[v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

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[v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by stoya on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:45 pm




its not a new brillant idea to use tantrum on assassins so i will keep it as a miniguide... dont have time to write a well written guide btw then i will keep it simple as i can. my crap pc doesnt allow me to record quality video, even i cant took pic's from game dont know why, sorry for that. its my first guide hope you enjoy...

whats tantrum? -> its oskill spawns on crafted bows- surrounding area with sharapnel from you bows- multihitting skill which deals 1/3 of wdm. my tantrum skill is lvl 55 for now and its area duration is 9.6 sec which makes this skill insanely effective in all uber farming spots and uberlevels.

i dont think its newbie friendly assassin. it really requires high reflexes, fastest char control. good news is its really cheap considering to other assassin builds ofc if you want to dominate all ubers eyes closed you will need better items as always but i think everything can be done with all crafted gear when it comes to play with sin...


- its non-cliche build. if you want to try new things with your sin here you go...
- insane dmg output with ways + physical dmg...
- weird-funny playstyle...
- cheap items if you cant afford sssu's
- upto %100 LL if you want
- strong in most ubers


- you can go 3 diff types of assassin with tantrum. half dex-vita, full vita, full dex(i love it:D).. if you play full dex without defensive items,tcd orbs etc. you will be quite fragile(high risk= high reward dude come on)...
- hard to adapt playstyle...(when you get used to its cake)
- under 100k defence sometimes causes problem ( never cause problem to me btw, %67 avoid wtf keep yourself mobile dude)
- under 10k life can be problem (with %100 LL and 100 laek-i play without laek, wtf stop kidding)
- if you want perfect domination in new ubers and fauzt etc you will need some ssu sssu's (ofc it is retarded stoya)
- rolling perf tantrum bow is pain in the ass but you dont need to btw dmg and tantrum oskill is enough. but if you manage to roll %25 arrow on striking or %18 knife throw on striking with dmg and tantrum it would be GODLY ofc.. mine has %9 atmg on kill and flat fire dmg's its also so good btw.. SoR after kill, hammertime after kills are good too.. (sor lagged me to hell so i roll that bow)


1) Full vitality with vitality crafts : defensive builds-choices never suits my playstyle. even i have insane lag in SP but if you want really solid build, its best way to go vitality crafts and full vitality...

2) Half vita- Half dex : we are using bow so we will benefit from all pts in dex for dmg + we will have decent vitality-life to cover up our ass.

3) Full dex : absolutely suits my playstyle(high risk= high reward)... mega physical dmg pump up from full dex... you will have around 6-9 k life, it requires really good playstyle to control you char but def worht it. i go full dex as always...


Smax -> wotg, wotp, pb and blink
rest -> qob


- i wont explain why we smax'd way of the gryphon and phoenix.. they add insane lightning/fire dmg per tantrum hits and tantrum multhits.. we will have insane lightning fire dmg output in the end....
note1: with -100 enemy fire/lighning res you will double your dmg ! woot!

- why the hell we smax'd blink dude ? answer is simple: for offensive blinks to stun packs... with smax'd blink you will have 1.7 sec timer blink - 15.6 sec stun length(LOLZ wtf) in 4 yards.. in dunc or other farm spots our playstyle will be simple; catch group of mobs, off blink middle of them, stun all for 15 sec(again LOLZ) then spam 1-3 tantrum -> then blink next pack... you feel like a rabbit- jump around Smile
note2: smax blink is not must for this build. you can have 2-2.5 sec timer blink then rest pts in qob... its all upto you. but 1.7 sec blink timer is really cool to have.

- smax perfect being: its obvious... we dont have shield-block and we dont have high defence. so avoid will be first and last defence... smax!

note3: other skill plans out there. its my skill replacement, ofc you can try other things. what it can be? smax doom instead of wotp for example.


Early- Mid Game Gear

in early mid game, i prefer to play with tu naginata till destruction and Amok Rw (ort rune in bows) for tantrum oskill. if you want you can go with amok rw bow till terror then start to roll you tantrum bow. general playstyle till destruction is using tu nagi -> activate sr, then barrier strike -> crucify... for bosses before they spawn or you surrounded switch bow to spam tantrum...
as i mentioned before, until you get destruction you can play whatever you want. reaching dest with assassin is not a problem at all esp black road challange is not must for us... i quick skip this beacuse its not worth to write something, if you struggle to come in destruction with sin go look at other build imo sorry...

End-Game Gear


as you can see from guides name its tantrumsin.. so we need to roll tantrum oskilled bow. you have to start rolling tantrum bow when you reach terror..

so whats important to look for rolling?

1) try to find long battle bow to roll. in first tries you can use other bows too np.
2) first goal is to get tantrum o skill + dmg..
3) ctc on striking or ctc when you kill an enemy, life after each kill, flat elemental dmg's, max-min dmg's etc etc we can look after we get dmg and tantrum o skill... ctc arrow%25, ctc knife %18, sor on kill %16, atmg on kill %9, hammertime on kill %7.. ofc if you can roll bow with dmg+ tantrum + arrow of knife proc it would be awesome...
note: you can use any shrine to obtain tantrum... ofc weird,creepy,abonden,hidden,ornate,fascinating will be better. but for bless part def -> i reccomend weird shrine....

what orb to use on bow?
after oil of luck and weird shrine bless !!!

1) upto %350 ed, enh dmg orbs...(do it before weird shrine bless if you fail oil of luck ofc)
2) i prefer, LL orbs then you can reach %60LL, which is insane...
3) laek,cb, enh wep dmg or umos can be added too...
4) inc attack speed orbs can be important too if you lack attack fps amount which you need %125 or 115 attack speed if i am not wrong..!!!


you can even use vendor quiver, i dont want to limit you about it, its not vital part of this build, but any ctc on strike proc would be godly. as we want cheap build i reccomend MIGTY LOCUST HIVE Dancing !

1- Locust hive = i) %5 ctc arrow on striking !!! -> thats all we need ctc on strike woot! cheapest quiver ever. you can try lottery or oil of luck infinite times this quiver!
                     ii) psn length red -> oh thnx...

2- Hanabigami = i) 3diff elemental type of ctc -> we strike a lot so why not? NO= beacuse it laggs me like hell Smile
                     ii) %60 frw -> really solid for our mobility! only part that i love about this arrow.
                     iii) flat elemental dmg's -> did i mention we multihit? yes ofc. godly part of this bow!
                     iiii) -%11-15 enemy res -> again godly..

3- Bag of tricks = def. best choice for us but insanely hard to find  Crying or Very sad
                     i) %2 ctc javelin-knife-arrow on striking -> oh my god!
                     ii) 1-500 flat elemental dmg's -> oh my god X 2
                     iii) %20 inc attack speed -> super ! help us to reach attack fps!

4- Arrowsider = easy to find imo, i have found over 5 times... but still sssu so doesnt suit our build, plus locust hive, hanabi , bag of tricks are better than this quiver for tantrum imo.
                    i) 25-50 flat dmg -> godly part of this quiver imo...
                    ii) 1 skill -> sin will benefit highly from all +skill items...
                    iii) -%10 all enemy res -> ofc good..
                    iiii) %1 ctc on kill arrowside proc -> dont like this proc btw...

conclusion; my choice is locust hive, %5 wdm proc is godly and lots of mo spaces and easy to find for lottery-oil of luck. but if you are    richie rich - bag of tricks beats all of them! hanabi is awesome too. then locust>hanabi>bag of tricks...

there are lots of choices here you can customize...

1) Albrechts Revenge Chain Mail(tu) = i) %10 ctc arrow on strike -> awesome!
                                                  ii) flat cold dmg -> good to have another source per hit!
                                                  iii) life after each demon kill -> thnx..
                                                  iiii) %over 20 reanimate -> when your char is weak, awesome to have some meatshields around!
                                                  (-) low defence!
                                                  (+) lots of mo space + cheap...

2) Jitan Kamon Splint Mail(tu) = i) %10 dr -> insane for tu item!
                                                                               ii) %10 ctc guard tower on kill -> attack freq of this proc is so less but it keeps our                              on striking procs proccing.
                                                                               iii) 3 type of flat elemental dmg's -> we highly benefit from this, multihitzzzz!
                                                                              (-) low defence !
                                                                              (+) lots of mo space + cheap

3) Sots - Hratli - Ssu Studded leather(spellbreaker) suits this build also well...

sots -> %8 time strike on striking , enh wep dmg, dmg to undead mod, cb, 100 str!
hratli -> %10 dr, flat dex, 1 skill, magic find
spellbreaker -> %4 banish on strike, %5dr , dmg to undead, over %60 all res

4) rw armors - erawan, dragonhearth, unity, linga sharira also suit well but probably best choice will be auhe armor imo for def build lovers...

5) from new ultimative armors -

-> Natasha Legacy (6 kabraxis stone in body armor)

+(0 to 4) to All Skills
50% Faster Run/Walk
-(1 to 50)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(1 to 50)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(1 to 50)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(1 to 50)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+1 to Ultimative
{Ultimative Gives 10% Health , Ignore target defense, 100% Total char defense, 100% Chance for uninterruptable attack}
+350% Enhanced Defence
+(0-5)% to All Maximum Resistance
Damage Reduced by (1 to 20)%

i manage to roll really perf one with only %15 dr. no need to explain, this armor is pure beauty and make a lot of things tweaks easier for us. but so so expensive!

Segnitia Field Plate
10% Chance to cast level 10 Time Strike on Striking
+200 damage
(21 to 25)% Chance of Crushing Blow
Slows Target by 10%
+(251 to 300)% Enhanced Defense
+200 Defense
All Resists +(20 to 25)%
Damage Reduced by 50
+(50 to 75) Life after each Kill

ok ok this one is godly too. and not so expensive imo its a bit common drop after you start to farm some spots. time strike, cb, res, laek and slow. what can i say?

6) Dex of Vitality crafted body armor also other option for this build. esp if you manage to roll ctc knife-arrow tantrum bow, crafted body armor with 2 skill, flat stats, %dex or vita, res etc would be awesome too...

7) Warriors Robe(sssu leather armor)
- 1,2 to all skills -> awesome
- %150-250 AR -> good to have extra AR
- %15-20 str,dex bonus -> godly
- %15 DR -> oh my god!!
- 150 flat dr -> oh dear!
- estatic frenzy charge -> if you used to play glass cannon builds extra magic dmg will be welcomed ofc + with this armor we will really get so so so less physical dmg! flat dr is insane addition to our def coverage...

conclusion; in median you need to take care of frw,fhr,- enemy res, res, dr etc etc goes on... in the end after your calculations you can find which all gear pieces makes your char perfect. so i wont say this is must or use this its awesome.. all armor choices has +,- so its all upto you and your needs. i am using ultimative armor atm, but my vote goes to crafted body armor with enough mo space.. non of this su,ssu's is must for us. you can choose whatever you want. 1) natasha , 2) segnitia, 3) warriors robe if you go expensive route..

note : you can also use 2 new ultimative set armors ofc... esp the one with %5 avoid sure helps...

again so much diff choices here;

1) Gehenna SSSu full helm :

i) path of flames charge -> pof is one of the fukin strongest oskill in the game imo.. multihits, pierces, insane fire dmg to 4 yards with 0.2 sec delay!! if we think twice we dont have block and we are quite fragile, pof will be our offensive power to survive... why? when we blink top of enemies, blink stun yard is 4 - pof dmg yard is 4 too, so it will be our free dmg deal! and suits best for this build imo... combination of -%100 enemy fire res we will deal over 100k fire dmg with end game gear easily...
ii) %10 ctc fire cannonade on kill -> i assume we will have -%100 enemy fire res in the end, with combination of this, this proc will be deadly as hell and will be our offensive power to control to all map wise.
iii) +2 skills, %50 frw, 666flat fire dmg, %fire spell dmg, -%enemy fire res, %5max fire res -> no need to explain this godly helm... simply amazing!

2) Royal Cirlet Tiara : -> classic choice with +2 skill , %20-25 all stat bonus, %150undead,demon physical dmg, %5dr, magic find... just everything we need. and i can say its cheap item....

3) ssu bonehelm(veil of magic), taha rw helm(eidolon), sssu diadem(rogues miracle),sssu mask(gemetria), ssu great helm(metalhead), sssu crown(sepultra), sssu great helm(naga's reign), set cap(witchunters hood), new set cap(fearless) and CRAFTS also another options etc etc. gehenna and royal circlet are just awesomely suits thats all... they are not must to use ofc. you can use whatever you want.. esp good craft with mo space can be solid option imo....

conclusion; gehenna is zeus of this build. provides godly things for us but it lags me really insane. i am using royal circlet atm or crafted diadem... any other options out there but if you dont have gehenna weird choice to replace it can be elemental band ring ofc for extra elemental dmg to your char... or classic route crafts.... which is cheapest choice -> jah rune in circlet(1los) or crafts...


1) deadfall tu: no need to explain this cheap beauty... %10 SoR on kill surely helps yo clean leftovers all over to map and provides ultimate map wise control... flat str, light res, cb and mo space's are other advantages...(i dont use this lagg me to hell).. sure best option and cheap !

2) black void sssu heavy belt : another godly option and expensive ofc. %20 inc att speed, flat dmg, %15 LL, str/dex bonus, %10 slow, ttad (if you use doom amu its awesome).... not much more to say solid choice and well suited for tantrumsin.. i use this because deadfall lags me Sad

3) liliths temptation ssu : only for %5 time strike proc... but for me; moar timestrike moar lag Smile+ mf...

4) dementia sssu belt : -% all enemy res, max res, dr, slow, flat dmg goes on, godly choice ofc.

5) ghal rw belt: flat elemental dmg, flat stats, res, 1 skill. i have to say that, flat elemental dmg additon(we multihit) is awesome. after deadfall i recommend this belt, it has everything for us.

6) crafts : you can go umo project for this slot or classic dex or vita crafts too. zomg recipe craft with lots of mo space can be solid choice...

conclusion; my personal choice is black void atm as i said deadfall lags me... auhe belt also can be good option to for pof charge and flat dmg... deadfall >black void> ghal belt ... for 1 on 1 boss fight i use ghal belt btw...


1) Knights Grace sssu greaves : %3 ctc arrow on strike!!, 1 skill, flat dmg, %25 inc attack speed, % 5dr, all att bonus... nothing much to say, all on striking procs will be welcomed for tantrumsin! other bonusses are godly too.. best choice for rich players....

2) Titan steps sssu heavy boots :  flat magic/light/fire/cold dmg woot(multihit)!, laek, cb, flat life, %res... all around boots! everything we need. can be easily number1 choice... i am confused about it!

3) lifecrushers ssu heavy boots: little brother of titan steps... still solid choice.... with laek, cb and max dmg...

4) steel terror sssu light plated boots : just add this boots for %10LL and %10 all att stats and max dmg. proc is useless and laggy..

5) akarats trek su light plated boots : still usefull for all wdm char builds..

6) Crafts : 1 to assassin skills , %dex/vita, flat all stats, res, frw, fhr or zomg recipe dex/vita crafts suits maybe best for this build + addition to -%enemy res orbs,res,tcd orbs...

conclusion; sssu greaves = sssu heavy boots = crafts all same in the end imo... i am using crafted sin skill one...


1) Demonic Touch sssu leather gloves : %1 ctc catalysm !!! wtf!! we strike a TON... with combination of +fire res and -%100 enemy fire res it splash our enemies faces 1 shot ko!
%10 dr -> oh my god! + flat dmg + all res + frw its surely BEST choice for our tantrumsin!

2) Facebreaker ssu chain gloves : %1 life on striking! + CB makes this gloves another solid option..

3) sssu Gauntlet, ssu heavy gloves, crafts : they are all good pieces to our tantrumsin... if you cant afford demonic touch and facebreaker i would go with zomg recipe dex/vita craft with -%enemy res,tcd,res,fhr,frw orbs...

conclusion; demonic touch > facebreaker > others... using demonic touch atm, best of best!


ring of disen with endless umo project or -%enemy res orbs, emp band with -%enemy res orb, rare with +1 skill -%enemy fire/light res reanimate, bad mood rings, assur rings, elemental band(quite awesome for this build), adrenaline ring(rapture is awesome),balentine ring,der nebels etc...

whats good combinations; i use 1 bad mood ring, 1 adrenaline ring atm... adrenaline ring for rapture buff for velocity ofc...
2 ring of disen with a lot of mo space and awesome  celerity proc... that combo what i was using start of this build..

ring choices are not core of this build, so use whatever you want...if you are not lazy to cast rapture again and again i find it awesome... also elemental band ring with hive,nova charge,pof charge and lightning arena is another godly choices to combine imho..

bad mood ring>elemental band = adrenaline ring in the end for expensive choices. or double bad mood lol!

note : you can also orb, thunder hammer on kill and wyrd too..


again its not core of our build pieces...

dyers eve -> time strike proc, %dr, flat dmg,res,%5LL quite awesome!
beads -> flat dmg, %str/dex bonus, laek, psn proc! classic chuck norris amulet...
rares with 3-4 all skills doom after kill, banish on strike also solid choices ofc. esp lightning arena suits awesome for this build btw..

conclusion; my vote goes to dyers or rare ones... i am using 4skilled dyers atm with 4 skilled banish..

Switch Wep's

1) su or any high dmg naginata to activate shadow refuge, thats why i always use 1 adrenaline ring for buff duration... i activate sr and continue to spam tantrum with around %100 dr for 1 min....

2) claw + shield again keep sr active... hail rw claw (%50sor on kill) + ligeia (%25 hades gate on kill) when you want to travel like mad in map.. or any claw shield combo welcomed...

3) mighty shamanka : i prefer claw shield but this can be interesting too. why ? -> bloodlust buff for enh wep dmg + %spell dmg buffs, %40-45 fire spell dmg, then we use pof charge it deals MEGA HYPER fire dmg....

4) sssu brandistock : thats my fav with beacon charge. i want fastest mobility as much as i can. esp for tantrum you can use blink to blink like a kangroo or ultimate frw to outrun enemies. spam tantrum run spam tantrum never surrounded.... that beacon buff is MUST for my playstyle but not for all imo... also you can cast and forget beacon which you can always carry in you cube...

note : sr buff is not must for this build , i just love hyper frw thats all...

Socket etc

its not important at all, you can go with full io runes/p ameth or pruby/ohm runes depends on your stat route. all crafted jools with LL, laek, stats or mf, 1 per gear suicide note, full inarius rock(which is godly), all zakarum jool. i dont care this part a lot... go whatever you want...

General Playstyle

-> buff your char with sssu brandistock(sky scorcher) beacon for extra velocity then forget, buff bloodlust(if you use shamanka) then pof(cast and forget).. rapture if you use adrenaline ring time to time for velocity and fhr and inc attack speed...
-> if you want extra velocity keep SR active with your switch equip...(i rarely use this)

generally, in places like dunc you grant imba mobility with less timer blink, walk blink top of enemies(wait a bit to catch them grouped), then spam tantrum 1-3 times, then blink another pack spam 1-3 tantrum and go on.... or with godly frw amount you have you can kite around spam tantrum, run in circle spam tantrum, run spam tantrum, spam tantrum tantrum tantrum.... with over %70 LL you wont have problem to survive once you get used to play with this glass cannon girl..

note: i am not sure about it but tantrum dmg yard must be around 2-3 yard which is really low and we are damn fragile without block and defence... if you are not able to control your char really so fast it may take time to get used to it. never stop trying.. in the end you will find this char really funny with its playstyle and like all glass cannon chars you will feel the smell of dead in your neck in 1 mistake.. but as we already said, high rewards comes with high risks, this char def worth to try esp this girl is really insanely strong in all new ubers and other ubers excecpt astrogha, quov and blaz... just dont be impatient about this char, you have time to get used to her unique playstyle.
imagine you will able to kill 5-6 bartuc-jitan-bpr-belial at the same time + you can pass uldyssian memories under 1 min !

idea of char is really so simple in the end, wdm char with multihits and benefits from ways dmg+ procs thats all....

Some Maths :

-> be sure you have -%100 enemy fire&lightning res for normal play. -%199 is cap for bosses, -%125-150 would be enough imo for boss part.
-> be sure you have over %100 fhr amount.
-> keeping yourself is important so check your frw... there is no exact value of this..
-> you can use some +%fire spell dmg items orbs in your gear pieces if you have gehenna+demonic touch...i manage to have 150k pof dmg without -enemy res  Evil or Very Mad
-> check your max res, res... %90 max res is quite godly and which will keep you alive most of the time...
-> over %25 dr will be enough.. %50 dr is cap so you can improve this part if you want.
-> over %50 LL amount is quite awesome... be sure you always above this amount imo.
-> LAEK never hurts...
-> never forget to upgrade your gear pieces with oil of luck or lottery... mo choices are upto you after you get -%enemy res amounts..
-> LOS items are really helps us a lot.

note: i will add something here whenever i remember extra things to help...

Sad but True Part : my crap pc doesnt allow me to record a really good made video, even i cant take pic of my char(dont know why, graphics looks so bad)... also i cant use some godly gear pieces to measure this char potential which lags me like deadfall belt and gehenna helm.. this is my first guide, i thought its miniguide but i wrote everything i remember which is usefull for you. hope you like it..

Uberquest ParT -> i will add it soon, i want to make a videoooooo!!! Hitting a Wall

OK time to Uldyssian by TANTRUMSIN then...


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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by GregMXL on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:53 pm

Nice nice job Stoya! Doesn't even look like a miniguide to me! Looks pretty damn informative to be a miniguide! I will start her up later.

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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by Siddharth353 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:59 pm

i remember when u always said "sid dont follow any guides" and i was like ok i will not but for this one u cant stop me lol i am gonna make here for sure
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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by wow123400 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:31 pm

i start it right now

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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by stoya on Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:38 pm

need to thank marco(sigma)&gregmxl to encourage me to write a miniguide. as i said its wip project, if i can add video of this char you will easily understand its playstyle and how fuking strong it is... i didnt see any sin build can kill 4-5 bartuc at the same time for example... eps uldyssian show is still in my memory Smile i manage to complete all uldyssian memories bosses before i see them... under 1 min...

esp kiting-blinkin when in dangerous situation is so funny... diff build for us to enjoy oskill based chars esp when we are bored.

note : i will probably write a really weird assassin guide soon... based on oskill again... stay tuned.

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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by RollsRoyce on Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:13 pm

Neat Guide, i just looked it up: 75% IAS for 10 fram attack, 125% for 9, just for you to add
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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by wow123400 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:17 pm

125 hmmm doesnt look too hard thx for the info

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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by Arc_Razer on Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:40 am

Ort rune in any bow will also give tantrum o skill, may be uesful early game.

Sorry missed that... Embarassed

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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by GregMXL on Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:48 pm

@Arc_Razer wrote:Ort rune in any bow will also give tantrum o skill, may be uesful early game.
Stoya already mentioned Amok runeword in the early-mid game gear section.
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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

Post by iwansquall on Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:29 pm

%ctc teleport on struck for more survival and 'auto-move + tantrum spreader'.


tantrum-barb have spirit-walk to jump into enemy face while sin have timered blink or shunpo.

Not sure if existed, teleport on striking although can work (teleport mobs away from you + multi-hit)
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Re: [v6d] Tantrumsin [WIP]

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