[MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

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[MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by Arc_Razer on Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:33 pm

MXL:U - The FrostBurner
Holy Paladin Caster
By Arc Razer

An often over looked caster as everyone (except maybe stoya and marco) seem to regard it as weak. This guide will explain how to build a competent Holy Caster (abbreviation HC is Holy Caster (NOT Hardcore)) using most of the holy caster side of the tree as well as some skills from the melee side too, as will be explained later.

Rapid destruction of large Mobs
Good single target shredding ability
Armoured like a tank
Revenants to fill gaps
Eye candy

Only 7fps cast (not using morphs)
Runs out of mana very quickly
Requires use of resonance (although it wont kill you if it expires)
Hits sprite limit easily

Stat Placement
Strength- Everything, the reasoning behind this is three fold,
1. One of our main skills damage is calculated of the base amount of strength
2. Equip all gear easily (except some shields)
3. One of our other skills converts 25% of base strength in vita
(1000 pts in strength = 250 pts in vita)

Dexterity, Vitality, Energy – Did you read the above? ^^

Skill Layout

Skillplan Frost Burner (Paladin, 2012 v005)]Holy Caster Pally

Neutral tree
5 points in Rapture to increase duration
1 Point in Sacred Armour, comes in handy from time to time

Holy Melee Tree
25 points Merkabah, this gives you 100% crit chance, which (if you followed the stat placement) gives you 25k magic damage around you every second, double that number if you have eaten 500 signets of learning too
1 Point Lion Heart, speaks for itself really, HUGE TCD bonus and gives you 25% of your strength as Vitality

Holy Caster Tree
28 Points in Blazing Glory, Mana regeneration, -% enemy fire resist (you wont need items or MOs for – fire resist) and periodically blasts out a fire nova that hurts and knocks back enemies. Nuff said
27 Points Rim stones, our single target and mop up skill, more points = more damage and more duration of blazing glory.
26 Point Winter Storm, Our main skill for destruction, great against mobs, crap at single targets (just like cascade) make sure you are under the resonance bonus before casting or youll be wasting mana as this skill eats mana like the cookie monster eats cookies

Uber tree
1 point Resurrect , our meat shields and utility ability one single point is all that is needed
1 point Divine apparition, don’t need more
14 points Blessed life, probably wont need this many here just put in enough to reach -50%DR cap

In this section I will be listing some option for gearing your character, THIS LIST IS BY NO MEANS DEFINATIVE. Feel free to play around to find what suits you best, suggestions are always welcome.
Early-Mid game Equipment
Level 15
+1 to All Skills
+(31 to 60)% Enhanced damage
+(11 to 15) to Maximum Damage
Fire Resist +(21 to 40)%
Cold Resist +(21 to 40)%
Attacker Takes Fire Damage of (21 to 25)
Attacker Takes Cold Damage of (21 to 25)

Early +skill and resists not much else, cheap though and if you can get a double MO sceptre LaK will give you plenty of sustain

Lumen Arcana
Level 15
Body Armors
+1 to All Skills
-(6 to 15)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(6 to 15)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(6 to 15)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(6 to 15)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+(46 to 75)% Enhanced Defense
+2 to Light Radius

Again a nice cheap option, skills some EDef and – enemy resists to help you along. If you find yourself an abundance of Arcane crystals up tier some ancient or full plate armour, lucky it and MO more EDef it will last for quite a while

You can get something like this in Hatred, get a rare T3 armor in K3BA (lvl60) re-roll until +2 skills and %defense (renewal potions are your friends!) cube with three arcane crystals to t6 it (check your strength) and cube at least 1 ED MO with it, this is important as ED is not correctly applied during up tier so when you MO it it re calculates it and seems work it out properly.
Aerin Orbiter (Belt)
Tier 1
Defense: (70-111)
Durability: 43
Required Strength: 45
Required Level: 5
5% Faster Cast Rate
+(7 to 10)% to Fire Spell Damage
+(7 to 10)% to Lightning Spell Damage
+(7 to 10)% to Cold Spell Damage
+(31 to 50)% Enhanced Defense
+(11 to 15) to Energy
All Resists +(3 to 5)%
Magic Damage Reduced by (3 to 5)
Socketed: 1

What needs to be said? A solid all round casters belt.


Lionpaw (Chain Boots)

Tier 1                                                                          
Defense: (39-66)
Durability: 55
Required Strength: 44
Required Level: 4
+(31 to 50)% Enhanced Defense
+(7 to 10) to all Attributes
+(31 to 50) to Life
+(31 to 50) to Mana
Total Character Defense Plus (3 to 5)%
(41 to 75)% Extra Gold from Monsters
Socketed: 1
Everyones fave, extra stats will help you equip your shield

Level 23
Paladin Helms
25% Chance to cast level 7 Lightning Wall on Attack
+1 to Paladin Skill Levels
+5% to Lightning Spell Damage
+5% to Cold Spell Damage
+(21 to 25) to Strength
+(21 to 25) to Energy
+(21 to 25) to Dexterity
Replenish Life +(11 to 15)

Spell damage, skill, and stats good low level too. Do this in a T6 hat and MO defence

Shadowmoon (Crown Shield)
Tier 1
Defense: (133-319)
Durability: 77
(Paladin Only)
Required Dexterity: 43
Required Level: 10
5% Increased Attack Speed
5% Faster Cast Rate
+(7 to 10)% to Lightning Spell Damage
+(7 to 10)% to Cold Spell Damage
+(7 to 10)% to Poison Spell Damage
+(8 to 10)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+(31 to 60)% Enhanced Defense
Cold Absorb (3 to 5)%
Lightning Absorb (3 to 5)%
Fire Absorb (3 to 5)%
Socketed: 2

Spell damage, cast rate, defence and absorb the only issue is dex to equip, but with other items you should be able to equip a T4 with no probs

Honorific until you can equip these
Level 45
33% Chance to cast level 6 Fire Splash when you Kill an Enemy
+2 to All Skills
-214 Defense
+10% to Maximum Fire Resist
Fire Resist +31%
Level 2 Possess (124 Charges)

Rings- dragon roll a pair of rare +skill rings, feel free to keep rerolling until luck bonus works
Teganze Pendant
+1 to All Skills
+(16 to 20)% to Fire Spell Damage
+(16 to 20)% to Lightning Spell Damage
+(16 to 20)% to Cold Spell Damage
Increase Maximum Life (11 to 15)%
Increase Maximum Mana (21 to 30)%
All Resists +10%
+100 Mana after each Kill

If you can lucky this for +2 skills, it will keep you sitting pretty for a very long time. The MaK is almost mandatory when you hit 120 as your COrb is now useless

Late-End game Equipment

Here is what i have used, currently using late game or has been suggested by someone. These are just some of the possibilities (If no pictures yet them am probably using something from the above list


Rolls Royce wrote:if you want you can use this armor in your guide its a quite okayish craft http://www.medianxl.com/viewimage.forum?u=http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/6261/qhbn.jpg

A nice craft from Rolls here (had to link as image was just appearing as red cross)

Ring 1

Ring 2


Resonance This is an important aspect of the holy caster and needs to be got to grips with at an early level. Only Two spells in your arsenal grant it (Brimstone and Rising dawn) the later gives a longer buff but is rather unpredictable. Brimstone however is easy to control gives you single target capabilities, just remember to cast it frequently at your feet (keeps them warm too Cyclops ). it is easy to see when resonance is active:

Not Active:

Notice the gold aura?  (i did not have any other buffs on at that point to make it clear).
Resonance also gives a 50% increase in your defense while active, this bonus is multiplicative and applies to your TCD! (on a small side note it also converts 50% of energy into strength, but using Merkabah requires hard points for damage and if you lose resonance at a bad time with full energy you will die) and allows winterstorm to target every enemy in 16.6 yards (almost anything on screen)

Gold Gold is your friend later in the game as the passive of winter storm is a spell damage boost depending on how much gold you are carrying (on your Person NOT in stash) it works like the defense bonus of resonance and is multiplicative with conventional spell damage* (someone please correct if i am wrong). It is not worth bothering with early on as it only adds a few hundred damage, but later as you spell damage and level increases it adds well over 10k. Keep a few (about 6) mid end runes handy if you die and have to S&E to recover your corpse you gold will be lacking, buy some socketed throwing weapons and put one rune in each stack, the rune value is applied to each individual one so a stack of 100 = 100*rune value + weapon value which is generally 250000k gold (cap)

Revenants Revenants are your friends, they can make excellent meat shields, buff you and your party, or cause chaos with the amount of damage they can spit out. Unlike reanimates, which are soley meat shields, these guys can fill any roll you want them too. The best ones are a matter of personal choice and how you play, but generally the ranking of quality goes like this:

Regular monster<Elite=Heroic<some Uber level monsters = Minions of SU monster
Below is a list of the ones i like to play with with a few pros and cons (and where to get them):

Act1 Cold Plains- SnotSpills mob

Pros- Fast, good damage, can tank pretty well
Cons- No cc, Physical only damage

Act1 Tamoe Highlands- Warforge Shaman

Pros- tanky, good AoE damage
Cons- They dont move much and can get left behind (and dissapear), so much easier to hit sprite limit with Multiple maelstroms

Act2 Rocky waste, Dry hills- Grubbers

Pros- Very Tanky, good Physical and poison damage
Cons- None

Act2 Heroic level (rocky waste)

Pros- Lots of choice in here (too many to list) Tanky Monsters
Cons- There are better choices around

Act2 Fauztinville

Pros- Hardliners make excellant tanks and have good CC ability, Harpylisks can do good damage
Cons- Cant resurrect Necro bots Crying or Very sad 

Act 2 Valley of the snakes- Tal Rasha Summoning Uber quest

Pros- Very good Elemental damage
Cons- Getting them can be a pain in the ass if Tal hits you with his invisible elemental swarm

Act2 Tran Athulua

Pros- Amazons, with their pain in the ass Guided arrow and CB, why not have 5 of them yourself Very Happy (your own personal Hareem Laughing )
Cons- No immunities and they never seem to target what you want.

Act 3 Kurast bazzar, upper Kurast, TravincalManglers

Pros- Fantastic damage, uses storm crows
Cons- getting them can be difficult from time to time

Act 3 Lower KurastDjinn

Pros- Great CC ability (teleport on hit) immolation bomb.
Cons- can make targeting a pain, sprite limit!

Act 3 Jungle areasOnyx Knight

Pros- Good damage, uses shock flower, adds an element you dont have, fast
Cons- None i can think of

Act 4 variable (mainly river of flame)Mutilators

Pros- good damage, huge AoE
Cons- Their AoE has ND so if they all fire at the same target AoE gets gimped a little

Act 4 Diablo SanctuaryHorned Leviathon

Pros- Great CC and good damage
Cons- getting them can be difficult from time to time as they dont always spawn

Act 5 Fridged highlandsPlagued dead Archer

Pros- Found right by the first way point, DRAGON FORCE !!!!
Cons- Not very tanky by revenant standards, can only get once without S&E

Act 5 outdoor areasGrizzly Giant

Pros- Nearly immortal, poison immune
Cons- only seem to come in packs of three and not very common

Act 5 most placesStone Hammer Demon

Pros- Ouch these things hurt, SoR over and over
Cons- for some reason they just randomly seem to die every now and again?

Act 5 cavesIfrit

Pros- Djinns electric brother
Cons- same as djinn

Act 5 cavesTrap rat

Pros- Do i really need to write anything here about them (they had their own thread) ?
Cons- ^^

Uber Quests
Key: Easy, Medium, Hard, Harder than a diamond tipped hard thing

1. The Butcher Heres your first forray in destruction Ubering, and an easy one for you too boot. Its all about your technique (Very Happy Thats what she said!! Very Happy ). Get yourself 5 reanimates, anything it really doesnt matter, preceed hero into the butchers hole (NOT like that, to anyone with a dirty mind), Kill the statue, summon him and step back so your minions get targeted first, let him wail away at them until a pentagram appears on the floor (he has a ctc it on striking ), now use your Divine apparition to tele BEHIND it, now when he rushes you and your minions and they him, they meet in the pentagram (if you tele into it they generally meet outside it) His resists are now down, Turn his ass into crispy bacon with brimstone and collect the charm.

2.The Infernal Machine  Another reasonable uber in Act1, This one can be abit hit and miss depending on what the Damn thing decides to spawn at you. Make sure you have good damage (at least 25k winterstorm) and use reanimates to protect you, spam winterstorm like its going out of fashion and hopefully you will clear the mobs (unless it spawned an lot of cold immunes) quick enough to pin point its location, either brimstone it or keep plugging with winterstorm. DO NOT STAND STILL, this bugger now casts death strike (like countesss) and will annihilate you if it hits. After it dies pick up the charm, be aware of any late comers to the party, dont get caught with your pants around your ankles (Aka Penguined) a few packs still occasionally like to arrive after its dead.

3.  Tran Athulua Your first farming place, as long as you are careful its not hard, Dont not pull HUGE packs unless you are confident that you will survive, best to engage at max range and never let resonance drop. Use your reanimates to tank and becareful of arrowside if you see a cloud at the feet of a dead un tele away or move behind a minion. Always keep five up and never replenish them in a fight as ressurect cost life and can leave you deaded. The preistess are not all that hard, just be warey of phalanx and chug pots if they tremor you. eventually one of them should drop the sunstone of the gods (30 runs two or three dead no charm yet, bad RNG god, naughty RNG god)

4. Legacy Of blood This can be a bit hit and miss, just bewarey of the golems targeting you, they hit HARD. Make sure you have 5 revenants, something melee i found worked better as they stop wychwind appearing near you. As soon you see it(ww), bartucs resists drop and you can set his ass on fire with brimstone. pick up charm quick and bail out as there will still be some golems about.

5. Akarat Summon him in the hut on the west side and run out immidiatley, have your manglers outside waiting and spam Winterstorm yourself, the charm is all yours

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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by stoya on Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:48 pm

cookie Smile hope you continue rest of the guide soon, dest ubers items etc. its solid char tbh.

do some research LOL
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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by GregMXL on Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:06 pm

This character is underrated. I built one up on realm and barely died like twice in regular game. I used tu Light Plate, gul rw pally helm with honorific gloves and boots for resists,enemy cold, phys/magic and cold spell damage. Covenant Staff and Magister switching off. Brimstone is crazy powerful. When I progressed I just made some crafts. Resonance mainly kept me alive. I actually love this character. Cookie for you, Arc.

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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by MarcoNecroX on Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:11 pm

another cookie from me , nice build choice.
when i FrostBurner i almost get a heart attack, thought it was another shitty druid guide :p

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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by x01001010 on Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:35 pm

Looks sweet! I'll definitely give it a try.
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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by claudeff on Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:26 pm

Just sweet, i wanted to roll up a holy caster for long time, maybe this will give me a reason Smile good work and keep goin

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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by Moasseman on Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:42 pm

Specced for this and noticed one odd thing...

I've got the Wizard's path SSSU boots with Elemental totem oskill, and whenever I create a totem, it takes 10% of my HP away, just like resurrect :c

V: Yea it's not like it breaks the game or anything, just found it peculiar =D

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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by stoya on Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:47 pm

ye its like that but elemental totem adds over %150 all elemental dmg and best part is paladin has short timered tele skill to travel with it

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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by wow123400 on Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:36 pm

Another guide with my name in it,I must be pretty famous in this forum Thinking 


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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

Post by RollsRoyce on Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:00 pm

As long as i will find SU war staff and Gul helm  i am happy Very Happy, nice 1

...just to give an idea

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Re: [MXLU:XI] The Frost Burner Holy Caster Paladin (Under Construction)

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