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Re: Suggest your Skill Tree

Post by Wotan on Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:00 am

PS:moved it in Skill suggestions thread. Delete this post.

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Re: Suggest your Skill Tree

Post by wow123400 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:49 am

+1 for the 2 skill tree effort for bass.

now i heard someone really interested in charge up skills,now i have one idea,this is based on one of the ancients chinese kungfu.

The Way of the "Jiu Yang(Nine suns)".

Story part:

Legend says,in ancient china,there are 10 suns in air,no one can stand that heat,so one hero stole a great bow and arrows from god,he shot 9 of the suns down from the sky,only left one for the light and heat.

The 9 suns got shot and fall from the sky,people say they become 9 uncontrollable power and running around china,cause terrible disasters. 100s years after,there was a monk who once was a priest from "Taoism".He learn both Buddhism and Taoism's way of meditation,create a great inner power meditation,this style holds a great power of heat which was very useful in healing people's sickness,but also posses a great power of destruction if it falls in the wrong hand.People who experienced this kind power named the meditation the "Jiu Yang"(Nine suns).

This "Jiu Yang"style,even it was created for the purpose of healing,but the creator was once a great martial artist,so he also created 5 different moves to run the power of the great heat inside human body,when release it will make a strong hit that no one can stand.

Skill part:

Jiu Yang tree:

lvl1 Flaming Bladerequire a melee weapon,release with normal attack or Shi Yang finishing move,deals 5/4 wdm,covince 100% physic damage to fire damage
1st chargerelease one flame blade pierce through enemies,with hard skill point add flat fire damage,soft point adds blade travel distant
2nd chargerelease four flame blade to four different directions ^,<,>,v.
3rd chargeflaming blades now leaves a trail of fire on its path,and deal great fire damage,no wdm on fire trail.

lvl6 Burning Touchrequire a melee weapon,release with normal attack or Shi Yang finishing move,deals 3/4 wdm,convince 1/2 physic damage to fire damage.
1st chargerelease fire shield to protect char for a duration of 5 sec,char def plus 25%,enemies who touch the shield will take wdm,every hard skill points add 1%def,1 soft points adds duration of 1 sec.
2nd chargerelease fire splash and aoe knockback enemies within 5 radius around char.soft points add flat fire damage.
3rd chargerelease a fire blast wave kind shockerwave deals wdm and fire&magic damge.with hard skill points add flat magic&fire damge

lvl12 energy swordrequire a melee weapon,release with normal attack or Shi Yang finishing move,deal 5/4 wdm,convince 1/2 physic damage to magic damge.
1st chargerelease five homing sword randomly pierce through enemies.
2nd chargerelease nine homing sword randomly pierce through enemies.
3rd chargeheals char life with a %,with hard skill points increase %heal

lvl18 change uprequire a melee weapon,release with normal attack or Shi Yang finishing move.
1st chargerelease a magic shield protect the char with %dr and %res for a duartion of 30sec. with hard skill points increase a small % of dr,res and increase duration.
2nd chargethe shield gain %avoid and slightly increase avoid from hard skill points.
3rd chargethe shield work like thorn aura return damage when stuck,if can not be done like this give the shield 1/2 wdm.

lvl24 Firestormrequire a melee weapon,release with normal attack or Shi Yang finishing move,deal 5/4 wdm,convince 100% physic damage to fire damage.
1st chargerelease a big firestorm which look like abyss but in fire,multi hit in the middle.
2nd chargeadd flat fire damge with hard points increase fire damage with %
3rd chargechar gets immunity shield for 5sec(phy/fire/lit/cold),with hard skill points increase %speed

Uber skill: Shi Yang(Ten suns)Legend says "Jiu Yang" can actually reach "Shi Yang",but because no human body can bear the incredible heat,so the creator set a trap in training lesson to mislead his student to prevent student reach "Shi Yang" level and get hurt.To break the trap,you have to pay with your life!
Finishing Movewhen use,take away 50% of char health for a duration of 10 sec,shinny aura around char,all "Jiu Yang" skill damage increased by a percentage(hard skill points in "Jiu Yang" tree) of fire&magic damage,fire&magic damage also take a percentage from you str or dex(the higher one),potions does not work,leech could work if possible.

Finally done!I think i deserve a cookie for the story Evil or Very Mad

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Re: Suggest your Skill Tree

Post by Tsk_Tsk_Tsk on Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:52 pm

Skill Name:: War Path
Type:: Buff
Class:: Amazon/Assassin
Mechanics:: War Path would be activated during movement only (maybe chose either when walking or running) and would grant a different buff while running/walking to each skill, similar to Fury, where you stand still to activate. Specific to throwsin or bowzon.

This would be a tree wide buff so I posted here.
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Re: Suggest your Skill Tree

Post by necror on Sat Mar 16, 2013 1:15 am

druid ide.

1.buff skill tree- buffs occur to you and minions when close to TREES outdoor.

Lvl 1 -low heal over time.
lvl 2 =goodberys armor (gain it when u are close to the tree instead of eating the damn berry)
lvl 4-heavy thorns aura.

wich leads to the second skill tree....!!

2.Summon skill tree- But strange summons...!!!

lvl 1 Summon TREE. (stationary tree next to you targetable from enemies wich will provide you the buffs )
lvl2 summon grasshopers (like the idea)
lvl3 summon crows (4-5 crows flying around you hitting stuff)
lvl 4 summon ENT. (tree healer that casts pagan rites and hailstorm)

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Re: Suggest your Skill Tree

Post by Neckbeard on Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:29 pm

I have no idea if it's even possible but how about a sort of Wild Soul (of HoN) based skill tree?

It would be based around the bear-like summon with it's own equipment, like having an extra merc.
Taking it another step, being able to control said summon and giving it skills to be controlled by the player.

(also, see -> Homunculus in Ragnarok Online)

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Re: Suggest your Skill Tree

Post by Xan on Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:53 pm

Druid Skill Tree
(or whatever class it suits best)

Please keep tremor

1st Skill Tree - Wrath of Nature

In this skill tree a druid fights with those weapons nature, i.e. plants, animals, landscape, weather etc. provides as a servant and defender of mother earth.

Rampaging Vines

Infused with anger from the druids call against all unnatural beings nature itself  takes up the fight.

AoE Spell that does poison and phys dam + maybe some slow effect. Animation is some vine like stuff coming out of the ground.

Magma Hornets

These species of hornets kills by injecting highly reactive chemicals into their prey.

Either big hornet summons or swarms of insects short time summons which deal fire based damage.

Deep Frost Cyclone

By  creating a cyclone that pulls icy cold air from the upper atmosphere the druid shock freezes everything in the storms eye.

Cold damage based aoe spell. Small AoE or whole screen and more.

Acid Rain

Corrosive rain falls melting all foes of the druid.

Poison based AoE skill.


The end of all days ard comming but only for the druids foes.

An auto targeting passive spell that casts lighting from above (like that clod sorc spell only more often and not just one target but increasingly more in quick succession (increase with hard points), lets metors fall (more seldom than lightning ofc no metor shower but one or only a few of  them) and opens the earth (fissure animation) to devour everything ( maybe poison damage due to toxic gases).

Gaias Vessel

Being more in tune with earth and nature itself the druid gets access to all the energy flowing throughout life.

Passive or buff that increases spell and/or weapon damage.

2nd Skill Tree - Universal Being

In this skill tree the druid expands his views beyond the boundaries of earth becoming more detached from the world and instead focussing on the workings of the universe.

Timeless Wanderer

To understand all existence one needs time. The druid changes his flow of time and that of his surroundings.

Buff that speeds up (ias/fcr/frw) the druid and applys a slow field arround the druid.

Dimensional Shift

By slightly changing his dimensional connection rapidly the druid begins to flicker and shift positions in the eye of others making him harder to get hit.

Avoid buff.

Way of Circular Motion

A ball of lightning circulates the druid in a random distance, incenerating whatever dares to close in to much.

100% pierce lightning orb that is summoned at a random distance at which it starts circulating the druid. Increased hard points allow more lightning orbs to be summoned and with longer duration. Each orb has a small aoe at which it attacks up to x foes with non piercing lightning attacks (VoJ like animation). Enemies getting hit directly by an orb sustain substantial more damage.

Avatar Binding

By delving deeper and deeper into the mystics of the universe the druids becomes capabable of channeling the raw and chaotic energies of creation itself through his soul. The whole of the druids being becomes altered and the druid morphes into a being of pure energy.

Morph that enables the druid to fight weapon based demage in melee.

Gravitational Center

An irresistible Force pulls enemies towards the druid,

Buff or spell that lures/knockes/taunts (or whatever possible mechanic to do this) enemies in an aoe with the caster as centre towards the caster.

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Re: Suggest your Skill Tree

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