[XI] Elemental Druid

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[XI] Elemental Druid

Post by Spartachris on Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:39 am

[XI] Elemental Druid

Work in progress. Could use any criticism or additions you guys have. Very Happy

Update Dec 16:
Hope this guide helped people over the past few months. I've made a few tweaks and added a very rudimentary later gear section.

Update Aug 26:
Thanks to everyone who contributed useful info. Clap Clap The ubers section has a couple options now. The only thing left is the end-game gear section.
Despite what other people might think, I think this guide really brought out some of the best in the community. People worked together to add to a guide to help a lot of players. ^^
If you want to help, any comments about end-game gear and opinions on the ubers strategies would be good. Thanks.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Pros/Cons
  • Stats
  • Skills
  • Early Gear
  • Later Gear
  • Challenges
  • Uberquests
  • Other Sources


The Elemental Druid is the most popular build in Median XL at the moment (beginning of the ladder season) for its untwinked capabilities. In Ultimative v1-v5, Druids got extra Elementals and Hunting Banshees as well as a huge buff to Acid Fiends making them affect spell damage instead of just poison damage. In Ultimative v6d, Druids got a buff to their movement speed (upped to 50% frw base), life/level, life/vitality, and damage. Their new raw power makes them one of the strongest untwinked builds in Median XL Ultimative XI.

This build plays a lot like a sorceress in cLoD. You attack and move extremely fast but can die to literally a fly. Elemental Druids have access to three elements and about 5 useful offensive spells. They get Acid Fiends, which tank, damage, and buff your damage. Elemental Druids also get a spell that lowers resists (and can remove immunities) in the area, a spell that consumes all corpses around you to heal you, and various spells that charm enemies.



  1. Strong untwinked
  2. Very high damage
  3. Very fast attacking and moving
  4. Shoot through walls
  5. Minions
  6. Many skill options
  7. Strong team buff


  1. Squishy
  2. Can be difficult to play
  3. Can hit frame limit
  4. Weak to lag


Strengthenough for gear
65 life + 30 life/level + 2 life/vitality (3665 base life at level 120)
* The documentation for this is incorrect. These are the correct values.

Unlike cLoD, Median XL uses a smarter method of determining whether you can equip all the items on your corpse. It will equip whatever it can, and use that equipment to equip the gear you couldn't before. (On the other hand, cLoD has a predetermined order of picking up the items.) So you don't have to worry much about what "enough for gear" means. Very Happy

Yeah, we can attack 5 times a second eventually. Very Happy



Elemental TreePoison TreeSpecial Tree
1 or smax
Poison Flash
Force of Nature
0 or 1
Hunting Banshee
Faerie Fire
0 or 1
Pagan Rites
Plague Avatar
1 or smax
0 or 1
Rain of Fire
0 or 1
1 or smax
Freezing Gale
0 or 1 or smax
Summon Acid Fiends
1 or smax
Skill Choice Thought Process

  1. First, one point every skill here (besides our uber skill choice). Rain of Fire and Freezing Gale might not be necessary.
  2. Next, smax Summon Acid Fiends and Poison Flash. They are staple because every variant can make good use of Acid Fiends.
  3. Definitely smax Hunting Banshee. It's probably the best of the offensive spells since it just has so much utility. The others kind of cover the same situations but Hunting Banshee is unique.
  4. From here, the variants begin. I chose to smax Elemental. It gives the Elemental Druid that quick attack that synergizes with the fast playstyle. Plague Avatar is also a good choice. Offensively, it has a bit of lag but is extremely powerful. It's also a synergy to Acid Fiends, giving them way more damage. I don't use it because it can hit the frame limit too easily. Freezing Gale is a common choice. With Freezing Gale, you only have to stack cold items, making itemization a lot easier/better.
  5. Surprisingly, all of the uberskills are useful for us. Force of Nature gives MOAR DMG. Faerie Fire gives some much needed durability through dodge. Tremor sets up screen wipes well, especially effective in teams.
  6. The leftover points can go to other offensive skills or special skills such as Goodberry and Lifeshield.

Early Gear

WeaponTU Flamen Staff
Tier 6
Two-Hand Damage: 53 to 65
Durability: 77
(Druid Only)
Required Strength: 138
Required Level: 55
+(3 to 6) to Druid Skill Levels
+(36 to 40)% Bonus Elemental Damage to Mark of the Wild
(71 to 80)% Duration Bonus to Mark of the Wild
+(21 to 24) to Charm
-(36 to 40)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(36 to 40)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
Fire Resist +(61 to 70)%
Lightning Resist +(61 to 70)%
Poison Resist +(61 to 70)%
Socketed: 4
Body ArmorTU Scale Mail
Tier 6
Defense: (1756-3395)
Durability: 57
Required Strength: 276
Required Level: 47
+(66 to 75)% Bonus Elemental Damage to Mark of the Wild
-(18 to 20)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(18 to 20)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(18 to 20)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+(216 to 250)% Enhanced Defense
Increase Maximum Life (18 to 20)%
Fire Resist (-18 to -20)%
Poison Resist +(46 to 50)%
Socketed: 6
HelmTU Hawk Helm
Tier 6
Defense: (683-942)
Durability: 37
(Druid Only)
Required Strength: 238
Required Level: 48
1% CtC lvl 29 Chronofield when you Take Damage
15% Faster Cast Rate
+(31 to 35)% to Fire Spell Damage
+(31 to 35)% to Cold Spell Damage
+(31 to 35)% to Poison Spell Damage
+(131 to 150)% Enhanced Defense
Fire Resist +(36 to 40)%
Cold Resist +(36 to 40)%
Poison Resist +(36 to 40)%
+(66 to 75) Mana after each Kill
Socketed: 4
BeltTU Belt
Tier 6
Defense: (1044-1390)
Durability: 43
Required Strength: 288
Required Level: 48
30% Faster Cast Rate
+(27 to 30)% to Fire Spell Damage
+(27 to 30)% to Lightning Spell Damage
+(27 to 30)% to Cold Spell Damage
+(131 to 150)% Enhanced Defense
+(36 to 40) to Energy
All Resists +(18 to 20)%
Magic Damage Reduced by (18 to 20)
Socketed: 2
RingsRare +1 to All Skills
AmuletRare +3-4 to All Skills
SocketsResist Gems: Bloodstone, Onyx, Amber, Turquoise
Mystic Orbsall resist, individual resist, -enemy resist, +element damage
Before TU's:
Any staff gives us the great Druid cast rate. The Nef runeword gives +1 to All Skills as well as Blink. Secret Jewel Bonus items are amazing up until about mid Hatred. From there, it should be easy to farm up to TU's. Tal Runes give nice overall stats and are very easy to obtain.

For Arcane Crystals:
Hatred Andariel. She gets wrecked by Elemental.
Then Normal Nihlathak. He gets neutered by Pagan Rites.

For Gold:
Buy a socketed throwing weapon, put a rune in it, and sell it. Value is mostly based on the rune.

For Farming:
Lum Runes work really well on Elemental Druids if you can spare the max resist.

Later Gear

WeaponLone Wolf or Craft
Body ArmorLone Wolf or Craft
HelmLone Wolf or Craft
GlovesLone Wolf or Craft
BootsLone Wolf or Craft
RingsRare or Preferred SU
AmuletRare or Preferred SU
SocketsI personally still like +max resist gems
Mystic Orbs-enemy resist, +elemental damage, whatever else not covered in gear


Level Challenge 0

We are the best at this challenge.

  1. Make the charm by cubing the statue with a health pot.
  2. Get any staff from Akara with Signets of Gold.
  3. Start clearing an area in Blood Moor
  4. Get 2 in Elemental. Rest doesn't matter.
  5. Summon and own with Elemental

Farming Level Challenge 0

Secret Jewel Bonus is op at this level. You can use the gold from the challenge to gamble jewels.

There are about ~218 options for the reanimate. The best are:

  • Destroyer Shaman: gives Demon Blood Aura: life, life regen
  • Succubus / Siren / Hellspawn / Snow Witch / Soul Burner: casts Lower Resist on death
  • Moon Knight / Pit Knight: occasionally casts Dark Power (buff): enhanced damage & crushing blow
  • Bronze Titan / Silver Titan / Gold Titan: big fatties that tank

Level Challenge 1

Casters are particularly weak at this challenge but it is still easily doable. I recommend grabbing just the lightning part at level 50. The extra 10 levels help a lot in securing the other two.

  • Pick up early game gear. Focus on body armor because it is the most useful early on.
  • Pick up an Act 3 Abjurer merc.
  • You can skip the other two and reach the lightning Amazon by blinking into the side path near the entrance.
  • Lure Amazons out in small groups.
  • Check areas in front of you with Plague Avatar + Banshee + Elemental.

Level Challenge 2

Your build should already have 2 Honorifics. You can add another if you still need resist. This one is pretty easy since casters are very strong at it. Roughly the same strategy as before.

  • Summon in a corner away from the entrance to give yourself more space to make pulling mobs easier.
  • Pull 1-3 at a time depending on your ability to kill them safely.
  • Eventually, Tal Rasha should be either pulled by himself or with only a few other casters. You can make use of Lost City for more room to run and dodge.


lastxresort's uber post
Please give this guy a cookie if you like his addition. ^^ Will work on this more later.

@lastxresort wrote:Shouldn't die on these ubers.
Creature of Flame: Easy if you are familiar with the uber, if you are really new then look up a video for it. H Banshee takes it down so quick.
Infernal Machine: Easy if you are familiar with the uber, if you are really new then look up a video for it. H Banshee takes it down so quick.
Death Projector: Easy if you are familiar with the uber, if you are really new then look up a video for it. H Banshee takes it down so quick.
The Butcher: Easy just don't summon to many Acid Fiends since you need to lure him to the pentagram.
The Binding of Baal: Easy
Assault on Mount Arreat: Easy
Act 3 Sewers lvl 1: Easy acid fiends take the hits for you so you don't even have to doge.
Island of the Sunless Sea: Easy just take it slow and pull mobs when they get invulnerable at Lucion.
Khalimgrad: Easy you have the damage and the meat shields to not get swarmed and kill the avatars.
Quov Tsin: Stack 450 fire/light/cold res 92% max for them (you get 92% with gems easy) and dodge his poison. Your life regen from berry will counter his damage(had 10% absorb from a charm so that may change things for you) You won't die unless you get stuck in hit recovery animation and he lands poison on you.

Ubers below this you may die on depending on mob spawns or the path you take but they arn't bad. Not in any particular order
Fauztinville: Easy but slow i specced into Poison Avatar instead of elemntals for this and used it when mythal was on on cool down.
Azmodan: Tricky because you have to rush one of the corners and find where the monsters lose their immunity, as long as you can do that without dieing its easy. May take a few tries and you may have to use elementals depending on how many mobs you kill before pulling Azmodan.
Rathma Square: Tricky, the dogs die to an elemental. Blade storm will kill you though, may take a few tries but easy
Cathedral of Vanity: Try and get Inarius into the spawn room then blink over and kill the Crystal ball it dies really fast (i used poison avatar but elementals should be ok) after that its easy. For Inarius keep your distance or move if he spawns fortress near you.
Inarius' Revenge: Dodge the Deathstrike  and its not a problem.
Toraja; Time consuming since we dont have any way to stun the mobs and the Edreyms die to fast. I wouldn' farm for runes with this build and starter items but you can get the charm.
Akarat: They die fast enough but hammers can kill you, got the charm haven't farmed it yet for a better one or the trophy.
Lord Aldric Jitan: Fortress will kill you. Don;t spawn him in the room, too little space.
Legacy of Blood: I died got my body killled him, died again and got the charm, Wouldn't farm it but doable for charm.
Kurast 3000 BA : Not sure where to place this really. Full clears are out unless you spec into poison avatar, killig the bottom right Necro is doable.
Tran Athulua: They can kill you but you kill them faster.
Judgment Day: Hate this one keep trying
Duncraig : Slow, Barrels will kill you. It will happen. As for the boss stack 450 fire res and 95max fire and hes a joke (after you get the ring of course)
Bull Prince Rodeo: Spam haunting banshee and hope he dies. You will die a lot but its doable.

Don't be discouraged if you die and don't get angry They are doable and after you do it once successfully you can repeat it much easier.

Chrysaor: Couldn't do it. Damage wasn't enough and he would kill me. (Not even sure how).
Haven't tried the rest

As for mo's i went for -100 enemy fire and cold (i don't use acid fiends for damage and i only used poison avatar twice, both times its wasn't even really necessary).
Next is 75 minion res. Not sure about this one, acid fiends die anyway maybe they just die slower now no idea. Thoughts?
The rest of the space for fire or cold spell damage ( I went for cold)
Also if you are doing any immunity shield boss -200 cold res helps.
traprat's uber post
Warning: Not for the lactose intolerant. Laughing 
Again, please give this guy a cookie if you liked it.

@Traprat wrote:honestly ur ubersection is poor.

Ghosts of old Bremmtown: Use max Elemental with whole set, spam Edyrems in front and kill shit with elemental. when near dragon hbanshee.

Cathedral: Easy as pie. just max poison avatar, craft poison dmg gear and port behind the pillar near entrance - use jitan or nef staff^^ then just mo rrnd rings with poison duration and kill ball. if u die, never release corps. repeat if it doesnt go down the first time or just get more psn dmg. after ball is down, hbanshee the rest.

Azmodan: easy as pie. port to mainroom and just use poison avatar on him till he dies. should  go quick, dont release corps as long as he is poisened, use edyrems too.

judgement day: easy as pie, just get a sorc buddy with ice eles and specc full energy. u spam banshees ur buddy spams ice eles or stones, depends on him. try to seperate them before u do it, simply by summoning them near entrance to jail lvl 3. when they port onto u, go down :)if king is above ( the one who summons avators with on hit chance, he got shoulder pads btw.) tp and wp to inner cloister.

Rathma: go inside, spam banshees and gg. rathma wont even come near u. just tp if blades are coming^^

bartucs: spam poison avatar, summon him, w8 till he gets dmged and go outside. return with full army and spam poison avatar again^^ easy job.

infernal mashine: tricky or easy, depends on ur luck. if poison immun tricky, if not poison avatar on his head. try to port near it with summons btw.

akarat: summon him in black road building, go outside behind the wall and abuse banshee?

jitan: summon him inside the house, abuse banshee from outside gg.

king koth and tal rasha : u got the trick ? Very Happy

bonepile: switch to traprat, get maxblock, 500k def and use fairy fire ubersk. on the narrow road just tp and port. tp is ready port, running and tp again. get a buddy when near king, he makes portal like u, if u get killed by spiral after death Very Happy

vizjun: traprat again, just use ammy with doom procc, black razor dagger or that su with glacial nova. rush to ms and purify him. may take some tries. get 100% uninterruptable attack !!!! and wolfstance by using 2pieces of commy set btw like u should do for bonepile aswell.

demonsbane: abuse one ring with lolsummon daystars, leftclick summon them on him rightclick puri him till he cries.

marco necro: get sorc buddy with ide eles, u spam banshee he spams summons:D

crysaor: use banshee? from behind, near entrance. abuse it, abuse it boy !

astrogha: clear whole level, summon her in a small room run out and spam hbanshee. use elementals to kill darklings and spam hbanshee. get lone wulf set for this, that will onehot her with banshee.

quov tsin: medium - because u will die sometimes. just use one or two summons, stay behind walls and kill him with banshee. for gods sake use ur lone wolf set too :)summon ur little acid fiends to check where he is...

hope it helps all of u Smile

For my reference
alpha centaur - Colosseum
lizard king & basilisk - Spell Bind
Ulfedhins - Mark of the Wild
Mountain God - Tremor
unseelie lady - burning veil, ecstatic frenzy
void archon - warp field (aura): reduces enemy damage by 25%, reduces enemy attack speed

Other Sources

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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

Post by RollsRoyce on Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:18 am

nice!! add unseelie lady/void archon to good elite mobs and maybe gold silver bronze titan to regular
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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

Post by Spartachris on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:24 pm

Added. If I'm gonna put Pit Knight, I might as well add those too. XD

There's a weird glitch with line breaks in between tables and my headers, where it eats up the line breaks I add. Added random .'s to stop it.
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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

Post by RollsRoyce on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:27 pm

sorry for constantly spamming but i think a good guide always needs input Very Happy, how about some ral or thul runes as socket fillers ?
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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

Post by sg7 on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:44 pm

Nice job and what you mean with [XI] ?

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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

Post by wojen616 on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:48 pm

@sg7 wrote: what you mean with [XI] ?
It's a Median version tag. XI means hotfixed Ultimative X. (current live version)

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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

Post by Spartachris on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:53 pm

I think Ral/Thul aren't too great. Worth ~5 MO's each while gems are worth ~3 MO's each + the max res which is much better. I'll add some other options though.

No worries btw. I like comments. Very Happy
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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

Post by Arc_Razer on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:58 pm

 Nice job, keep it updated Smile have a cookie Mmm, Tasty 

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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

Post by Spartachris on Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:24 pm

Totally hit quote instead of edit.

Thanks! Very Happy
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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

Post by RollsRoyce on Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:35 pm

as long as you add crafts in your endgame section im happy Very Happy
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Re: [XI] Elemental Druid

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