made my first necro

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made my first necro

Post by bettyrubble on Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:19 am

I made a necro for first time and decided to try a summoner. seems pretty good so far using all honorific items with summon damage and life orbs. I got me a act 1 merc that it gave me from the start and made her a sol runeword bow to try out with 100 punisher on kill and that bow seems to be quite a nice bow. it seems punisher does quite a lot of damage. I was just wondering if anyone can enlighten me on its effect whether it would be something to build a complete bowzon around.


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Re: made my first necro

Post by tencanek on Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:16 pm

What else could be said about punishers on shockwave bow? It does massive poison damage over very short duration, so mystic orbs with poison pierce, increased poison length duration and poison spell damage will pump its deadliness even more. It should be also synergized with energy bonus and thus with energy factor.

But every coin has two sides, as that proc locks out your skills over few frames(it means about half a second) so forget about making succesful wyrmshot spamming amazon. Under term "punisher" are hidden three simillar skills:

1st punisher clone is the original unholy paladin ones before replacement by symphony of destruction buff - timered versions with only one punisher - can be found as proc on melee weapons, eld RW scythe etc.
2nd punisher clone also locks out skills but shoots three punishers - on sol bow ur using
3rd punisher clone is the most op one, because its untimered - only on shaad RW in necro scythes

And yes, A1 merc isnt affected by skills lockout, same as A3 merc isnt affected by spell lockout from bear stance.

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