Marvel Heroes

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Marvel Heroes

Post by KowPlow002 on Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:52 am

Has anybody here played Marvel Heroes? How did you like the game? Any criticism or praise?

I just started playing about a week ago and I'm enjoying it. I'm playing very casually and I haven't hit the endgame so I can't really critique it fully. But it's been quite fun. especially for a player of my kind who likes to soak up all the novelty of a game and not care so much about competition, balance, or endgame.

-Don't have to worry about wasting points on lower level skills because +skill and skill granting items are so abundant you can get by using those until high lvls
-A good balance between indicating on the minimap where you need to go and offering side areas if you want to look for extra treasure and xp
-Free to play
-The Marvel characters and universe provide fun, colorful characters (compare to how identity-less Path of Exile characters are)
-Partying is automatic in some conditions so you don't have to worry about that

-Pay to win. As a casual player I don't care about this, but I'm sure others do
-The stash is quite small, which forces you to buy stash space with real money. Could easily have given players 4x stash starting space but they didn't to put the squeeze on us
-Choosing skills is less interesting than D2 with synergies or Path of Exile's crazy combinations
-Crafting could be better. A "Craft All" sort of button would be great to save time.
-I hear the end game is a boring grind (2nd hand opinion)

How about you? Also who is your favorite hero?


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Re: Marvel Heroes

Post by iwansquall on Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:33 am

Are we talking about hack&slash mmorpg thingy or the one that have similar map with LoL's dominions?

Havent played them both, but d2 clone was terrible and LoL clone kinda ok-ish.
I watched already on various video on youtube.
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