[1.F9] Pwnisher

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[1.F9] Pwnisher

Post by WolfieeifloW on Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:02 am

Pwnisher [1.F9]
Original post by stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52 on the old forums (forumer).
Most formatting is lost.



Have you ever used punisher and thought "if only I could spam this"?

Well now I will show you a way that you can spam it.
It isn’t a new Toraja runeword, it isn’t some high level unique.
It is a low level runeword that has been there all along.
I am to referring to the bow runeword "Shockwave"

All you need is a 'Sol' rune and you can laugh at punishers spell timer as much as you want.

-Timerless punisher spam
-High poison damage output

-Requires some time crafting
-Can't farm all ubers
-Aiming can be hard with lower densities.

Core item

Level: 27
0-5 Jewels +Sol
100% Chance to cast level 16 Punisher when you Kill an Enemy
+(101 to 125)% Enhanced damage
+(41 to 60) to Maximum Damage
+5% to Poison Spell Damage
(11 to 15)% Chance of Crushing Blow
Slows Target by (11 to 15)%
+(21 to 40) to Energy
+(21 to 40) to Dexterity
This is the item that we must use throughout the whole game.
What we use it for is the 100% chance to cast punisher when you kill an enemy.
We use it to start a massive proc chain of punishers that can get big really quickly if you know how to use it


Unholy Skills

Tainted blood: Leftovers.
The healing is good for when we have superbeast and other times when we need all the regen we can get

Mind Flay: Supermax
It synergises punisher well, including our proc punishers.
It is also will be our skill to deal with immunes.
It can be useful to deal with small mobs that arent worth punishering

Punisher: 15
We will use this to start our proc chain.
15 points is enough to be able to do enough damage with it late-game.

Slayer: 20 points
20 points give Punisher and mind flay 2 extra missiles.
It is also useful for summoning ubers because we can’t us punisher

Dark King: Supermax
The stat bonus is really useful and we have spare points

Neutral skills:

1 point in all prereqs

Rapture: 5 points.
Good for the speed bonus.

Holy Armour: 1 point
Useful for corpse retrieval and cheesing some ubers.

Uber skill:
Superbeast: Supermax
The only choice for any unholy paladin. It increases spell damage and maxes out cast speed.

Challenge reward skills:

Divine apparition: 1 point
Better than blink and jitans gate because of the lower spell timer

Scourge: 1 point
Over 100 points in unholy tree = high life for scourges, even with 1 point.

Charm skills

Huge bonus to defense

Blessed life:
The damage reduction is nice to have

Don't get it from a charm, it has ND, which can interfere with punisher at critical moments.


Strength: Enough for gear
Dexterity: Enough for gear (with dark king you shouldn’t need any)
Vitality: none
Energy: All the rest

Early Gameplay

Early on punisher will only have one missle, so its probably best to play as an unholy caster until you have enough missles to make a good proc chain. If you do so its probably best to change your gear to suit an unholy caster until you get 3 missiles on punisher.
Alternatively you could do whatever you want then respec once slayer has a max level of 20.


Early game:

Look for bonuses to lightning spell damage and phys/mag spell damage, you'll be playing as an unholy caster until you get at least 10 points in slayer.

End game:

Make shockwave in a tier 6 short bow.


The best choice would be a shimmering crafted armour with plenty of +PSD% and +2 skills.


Blackguard Helm (Sacred)
Defense: (1759-2217)
Durability: 29
(Paladin Only)
Required Dexterity: 387
Required Level: 100

+(2 to 3) to Paladin Skill Levels
-(31 to 40)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(31 to 40)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(41 to 50)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+(23 to 29) to Summon Darklings
+(16 to 19) to Hive
+(41 to 50)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage
+(31 to 40)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+(151 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
Increase Maximum Mana 25%
Poison Resist +(41 to 60)%
Socketed: 4

The main attraction of this is the hive o-skill, which can be used to activate the punisher procs.
-50% enemy poison resists is also good


Light Gauntlets (Sacred)
Durability: 46
Required Strength: 272
Required Level: 100

5% Chance to cast level 9 Elemental when you Take Damage
15% Faster Cast Rate
+(31 to 40)% to Spell Damage
+(151 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
(21 to 25)% Bonus to Energy
All Resists +(41 to 50)%
Requirements -50%
Socketed: 4

Low requirements, spell damage, resists and energy. The best caster gloves.
Otherwise, shimmering craft.


Ashaera's Armor
Belt (Sacred)
Defense: (1351-1403)
Durability: 43
Required Strength: 529
Required Level: 100

+(21 to 25) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+(21 to 30)% to Spell Damage
(11 to 15)% Bonus to Energy
+500 Defense
All Resists +(21 to 30)%
Damage Reduced by 10%
Socketed: 2

Spell damage, DR%, resists and EF.
Otherwise, shimmering craft.

Shimmering craft for poison spell damage.


Required Level: 100

+(11 to 15) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
4% Chance to cast level 17 Frog Prince on Attack
+(1 to 2) to All Skills
+(16 to 20)% to Spell Damage
Increase Maximum Mana 40%
(11 to 15)% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

Spell damage, +skills, EF and more mana.
Otherwise+4 skills %PSD rares.

Empyrean Band
Required Level: 40

1% Chance to cast level 7 Singularity when you Kill an Enemy
(3 to 5)% Bonus to All Attributes
Increase Maximum Life and Mana (11 to 15)%
(51 to 100)% Extra Gold from Monsters

The proc is nice as well as the other bonuses.

Earth Rouser
Required Level: 100

2% Chance to cast level 7 Tremor when you Kill an Enemy
(3 to 5)% Chance of Crushing Blow
Enhanced Weapon Damage +(6 to 10)%
(6 to 10)% Bonus to Strength

The tremor is nice because it is % based damage
Otherwise, +1 skills, %PSD rares.

Kingsport's Signals
Arrow Quiver
Required Level: 120

2% Chance to cast level 8 Rain of Bombs on Striking
+1 to All Skills
+(11 to 15) to all Attributes
Increase Maximum Life (3 to 5)%
+5 to Light Radius

All good here

Arrow Quiver
Required Level: 40

2% Chance to cast level 8 Cataclysm when you Kill an Enemy
Adds 25-75 fire damage
+(6 to 15)% to Fire Spell Damage
(6 to 10)% Bonus to Strength
-2 to Light Radius

Cataclysm proc is also good.
Otherwise a rare MO'd with PSD%

'Zod' crafted jewels for poison spell damage

Summoning Ubers

Cast 5 slayers, summon, then mindflay.

Tal Rasha:
See above

King Koth:
See above

See above

See above (yes this is copy and paste)

See above

See above

Judgement Day:
Get as many minions as possible. when the avatar summons mindflay it.

Dungeon Ubers:

Creature of flame:
Punisher the familiar and creature, mindflay the rest

Infernal Machine:
Run to the machine and punisher it

Death projector:
See above

The shield aura means that we need to kill him first
Teleport in and punisher him
then use the proc chain to kill everything else

Rathma square:
Teleport in and punisher him

Cathedral of vanity
See Azmodan

Mindflay anything you edyrems touch.
Use holy armour if necessary.

Holy armour and adrenaline elixirs


Punisher the totems then start the proc chain.

Start the proc chain

Start the proc chain

Tran Athula:
Start the proc chain

Start the proc chain
Mindflay the harpylisks

Use edyrem/scourge to draw howling spirits out.
Start the proc chain
Mind flay the dragon.

Start the proc chain
Mindflay immunes

See Vizjun

Heroic levels

Cow level:
Others: Pump up mind flays damage a bit with an ornate craft to help with immunes.(-enemy lightning resist in particular)

Thanks for reading
Any comments/suggestions are welcome.
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