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Post by horizon21 on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:37 pm

So I got my arse kicked in k3ba with my poor Kicksterter Sin and I went back to the good ol' times when there was a Judge Assassin and an Immortal Barb. Due to a streak of luck, I found Medain 2008 v1.57 along with its documentation. Man, runewords actually take a few runes to make! How cool is that? And I can't wait for lvl 17!!! Dat judge claw!

Anyway bubble of excitement burst. Time to dig in M2008!

EDIT: Does anyone remember if there was an offline tool for M2008? Or is the only thing I can use to respec "plugy" (which I cannot get to work :S)?

EDIT2: I dug up my old M2k8 character saves. Just... lol. and facepalm. The most common stat on the melee characters is "to-all-skills". I am so glad I have grown up Very Happy

EDIT3: My thirst for M2k8 is officially quenched... for the moment. Back to Ultimative...

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