Untwinked hardcore leveling guide + ubering tips

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Untwinked hardcore leveling guide + ubering tips

Post by WolfieeifloW on Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:56 am

Original post by wontbme on the old forums (forumer).
Most formatting is lost.


So i will be making this guide all cute and what not. But let me post it first.

Table of Contents: use CTRL F to skip , search this (example) x not X:
I234: Intro
I342: Description
I554: Leveling guide
I777: Tips/tricks etc.
I888: Farming in HC
I999: for twinked players (if given or have great gear etc.)
I941: Uber guide

This guide is for the untwinked, and those new to HC. NOTE: if you can barely do one of the mentioned xp areas. for your sake, DO NOT move on to the next one, just keep killing until you have enough gear.

my hardcore leveling guide on players 1

1554: den: 2-12 make another game if you have to

12-14 Traveling/ opening portal to trist

14-18 tristram

18-19 traveling to inner cloister AVOID THE SMITH

19-24 inner cloister (careful with the unique, very high health, moderate damage) Also, beware the elite mobs. They hit hard

24-25 Andy (dont have to farm her, but the mobs near her give some really great xp)

25-30~ (more if your "weak") In sewers, beware of radament, if you have below 60% light res, he will/ or close to, oneshot you.

30~-37 Canyon of the magi (avoid duriel unless you have gigantic damage, his fortress damage can really add up)

38-43 (more if weak) in trav, and on the way to trav. AVOID DJINNs when traveling, if you see one, run.

44-46 on the way to meph/meph (lol @ lvl 45~?, yep. His summons will seem endless, better safe than sorry)

46-48 izual. But, beware of his hailstorm (R.I.P unholy summoner paladin... totally my fault, but yeah)

49-55 Sanct. DONT EVEN TRY DIABLO (unless twinked) *note, dont forget your sunstones!!*

55-58 Diablo, dont stop running, or you will regret it. Hit and run, when he blast waves, tp out.

59-65 mobs right next to frigid highlands WP. Beware of the witches with mindflay look-alike, the damage can add up

65-68 on the way to ancients.

68-69 ancients

70-75 baal

75-80 sunless sea/k3k GET YOUR CLASS CHARM

80-90 k3k

After 90, the gameplay becomes really easy, and real fun.

90-100 just moderately play through terror, have fun, be careful, and loot all the uniques you can . terror is generally EASY at level 90. The only problems are the elite mobs

100-??? Again, moderately go through DEST. Don't rush yourself if you feel like your stuck. Just start farming for gear in terror.

1??-119 just kill mobs. I cant stress this enough. And for the sake of not kicking yourself in the balls. dont try any ubers until you have pure tier 6 uniques or great runewords (not great rune- rune words lol)

119-120 ancients ofcourse!! XD

I777: Now for small tips/tricks etc.

Mobs to look out for (at the top of my mind, some wont be mentioned, be free to post any reccomendations to my list)

Ice clan(shaman): The ice clan "shamans" are the elite goatmen, specifically the deadly one, the "shaman" or the leader of the pack. He always resides in the back hoping for you to kill one of his allies (what an ass eh?) and he will explode his corpse, and you will drop health so fast you'll cry. And occasionally even get oneshot (R.I.P starburst sin)

The witches- Really very simple. Don't approach them.. don't taunt them... find any way possible to avoid them. Guaranteed instagib.

The Countess- Okay... So basically the countess isn't as easy as she was before. She can now ACTUALLY KILL YOU instantly. Laz is trying to get rid of us guys1!!!!11 Anyway, she shoots a deathstrike (a pure weapon damage clone of flamestrike) THIS HURTS. I've lost a few softies to this chick (lol). So... Basically throw in a few summons and let them procc off the deathstrike before you attack

Daystar- Actually can kill you instantly. Be light on your feet, and you should avoid it, BUt, don't underestimate these guys. Made alot stronger as of patch 1.D9

Baalspawn: Dragon's egg: Destroy the egg, and baalspawn summons. The egg will only spawn in act 3 and 2. The dragon isn't reccomended at any difficulty to kill in hc. because his fire damages are MASSIVE. How to kill? Poison. Only suggestion, but i wouldnt reccomend you try. If he summons, save and exit right away.

Djinn: These guys give me heart attacks, They drop immolation bombs that do moderate damage per fireball. So for your own safety, RUN. If more than one hits you, you will get a stroke from how much damage you recieve. (R.I.P unholy summon paladin)

Fireblood(i think?): These guys are DANGEROUS. In act 4 chaos sanct, Invisible dragon things that shoot MASSIVELY DAMAGING molten boulders. They are slow, but your death will be quick. never stand in one spot in here.

Death projector: simply avoid him. Too much can happen that will kill your character. If you really want the charm, just backup your character before you try. That way if anything goes wrong, you atleast had a backup (although it kills the point of HC.. so i dont condone this)

I888: Places to farm for uniques (from level 1-120!!!)

1-12 Den ofcourse =D, the skeleton archers and elite rats will drop nice rares and occasionally uniques! (i once got two in one run . )

13-35 sewers!!! basically anywhere you go, you wont find as many at this low lvl. Why? SO MANY MOBS. SO MANY ELITES. Your chance to get one unique (atleast) per run, is so high...

40-60 Either chaos sanct. Or trav, or even meph. and TA!!!!

60-80 sunless sea, or even hatred baal. AND TA!!!

81-90 k3k . All of the mobs drop somewhere between 1-3 items. so the
a good way to get great items, is to stand away from the summoner that isnt totem gaurded, but close enough for him to spawn. Kill the skeletons, and dont kill him. Almost like a guber =D (good method for xp btw)

90-100- again, sewers, but in terror/dest (w/e you are best at)

100-119- terror k3k, sunless sea, or TA

120+ The first few mobs near anya's frozen body. They are level 119. which means you can find some Su's .

As of the RC patch 1.e9... ALL act bosses will drop atleast one (1) unique! regardless of the act! if it's in dest. he/she will have a chance to drop a SU!!! Amazing huh? I've had 3 uniques drop at once. and one SU all off dest baal. It's great. So, if you find sewers too hard, just go kill andy! (or if thats too hard...)

I999: small tip for twinked chars (even some cant do this, so careful)

if you want to go from 1-120 in just hatred.

follow my guide (a little less to the point, but dont rush yourself)

and go to vizjun (hatred) around level 80-90. and just kill all of the mobs . You will hit 120 fairly fast. (note: use your ancients quest for 120 at level 119)

Disclaimer/note: I take NO responsibility for your death in these ubers, run at your own discretion.

Summon Ubers:

The Butcher- Average difficulty: Easy
A fairly slow, yet very strong mob. Only summons one, and you don't have any real room to run far enough, so just run in circles. You typically want to use ranged attacks/caster mercs. Melee might be VERY dangerous.

The Binding of Baal- Average difficulty: Normal/tricky
A small pack of casters, they are fairly vulnerable to attacks, but their casting can/will kill you if you approach too close. Stack on your lightning res!! Tal rasha will only drop his immunities once all the casters are destroyed. You want to take him down as soon as possible, but rushing things can/will kill you. So use your best single target killer. IE broadside/quillstorm/prowl/magic missles.. (you get the point)

Assault on the mount Arreat- Average difficulty: moderately hard
Okay, these guys are quite easy, but they tend to seriously mess you up when you get near them. They place a trap that shoots a flurry of axes. in random directions. Similar to the binding of baal, but slightly easier. The biggest problem is their traps, just ride them out, and for the love of god, DONT try to tank them.

Akarat- Average difficulty: hard
Okay, This one is damnright no fun to do. Hammertime casting, hammer fanatic bastards that will make the main boss immune until they are all dead. And even then, once they are all dead, you have a very short amount of time to quickly down the main boss as soon as possible. Paladins generally dont have trouble with this. Why? holy armor...
You get the point, kill them ASAP and run out ASAP. generally, you want to kill all but 1. So that you can easily kill him, and then the boss with no troubles.

Lord aldric Jitan- Average difficulty- Very hard
Fortress casting, immune to poison, heal when low on life... Enchanted attacks. and singularity on death. What more could you need to instantly die on HC? It pains me to write tips for this. because i know many will die on attempt. But, your going to want as much physical/range damage as possible. Or massive multi target cast damage that isnt poison.

Legacy of blood- Average difficulty- Hard
Basically, Get in, get out fight. They are all immune until one of them hits you. So... You have SOME time to stack massive damage. As soon as the immunities drop, most of them should die, Bartuc uses wychwind, so dont stand near him. Again, you need mass damage unless you have holy armor etc.

Judgement day- Average difficulty- Impossible
Summoners tend to be the only ones who can do this uber... Read the doc why. And even then, you are massively risking your death. I would strongly reccomend you don't do this summon uber, unless you are a massive summoning character (necro...)

Brother laz- Average difficulty- More than- impossible.
Yeah.. Please just dont try. I really dont even want to mention how hard this boss is. especially in hc.

Dungeon Uberquests:

Creature of Flame- Average difficulty- Mindlessly easy
Stack your resists because the first boss has a giant lightning attack. And the second one has a fire attack.

Infernal Machine- Average difficulty- Normal
Clear the mobs that spawn, and instantly go for the boss. The machine will begin to summon mobs ontop of you, be ware of what they are doing. And you wont have any trouble getting the charm.

Death projector- Average difficulty- VERY HARD
Lets face it... In hardcore, risking the chance of instantly dying is something you just dont want to do. I honestly dont want to make a guide for this. there is no true HC tips i can give you. I'd feel bad if i misguided someone.

Azmodan- Average difficulty- Tricky
You need to instantly tank ALL the damage and rush the boss right away, because it is impossible to kill them with his presence. I would reccomend perfect res (80-95) And potion stacking and what-not. And keep a finger on the escape key at all times. **** happens

Rathma Square- Average difficulty- Hard~
The adds are "unkillable" they will die, but respawn. I would suggest you kill them anyway, and keep rushing to the boss. Because every second counts. He doesn't always drop the charm. So leave if you dont see anything drop.

Cathedral of Vanity- Average difficulty- Very hard
Another instagib uber... This time 156015610% harder. Many people can't pull this off. So i really dont want to make a guide for this either. Get experience on soft core before you try this.

Toraja- Average difficulty- easy/normal/hard
Yep... All varieties. Basically, you cast edryems and destroy the archers at your own pace. even if you feel confident. Just stick with the same pace. Or even, slow down.

Thank you for reading, and please give me some feedback.
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