Where to take my XBow Necro now

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Where to take my XBow Necro now

Post by Deak2112 on Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:38 pm

For a long time I had tu6 gear for weapon, boots, and gloves. Weapon was a double MOed trebuchet with 1400 dmg. Metalhead helm, eth sots armor, truce rw belt, and tranquilizer bolts. Skills:  Skillplan XBow Necro (Necromancer, 2012 v005) I like the playstyle with rathma'ed veil kings. Natural poison immunity made them indestructible to all but shardspawns, also for the archon and shadow auras.

With this set up I wasn't able to beat dbaal. Always got overrun by shardspawns. After awhile of farming by other characters and looking over the docs, I slapped on a Kronos rw xbow for chronofield oskill and procs, demonic touch gloves, knight's grace boots, and ahriman rw belt. Beat dbaal 1st try and quite quickly too. So, now that I got over that hump, I wanna submit my build for crtique and tweaks. I have plenty of great runes, shrines, and a decent amount of su's. Just looking for suggestions on how to make him more effective, mainly because the guide I went off was pre-ultimative and I wanted to see some new ideas possibly.

Thanks in advance.
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