[2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

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[2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by aahz on Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:25 pm

Challenges: A beginner's guide by FazerMint 

Update 7-6-2012: So yeah, I'm considering coming back to MXL, in which case I'll update this guide. I'm glad to see this guide has still been useful in my absence (115k views, dafuq??). I'll remove anything that's been removed (afaik only one of the minigames), get new screenshots where they're missing, and read through all comments to make a nice FAQ section. IF I come back, that is. 

Table of contents: 
1. - Introduction [sct1] 
2. - The Level Challenges [sct2] 
2.1 - Level Challenge I [pt21] 
2.2 - Level Challenge II [pt22] 
3. - The Ennead Challenge [sct3] 
4. - The Black Road Challenge [sct4] 
4.1 - Trial of Fear [pt41] 
4.2 - Trial of Greed [pt42] 
4.3 - Trial of Contrition [pt43] 
4.4 - Trial of Knowledge [pt44] 
4.5 - Trial of Blood [pt45] 
4.6 - Black Road Completion [pt46] 
5. - Minigames [sct5] 
5.1 - Witch Queen [pt51] 
5.2 - Crowned [pt52] 
5.3 - Mirror Mirror [pt53] 
6. - Monster Tokens [sct6] 
6.1 - Act Boss Tokens [pt61] 
6.2 - Veteran Tokens [pt62] 
7. - Dragon Eggs [sct7] 
7.1 - Act 2 Dragon Eggs [pt71] 
7.2 - Act 3 Dragon Eggs [pt72] 
8. - Frequently Asked Questions [sct8] 

1. - Introduction [sct1] 

Hello there! I am FazerMint, and this is my guide to the Challenges that Median XL 1.F9b has to offer. Now you might think "Why not just look at the main site?" Sure. That works. But I thought I'd make a handy, easy-to-use guide, with a little more explanation and some screen shots. It should be of much help to new players, and it could be handy even for the more experienced players to have it all in one place. So, I hope it will be useful! This community has given me a lot of help, and I want to contribute to it as well. 
Each section has its own code, which you can see in the Table of Contents. Most, if not all browsers have a search function. Press Ctrl+F to open the search menu, and type in the code of the section you want. Press OK or Enter, and you'll come to the section you want. 

Note: If you see any mistakes, please tell me Smile 
Note: If you got additional information, tell me and I'll update the guide. 

2. - The Level Challenges [sct2] 

The Level Challenges have a level restriction, meaning you can't complete them after exceeding a certain level. This also includes the Ennead Challenge, in section 3. These quests require immediate attention, as you will miss out on powerful items if you don't complete them. Pay close attention to the maximum levels of the Challenges. 
You do not gain experience in Tran Athulua, the Uberlevel in which you do the Level Challenge I, and also not from the Horadrim Mages and Tal Rasha, which you have to defeat in the Level Challenge II. Note: You positively gain experience from Kurast 3000 BA, Uberlevel of the Ennead Challenge. 
Thanks to wiloudu78 for corrections 

Level Challenge I: Maximum Level 50 (60, 70) 
The Ennead Challenge: Maximum Level 80 
Level Challenge II: Maximum Level 90 

2.1 - Level Challenge I, Maximum Level 50 (60, 70) [pt21] 
Difficulty: Hatred 
Location: Tran Athulua (Act 2, Halls of the Dead, level 3) 

The goal of this challenge is to kill the three Priestesses of the uberlevel Tran Athulua, which is located in the Halls of the Dead, level 3. They are either immune to Fire, Ice or Lightning (one each), so if you're dependent on one of those elements, be sure to bring a hired mercenary, summons, or a secondary skill with a different element. You need to bring 3x Identify and 3x Town Portal scrolls (Not in a tome). This is needed for a cube recipe which will be explained below. Oh, and keep your cube empty. It is also suggested to be between level 45 and 50 before attempting this challenge. 
The priestesses drop charms that you can transmute in the cube to add bonuses on them. Each has a different level requirement (50, 60 or 70), but the Lightning one is the farthest away, thus essentially making this a level 50 challenge. 
Thanks to rothelen for tips 

When you're ready, head for the Halls of the Dead level 3, and enter Tran Athulua. Tran Athulua is filled with Amazon Warriors. Luckily they have no immunities, and they shouldn't be a problem. The Priestesses, however, can deal some heavy damage at your current level, so be careful. I would go deeper into the strategy, but different builds equals different strategies. Anyway, here's a map of Tran Athulua. 

I did NOT create this map. I did edit it. 

Follow the green arrow and kill the Priestesses. They drop Sunstones, which you can transmute with the recipe below. They can get up to -10% to enemy cold/fire/lightning resist. So you might wanna look for a -10% charm for perfectionist purposes. 

Sunstone of Ice + town portal scroll + identify scroll -> returns Sunstone of Ice with added bonuses: 
+2 to All Skills 

Sunstone of Fire + town portal scroll + identify scroll -> returns Sunstone of Fire with added bonuses: 
All Resists +20% 

Sunstone of Thunder + town portal scroll + identify scroll -> returns Sunstone of Thunder with added bonuses: 
20% Increased Attack Speed 
20% Faster Cast Rate 
20% Faster Hit Recovery 
20% Faster Block Rate 
20% Faster Run/Walk 
15% Bonus to all Attributes

2.2 - Level Challenge II, Maximum Level 90 [pt22] 
Difficulty: Terror 
Location: Valley of Snakes, Act 2 

The second Level Challenge is short, but can still be very hard. It can also be fairly easy, depending on your build. What you have to do is to complete the Binding of Baal summoning uberquest. For this, you need a Book of Summoning. To make one, go to a magic merchant and buy 3x Meditation Candles and 3x Sacrifical Hearts. 

Meditation Candle x3 + Sacrifical Heart x3 -> Book of Summoning 

Keep it in your inventory to gain a new skill icon. For the Binding of Baal, you have to go to the Valley of Snakes. Go to a corner, click summon, and run for it! If you stay still, you might just die. Tal Rasha is surrounded by Horadrim Mages. Tal Rasha remains immortal until you've killed all of his mages. The trick is to lure the mages out of the crowd, killing one by one. They have hard-hitting elemental spells that bring you down even with +75 to all resistances. Plus, when you're too near Tal Rasha, you turn into Baal and receive a penalty to your attacking and casting speed. If you're a caster, stay as far away as you can and cast spells in their direction. Are you a summoner, keep summoning next to the mages. If you're a ranged class, you'll probably not have much trouble with them. It's worse if you're a melee class. You'll have to kill them one by one. When they're all dead, Tal Rasha becomes vulnerable, and you can beat him. Cube your Class Charm with any perfect gem while having the aura of red swirls to receive the reward. 

[Class Charm] + perfect gem -> returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses 

Increase Maximum Life 5% 
+25% Increased Healing Rate from Potions

Curse Length Reduced by 25% 
5% Chance to Avoid Damage

5% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life 
+1% to Defense per Socketed Rune

Total Character Defense Plus 25% 
All Resists +5%

+1 Extra Totems 
10% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage

Damage Reduced by 5% 
Total Character Defense Plus 10%

+15% Bonus to Energy Factor 
+5% to Spell Damage

3. - The Ennead Challenge, Maximum Level 80 [sct3] 
Difficulty: Hatred 
Location: Kurast 3000 BA (Act 3, Arachnid Lair, Spider Forest) 

The Ennead Challenge takes place in the uberlevel Kurast 3000 Before Akarat. The goal is to acquire your Class Charm by killing the Ennead Necromancers. There are 3 of them, and they all have 100% chance of dropping one of the seven different Class Charms, meaning you have >14% chance of getting your own Class Charm per necromancer. Or 1/7 chance, if you will. These class charms unlock your Ennead Challenge skill, and will be used for later challenges as well. 

Kurast 3000 BA is filled with undead archers, mages and fighters of all types, with different immunities (Fire, Ice and Lightning). In a second, you'll notice that the undead turn purple. This is probably your first encounter with immunity shields. The Shadowgate Totems provide all nearby monsters with immunity against every element. Take out the Shadowgate Totems first, and then you'll be able to kill the undead. Look at this map: 

I made this map 

If this is your first character, or if you're playing unfunded, you might have a better chance rushing only the first Ennead Necromancer instead of all three of them, and repeat the procedure until you get your Class Charm. If that's the case, follow the white arrow, take out the Shadowgate Totem (red), and then take out the Ennead Necromancer (yellow). Exit game, make a new one and repeat until you have your Class Charm. Now, cube it with any jewel. Use a crappy one, don't waste good jewels. 

[Class Charm] + any jewel -> returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses 
Unlocks your Ennead Challenge skill 
Poison Length Reduced by 33% 
+2 to [Insert Class] skills

Each class also has their unique bonus. 

Amazon (Sacred Sunstone): 
Increase Maximum Life 15% 

Assassin (Shadow Vortex): 
50% Curse Length Reduction 

Barbarian (Worldstone Orb): 
20% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life 

Druid (Caoi Dulra Fruit): 
All Resists +25% 

Necromancer (Soulstone Shard): 
40% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage 

 (Eye of Divinity): 
Total Character Defense +20% 

Sorceress (Nexus Crystal): 
+25% to Spell Damage 

4. - The Black Road Challenge [sct4] 

The Black Road Challenge is based on the Diablo novel of the same name. Put shortly: There's a wtfpwn demon, and he can give you omg 1337 skeelz if you pass his omgpro test! [/nub] 
So, yeah, you get some nifty charm bonuses! This test is split in five parts. You can do them in any direction you want, but you have to do them all in order to complete the challenge. 

4.1 - Trial of Fear [pt41] 
Difficulty: Terror 
Location: The Hole, Level 2, Black Marsh, Act 1 

To complete this trial, simply slay the Butcher. Bring your Book of Summoning and go to the Hole, Level 2. The room is small, so make sure you don't get cornered. The Butcher hits hard, and runs fast. His attack speed is slow, though. He reminds of the Smith in the Barracks. Casters, summoners and ranged players should kill him easily, but be careful if you're a melee class. When you've got the aura of red swirls, cube your charm to complete the trial. 
Thanks to Carpathian_Cookie for corrections 

[Class Charm] -> returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Fear) 

4.2 - Trial of Greed [pt42] 
Difficulty: Terror 
Location: Anywhere 

This trial is simple. Simply get 666,666 gold or more in your inventory (NOT in your stash!) If you don't have that kinda money, you can get it from farming the Uberlevel Island of the Sunless Sea (Drifter Cavern, Glacial Trail, Act 5), in all difficulties. Cube your charm to complete this trial. 
Thanks to Altair112 for additional info 

[Class Charm] -> returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Greed) 

4.3 - Trial of Contrition [pt43] 
Difficulty: Terror 
Location: Arreat Summit, Act 5 

In this trial, you have to kill Shaman King Koth. Go to the Arreat Summit (where the Ancients are). Summon King Koth and his minions using your book of summoning. This reminds a lot of the Level Challenge II. This time, you turn into Diablo instead. In my opinion, this is also a lot easier than the Level Challenge II. Shaman King Koth is immortal until all of his warrior minions are dead. Upon killing King Koth, you get the good old aura of red swirls. Cube your charm to complete this trial. 

[Class Charm] -> returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Contrition) 

4.4 - Trial of Knowledge [pt44] 
Difficulty: Terror 
Location: Fauztinville, Stony Tomb, level 2, Act 2 

This is where it starts to get hard. The goal is to collect five positronic brains of the robot bosses in the Fauztinville uberlevel, located at the second level of the Stony Tomb. Stony Tomb Level 1 is a heroic area, so be careful. You'd better have some fairly good equipment, or you might just get toasted in Fauztinville. Before you start, you need Blink or another teleport skill. The runewords Pax Mystica (Nef in a staff) and Raid (Thul in javelin) grants you charged Blink. Pax Mystica has more charges, though, so I suggest that one. Keep it on switch. Here's a map of Fauztinville: 

I did NOT make this map 

Fauztinville has 3 mobs. The Necrobots shoot projectiles at you, and are immune to physical. The Harpylisks also shoot projectiles, and are immune to magic and poison. The Neon Fiends are melee monsters, and immune to fire, ice and lightning. 
First get the Gamma brain (1). Right next to the entrance there's a secret passage. Blink over to where Gamma is, and kill it. Next is the Delta brain (4). Follow the map, and if you can't find the secret passage, try blinking over. Epsilon (3) and Alpha (5) are standing out in the open, but Beta is a little hidden. Try blinking around in that area, and you should find it. Once you have them all, go back to town and cube the brains with your class charm. 

[Class Charm] + Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta/Epsilon Brain -> returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Knowledge) 

4.5 - Trial of Blood [pt45] 
Difficulty: Terror 
Location: Tran Athulua, Halls of the Dead, level 3, Act 2 

This part is tricky. You have to kill Skovos and Lycander to receive the aura of red swirls. But the catch is, after you kill one of them, you only have 30 seconds to kill the other one! Woot. So, you'll have to lure them to eachother and kill them there. Bring your Pax Mystica or Raid for Blink. Philios doesn't matter in this trial, so feel free to kill her. Look at this map: 

I did NOT make this map 

- First, follow the yellow arrow to Lycander (don't do Skovos first), clearing your path of Amazon Warriors and killing Philios. 
- As you approach Lycander, be very careful so you don't accidentally kill him. However, if you can deal pure lightning damage, feel free to go on a killing spree without killing Lycander. The same goes for pure ice damage with skovos. Also, if you're a ranged class, you're not that likely to kill them that quickly. Lure Lycander with you to the point of the map where it says "Kill them here". 
- Blink over to the other side and leave Lycander there for now. 
- Go get Skovos, and lure him back there. 
- Kill Skovos, and Blink over to Lycander, and kill her as well. 
- If you did it right, you should have the aura of red swirls! Cube your charm. 
Thanks to stardragon12-1-8-27-57-52 for tips 

[Class Charm] -> returns [Class Charm] with note of completion (Blood) 

4.6 - Black Road Completion [pt46] 
Difficulty: Any 
Location: Anywhere 

If you've completed all five trials, buy 4x Victim's hearts and cube them with your class charm 

[Class Charm] + Victim's Heart x4 -> returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses 
+150 to Life 
+150 to Mana 
Unlocks your Black Road Challenge skill

Congratulations, you've completed the Black Road Challenge! 

5. - Minigames [sct5] 

Minigames are small sidequests you can do when you're bored in Terror Difficulty. They can be challenging, which is good. Don't wanna get bored, now, do we? There are four Minigames, of which two of them include the mysterious witches, which might just make you wanna throw your PC out of the window. But fear not, following this guide will help you a bunch! 

5.1 - Witch Queen [pt51] 
Difficulty: Terror 
Location: The Forgotten Tower, level 5 (Act 1, Black Marsh) 

Already in Hatred difficulty, you might have run into a few Witches. Does "You have been slain by disturbing dark spirit" ring any bells? Thought so. Anyway, as you might have noticed, they are indeed invulnerable. And they one-hit-kill you with their Pounce ability (teleporting onto the target and dealing damage), no matter how strong you are. So for this minigame, you need to be really careful and tactic. So, let's get started, shall we? 

Bring your Class Charm, along with an Eth rune. You also need "lolsummons". Why not regular summons? They follow you, while lolsummons stay at the spot you summoned them until they see an enemy. The witch is untargetable, and the lolsummons won't notice them. That makes the whole luring part easier. You get lolsummons from Mystic Orbs (*1 to Summon Daystar/Bane Monster/Shredder doesn't matter which one). Cube it with a ring or amulet, and keep both the summon and unsummon in your skill list. In Terror difficulty, go down to the Countess in the Forgotten Tower, Black Marsh. The witches spawn in Level 5 only. Look at this screenshot: 

I took this screenshot 

A) Summon a minion about so far from the witch. 
B) Keep your distance! 

- Make a row of lolsummons from the witch and to where you want to lure it. Run away and watch the witch pounce one after one. It is recommended to lure all the witches to the same spot. 
- Keep doing this to lure the witches out of the way. Remember, the Witch has a 3 second delay before it can pounce again. 
- Be careful and keep your distance. It can be very tricky to lure them out through a door, but keep trying and you will succeed! 
- When you're finally there, kill one of the Countess' minions to get an aura of red swirls. Watch out for the Countess' Deathstrike! Run away if you see white stuff on the ground. 
- Cube the Class Charm with the Eth rune to receive the reward. 
Thanks to Carpathian_Cookie for tips 

[Class Charm] + Eth Rune -> returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses 
Maximum Skill Level Increased by 1 

5.2 - Crowned [pt52] 
Difficulty: Terror 
Location: Tamoe Highland (Act 1), Rocky Waste (Act 2) or Frozen Tundra (Act 5) 

Witches can also be found in the wilderness. They lurk around in the Tamoe Highland, Rocky Waste and Frozen Tundra. Believe it or not, they have another purpose aside from wtfpouncing you randomly. They actually have a 15% chance of giving your character and minions a star effect if close enough. While you have this effect, a cube recipe will be activated. The problem is that while you have this effect, you might just get wtfpounced. Bring your Class Charm and a Thul rune. The star effect looks like this: 

aahz: I took this screenshot showing optimal distance from Witch (original screenshot by FazerMint

- Find a Witch. 
- Summon minions next to the witch to see if they get the star effect. 
- If not, create a town portal, go back to town and back to the witch again. 
- Repeat until you get the star effect (It shouldn't take more than 10 tries. If it does, you might want to make a new game). 
- Have the class charm and the Thul rune ready in the cube. 
- Summon a bunch of minions, and while the witch is busy pouncing them, run closer and quickly perform the cube recipe.
aahz: try summoning minions closer and closer to the Witch until you find exact distance, where star effect appears without startling the Witch and then move to this distance.

Thanks to cdawg0616 for tips 

[Class Charm] + Thul Rune -> returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses 
Maximum Skill Level Increased by 1 

5.3 - Mirror Mirror [pt53] 
Difficulty: Terror 
Location: Worldstone Chamber, Act 5 

Remember those Shardspawns than festered around Baal? In Terror difficulty, they have a 1% chance of giving you the ever so beloved aura of red swirls. So in theory, you have to kill 100 of them. So you might do a few Baalruns to complete this minigame. Oh, and bring a Lem rune to cube with your Class Charm. The Shardspawns hit hard and run fast like hell, so it might be difficult. You might wanna level up some more if you keep on dying, and come back later. 

[Class Charm] + Lem Rune -> returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses 
Maximum Skill Level Increased by 1 

6. - Enemy Tokens [sct6] 

Enemy Tokens are items dropped by certain monsters. It's a relaxing side quest that can be done both in Terror and Destruction difficulty. There are two kind of Enemy Tokens, the Act Boss Tokens and the Veteran Tokens. The Act Boss Tokens encourage you to do some of the original bosses from time to time, which can be nostalgic for some. The Veteran Tokens are aquired through seeking out the Veterans, monsters far more powerful than Elite monsters, and killing them. The rewards are nifty as well. 

6.1 - Act Boss Tokens [pt61] 
Difficulty: Terror / Destruction 
Location: All Act Bosses 

When you defeat an Act boss in Terror or Destruction difficulty, you receive an Act Boss Token. These are called Dogmas. Each Act Boss drops its own Dogma, at a high rate. You have to get one of each Dogma, plus two extra ones corresponding to one of the Prime Evils (Mephisto, Diablo or Baal). When you got enough Dogmas, you can cube them to create a Signet of Skill. This Signet grants you a free skill point, and can be used up to three times. 

AndarielDogma of Suffering 
DurielDogma of Pain 
MephistoDogma of Hatred 
DiabloDogma of Terror 
BaalDogma of Destruction 

Every Dogma Token x1 + Dogma of Hatred x2 OR Dogma of Terror x2 OR Dogma of Destruction x2 -> Signet of Skill 

6.2 - Veteran Tokens [pt62] 
Difficulty: Terror / Destruction 
Location: See list below 

Near the end of each Act, you can find Veteran monsters. They also drop tokens, called Evil Eyes. These monsters are even stronger than Elite monsters, and can quite possibly pose a challenge. They only spawn in certain areas, and they don't always spawn at all, so you might want to do some Veteran runs from time to time. 

Act 1Clawstorm Terror - Barracks, Jail Level 1-3 
Act 2Fairy Witch - Canyon of the Magi 
Act 3Glowing Blob - Travincal, Durance of Hate Level 1-2 
Act 4Landmass - City of the Damned, River of Flame 
Act 5Bane Hunter - Worldstone Keep Level 1-3 
Thanks to wiloudu78 for additional info 

Note: This list is incomplete. If you have an area to add, please tell me. Thanks! Smile

[Class Charm] + Every Evil Eye Token -> returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses 
+1 to [Your class] Skill Levels 
+20% to Experience Gained

7. Dragon Eggs [sct7] 

You've surely come across a Dragon Egg while playing through Median XL. You might have been wtfpwned, or you might have killed the Baalspawn, got the aura of red swirls without knowing what to cube. Fear not, I will elaborate! Baalspawn has a strong fire elemental spell, so beware. Oh, and this is repeatable. 

7.1 - Act 2 Dragon Eggs [pt71] 
Difficulty: Any 
Location: Desert Areas (Rocky Waste, Dry Hills, Far Oasis, Lost City, Valley of Snakes(?), Canyon of the Magi) 

Dragon Eggs spawn occasionally in the desert areas of Act 2. When you kill the Baalspawn that hatches out of it, you have 30 seconds to reroll a rare item as many times as you want. This is like the Reroll Rare Item recipe, but when killing the Act 2 Baalspawn, you don't have to waste runes. And you can do it unlimited times for 30 seconds. So keep going until you get the stats you're looking for! 

Rare item + town portal scroll -> reroll item as rare + town portal scroll 

Maximum character level to do recipes 
Hatred: level 60 
Terror: level 100 
Destruction: unlimited

Item level of output item 
Hatred: level 40 
Terror: level 80 
Destruction: level 99

7.2 - Act 3 Dragon Eggs [pt72] 
Difficulty: Any 
Location: Jungle Areas (Spider Forest, Great Marsh, Flayer Jungle) 

Dragon Eggs also spawn in the jungle areas of Act 3. The Baalspawn is the same, but the recipe you can do is different. This time you can reroll the item randomly, only keeping the item tier and type. This could get you a nice tiered Unique, or a socketed item fit for runewords. It's the same as the Chaos Reroll recipe, but by killing the Baalspawn you don't have to waste jewels. You got 30 seconds to reroll the item after killing the Baalspawn, so spam the transmute button! Wait, give yourself one nanosecond to check if it's good or not. 
Note: You can not get Sacred Uniques or Set items, because while the item level of sacred sets/uniques is 121, the item level of all output items will be up to 99 (see below). 
Thanks to Erkal for corrections 

Any item + identify scroll -> reroll item randomly + identify scroll 

Maximum character level to do recipes 
Hatred: level 60 
Terror: level 100 
Destruction: unlimited

Item level of output item 
Hatred: level 50 
Terror: level 80 
Destruction: level 99

8. Frequently Asked Questions [sct8] 

All of the questions posted in this thread will be compiled and answered in this section. I will update it regularly. Feel free to PM questions to me as well, I do not mention names. 

Q: I exceeded the maximum level of a challenge, what do I do? 
A: You can always create a new character, do the challenge twice and transfer the charm to the character you want it on. (Assuming you have PlugY

Q: For some reason, I don't get the red swirls after killing [insert boss] 
A: Check list: 
[] Correct Difficulty 
[] Character Level is under the requirement (if any) 
[] You're not too far away (Not sure about this, I did experience not getting the swirls from an off screen kill... but it could be me) 

Q: I'm too weak for [insert challenge], how can I get help? 
A: If you ask in the Madhouse section, someone will probably help you, given you have the same versions.

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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by aahz on Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:26 pm

I didn't create this guide (all credits goes to FazerMint), I only recovered it from lost forum because I think it has many usefull information for new Median XL players.
Anyway since FazerMint isn't active on this forum, if you have any suggestions what to add/change (any1 wants to write about LC0 ? Smile ) you can PM me...
You can download this guide inf PDF format: Challenges-A_beginners_guide.pdf (2.6MB)
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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by MarcoNecroX on Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:00 pm

@aahz wrote:I didn't create this guide (all credits goes to FazerMint), I only recovered it from lost forum because I think it has many usefull information for new Median XL players.
Anyway since FazerMint isn't active on this forum, if you have any suggestions what to add/change (any1 wants to write about LC0 ? Smile ) you can PM me...
You can download this guide inf PDF format: Challenges-A_beginners_guide.pdf (2.6MB)

well done, + cookie for you Cool

LC0 doesn't require a strategy. Pretty much, that's the point of the uber. Run clockwise and that's it.
Of course there are cheesing methods like any other ubers, where you don't get targeted by the beam, yet he sees you and doesn't die.

I seen it on star404's lets play video, found it kinda lame considering how easy the uber is. But well..

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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by Therian on Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:27 am

Has "They have windows in Hell" been removed? I can't find it but your FAQ makes a reference to it still. I just wanted to make sure I don't miss anything. Thank you for the guide btw Smile


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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by aahz on Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:27 am

@Therian: yes, it has been removed...I forgot to remove it from FAQ
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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by stoya on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:41 am

awesome job - cookie bro...

well hope players read more this guide and less ask stupid questions around Smile

do some research LOL
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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by Marquise on Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:16 am

Wasnt there a minigame at Act 4 PLains Of Despair ? (Mirrors)
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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by Myr on Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:15 am

@Marquise wrote:Wasnt there a minigame at Act 4 PLains Of Despair ? (Mirrors)

read the 3 posts before yours.
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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by soundee on Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:53 am

7.1 - Act 2 Dragon Eggs [pt71]
Difficulty: Any
Location: Desert Areas (Rocky Waste, Dry Hills, Far Oasis, Lost City, Valley of Snakes(?), Canyon of the Magi)

errr 99% sure dragon eggs dont spawn here... tal rasha only isnt it?
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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

Post by Kato on Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:59 pm

I'm pretty sure the Class Charm (after cubing with a jewel) also has the basic/standard mod:

Maximum Skill Level Increased by 1

And then completing all 3 mini-games will bring it up to Max Skill Level increased by 4.

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Re: [2012] Challenges: A beginner's guide

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