Comeback to the game...

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Comeback to the game...

Post by Adryw on Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:54 pm

I got to lvl 120, got all the basic charms, but i can only farm des tran athula, whenever i get to fauz i just get raped Razz , so what should i do now? keep farming tran athula? Im playing atmg/wyrd sin and i just comeback to the game after 1 years after realize that no RPG is better than this Very Happy
I don't know if my gear are good or bad so here it is :
Helm : T6 tiara
Weapon : "judge" RW in (Sacred) Claws ( i used the double orb to get max dmg already)
Amour : T6 Chain mail
Gloves : Abandon crafted dex gloves 20% dex
Boots : Abandon crafted dex boots 16% dex
Shields : Just an ATMG shield with nothing special...
Amu: 5%CTC doom onkill, 3 allskill, TTAD...
Rings : 2x Empryean
MOs : I mo with - enemy fire/lightning blah blah blah cant remember all
Jewels : just crafted one and i managed to reroll some fcr,fhr...
Ovreall got 129% fcr, 104% fbr, 144% fhr, over -100 enemy fire/lightning resit, 3600 dex, 60% block, over 60% LL... So, what should i do now? the game is harder than i remember ( more fun ofc Twisted Evil )
P/s : sorry for my crap english Mr Green
Edited : Just 1 small question, i found demonic touch when runing niathalak but it have + 100% reuirement which bring the str require to ... 903 Shocked , so its either niathalak want to punish me for my sin or its just that way ?? :p


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