Useful Trophy runs vs Useless Trophy runs

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Useful Trophy runs vs Useless Trophy runs

Post by Beacon on Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:59 am

So there are currently 17 Trophies in Ultimative. Trying to get some can be really useful but there are some that are just a big waste of time. And here`s why:

Akarat Trophy - Very easy to get and really good bonuses. It`s definitely one of the first everybody should try getting.

Astrogha Trophy - A real pain in the ass. Although the boss can be instakilled with allot of builds summoning him takes way to long.And the bonus (-5@res) isn`t quite worth the trouble. However cubed with The Sleep charm gives one of the best charms evah. 10% slow target on a charm is something.

Azmodan Trophy - One of the most useful runs since you can gather all the hearts for the quiver lottery recipe (100% mf). Also nice life/mana ads. However The Sleep`s bonus - half freeze duration - ??? ( is there anyone who can kill the witch but can`t do Cathedral of Vanity?

Brother Laz Trophy - Again, 1 all skills isn`t such a big deal considering the amount of time you need to get it. And The Sleep bonuses vary to much to make it worth the trouble.

Cathedral Of Vanity Trophy - Although the bonuses themselves aren`t THAT good, getting stacks of Idols is since they add 5% life on armors with lottery recipe. And The Sleep bonuses are pretty awesome for casters.

Duncraig Trophy - Does anybody actually need another 10% all speeds with all the charms out there? But as the rest of the useless Trophies it compensates by giving good bonuses to The Sleep.

Judgement Day Trophy - 5% all attributes is nice especially with the charm`s 50 stats, and it`s also one of the fastest and easiest Trophies to get. All you need are really tanky summons and dark summon x 3 and a instakiller spell.

Kabraxis Trophy - Again, one that`s worth farming since Kabraxis can be killed quite fast and he has big chances of dropping 1-2 Sacred Uniques. Although the 2% Random Monster has very small chances to be a good one.

Kingdom Of Shadow Trophy - 1 all skills - meh. The Sleep bonuses - meh.

Legacy Of Blood Trophy - Easy to farm. Ignore Target Defense lottery really makes you want to get allot of charms. However bonuses from the sleep are way to useless. (Does anybody actually need MORE stats?)

Lord Aldric Jitan - Again, one of the best Trophies to look for. Bonus is good. Charm`s lottery bonuses (5%@ max res in amulets) is one of the best. And you can also get it really fast. As for The Sleep bonus, 1-10% deadly strike could make a big deal since it`s such a rare thing in Median. But the Crafting Points are way to useless. So is the poison length reduce.

MCS Trophy - More stats! yay! The only good side is it can be fast with allot of characters. But 1-20@ stats? However cubed with the Sleep can make it an ideal charm for Pounce Amazons and Druids.

Quov Tsin Trophy - Harder to kill than Astrogha. But 15% Spell Damage somehow makes it worth it. As for The Sleep, ironically the only use of that charm would be if you wanna kill Quov Tsin. But since you have the Trophy I`m guessing you`ve had enough of him.

Rathma Square Trophy - Untill you get a good charm with both AR and life regen you`ll probably get the trophy. And charms are good for lottery recipe so it`s a win-win. Also can give up to 30%CB on the sleep which is always cool.

Tran Athulua Trophy - The place is great to farm. You have 3 chances so it`s basically a 6% chance to find it per TA run. Sunstones can add res to jewels. And 5% Dmg Reduce makes it one of the top Trophies you wanna have. But The Sleep bonuses ... since you`re doing the witch you probably have all the gear that you need so mf-ing isn`t really necessary.

Triune Trophy - 50% mf is nice, but the trouble worth getting it isn`t.

Uldyssian Trophy - To be honest I`d rather look for a Blink COTW than go through THAT mess 50 times. Besides, since everybody does the quest with an assassin ... you can already ... you know ... Blink! As for The Sleep bonus, NOT getting the Destroyer Shaman reanimate would probably end up like this:
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