run around the viper temple to the other side and Wyrmshot spam again. Once the mages are dead. Kill Tal Rasha.

Assault on Mount Arreat Ancients Way --> Arreat Summit.
This is basically the same as the binding of baal, except stacking resists is even less needed. Watch out for guard towers, aiming is kind of tricky with all the pillars. These guys die faster though.

Akarat Upper Kurast --> Kurast Causeway.
This one ranges from simple to the easiest uber in the game. If you don't have SOV it's simple. If you have SOV, you can have ~10 akarats on screen and still not take damage. Sometimes you don't get enough procs off to kill akarat even though his minions die. If this happens, summon another akarat, this should cause ~2x as many procs to hit 1 akarat and he'll die.

Lord Aldric Jitan Harrogath --> Nihlathak's Temple.
Not the easiest one. Summon them inside of the building, run outside, and spam Wyrmshot into it, that way the towers matter less.

Legacy Of Blood Black Marsh --> Tower Cellar.
Without Edyrem you need to get lucky or have SoV, with them you need to get less lucky. Constantly cast Wyrmshot towards bartuc, with any luck he'll drop his immunity quickly and be in front of his minions so he'll take more procs and die. Body recovery here is rather hard. Curare means he can die after you do if you watch his health, SoV gives him something to attack, Paragon makes it less likely you die the first time his immunity drops. See, each uberskill has it's own benefits at every uberlevel.

Judgement Day Inner Cloister
I suggest you get SoV for this one. Keep healing and summoning fire elementals. Don't try to kill both at the same time until after you have already acquired the charm, as killing them both AND picking up the charm is not easy. Keep them attacking your SoV + Fire elementals and you can Wyrmshot them easily. I think killing both avatars in 30 seconds and cubing your Crystal Flame Medallion is easier than trying to pick up the charm the first time you kill one.

Brother Laz Flayer Jungle --> Swampy Pit Level 3.
This just isn't going to happen. If it's possible, I don't even know where to start. Killing the groupies is easy enough, but that doesn't get you anywhere close to killing Laz.

Dungeon Uberquests: Summon whatever you can before entering all of these(sometimes it's not needed though).

Creature of Flame Lost City --> Ancient Tunnels.
Killing the first guy is the hardest part, and that part is simple. After he's dead, spam Wyrmshot from off screen and you should be fine. Easy uberquest for a great charm.

Infernal Machine Tamoe Highlands --> The Pit Level 2.
Easy if there aren't trap rats. If there is a mob of trap rats, you'll probabaly have to redo it. Wyrmshot the entire place, just that one enemy will give you any trouble.

Death Projector Flayer Jungle --> Swampy Pit Level 3.
Lure the mechanics to the left side of the map, teleport down/right away from them, go all the way around the map and approach the projector from the top right, find and lure 1 mechanic back to the projector. Kill it in a couple shots. If you have SoV, it can tank the mechanics permanently so you won't even need to lure them away.After picking up the charm, if you cast dark summoning, you get +27 to all skill levels.

Azmodan Upper Kurast --> Forgotten Reliquary.
Run toward the wall to the left/down. Teleport over it, run down/left to the wall, than run to the far left side of the map, make a town portal, go through it. This should have moved Azmodan. Go to the waypoint and go back there. Once inside, teleport to the far right side. Spam Wyrmshot, lure enemies as needed. Eventually Azmodan will come and die. Easy enough depending on what enemies are hiding in the left corner.

Rathma Square Upper Kurast --> Kurast Causeway --> Ruined Fane.
As soon as you enter, start Wyrmshotting, teleport to the top right as far as you can, as soon as you get there, wyrmshot down/right. Walk slowly while doing this. You aren't in danger of dying if you survived the teleport, no matter how bad it looks. As soon as things come back to life they die instantly. Eventually a reanimate will lure Primus out of his hiding place and he'll die before getting to you. Getting the charm is the hard part if Primus died inside. Killing him could happen like 4 out of 5 times, but you might need to do it ~25 times to get the charm.

Cathedral of Vanity Dark Wood --> Underground Passage Level 2.
Stay in the first room, go down to the bottom of it, cast ghost arrow in the direction of the crystal. If it doesn't have stone skin(which it has a LOT), it'll die. At some point, Inarius or somebody will enter your room, if they are still immune, just save/exit and try again. If they aren't immune, Wyrmshot everything from off screen. The bonus Summoning Uberquest here is a joke.

Toraja Frigid Highlands --> Abaddon.
This is pretty hard. Having SoV will be a great distraction, having paragon will make it so you can't die for making a tiny mistake. The hard part is when the archers are grouped together. Summon Edryam next to you and they'll run towards them, than summon them behind them. If you only summon them behind the archers, they'll insta-die, you need to distract them for a second. Once their immunities drop, Wyrmshot kills them in like 2 shots. Cube your Crystalline Flame Medallion with an Arcane Crystal after killing Lilith.

Vizjun Kurast Bazaar --> Disused Fane.
Make sure you have Assur's Bane. As soon as you enter, spam wyrmshot, if you're lucky you're still alive and the rest of this is a complete joke. The only ways to die now are if you get careless, or if the sprite limit is reached and you die because of it.


Kurast 3000 BA Spider Forest --> Arachnid Lair.
This place is hard because you can no longer do the blink trick and have your merc make you invincible. Having a high damage weapon instead of a proc based weapon is better here. Example: Stardust is better than Typhoan, since killing the totems is the hard part, and it's hard to hit a totem with a proc with all the skeletons running around, but hitting it with a Wyrmshot spine is somewhat easier.
Method 1: Get SoV, have him tank, use ghost arrow in the direction of the totems. This works for the first few, but gets harder later on.
Method 2: Lure skeles away from the totems and kill them. This is the slowest, but it's the least risky.
Method 3: Lure skeles away from the totems and than teleport to the other side of the totem, Wyrmshot towards the skeles and have hundreds of procs destroy the totem almost instantly. This is the most risky, but it's the fastest, and once you get used to it, it works pretty well.

Island of the Sunless Sea Glacial Trail - Drifter Cavern.
Any weapon is fine here. This place is easy. The hardest enemy is right at the beginning. Go in, kill him, than go back to town for a bit so his blast wave doesn't kill you. Go back through when it's over and kill everything off screen. When you get towards the second boss, you'll need to lure some of the enemies out first, than lure him out. You'll have enough procs going and enough reanimates that you probably won't get hurt in this entire level. Shame all that drops is gold really.

Khalimgrad Frozen Tundra - Infernal Pit.
Typhoan is my weapon of choice here. But all except Demonstorm and HoK are fine.
This is somewhat easy. The punishers are annoying though. Either teleport/barrage the avatars, or have enemies on the opposite side of it and Wyrmshot and have all the procs hit it. I think it's easier to barrage it.

Tran Athulua Halls of the Dead Level 3.
This is one of the easiest uberquests for you. You can do this with T6 Reflex bow, a quiver, and no other item.

Fauztinville Rocky Waste --> Stony Tomb Level 2.
My favorite place to farm, because I like crafting on all of my characters and this gives me runes and shrines to craft with.
HoK will freeze enemies temporarily, over, and over, and over, however it doesn't kill the necrobots very quickly.
Demonstorm will kill everything pretty quickly except neon fiends.
Stardust kills everything really fast.
Typhaon is horrible here. Do not use it.
Don't let the neon fiends hit you at any cost, since they will slow you and you just won't be able to live in that case. Whenever you get to a place where you have to tele, spam ghost arrow for a bit first. Try to 'keep going'. Don't go back to town, don't go back and look for drops too much. You need to keep up your proc/reanimate chain.

Ghosts of Old Bremmtown Arreat Plateau --> Pit of Acheron.
This one is difficult. I can kill the dragon in ~1:45 though. Typhaon or stardust is probably your best bet. You can kill spirits with the others, but I don't think you can do the 3 minute thing fast enough without Typhaon/stardust/SSU reflex bow, it'll be close. Shoot wyrmshot a few times, than summon an edryam and shoot more. Repeat. over and over. The other option is to blink forward, which will cause the enemies to be stunned, but you'd have to be FAST to kill them before they are unstunned. None of the enemies in here are particularly scary, the only reason this uberquest is difficult is because they teleport onto you. Some people like teleport + barrage, but that seems too risky to me.

Duncraig Cold Plains --> Cave Level 2.
If you can clear that first tiny room you are in. The rest of the level is simple(except for a few corners). I like the SSU composite bow here mainly due to stormblast proc and reanimates.
While making the ring, you have those few corners and they can be stupid sometimes, just lure them back into the corridor before it and kill them. Once you can Wyrmshot into the next room, they will die fast enough.

Heroic Levels:
Pretty sure all of these places are miserable to farm since they don't drop anything good, you can clear them all simple enough.

Secret Cow Level
Any bow works. Everything will die off screen, thousands of procs will be happening.

Bull Prince Rodeo Summon him in Secret Cow Level.
This isn't too good at farming him, but you can get a charm or two if you want(best one is void archon of course). Hide inside of the building in the left side so you're safe. Spam barrage or Wyrmshot, whichever you prefer. He'll die eventually. SoV or curare are probably better against him, but you can do it with any.

Belial Ancients Way --> Icy Cellar.
Poison shrine makes you invincible, but it's not needed. Shoot at him from the other side of a gap. He dies more quickly than the other guys. Typhaon will be proc'ing the entire time so his life will gradually go down.

Quov Tsin Rocky Waste --> Stony Tomb Level 1.
Make sure you have 2-3 hours of free time.
Clear the entire level first.
Now it's gear check time. Honorific gloves, honorific boots(or the set boots with +5 Max Resist all), Witchhunter's cap, perfect gems to get to 95 resist all, than put in resist runes, MO all the honorific stuff so you have 450+ resist all.
Having high initial damage is better than having a proc. So stardust it is. After you have all those resists, you're basically invincible. Just start the Wyrmshot spam, It'll take a long time.

Astrogha Cold Plains --> Burial Grounds --> Mausoleum.
I'm open to ideas to try. This doesn't seem impossible like Laz is, but I don't know for sure if it can be pulled off. Either way, it'll be extremely hard.

To Come:
Color when my work schedule gives me some time.
Hopefully somebody finds a strategy or two for Astro I can try.
Video if people really want to see Wyrmshot spam(can't imagine they do).
More end game item options if people want more listed.

I don't know. It's my first guide, let me know how I did please.
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