Arcane Legends anyone?

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Arcane Legends anyone?

Post by canbiet03 on Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:54 pm

Does anyone play this? It is a ORPG game about the world of Arlor, a fantasy world (as you already know obviously Smile) with a fascinating gameplay and stunning graphics for a mobile game Smile It is also available for PC through googlechrome appstore.
And, Arcane Legends also won Massively's annual best MMO game award, twice in a row, since it was released around October last year! (link). AL has done a very good job that won the "best game award" after 2 months of existence! The population of players is huge too, that you will be surprised when you see countless times the maps you visit will have full players join (only 4 players maximum now because it will be too crowded if too many players, other players will be on "different rooms" of the map), even in the very first starting map of the game endgame players will still visit!
Why not play it?!!! Visit here! If you need help, pm me! 

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