[1.A9c->1.F9] The Lord Of Fauztinville (Reanimator Necro)

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[1.A9c->1.F9] The Lord Of Fauztinville (Reanimator Necro)

Post by WolfieeifloW on Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:17 am

The Lord Of Fauztinville (Reanimator Necro)
Original post by MetalGenocide on the old forums (forumer).
Most formatting is lost.


My first guide. Alto I'm sure some might have tried similar ones, please remember you are not alone in this world and other people have yet to experience the glory of such a build. In short, be nice.

This necro seems to destroy almost everything.
Early game however it appears you will have to play it like a summoner with the majority of damage coming from totem boosts. It's going to be challenging, so prepare for a ride.
Edit for ver1.D9c: New patch, new abilities, new possibilities.
I lied, about having to play as summoner yearly game, because I thought someone will come up thinking: "Wait can't I invest in offensive totems instead?". But I was foolish to do so... Whatever...Update time.
Edit for ver1.F9: New patch, new abilities, new possibilities.
This was bound to get updated sooner or later. And not even my full schedule could stop it. The terminator vanguard is back!

Bots make you phys immune, as long as you stay behind them.
Immunities aren't much of a problem, be they elemental or physical.
Strong long range/piercing hit barrage, that makes your enemies feel like they are in Fauztinville.

It is possible to get too much PEWPEW.
Killspeed not always fast, there are times you will have to go slowly and carefully.
Sacrifice dead body screen clutter. By screen clutter I ment that the terrain will change color to yellow-orange-ish, which isn't easy on the eye and makes items harder to see.
Just avoid piling up corpses on 1 spot and you're good.
Edit: Thanks to Sing_in_Silence's helpful suggestion this problem can be resolved by obtaining the necro wand runeword 'Ngozi' level 94, needs a Kra. It provides Pagan Rites as an Oskill('eats' all nearby corpses for life).

In the mid-late game this build works with a runeword.

Level 100

0-5 Jewels


+(251 to 300)% Enhanced damage
30% Increased Attack Speed
Adds 1-1101 lightning damage
11% Chance of Crushing Blow
+1011 Defense
+(1 to 11) to all Attributes
25% Reanimate as: Necrobot

Yes. Now you posses one of the most powerfull creatures in the game, and grant it, luck is on your side, you will be able to acquire large numbers of these nasties with ease.
Note that this RW does not require a great rune and just by going through
destruction acts(or Terror if you're lucky) you will probably get enough high runes to upgrade/downgrade in order to obtain a Rha.

Besides these core skills, everything else is up to you, customize away, see if I care.
At high levels, you will get ~50 lambs with a 5-6 second timer, if more is needed, simply get more +all skills.

Howling Totem
MOAR damage, crushing blows, just what the doctor ordered.

Where to put the rest of your points? My recommendations:

This will save your ass if the situation goes south. My personal pick for the build.

Rathma's Chosen
Get it if you're not that worried about the hero's well being.

Totemic Mastery

7 points. Enough to reach +4 max totems.
Edit ver 1.D9c:: Totemic mastery is gone now. No problem though,
just make sure you can have all 5 support totems at the same time.
Edit ver 1.F9: Same as above, but "mana tide" and "blood tide" totens are gone now too. They were sort of combined onto the skill:

Sink leftovers here for life bonuses and crazy mana regen. Of not then supermax it.

Death's Fury Totem
Well...I went ahead and supermaxed it. And I've got no regrets.
At high levels 1k dmg per element(more with +skills) is extremely useful.

Talon's Hold
Ok, this is a matter of personal preference and sprite limit.
0 points for me. Like I said, these are recommendations, so if you really want it, get it. If that's the case, then 1 point is enough.

Summon Lamia. Heh...supermax...I did it for the lolz. I didn't even notice them procing doom or dying on me.
Honestly, just get whatever minion you like, knock yourself out.

Other skills: 1 point

Edit ver 1.D9c/1.F9::Thats it for my skill suggestions, now to check out some build variety.

Route1: Elemental offense totems.
Sacrifice all the points from Death's fury into Elemental totem.
(in versions 1.f9 elemental totem is gone, but totems received a buff to compensate)
Doing so will seriosly boots the damage of Frostclaw, Fireheart and Stormeye, while of course putting points in them for damage. This way Necrobots will take care of physical damage, while totems cover elemental.

Route2:Oathbraker and Totembound guardians. More minions to carry crushing blow and tri-element dmg. A powerful and usefull alternative to normal minion tactics.

Route1: Crossbow build.
Get a crossbow and use it like a shotgun, to blow the faces off the enemy. Buchshot is increably powerfull with...well EVERYTHING we can use on a combat type char. Examples: Crushing blow, +flat element dmg, On striking procs. Skill must be supermaxed for it's +extra shards(shots) per hard skill point. Then, to quote user pneuma(slightly edited):
Then walk forward saying 'DERP DERP I'M A BOOMSTICK' and murderfy anything that steps in front of you.

Oh there's more. Widowmaker. Requires you to target a minion. And no, the minion doesn't die when you use it. This skill causes your goon to turn into a hornet's nest of crossbow darts, that home-in on targets in the surrounding area. Buckshot is pretty much mele-range, so Widowmaker is your ranged skill of choice. What minion should you use? Everything works, totems too, with the exception of reanimates!
Edit ver. 1.F9:New skills yo.
Flametail Shot: Kind of like Druid's "blindside" but pierces and stuns more,
it's more of a line dmg attack, just stunlock things.

Fragmentation Shot: FIRE IN THE HOLE! AoE bang, have fun with your new grenade launcher. Really good skill.

Dragonfire Oil: Way of the phoenix for necros, minus the spell dmg. Damage bonus goes pretty high, usable even for mele necros.

Route2: Deathlord.
Unfortunately we don't have skill points to max everything needed, but then again, if we did it would be just a normal Deathlord build. So what do we do? Well whatever you want!
I would personally sacrifice some survivability for damage because mid-lategame the bots will shield you sufficiently, again do what feels best for you.
edit:Since you don't have enough points to max attack skills, why not use mystic orbs with +1 Wyrd! Plus 30 is enough for a 0.4 timer. Your only problem could only be attack rating. Mind as well cast this while not casting sacrifices, it's free dmg.

Pick whatever goons you like, just like in good'ol 1.A9c.

Veil King. This badass is also worth his own build, but we can make very good use of him. He will provide mele expendable free reanimates that carry crushing pwn and tri-elephant dmg. Yes, please.

Pure Reanimator:
Edit ver 1.F9 but also works with any version that has Hidden shrines
Hidden shrines. Make friends with them, love them. And hope they love you back.
Gear crafting is common, these in particular got the nerf bat a while ago.
They used to give up to 8 different reanimates. with over 10%, per item.
That caused, sprite limit and lag within 20 seconds of entering an area.
Now it's 3 reanimates at most with 2% max chance(since 1.A9).
Yeah I know. It looks useless. But it's NOT. I tested a lot personally.
With supermaxed sacrifices 1% gets you 1 reanimate per cast(aboute 50 lambs), and sometimes 0. The trick is to use multiple items with the same reanimate.(oh SNAP!) The build is not very gear dependent, so besides Urada, if you want a pure reanimator, mind as well forge the wanted gear.
This will take time, and you will burn shrines, BUT a lot less than other classes/builds.

Remember the "shrine blessing recipes":
Rare/crafted/honorific sacred item + Portable Shrine + Arcane Crystal -> add shrine bonuses + Portable Shrine -1 charge

The item gains 0-3 preset affixes depending on luck and shrine type used.

One time upgrade!
You can use it even on a just crafted item with the same shrine. I think it is also usable on sacred uniques and sets.
Theoretically it is possible to make some really godly stuff. Like a "Sinwar"
with trap rats.

But the question rises. What reanimates do I want? Going pure reanimate means, +skill will be needed, to boots Death's Fury/Sacrifices/Howling, and the totems provide dmg to weapon base attacks, so caster reanims are a bit less usefull. One way to solve that is to use -resists from MO's, in order to increase damage.
Still, here's some:

Serafiends - Magic immune, use pawnce/bone prison. Very good, will engage in melee quite fast and deal AoE dmg. Though they're kinda made of paper.

Moon Knights - Non elite version, use pwnce, dark power(dmg/attack speed/crushing blow nova buff) Immune to cold

Titan reanimates Gold/Silver/Bronze/Steelfur/etc. - High resist and Immunity to your crew, good tanks.

Mutilators - That wave of balls is physical. Highly effective at spreading elemental damage and crushing blow. Ling immune.

Trap Rats - Best dmg minion you can get, rapes everything.

Cogs - Immune to Fire, very fast, tie up enemies in melee.

Warforged Shamans - same Immunity as cogs. uses old maelstrom(bolt that shoots multiple knife novas in flight). Casts corpse explosion of spikes on cog corpses.

Blood Stones - Fire immu. Casts fire canonade(spell, massive spam of fibebolts) FIRE EVERYTHING!

Silver Constructs - THUNDERSLAM HOOOO!!!

Gothi They use "wyrd" witch is weapon dmg based.

Stone Hammer Demon Shower of rocks! Fire immune.

Mountain God Shake it! Tremor and charge. Cold immune.

Tomb/Horadrum's curse Claw tornado. Immune to ling.

There's more but I don't remember. ''

Rathma's Bladestorm "Zayl's soul orb" unique mystic orb, gives you flying scimitar reanimates! Use in honorific/crafted items for best effect. 25% is enough alto you are free to get more.

Just watch what the mosters do and try to determine, if it's physical or spell based. Then if you can't check the "Beastry" or just ask on the "newbie help".

As much as you want in each. Seriously do what you want, how you want it, but....being a guide and all I should provide an example.
Energy: 200-300

More energy is good, if mana is needed for Unholy Prayer and a damage bonus to FlameStrike.
Edit ver 1.D9c: If you go crossbow and mele, you will need more STR, if you go caster then more energy.
Early game:
+skills , minion:damage,rating, resists,life the works, you are going to be a summoner, so you'll need them
For you: defence, resists, attributes the usual suspects.
Edit ver 1.D9c:This time the gear varies depending what your skill orientation is. +spell dmg for totem users, defense/str/dex/dmg for mele/range, +minion dmg/life/res for summoner.
Check the documentary and pick stuff. http://modsbylaz.hugelaser.com/
And thanks to Sacrifices, you can utilize any item with reanimates.
Just have fun and see what works for you. Here's an example:
Maul (3)
Two-Hand Damage: (90-105) to (209-257)
Durability: 114
Required Strength: 196
Required Level: 25
+(1 to 2) to Paladin Skill Levels
+(111 to 145)% Enhanced damage
+(91 to 120) to Maximum Damage
+(141 to 180)% Damage to Undead
(9 to 11)% Chance of Crushing Blow
(8 to 9)% Reanimate as: Bone Archer
(8 to 9)% Reanimate as: Burning Dead Archer
(8 to 9)% Reanimate as: Horror Archer
Socketed: 4

Edit: Early game item nomination by Sing_In_Silence

Quov Tsin's Fall
Dirk (1)
One-Hand Damage: 10 to 11
Durability: 14
Required Dexterity: 25
Required Level: 4
+1 to Necromancer Skill Levels
15% Faster Cast Rate
Fire Resist +(21 to 25)%
Poison Resist +(21 to 25)%
(7 to 10)% Reanimate as: Dark Magistrate
(7 to 10)% Reanimate as: Succubus
Socketed: 1

Late game:
As soon as you get Urada, feel free to drop the minion enchanting gear and focus on making your bots stronger, and increasing your survivability.
Gear with high +skills, defence, resists is still ideal.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Again depending on your skill orientation, customize your gear.
Dragonheart, Hibagon/Megalith, Kali, Ahriman/Truse, Any shield(I actually don't wear one at all , seriously, just the Urada in one hand and that's it. Altho Sinwar is good. If you can find it that is.


I will repeat myself yet again: early game you'll be a summoner, just let your crew pawn stuff, keep your distance and all is well. Bent the shadows to keep the totems and move along.
Edit ver. 1.D9c:I must confess. I have not tried all of the suggested build variety. However there is no reason to believe something doesn't work, from early to late game. If you want to test it yourself, do so and provide feedback. The guide will be updated. Until then, I have theorized how things will probably happen, more or less. Don't wine without trying.
Edit ver. 1.F9: With some local contributions, none of witch from the forum, build variety is now tested and appears that testing was unnesessary.
Get a Gul rune. Then put it in a necromancer staff, you get "Ladon"lvl53.
This RW will be with you the entire game once obtained. The FlameStrike it grants is ..I dare say it.. godly. It's your stationary non-fireImmune target killer. Always have it on switch.

Now for the Ubers.

The Butcher: 0/10

You don't need bots for this, your minions will swarm and rape. Still, do switch to Ladon for some death from above.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Same as 1.A9c for summoners. If you're mele or crossbow, get more defence and he won't hit you, then there's unholy armor and liche form.

The Binding of Baal:

Without bots: 5/10 Stack up on minion resists and your own use Ladon for extra damage. Without enough resists, it will be hard.
With bots: 1/10 Watch your own resists, the bots should take care of the rest. UP is win here.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Same for summoners. Totemancers should have them instaraped, in the moment they arrive. Combat guys stack on resist and play smart, hit and run if you can't tank well(you should by now). Liche form.

Assault on Mount Arreat:

Without bots: 5/10 Bear claws thrown by the enemy pierce, so pay attention. Use FlameStrike and you win.
With bots: Altho the are immune to phys, you are not. Just wait behind a pillar, later, collect loot.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Same. Totems melt faces, you win. Combat: damage reduction items are your friends. More defense wins. Liche form...

Who dares to summ.. Aw SH..PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW

Without bots: 5/10 Their Hammertime skill will demolish your minions and you if stand close. Get some reanimates, preferably ones with an elemental attack, have all totems up, use unholy prayer.
With bots:0/10 Necrobots are immune to phys, and standing behind them makes you invulnerable. Summon, they die, collect loot.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Summoners, 1.A9c ditto. Totems should kill everything before getting demolished by the hammertime, just to be safe use UP. Combat: Defense and dr. Sea of punishment.

Lord Aldrick Jitan:

Without bots: 6/10 Use the tight space in the temple to keep them from surrounding you. Summon everything you can, get close to cast Unholy Prayer, but not too close. It will take some time but It's doable.
With bots:3/10 Same as above. Jitan and his guardsmen deal tri-element pain just like your guys, so the bots immunity helps less. Unholy Prayer ftw.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Still annoying for summoners. Drown them in minions and keep Unholy Prayer up. Same for Totems. Combat: tricky.
Unholy armor/TP. (they are poison immune so liche doesn't help us)

Legacy of Blood: 0/10

Without bots: Aaaaaand U.P. we go
With bots: You dont even need U.P. for this
Edit ver 1.D9c: Same with minions and totems. Armor abuse again.

Judgement Day: 8/10

Okay this is the least to say tricky.
You will need "max" dmg for this. The reason is: While UP will protect you, once the avatar appears you will need to kill it fast, or it will cast Liche Form, there is also the small matter of...Nuclear Lunch Detected. You will probably break the UP chain to cast more Sacrifices, and later FlameStrike to kill it. The main problem is time. If your killspeed is rather high you'll have less to worry about.
Edit ver 1.D9c:Minion flood wins, Up until avatar appears switch to ladon for killing. Totemancers have it easy, just keep UP and your portable death projectors will do the pwning. Combat: lolsummons from mystic orbs, but you should have bots by now, drink potions, avatar spawns, kill it fast!

Brother Laz: ???
Have not tried it yet.
Edit ver 1.D9c:*scratches head* *then butt* *smells finger*

Inaris's revenge:

0/10 Aaaand UP we go again! Or not.
Edit ver 1.D9c:Doable with every type.

Creature of Flame: 0/10

See above.
Edit ver 1.D9c:

Infernal Machine 1/10

FlameStrike. 1 because sometimes it spawns nasty things.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Rush and rape.

Death Projector: 0/10

Get more run/walk speed, project fiery death from above and you win.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Flamestrike is the fastest way it seems. If you want, try something different.


Without bots: 10/10
Lots of immunities and strong elites. You will need alot of luck to attract Azmodan in the room, then some more to kill him before you die. Get more resists and def for this one, it takes several tries.
With bots:7/10
Still hard. Your crew will shield you from direct assault, but the enemy posses hard-hitting elemental damage attacks and will still be able to destroy them. Try to rush, by casting Sacrifices beyond the door on the right. Lucky you might just lure the big bad quickly and finish him before you get swarmed.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Summons? Same as above. Totems? Same. Combat? Better. We're tankier.

Rathma Square:

Without bots: 8/10
Rush, UP, Rush, Up, once you get to him UP as long as you can and hope the minions attack only him. TP to town when you have to.
With bots: 3/10
Summon the enemy thick with Necrobots move forward stay surrounded by your crew for protection. Use UP when you see fit.
Edit ver 1.D9c:I don't think there's a point of trying this without bots right now.

Cathedral of Vanity: 8/10 Attempt only with bots.
How much suffering, mortal, does it take before you lose your grace?
I don't know Inarius, but I do know how much metal it takes for you to lose yours!

More minions are needed to absorb the Crystal ball's death beam.
Go to the door and cast Sacr. Lure the enemy there and keep them there.
Then walk outside and force the ball to fire. Teleport/BtS in close and run to avoid the beam, then cast FlameStrike, once it goes down, retreat some, gather minions and bots, then finish the job.
Edit ver 1.D9c:Hmm.. not sure, but it SHOULD be the same. Get the timing on the beam right and rush/Bent the Shadows to the orb.

Toraja: 5/10 Attempt only with bots.
Whoooops. Sorry Lilith, were you behind that morlu?

It should be zero, but is the most annoying place to farm in the game.
Stay behind bots and you're immortal. Cast Secr. over the enemy, the idea is to get Necrobots shot at, so that you can summon edyrem where they won't be killed before procing the shield.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Same.

Vizjin: ???
Did not attempt yet.
Edit ver 1.D9c:

Kurast 3000 BA:2/10

Rated 2, because it takes time.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Broken bones.

Island of the Sunless Sea: 2/10

See above.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Rob the bank, and feel good doing it.

Khalimgrad :3/10

See above. +1 for lightwells.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Anyone noticed that voice: "OHH THATS GOTTA HURT!" but me?

Tran Authulua:

Without bots: 8/10
It's gonna be hard i tells ya. Damn feminists.
With bots:0/10 Be a Man and give them all a lazer bukkake.
Edit ver 1.D9c:Minions drop fast without enough +%life.
Totems destroy provided they are close to the enemy. Combat will be hard. Hit and run, bait and kill in small groups/individually.

Lookie what I found here...Thanks Alpha!

You're the lord of Fauztinville eh? Well it's time to earn your title.
Necrobot vs. Necrobot mirror match.
Don't even think of coming here without Urada.
Move slowly and carefully. Death's fury helps immensly here.
Pay serious attention where the omfgwtfpawnLazorzz are flying, cause you might just eat one. Harpys are annoying as usual, but staying behind you bots will shield you. Enemy bots pierce as well as yours so get some distance. Summon your minions too, mainly for the tri-elemetal hits. Other than that, it just takes time.
Edit ver 1.D9c:Doable by all. Don't rush and then cry that it's too hard. Just take your time and clear house.

Ghosts of old Bremmtown: Attempt only with bots.

2/10 if you want to just clear house.
7/10 for the 3 minute thing
Edit ver 1.D9c:Same. Bait and kill.

Kingdom of Shadow:10/10

Ok...sooo...uhh... yeah...
Major gear overhaul. MOAR speed and MUCH more defence is vital. use Ladon on switch when you get to Juris.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Change most gear. More defense is win.

Duncraig: This is were all the counter-strike grenade spammers got sucked into when they died. Hopefully I will avoid that fate.
Interestingly enough even the smoke grenades kill you here, and they are green. Luckily no flash-bangs.

Did not attempt yet.
Edit ver 1.D9c:
Edit ver 1.F9: Tried and died. A lot. But the non teleport area is doable.

Belial: After an 1 hour struggle to find a way to kill him with midgame gear, the overgrown rat dropped his book of lies.
This guy is nasty. Loves to spam the life drain nova, also occasionally uses "punisher nova". Having only 9k life(shadows + bloodtide) my life dissapears within 1-2 seconds, just from the drain nova, witch hits multiple times btw. Then there's the matter of him summoning a ring of henchmen around himself, they cast punishers almost as fast as Malic(Island of the sunless sea). I had him tele onto me, while exiting his level, onto "The Ancient's Way". Then it was a matter of positioning behind a wall and letting the bots do their thing, while I call more of them in the process.
Crafted gear with: poison resist, curse weigh reduction( up to 100% total), then socketed with +poison resist jems. That will probably work.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Acid fiends from RW "enyo" are poison immune, but have low life. You will have to get the lowest timer on Sacri.
The above statement is generally reasonable, but ineffective, after testing. But I did it, with midgame gear(dragonheart RW armor, TU orbiter belt, raRW helm, quimbandaRW shield, megalith, witchmoon,2 +1skill rings and half the charms)so you should be able to kill him.

Astrogha: are you kidding? If I feel suicidal someday.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Really not sure if it's doable by any variation of this char.

Rodeo: Probably doable, will try.
Edit ver 1.D9c: Doable by all. Pay attention for the CowbellDoomMarch. Stay/teleport next to/behind a wall.
Edit ver 1.F9: Casters: Oh and do MO you stuff with -fire ress(no more than -199) +fire spell dmg, cause you will be using Flamestrike.
Custom gear just for that one cow.

Quov Tsin: Wasn't he untargetable?
Edit ver 1.D9c: Pass.

Edit ver 1.F9: Same strategy for all ubers in this version. More or less.

Well I think that just about covers the guide. Constructive criticism is approved.

GL and give them FAUZTINVILLE!!
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