No love for The Secret World?

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No love for The Secret World?

Post by ActionHank on Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:01 pm

Hey guys and gals, Hank here.

I've been playing this game since it got released and it had me by the balls from the moment I booted it up.

Funny and well written dialogue, a bitchin' lovecraftian story and very interesting quests. I don't play any sort of MMO, but I made an exception for this. It is, however, a very niche game. It's very story driven and a cult game from the get-go for people who're really into cosmic-horror, cult movies and dark humor. I also really love the investigation quests, that can be challenging but very rewarding.

Any folks here who play/played the game? If not, check it out, bro's!

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