[1.E9] Liche Necromancer v. 2.0, a Mystic Orb - Based char!

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[1.E9] Liche Necromancer v. 2.0, a Mystic Orb - Based char!

Post by WolfieeifloW on Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:24 am

Liche Necromancer
by MarcoNecroX - template by burningled

Original post by MarcoNecroX on the old forums (forumer).
Most formatting is lost.


Liche Necromancer - A very strange build with twisted gear. SEE VIDEO!

Table of Contents

I. Overview and Gameplay
II. Stats
IV. Gear
V. Ubers
A - Dungeons
B - Summoned Uberbosses
C - Uberlevels
D - Heroic Levels


This is another liche necromancer, but why do I make another guide? This one is completely more different, more fun and possibly more effective, the guide was to fat and it didn't fit the miniguides compilation, and contains the following fun-factors:

- This char is based about mystic orbs 90%.
- This char costs less than million gold in 1.E9 (10m before), but works without any Sacred Unique
- This char uses a full set of tier 1/6 honorific items
- We have only 12k defense, but we're invincible
- We don't get stunlocked, because:
- We have 100% teleport when struck, you'll get lost pretty fast
- 30% reanimate as death gnat, 24% as fallen one, almost 50% as Rathma Priest, 5% as groupie, and 5% as your fool's gold reanimate (I suggest destroyer Shaman).
- If we loose our immunity you will see a blast wave if you have cold fusion shematics. In other words, you will pretty much instadie if you liche goes off.
- This char runs like crazy throwing punishers everywhere, proccing apocalypse and gamma field like idiot
- We use a crystal sword thus we have style
- Requires concentration: if you forget recasting liche form you die!

Besides this, there are pro's and cons.

- Insanely fast uberkilling on /players 8. See video!
- 175% Poison length reduced -> this is the cap.
- Maxed poison resistance
- Invulnerability
- Requires NO unique pieces, but 10 million gold. (easy to get)
- Has 9 minions with invulnerability and insane magic damage
- 250% buff skill duration
- Almost 400% Faster run walk without Demonic Speed and Celerity
- 18% chances to proc lvl 17 apocalypse and gamma field on kill
- Big horde of reanimates
- Decent Magic Find, Good farmer
- A very fun build that I recommend playing
- No need of totems

- You cannot start THIS char from zero, because our main skills are from level 90. I recommend you looking in the guide contest for necro builds until you reach level 90 and use the respec tool.
- You need to respec an old char with Black Road Challenge Skill
- If you loose your immunity you die, but you shouldn't

II. Stats
Strength: Nothing lol, we are using honorifics, dude.
Dexterity: I needed 35 base for the t6 crystal sword. Doesn't hurt...
Vitality: Nothing boy, we're invincible after all.
Energy: All because we will get some damage

III. Skills

List of Skills

Talon's Hold: Supermax - Sexy reanimates

Liche Form: Supermax - Main skill du'h, more poison damage kills faster

Summon Shadow: Supermax - Useless life but elemental damage

Rathma's Chosen: Adds very nice magic damage and turns our minions invulnerables, sexy skill to not get attacked everytime, and have minions tanking "arrows" and some other stuff.

Bend the Shadows: I ~supermaxed this for 0 spell timer, but HONESTLY, you don't need it. 100% teleport when struck will take you around the world while liche automatically kills all the stuff. You only need to recast, but test this. Note, 0.00000001 spell timer is useless. Or zero, or nothing.

One Pointers: (put one point in the following skills)
Summon Veil King: One of our rathma's, reanimates, good looking
Summon Void Archon: Warp Field Aura
Unholy Prayer: Useful for some uberquests. You can put this in LMB
Mana Tide Totem: Without this we cannot use Unholy prayer unless we have Megalith

IV. Gear

End Game Gear
Note of the gear: Some things I MO'd are only for lulz because we already WTFPWN everything, but if you want to take it more seriously you could MO your gear with %Spell Damage in the remaining Slots. Also, alternate gear: poison crafts.

What mystic Orbs you should use
- Get -100% Enemy Poison resistance
- 100% chance to cast teleport when struck. Note: minions teleport with you.
- Max Poison Resists (until you see 80 in your LCS) and Poison Length Reduced (90%)
- More than 300%FRW
- 100% curse length reduction

If you still have slots for mystic orbs in items, you could use fallen one reanimates, but its for lulz again, you can use %MF and %PSD. On your sword I recommend using "The Demon Core" for spell damage and some procs, although don't know how useful they are, sorry.

Choose your path:
Tier 1 items: Less reqs, lower required level.
Tier 6 items: More reqs (427 dex on crystal sword), ~20 required level, bu Max sockets

If your choose using tier 6 items, socket your gear with perfect sapphires, sword with Amber for lulz (30% reanimate as death gnat), or diamond for spell damage.

If you're running out of Gold, I recommend LionSkull/Island of the SUnless sea runs, with some %Gold Find. It took me literally 10 millions of gold to MO' all the gear and make items honorifics.

Primary Weapon
I used an honorific here, why a crystal sword? Style + 6 sockets. Thats the only reason. MO'd with Demon Core UMO's. THE DEMON CORE PROJECT IS NOT NEEDED AND IT'S ONLY FOR LIGHTS. IT'S EXPENSIVE. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME COMPLAINING ABOUT IT BECAUSE I DON'T CARE. For a normal honorific use the typicall mystic orbs, EF for weapons and reast use item-MO's.

Even if I said we DON'T NEED UNIQUES we will be using some, but we don't need them, like I pointed before. This is just a good caster options that will give us some buff duration as well, and has low requerimients.

Body Armors
The last Sacred Unique. Not core of the build either, but demonic speed is insanely useful with Liche Form, and it will make us even more invulnerable, so we will be going around with very low defense, and crappy stats, the negative buff of DS is just for fun, we want the speed.

We will be using a BLUE CAP. That's fun. Another extra honorific, I already said what you should MO, but you can look it here too.

Again, here we will be using blue boots. Honorific again.

Again here.

... and here.

All uniques here agian. However you can get these ones with the unique recipe very easily. You could keep rerolling until you succeed with the upgrade. Here are the pieces;

Almost identical, one with succesful upgrade, and other one without. Celierity is good. 20%FRW is good. LevelReq 1 is good also. So here's my recomendation:

This one is pretty much useless and I don't know why I use it, I don't like the life drain from the level 1 ammy. However, here it is, MO'd:

V. Ubersquests

A - Dungeons

Creature of Flame -- Easy: Let your minions tank the poison immunes, rest is easy, we are invincible, just may take more time than it usually takes.

Infernal Machine -- Very Easy: Just kill it

Death Projector -- Very Easy: Again just kill it, only avoid l4z0|2b34M and this is easy.

Azmodan -- Easy: Go teleporting around until you get to azmodan.

Rathma Square -- Easy: Rush with godspeed to primus, and instakill him.

Cathedral of Vanity -- Medium: damage is not the problem, the problem is to get teleported right to the Lazorbeam and die. Lure monsters into the small room and rest is quite easy.

Toraja -- Very Easy: go teleporting around with your Rathma'ed Edyrems and shadows, this is quite easy, if you're lucky you'll end up teleported next to lilith.

Vizjun -- Easy: Very easy actually, but well, there are some tricks, run and only run, liche always on, teleport doesn't work here! so don't get surrounded, use an adrenaline elixir because Purify has a spell timer!

B - Summoning Uberquests

The Butcher -- Pancake (very easy): Even your minions can tank him.

Tal Rasha -- Very Easy: Go to town or drink elixir and wtfpwn them with Liche Form.

King Koth -- Very Easy: Again, if they are not immunes they are easy.

Akarat -- Very Easy: Read above please.

Jitan -- Medium: NOOOO POISON IMMUNES!. First step is to find out how to kill them. Your minions could tank him, you can use mana tide + Unholy Prayer as well, it's your choice after all.

Legacy of Blood -- Easy: Summon everything you've got, 10 seconds should be enough to get everything killed.

Judgment Day -- Easy: Cast sacrifices, then Mana Totem, use dark summoning and after Unholy Prayer, let your minions try to tank stuff if they can.

Brother Laz -- Not tried; but we have curse immunities. If you're going to try this out, take him to the jungle first

C - Uberlevels

K3KBA -- Easy: It's very but our liche form will be throwing punishers everywhere so you need to run next to the totems. When skellies loose immunities, they pretty much instadie. We are immunes to Nightmare curse, so no slow for us. ( players8 )

Island of the Sunless Sea -- Very Easy: Go with godspeed and liche form and kill stuff.

Khalimgrad -- Very Easy: Again non-immunes and that's why this is easy. You'll get teleported everywhere and you'll get lost pretty fast, it's quite fun. ( players8 )

Tran Athuala -- Very Easy: Get teleported around thanks to the horde of arrows. Amazons are easy to kill. See the video if you want. ( players8 )

Fauztinville -- Medium: Harpylysks are our main problem, you can ignore them if you want, but your minions are a bit stupid and they may neeed some time to kill them. I could suggest you to not farm this with this char!

Bremmtown -- Easy: You'll get teleported around and you kill stuff. That's all. Not qualified as "Very Easy" because there are lots of monsters thus our killing speed is slower, and the boss has poison immunity, GL with him.

Kingdom of Shadow -- Easy: God.. are you serious? Why are you even reading this? 100% teleport when struck is pure win. Only keep liche form active.

Duncraig -- Medium: Mainly easy but we are not using a second element, so you could farm p8 TA instead.

D - Heroic Bosses

Belial -- Hard: Didn't manage to kill him yet

Bull Prince Rodeo -- Easy: Just a matter of luck until he gets poisoned and dies. Cow level is pretty much the only heroic that is easy for us.

Quov Tsin -- Hard: Poison is our main element, so forget it.

Astrogha -- Hard: We're not the kind of build for heroics.

Video - Playstile of this twisted Build


Note: for better effectiveness and speed, using lots of adrenaline elixirs is useful, don't be lazy, you will end up clearing uberlevels pretty fast, and they're cheap with 500 crafting points already, only a PAmber...! Other way if you don't have pAmbers is to just go with mana tide and unholy prayer when you cannot use liche form, and so keep going, while you see how everything dies.

The End

I hope you liked my crazy guide
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Re: [1.E9] Liche Necromancer v. 2.0, a Mystic Orb - Based char!

Post by MarcoNecroX on Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:39 am

11/10 would bang

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Re: [1.E9] Liche Necromancer v. 2.0, a Mystic Orb - Based char!

Post by Daimoth on Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:18 am

All the images are broken, and none of the information about which MO's to actually use is in the text. Any chance of reuploading those images somewhere not horrible, or putting some of the details in the text?

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Re: [1.E9] Liche Necromancer v. 2.0, a Mystic Orb - Based char!

Post by romanN1 on Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:12 am

@Daimoth you can't make this build anymore...skills are different now.
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Re: [1.E9] Liche Necromancer v. 2.0, a Mystic Orb - Based char!

Post by grimjerk on Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:09 am

^^True, but there is a general philosophical point in his post. A guide so dependent on now broken images should either be updated or removed.
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Re: [1.E9] Liche Necromancer v. 2.0, a Mystic Orb - Based char!

Post by Necromantic on Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:54 am

I would really have liked to see the pictured items.  The Lich Form skill is gone but there are some cool concepts in here that can still be used.
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Re: [1.E9] Liche Necromancer v. 2.0, a Mystic Orb - Based char!

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