[v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

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[v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by MarcoNecroX on Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:29 am

S I G M A....P r e s e n t s . . .
....... C H A P T E R 3:...Tanya .. The Sorceress

OVERVIEW: This thread will guide you through the making of an elemental (caster) sorceress. It's time to show people the power of caster class! The reason why caster class isn't popular is because it requires you to skill switch, as most spells deal only one type of damage. In most cases, playing such a character will enable you to learn how to properly skill-switch, what can later be transfered to weapon damage builds as well, and overall better control of the game itself, specially dodging abilities (teleport). This guide is focused on any kind of player and it tries to open the doors to newcomers so that they can adapt to the game and understand the mechanics. Most of the hardest content features actually require knowledge, in other words, knowing what is happening. After knowing how these work you won't get as overwhelmed, and you might be able to succeed after some tries.

FEATURES: Now a focus on the features of this character: our main focus will be on cold & fire skills (lightning is too mainstream). We want to make the strongest use of each skill mechanic to become as strong as possible. End game character can reach high damage of the six elements, strong defense, and overall good crowd control. We want to have both strong single spells as well as aoe (area of effect) skills. That way, we will be able to beat every single uberquest of the game. You are not guaranteed to achieve this, as it requires some good learning attitude.

CORE SKILLS: I want to give an overall view of all the skills we could use in the game, advices and special mentions. Note that the usage of each skill will vary depending on what stage of the game we are on, and some even require you to have end equipment to be used! However, not all of them are mandatory, in fact, many are optional, and you can build your own combos using those you think are worth using or the ones you like.
Disclaimer: damage values listed on each skill are based on nearly perfect built character. Additionally, no monster resistances are taken into account.

Description wrote:This skill is very simple. It throws some fire bolts at enemies with some splash damage in the end. With the first points, it will gain extra missiles, however it will cap fast. This skill will be our main fire damage dealer, we can also use it to kill bosses, including heroic bosses.
End Damage: 51k-69k (maxed).

Description wrote:this skill is great. Early game potential is clearly not as much as it is end game, considering this skill has big increasing returns (this means, each points adds more than previous one, opposite of diminishing returns). The flat health addition will synergize with Snow Queen, which makes this skill even better. The regeneration end game will take care of almost all our healing needs.
End Life: 1942 (before added percentages) (maxed).
End Regeneration: 511 life per second (maxed).

Description wrote:this skill will mainly provide us huge crowd control, as it will freeze enemies. It also provides nice damages, and eating bodies can have some uses like preventing certain monsters to become resurrected.
End Damage: 14k-41k (maxed).

Description wrote:another passive, simple one, it will grant us flat defense and %max life. Both of these stats will get overall synergized by skills and gears, so they become quite better.
End Defense: 27540 (maxed).
End Life: 30% (maxed).

Description wrote:this skill is tricky to use but is probably (one of) the most powerful damage skills. Early game we might want to invest some points here, sadly we will most likely leave it at one point end game, else we'd easily hit the damage cap. This skill can be used for bosses, but again, its not as safe as using flamefront.
End Damage: 56k-93k (1 point).

Description wrote:we are not a summoner class, however summons can be of great use in many situations that will later be mentioned. We won't be investing points here, but this skill is worth mentioning because it will be needed in some situations.

Description wrote:we are not melee class either, however, with some %buff duration from items, this skill can become worth using. It will only require you to swing staff next to enemy for a free health buff.
End Life 35% (1 point).
End Duration: 67 seconds (1 point).

Description wrote:this skill is very simple and it will deal both physical and magic damage, making this skill of great use. Damage done will be based on our total mana, so this skill has a huge benefit from energy.
End Missile Count: 69 (1 point).
End Damage: 25k-79k (1 point/19200 mana).

Description wrote:this skill is excellent too, and it will cover all our mana needs. Sadly it has a timer, so we don't want to get too used to it, because teleport is also crucial end game. Best use of this skill is against bosses.
End Damage: 37k-43k (1 point).

Sacrifices - shatter the flesh cheese - Armor of the Old Religion - Ceremonial Armor (Sacred)
Banish - reduces monster health - Hooves of the Thunderhorse - Boots (Sacred)
Summon Edyrem - required for quest - Crystalline Flame Medallion (Charm)
Nova Charge - huge lightning damage - Elemental Band - Ring (Sacred)
Blink - five second timer teleport with stun - Uldyssian's Sword (Charm)
Jitan's Gate - 10 second timer teleport - Moon of the Spider (Charm)
Path of Flames - huge fire damage - Elemental Band - Ring (Sacred)
Lightning Arena - crowd control - Elemental Band - Ring (Sacred)
Hive - huge poison damage - Elemental Band - Ring (Sacred)
Rapture - speed boost - Adrenaline Rush - Ring (Sacred)
Purify - required for quest - Uldyssian's Sword (Charm)
Force Blast - ocassional use against bosses
Mystic Blood - cheap spell damage
Symbol of Esu - ocassional use
Familiar - always summoned

These skills will be important depending on situations, and some can only be accessed from specific gear pieces.

Early Gameplay
I could probably write up a 50 pages text on what you can do early game, but I'll try to stick to the most basic things. Early game is considered until level 90 or 100, before you can use uberskills or wear high equipment like sets. I'm going to write a small walk-through for these levels.

Okay, create your sorceress, and name her as you want (name her Tanya if you feel like succeeding). First thing we are going to do is go outside blood moor, not necessarily with players 8, first thing we want to do is get level 5 for our first challenge - the Level Challenge 0 (specific info about this challenge below). We want to both reach level 5 and have a lot of room for summoning. Once we are done with this, time to move on. Now, it's your call wether you switch to /players 8 for an experience and difficulty boost. Once we are level 6, it's time to go into the Den of Evil. This isn't hard at all, the final boss can be tricky but we are ranged class, so this shouldn't be a problem. You might notice you lack some mana here, but this will only mean its going to take more time, difficulty will stay the same. Once we kill boss he will drop Character Orb. First thing we want to do with it is to cube our Median Statue (after using it for Level Challenge 0). This will give us Blink charges. This skill gives us teleporting abilities and will also stun nearby monsters. By now you should be around level 12, so next thing you want to do is to take a town portal to town. Afterwards, cube your 3 gold signets, and eat the big one. With this free cash we are going to buy our scroll tomes.

LEVEL 12-24: alright, these levels will take place in act 1, if you play with 1 player setting, you might not reach level 24 after killing Andariel. In such case, you could try moving on or rerun a few areas for an extra of experience. Anyways, at this point, we already got some new skills to try, like Snow Queen, this will help you greatly as it will allow you not to pay so much attention to defense. Our next goal is Tristam. It is however important that you start taking attention to the items dropping. All runes after Eth must be picked. These will be useful for some early runewords. Additionally, ITH runes on our character orb will grant us a percentage defense boost. This is what we want, as it will synergize with Snow Queen. On our way, we want to look for a non-magical staff. We also want to find every gear piece as long as it's not magic. We will be using runewords for this stage of the game. I recommend a staff over an orb because we get a huge speed boost from it. Once we start collecting socketed pieces (non magical!) we want to make the following runewords, and remember that if our items have more than one socket, we need to fill the first sockets with random jewels. If you find a white item without sockets, you can also cube it with a jewel to add a socket.

  • PAX MYSTICA (nef) - Staff (resistances, skills)
  • LUMEN ARCANA (ith) - Body Armor ( skills, pierce)
  • RAINBOW (eth) - Belt (resistances)
  • EPICENTER (ith) - Boots (%max life)
  • IBLIS (nef) - Gloves (%energy, %fire damage)
  • SUMMIT (el) - Helm (%gold find)
What did we learn? Low level runewords are amazing! and resistances are crucial!. We could have all these items before stepping into tristam, however, it will probably take you some more time to get the base items. Once we enter in tristam, we are mostly going to use Flamestrike / Shatter the Flesh combo. This should be fairly easy. Now, after you did this, we want to reach catacombs. This won't be a fast journey and experiences with some elites can be headaching. The biggest problem here is that you will notice a big damage loss every new stage. Don't get disappointed yet, we are not assassins, but later we won't suffer from this as much. In our way, specifically on the underground passage, we want to kill all the cave snappers we find: these will give us a lot of gold, with a huge extra from Summit helm. If you find apples in the way, don't ignore these, pick them up too because they give us big gold amounts.

Now once you enter Tamoe Highlands, our first tough encounter appears: cogs (aka cocksuckers). These deal physical damage, and so far we were only focused on resistances. First thing you want to do here is always to kill the Shaman, even though he doesn't resurrect, he cast some annoying ranged skills. This is probably the hardest stage of caster class, end of act 1. Once we reach level 18 we can start using Mana Sweep. This skill will come very handy, as it will cover our mana needs from now on. Alright, if you're reading this, you're probably a newcomer, so time to take a look into another important topic of caster class: Hotkeys. Note that the game only comes with 8 hotkeys if I remember correctly. We want to open configuration and add more hotkeys: F9, F10, F11, Z, X, C, V, B. This is my personal choice, I never had problems using F# as hotkeys, as long as you don't use the mouse wheel to switch skills like a noob, this will be mostly fine. This is how I set up my hotkeys:

  • LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: Flamefront
  • F1: Shatter the Flesh
  • F2: Abyss (later Force Blast)
  • F3: Mana Sweep
  • F4: Summon Ice Elementals (later Rapture)
  • F5: Blink
  • F6: Arcane Torrent
  • F7: Flamestrike (later Banish)
  • F8: Town Portal
  • F9/F10/F11: skills that we never use but still find cool
  • Z/X/C/V/B: Buffs (Familiar, later Nova Charge, Hive, Path of Flames & Lightning Arena)
Belive it or not, there is some logic involved here. I always use F5 for my teleporting skill, because on all keyboards I had, these is a space between F4 and F5, as well as between F8 and F9. This is a fool proof method, we will never miss the F5 button because its at the edge. Again, this is something personal, so I just recommend my setup.

Time to move on, Jail was probably not tricky, but monsters took some time to kill. Inner cloister will be even more annoying, here we want to use Shatter the Flesh as much as possible. The unique boss there is optional, he does not give reasonable experience amounts nor drops, and he takes years to kill. Now time to move on to the catacombs until Andariel. She isn't hard at all, and if you followed my gear suggestions, not even her Meteor Shower should be dangerous. If it is, you can easily dodge it, as it will be the highest damage source she has. We want to take her down using flamestrike or flamefront, and healing mana with Mana Sweep every now and then.

LEVEL 24-36
Alright, we are level 24 now. We are in act 2 and we can get some summons. Things become easier now! By now, you should have collected some gold. If you didn't, you might want to take a look in the Rocky Waste for Grubbers, and they will make you rich instantly. Time to hire an exemplar mercenary as well. We want to do sligiht gear improvements. Remember to keep all uniques, as we will be disenchanting them with catalysts to make our own uniques later. But for now, we are sticking to runewords, because those are time-saver and how the pro's do it. Let's take a look at the new items we will be needing:

  • SUMMIT (el) - Helm (mercenary)
  • REBEL (el) - Body Armor (mercenary)
  • RAINBOW (eth) - Belt (mercenary)
  • EPICENTER (ith) - Boots (mercenary)
  • SHARK (tal) - Spear (bloodlust/mercenary)
  • Leather Gloves (tier 1, magical)
As we can see, most of the gear pieces for our mercenary are like ours, because they are, simply great. He will be using Shark weapon for bloodlust, which will boost all our damages. Additionally, time to dump Iblis, as it sucks. With some gold amounts we should be buying a Meditation Candle and a Victim's Heart (sold by NPC's). Cube these two with magical leather gloves to make honorific version. You can find a bunch of these either by gambling or running blood moor. Now, we have our honorific gloves, we are going to need some gold and start using Mystic Orbs for the first time. Those orbs are sold by vendors too, and it will add static bonuses to our items in exchange of level requirement penalties. Once we got honorific gloves, we want to cube it with ' 1% to minion resistances' 13 times. This will give us 26% minion resistances, and with 25% they become elementally immune, making them huge tanks in entire Hatred difficulty. Afterwards, we are going to use the 2% to all resistances mystic orbs to cover our resistances needs. Remember to keep our Character Orb up to date, mostly with skull gems and ith runes, for defense boost that we are going to need later.

Alright, levels 24-30 take place in sewers. You should have a semi geared exemplar mercenary by now, which will most likely solo sewers. You will notice your low ice elemental count will die fast before we make them elementally immune. These will be of great help early game, giving us HUGE defense boost (3/2) as well as taking care of the incoming missiles. They will also cast glacial nova for great control. Exactly these guys are what makes Ice Tree by far the best choice early game. On sewers you should mostly be focused on spamming Shatter the Flesh for some damage and crowd control, while your mercenary tanks and takes care of most of the damage. You will notice by now how easy sewers actually are, with the right equipment. Once we finished sewers, time to move on. Act 2 should be easier than act 1, considering we should be able to have 75% all resistances by now, and we also get a lot of defense and meatshields everywhere. Nothing worth mentioning here other than a few dangerous monsters in our way - Daystars - Shredders - Ice Clans. If some of these kills you, it's normal. Once we reach Duriel, it's going to be a cakewalk. By now, having Snow Queen maxed, we are probably having huge defense with crappy gear. Once we are done with this, time to step into Act 3. Another uninteresting place overall. We want to reach Travincal at around level 36 (/players 8). We will find even more dangerous monsters here: Hemoplagues, Onyx Knights, Djinns. Hemoplagues have to be ignored, Onyx Knights are melee so this shouldn't be a problem, and Djinns will mostly be covered by our summons that will take all the damage.

Level 36-42
These are probably the most boring levels, but it's time we switch our runewords for more decent equipment. For this, we will be killing Mephisto a few times, as he will drop 2 uniques, and half of the times we are probably going to get another unique on Durance of Hate Level 3. If you play on single player, try to get a good map roll, where waypoint of Durance 2 is close to entrance of Durance 3. You can swap maps by making TCP/IP games and going back to single player, or using PlugY feature (check .ini file). Once we did this, time to do our first farming: Mephisto. By now, you SHOULD have 75% to all resistances. This should be a cakewalk with maxed resistances. Get a nice chunk of Arcane Crystals, and start collecting our base items (aim for tier 3, it will save us crystals). By the way, I recommend to create all your uniques after you STOP farming, not meanwhile. Why? because we got a chance that mephisto could drop one of the items we need, so we don't want to kill ourselves after seeing him drop an item we just created with a bunch of Arcane Crystals. This is, of course, considering you can kill him just fine. We should be getting 1 arcane crystal every 2 runs average. I recommend at least 20 runs, this will make the rest of Hatred a breeze. My choice here would be only creating our core items (weapon/armor) and moving on, but here is the moment where you choose if you want to have an easy time later or a more challenging time. Now, in case you didn't notice, there are two sections below, one for stat/skill distribution and another one for gear. Use these for references while you help yourself with this walkthrough!

Level 42-50
By now you should have some or all of the items shown on early gear section. Uptiering an unique two tiers requires same amount as making an unique from scratch, so if you have a tier 2 war staff, and you find a tier 5 war staff, it's more convenient to simply make a new unique from the tier 5 war staff, that will cost you 2 crystals instead of 3, and you can use the older one to shard too. After killing mephisto a few times you should be around level 42-50, now our next step is act 4. You can stay at players 8, it shouldn't be a big problem. Just like in act 3, this act is full of monsters with at least one immunity. Without decent damages, this can be really annoying. Either way, kill Izual, and reach the River of Flame. If you're not level 50 yet, you might want to attemp to kill diablo. With a mercenary and ice elementals it should be fairly easy. Once you're done, time for act 5. If you still aren't level 50, you can keep going, until crystalline passage or around there. Then, we're going to do the Level Challenge 1 (see challenges section below). After we done this challenge, time to rescue anya, so we can cube the scroll of resistances with our sunstone of the Elements. You will find many new tricky monsters along your way in act 5 - Stone Hammer Demons, Detonators, Razor Fur Titans, etc. Most of these won't be a problem as long as you keep a few Ice Elementals summoned. By now you should be finding tier 3 uniques, so you might want to equip some to your mercenary if he's still using low runewords, just for extra defense. Note that exemplar mercenary uses lifeblood, which will keep him healing most of the time. Additionally, act 2 mercenaries can look weak stat-wise compared to other mercenaries (like act 3 ones), this is because their main passive bonus does not show on their screen (% Damage Reduced). These mercenaries are great tanks, and they don't hide behind walls like act 3 ones.

Level 50-55
By level 55 you should be fighting baal minions. Needless to say, if your resistances aren't 75% all, you're failing badly on reading this guide. In such case, delete your character and yourself please. Anyways, this fight isn't exactly hard. Most elemental incoming damage shouldn't hurt too bad, we won't be experiencing too heavy physical damage either, except from Serafiends that will teleport at our face. Killing Baal shouldn't be hard at all. If you want, you can re-run baal a few times and you can easily hit level 60, for more points in your skills.

We got two different options. And these differ from player to player. Some like to do it one way, while some like it to do it the other way. We can overlevel in hatred, or we can keep going like we were doing so far. There are a few advantages in each, and both will take similar time. I will describe both ways, it is always good to know all possibilities, and being able to choose afterwards. We can choose between REGULAR PATH or UBER PATH.

If we choose the regular path, we will have both positive and negative sides. Let's start with the negative side: we are going to go through all terror, having same level as monsters, and the whole running will be harder, and most important, boring. The good side is, we will start finding cooler items: level 100 runes around act 2-3, sacred items, shrines, tier 5-6 items. We can start experimenting with crafts, and we can find tier 6 items to convert to uniques (you should have around tier 3 items by now). This will save a lot of tedious rerunning. There is no special strategy involved here: once again, we upgrade our items with the time, and kill monsters like we were doing before. You can choose between players 1 or players 8, this is entirely up to you. At start of act 1 terror, we should have already maxed resistances as usual, and be around level 60. We are going to go through act 1, and act 2, and we want to reach level 90, for the Level Challenge 2. At players 8 you should be able to reach around level 90 on Canyon of the Magi. After this we go back to lost city and complete the challenge, as usual, see below on how to defeat this challenge. However, before hitting level 90, we need to do the Ennead Challenge before level 80 as well. Once we hit level 90, and are around act 3, early game is completed.

You can take uber path no matter how good you play. Uber path has good side and negative sides. Let's start with the negative sides: we are sticking to hatred, this means, item drops will be limited to tier 3 in most cases, and we won't find runes higher than level 35 or similar. No perfect gems in most cases either. The good side is powerleveling, it gets exponentially easier and terror will be a breeze after this, as we will be overleveled thanks to hatred ubers. Additionally, it introduces us to the 'uberquests', which is an exciting topic for every newcomer, with brand new levels and monsters. As I mentioned before, we should be around level 60 by now, which means, with some effort, we could be wearing all tier 6 uniques. This will require a lot of farming, probably mephisto or hatred Tran Athulua. This is the 'time taking' part, because while on ubers, our leveling speed will be huge, but it's exactly making items what is going to consume all our time. Additionally, twinkers, aka players that receive gear from the heaven (high tier gear transfered from other characters) most likely choose this path too, and save all the trouble of farming for these items. So, if you're not twinking and you don't want to grind either, you should be choosing the Regular Path. Before following this part of the walkthrough, you might want to check every italic section below, be it an uberquest area or a challenge, to get more information about it. Once we got most of our gear, we first step into Kurast 3000 B.A. uberlevel (spider forest). We should be able to reach level 69 here with no problem, and get our class charm too (see: Ennead Challenge). Once this is done, we move to Island of the Sunless Sea (glacial trail). I can't remember exact max level for this uberlevel, but we should be able to reach around level 80. This one will require a mercenary, as most damage input from monsters is physical, so we need a few tanks. Now the most tricky part, and in this one, you will for sure need your ice elementals: Fauztinville (stony tomb). Most of the damage received here is physical, and there is a lot of stun and knockback involved too. By now you should really have all your gear to tier 6, and orbed with some extra defense too. At first it will start slow, but once we got some bodies to cast shatter the flesh, things will get easier and easier. You should do this until level 90. Once you did this, just rush through terror act 1 and act 2, in order to complete the Level Challenge 2. Kill Duriel, and there you finished early game!

If you consider yourself a pro you are probably not reading this. But if you're a noob, you can use this as a reference for what you're aiming too. First thing, you can start this path around level 35-36. This path is completely against normal gameplay and is overly focused on speedrunning through the game in order to complete a character in the fastest way. Once we reached act 3, at around level 36, we should already have elementally immune minions. We are going to give our mercenary tiered unique (TU) spetum, orbed with miasma on attack. First thing we are going to do is step into Kurast 3000 BA, until level 50, and we should get our Class Charm too. After this, we're going to quickly do Level Challenge 1. Now we're going back to Kurast 3000 BA, at players 8, so we can quickly reach level 70. With the obtained shards we are going to upgrade our body armor & staff only, because upgrading more would require farming, and this method is focused on being the fastest. Additionally, we keep cubing skulls and ith runes on our character orb, for cheap defense (will be needed). At level 70 we step into Fautzinville, if you're following this path, fautzinville shouldn't be hard at all, as you know monster mechanics. Use some experience elixirs for the first levels, at around level 75 you can increase player count to 3, at 80 increase it to 5, and at 85 increase it to 7/8. Once we hit level 89, time to kill diablo, kill ancients for level 90, then rush terror for Level Challenge 2 in Lost City. We are going to take a different approach than the one suggested in the Challenges section, we're going to take a random item, like gloves, turn it into honorific and orb it purely with resistances. That way, we can beat the challenge with our tier 2-3 items with no problems. If we found a tier 5-6 item in our way, and if we have arcane crystals to spare, don't hesitate to improve your gear a bit. Time to go to act 1, this time to Duncraig (cave). We are going to hit level 104-105 here, and it shouldn't be too hard, even without gear. Core here is to enter and directly jump to main room, players 1 should be fine. Once we enter big room, we are going to gather monsters, use ice elementals as distraction if you get overwhelmed, once we got a big chunck of monsters in the big room, kill a few, and start spamming Shatter the Flesh like mad, once you're done with eating corpses, there should only be a few ice immunes left, take them down with flamefront. Around one run should be enough to hit max level here. Afterwards, we kill Duriel, and we are at start of act 3 finished with early game.

Early Stats & Skills
STATS: early game, we want to invest mostly in strength and dexterity to be able to wear our gear. Energy will mostly be useful for mana issues, as the damage we get per point in energy isn't huge. Stat distribution here is very simple. We are going to put all our leftovers in energy. If you play with PlugY, you shouldn't be worried about this, as you can restat after upgrading gear pieces. If you play on realms, I don't recommend you to rush into spending your leftovers into energy, as gear requeriments scale up pretty fast. In such case, I'd recommend you to always save some stat points, specially when you didn't do a gear upgrade in some time. Our most important gear piece requires dexterity (staff), additionally if we use a sorceress torso armor or circlets, we will require an extra of dexterity, or if we use an orb and a shield. The remaining pieces, belt, boots and gloves will always require strength, so you will need some of strength too, unless you focus on low tier pieces, in such case we can spend everything into dexterity and leftovers in energy, making 0-strength build.

SKILLS: early game, we can max up to 6 skills, as we can only put points in skills every 6 levels, and we got quest skills to cover mainly our synergies. Giving skill points early game will be our main source of damage improvement, so it's best if you spend them right away. The skills to max are the following:


Early Gear

EARLY GAME GEAR NOTICE: all listed pieces are tier 6. However, to make this guide even more awesome, each item has listed the required level and strength/dexterity values of all its previous instances so that you don't need to look at the documentation everytime you want to upgrade your gear pieces. Woot!

Staff of Roses
War Staff (6)

Two-Hand Damage: 81 to 106
Durability: 118
Required Dexterity: 202 (146 - 104 - 73 - 51 - 34)
Required Level: 54 (47 - 38 - 29 - 19 - 10)
(3 to 6) to All Skills
(46 to 50)% Bonus to Energy Factor
60% Faster Cast Rate
(11 to 12) to Blood Flash
Regenerate Mana (66 to 75)%
Fire Resist (46 to 50)%
Lightning Resist (46 to 50)%
(23 to 25)% Reanimate as: Knight of Death
(66 to 75) Life after each Kill
Socketed: 6

This is our best weapon choice. Everything is overall awesome. I will explain why it is good, so it helps you understand what stats you should be aiming for when playing a caster class. All skills is overall good, as it will improve the damage of our skills, and in some cases, increase missile count (Flamefront, Arcane Torrent). Faster cast rate is another crucial point, as it will lower the time it takes us to cast a spell. Regenerate mana will be overall good too, despite having Mana Sweep, because this skill has a timer. Knight of Death reanimate is a good one, and slowly we can start ignoring Ice Elementals for these, as they will be our new meatshields. Life after each kill will be crucial early game before Living Flame starts having good effects.

Wisdom's Wrap
Banded Plate (6)

Defense: (1141-2128)
Durability: 110
(Sorceress Only)
Required Dexterity: (402-378) {(297-281) - (218-207) - (160-152) - (117-112) - (85-81)}
Required Level: 55 (47 - 38 - 29 - 20 - 12)
(2 to 4) to Sorceress Skill Levels
(41 to 45)% to Fire Spell Damage
Regenerate Mana (36 to 40)%
Fire Resist (71 to 80)%
Slows Attacker by (18 to 20)%
-3 to Light Radius
Level 18 Summon Shadows (50 Charges)
Requirements (-31 to -35)%
Socketed: 6

A good armor choice. Main good thing about it is lower requeriments. Of course all other stats look appealing too, specially the sorceress skills and fire spell damage. The regenerate mana comes handy as well, and slows attacker is not important, but why not? Using sorceress torso armors will help us to focus on zero strength build early game, allowing higher investing on energy for more mana and overall damage.

Helms ( Lum)

Required Level: 37
1 to All Skills
-10% Slower Run/Walk
25% Faster Cast Rate
-(11 to 20)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(11 to 20)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
Attacker Flees after Striking (11 to 15)%
(51 to 100)% Extra Gold from Monsters
20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Sadly, this is probably our best helm choice. It will give us stronger fire damage, faster cast rate, skills, flee, more gold and magic find. Additionally, level requirement is low so you should be able to achieve this helm quite fast, and it will give us a lot of Mystic Orb (MO) space.

Aerin Orbiter
Belt (6)

Defense: (1044-1390)
Durability: 43
Required Strength: 288 (199 - 137 - 95 - 65 - 45)
Required Level: 48 (40 - 31 - 22 - 14 - 5)
30% Faster Cast Rate
(27 to 30)% to Fire Spell Damage
(27 to 30)% to Lightning Spell Damage
(27 to 30)% to Cold Spell Damage
(131 to 150)% Enhanced Defense
(36 to 40) to Energy
All Resists (18 to 20)%
Magic Damage Reduced by (18 to 20)
Socketed: 2

This belt is overall an awesome choice, as it will give us faster cast rate, damage, more energy, and resistances. Stacked resistances will be useful later on, so it's never bad to have a bit more than what we need. We will be using this belt after Rainbow belt in most cases, as what we are looking for here are resistances.

Gloves (Pul)

Required Level: 45
33% Chance to cast level 6 Fire Splash when you Kill an Enemy
2 to All Skills
-214 Defense
10% to Maximum Fire Resist
Fire Resist 32%
Level 2 Possess (124 Charges)

These gloves are mainly good for its skills boost. Additionally, the extra fire resist will make them a solid choice against bosses like Diablo, but in most cases, it won't matter that much. There aren't many other gloves option, so using Honorifics will be an awesome choice still.

Chain Boots (6)

Defense: (718-997)
Durability: 55
Required Strength: 282 (195 - 134 - 93 - 64 - 44)
Required Level: 48 (39 - 31 - 22 - 13 - 4)
(131 to 150)% Enhanced Defense
(27 to 30) to all Attributes
(131 to 150) to Life
(131 to 150) to Mana
Total Character Defense Plus (18 to 20)%
(216 to 250)% Extra Gold from Monsters
Socketed: 4

Overall awesome boots choice. It will be the first item to give us flat life addition, and total character defense will be tasty too. First thing we want to do with these boots is to orb them with -requirements, as it will be giving us flat strength we will be needing to wear other strength requiring pieces such as our belt.

Angel Heart

Required Level: 40
1 to All Skills
(6 to 10)% Bonus to Strength
(6 to 10)% Bonus to Dexterity
Total Character Defense Plus (16 to 20)%
(3 to 4) to Light Radius

This is crucial for it's light radius boost. Kidding, everything except that shit will be useful on this amulet. It shouldn't be too hard to find.

Empyrean Band
Required Level: 40
1% Chance to cast level 7 Singularity when you Kill an Enemy
(3 to 5)% Bonus to All Attributes
Increase Maximum Life and Mana 10%
(51 to 100)% Extra Gold from Monsters

Nothing to say here. Great ring.

Perfect Amber
Armor: Lightning Resist 20%
2% to Maximum Lightning Resist
Perfect Onyx
Armor: Cold Resist 20%
2% to Maximum Cold Resist
Perfect Turquoise
Armor: Poison Resist 20%
2% to Maximum Poison Resist
Perfect Bloodstone
Armor: Fire Resist 20%
2% to Maximum Fire Resist
Perfect Diamond
Weapons: 5% to Spell Damage
Ith Rune
Armor: 15% Enhanced Defense
Jah Rune
Armor: 25% Enhanced Defense

We are mostly going to use gems as socket fillers for now. Ith/Jah runes shall only be used on our body armor, but they are not crucial, you are free to use perfect gems too. %Max resistances from gems will be vital, specially for Level Challenge 2. We don't want to do brand new gear swaps so we're going to try to stack many resistances so that we can beat that challenge, and then don't care about the destruction resistance penalty. Additionally, you can cube the first 4 gems with your character orb for resistances there, and after reaching count #15, you can use character orb as catalyst to transform a flawed version into a perfect version.

Spetum (6)

Two-Hand Damage: (252-278) to (549-609)
Durability: 96
Required Strength: 288 (206 - 145 - 100 - 67 - 42)
Required Dexterity: 382 (276 - 197 - 138 - 95 - 63)
Required Level: 53 (44 - 34 - 25 - 16 - 7)
30% Chance to cast level 16 Miasma on Attack
50% Chance to cast level 41 Venomous Spirit on Attack
(2 to 4) to Amazon Skill Levels
(201 to 230)% Enhanced damage
Adds (81-90)-(176-200) damage
(261 to 300)% Bonus to Miasma Haunt Duration
(36 to 40) Life after each Kill
Socketed: 6

This weapon is godly for our mercenary. It will provide a long-lasting miasma curse that will heavily slow monsters on close area. This with retaliate will make your mercenary a huge tank, and it will keep all enemies slowed down and dumb. It will also work well with your Ice Elementa's Glacial Nova spell, that will freeze enemies.

Early Challenges
We need to be level 5 for this challenge. If you only picked on tree by now, I'd suggest you to go for maxed lorenado and respec later back to fire and cold. Simple reason for this is that lorenado pierces while flamefront doesn't. This challenge isn't hard at all, we just need to run in circles killing the traps, until we can kill the main boss. Once boss is dead, just cube your harkon crystal, and if you want to get good stats, feel free to rerun.

This one can be a bit more tricky but if we have around 8k defense it should be a cakewalk. For this we can abuse character orb with ith runes / skulls for cheap defense, and Snow Queen will help too. We are mainly going to use shatter the flesh & mana sweep here, as it will keep monsters frozen most of the time. Entering this place is always tricky at start, but it gets easier when you're already in with the adrenaline of success. After killing each priestess, upgrade the charm and cube it with the sunstone of elements that was dropped upon start.

This is easier than level challenge 1, as I mentioned how crucial resistances are. Once we got maxed resistances, this will be no problem at all. You can do it at level 35, 50, 60, 70, it's up to you. We are going to search for our Nexus Crystal, to cube with a jewel afterwards. Strategy here is just run in circles around totem, and cast flamefront when you can, or simply use summons / mercenary and blink to the totems and let them do the job. If you feel like it's hard (should not be the case) you can always rush directly to the Ennead necromancer in the right of the screen.

There are different approaches here. The easiest way is just to go there, summon, run away, and lure horadric mages one by one, until you're against the boss. In such case, most of their spells will take around 3/4 of your health, so use columns to avoid lightning nova, and dodge the other spells manually. If you want to take a safer way, you can stack resistances with honorifics or perfect gems like suggested on early game sections. Once you're done, simply pick the reward and voilà.

Middle Gameplay
Alright, we should be around level 90 by now, at the start of act 3. Act 3 terror is a pain in the ass, sadly, because of density and all grouped monsters, specially around the city of kurast (lower, bazaar, etc.) You will also notice your mercenary starts dying more often, so will your ice elementals. By now, you can increase ice elemental's resistances to 75%, that will render them elementally immune on terror. Same value will apply for destruction too, except they won't become immune. You should by now have all gear pieces at tier 6, and you can start orbing them with your needs, as well as socketing them with perfect gems for extra resistances boost.

Level 90-115
You should be able to reach level 115 by the end of the difficulty, else you can try to do a few uberquests like Kurast 3000 BA to reach this level. In this meantime, keep collecting items that can be worth using, like base sacred items. You can collect fascinating shrines for an extra fire damage. There isn't much to add here, other than leveling and just rerunning the quests normally.

Level 115-120
By now, you should have killed terror Baal already. Reaching level 120 can be done in any area of destruction, for example tristam. This will come alone eventually, so you shouldn't be worrying about this yet. If you're using the suggested gear choices, you should as always, have your resistances maxed. At this point you will be loosing your character orb, so you will notice a lot higher damage coming from physical damage mobs. Don't worry about this though. We want to slowly progress through destruction, so we can have a wider perspective of everything we can do. First thing I'd recommend is to see how far you can get with your current gear. Act 5 should be possible, however, killing baal would probably be impossible with your current gear. Time to take a closer look to the new affixes we will be searching for, specifically enemy pierce (-enemy resistances) against bosses.

At this stage of the game we want to start collecting level 100 runes, some shrines if you feel like shrinecrafting (fascinating shrines), every single sacred unique / set piece, a lot of jewels and most important zod runes that we will be using for jewelcrafting, that you might want to ignore early game, but will become crucial in the end. If you play on Single Player make sure you have PlugY installed for an infinite stash!

We now want to tune those small things about our character before we go deep into end game. To be more specific, the Black Road Challenge, Minigames and the Monster Tokens. You will find information about all these below. Once we're done with this, we also want to start converting every sacred unique item and set we find into signet of learning. Getting these will take more or less time depending on your luck and places you can farm, but at any point, you will be able to reach the cap (500) no matter how weak or strong you are. If you're stronger, or better, it will take less time, and if you're weaker, it will take more time. This is probably one of the most boring aspects of the game but it is crucial. It's one of these aspects that differenciates an end game character from a medium character. Either way, middle game is exactly the missing part of early game - early game was until act 3 terror, while middle game are the remaining acts and the whole destruction difficulty. Now let's take a look at our stats and skills, as well as our new equipment pieces!

Middle Stats & Skills
STATS: just like on early game, we will be mostly focusing on dexterity, and try to avoid strength, while leaving all our leftovers in energy for more damage. By now you should have at least 100 signets eaten, before you want to start trying the end-game uberquests for more bonuses. Additionally, tier 5 items and tier 6 can have huge requeriment leaps, so you might want to stick at tier 5 in some cases before you get the most basic charms, if you want to save yourself some headaches. You should have around 700 spare points, and with the gear suggestions below, we can easily have 0 points invested into strength, you will need around 300 points in dexterity, and the rest will go into energy.

SKILLS: like before, we can mostly max six skills. We are going to take the same approach we took earlier, with some modifications. We are going to choose the Witch Blood uberskill, and we're going to max it for now, as it will give us life after each kill, that will be really useful before we get big bonuses from Living Flame:


Middle Gear
Staves (Yul)

Required Level: 100
+(51 to 100) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+(6 to 8) to All Skills
-(41 to 60)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(41 to 60)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(41 to 60)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(41 to 60)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
(21 to 30)% Bonus to Energy

+750 Defense vs. Missile
All Resists +(31 to 50)%

This is a highly offensive version compared to Staff of Roses. This one won't provide us reanimates nor life after kill, however it will give huge amounts of pierce for the four elements, a lot of energy, and bunch of resistances, as well as more skill points and EF. We are going to orb this with +Life after kill orb. Make sure you remake the runeword until you get at least 55% enemy pierce, and 8 to all skills. Crafted weapons are always a choice too, they can reach +12 sorceress skills, but they will mostly be focused on only one element, and take more time, but if you feel like trying to, it's not a bad choice.

Sorceress Body Armor (On)

Required Level: 100
+2 to Sorceress Skill Levels
-(31 to 50)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(31 to 50)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(31 to 50)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(31 to 50)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+(251 to 300)% Enhanced Defense
5% Chance to Avoid Damage

Total Character Defense Plus 5%
Miasma Effect Duration: +2 seconds
Slows Attacker by 10%

It might take you some time to get an On rune, but it will be worth it. With this and your staff, you already have -100% to all enemy resistances. This means, the damage you had a few minutes ago is DOUBLED. Enemy pierce is a concept that will be explained on end game section, and it's probably one of the most important to have in mind when making an elemental damage class.

Circlets (Thur)

Required Level: 84
+(31 to 50) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
15% Chance to cast level 1 Teleport when Struck
+2 to All Skills
20% Faster Run/Walk
20% Faster Cast Rate
(21 to 25)% Bonus to Dexterity
(21 to 25)% Bonus to Energy

Overall super awesome choice, specially considering our older helm was simply shit. Once again, crafts are a viable option here too! They can reach up to +3 skills, but this one can be definetly compared against a craft. All bonuses are more than decent, and of course, a cheap option, what we're looking at this stage of the game.

Boots (Ath)

Required Level: 90
+1 to All Skills
25% Faster Cast Rate
15% Faster Hit Recovery

+(201 to 250)% Enhanced Defense
+(41 to 50) to Strength
Regenerate Mana +50%
Damage Reduced by 5%

Level 8 Mana Tide Totem (15 Charges)

These boots are very cheap, and you can make them in low quality boots to avoid strength requirements. Everything here is pretty much useful, so nothing to add here. Lionpaw are still good boots for middle game, but they require almost 300 strength, and we want to avoid wasting stats, so this is a truly good option.

Warmage's Conjuration
Heavy Gloves (Sacred)

Defense: (1062-1309)
Durability: 32
Required Strength: 290
Required Level: 100
+(31 to 40) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+1 to Sorceress Skill Levels
20% Faster Cast Rate
+(31 to 40)% to Fire Spell Damage
+(201 to 250)% Enhanced Defense
+50 to Dexterity
Requirements -40%

Socketed: 4

Meh! Our first set item suggestion. Nothing guarantees you will ever find this. However, it was worth mentioning. Some extra damages overall, dexterity, and lower requirements. Still, it requires almost 300 strength which sucks badly. Our remaining options are to stay with Kali, or to make fascinating craft on sacred leather gloves. This way, we can use the gloves to cover our resistances needs mainly.

Zann Esu's Rune Loop
Belt (Sacred)

Defense: (2861-3460)
Durability: 43
Required Strength: 264
Required Level: 100
+(1 to 2) to Sorceress Skill Levels
+(6 to 10)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Resistances

+(201 to 250)% Enhanced Defense
(11 to 15)% Bonus to Dexterity
+300 Defense
+150 Mana when Struck by an Enemy

Socketed: 2
Requirements -50%

Sadly, another set piece suggestion, but there aren't good runewords for belts here. We can keep our tiered unique belt, or we can choose crafts too. Either way, it doesn't really matter. We are more worried about our core pieces, and we don't want to make huge sacrifices to wear these high-strength-requeriment items.

Here we are either staying with empyrean bands, or we're going to try to get some nice rare rings from fautzinville (any difficulty), our main goals in such case are the 10% spell damage lucky upgrade, and +1 to all skills. If you can't get a good rare ring, empyrean bands are still an epic choice for almost every character in the game, so don't feel bad for using these.


Required Level: 100
+(11 to 15) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
4% Chance to cast level 17 Frog Prince on Attack
+(1 to 2) to All Skills
+(16 to 20)% to Spell Damage
Increase Maximum Mana 40%
(11 to 15)% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
The Dreamcatcher

Required Level: 80
+2 to All Skills
15% Faster Cast Rate
-(6 to 10)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(6 to 10)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(6 to 10)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(6 to 10)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
All Resists +(21 to 25)%
+(31 to 40) Mana after each Kill

Any of these are good, and are easy to find. However, the best option for middle game are rare amulets. You can roll these by killing dragons (check Middle Challenges section below!). We want to reach +3 to all skills, and lucky upgrade it afterwards. That's the core stat we want to get, but depending on your dedication, we can aim for better combinations, that include life after each kill, spell damage, as well as the oskill Lightning Arena

Perfect Amber
Armor: Lightning Resist 20%
2% to Maximum Lightning Resist
Perfect Onyx
Armor: Cold Resist 20%
2% to Maximum Cold Resist
Perfect Turquoise
Armor: Poison Resist 20%
2% to Maximum Poison Resist
Perfect Bloodstone
Armor: Fire Resist 20%
2% to Maximum Fire Resist

These are in case we are using set, crafted or unique pieces. For runewords, we will be needing jewels. As I mentioned before, you should be collecting zods. Our next step is jewelcrafting, which will be described on End Gameplay section. For now you might want to ignore jewelcrafting, as it takes a lot of time, and if we can't even farm them, it will take years. We want to have better control of the game before doing decent jewel crafts. You might just stick with rare jewels temporarily.

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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by MarcoNecroX on Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:29 am

Middle Challenges
We want to kill these dragons in act 2 - destruction difficulty. Killing them is fairly easy overall. But we are more focused in what we can obtain from killing them. Our main goal will to reroll rare items, mainly rings and amulets. This challenge will reroll said items to item level 99, which means, the best stats the items can get. The will be using this for our middle equipment, as listed above. Killing dragons is only about damaing and avoiding their fire spells, which after a few minutes becomes fairly easy and repetitive.

  • Trial of Fear: there are several options to do this, but if you can afford many summons, I'd recommend to summon the butcher several times, while spamming spells, and you will eventually kill one of them. Afterwards just go back to town and cube your class charm.
  • Trial of Greed: we can do this one before we start using gold for mystic orbs or gambling, it requires a big chunk of gold. For this we can kill grubbers on the first areas of act 2 destruction, and you will get this gold in no time. Else you can always sell rare items from act 5 and you will reach 666,666 gold in no time.
  • Trial of Contrition: this isn't too hard, except those monsters will set us in hit recovery lock most of the time. As usual, you can always lure them one by one, until you're left with the boss. Then it shouldn't be too hard, you can always use a few ice elementals to distract him.
  • Trial of Knowledge: the hardest one, and you can't fail if you have a lot of patience and do the uberlevel really slow. Main problem will be our low defense, and the fact that our killspeed is going to be rather slow. Neon fiends will be the most annoying as our main combo is fire/cold, so we will need to use our feedback (magic) skills for them.
  • Trial of Blood: this one isn't too tricky, as amazons are not elementally immune. We can try to lure ice and lightning priestess together, or stack a lot of frw / blink and kill them one after each other with flamefront. Defense might be a problem here, so we want to abuse shatter the flesh as much as we can, as well as use our exemplar monster and ice elementals to keep enemies busy.

  • Witch Queen: this one is simple, you need to go to countess tower and lure all witches to a side so you can go to the other side to kill the countess or any of her minions. For this we use our ice elementals. My strategy here usually is, enter, run to big room, blink, kill, tp to town, and ignore any hater witch on the way, and you can do it in around 10 seconds. This will not always work, but if you like adrenaline like me, then might want to give it a go, as placing witches like Lego's isn't exactly fun.
  • Crowned: For this one mainly go to any of the areas with working witches, summon ice elemental next to witch, and see if it gets the signal before it gets killed. If you find a lucky witch, make sure you have no summons alive nor reanimates, and the fields are clear. This way, nothing will annoy you. Now, slowly go closer to her, I repeat: slowly. Once you get the signal, simply follow the cube recipe and that's it.
  • Mirror Mirror: not tricky at all, and you will probably get this while farming for monster tokens, so don't worry about this. Simply have the lem rune in your inventory and cube it when swirlies appear. In the worst case, you can always let baal summon more or simply use dark summoning.

Don't really require an explanation. You can find veterans on act 1 jails, act 2 canyon of the magi, act 3 travincal, act 4 river of flame and act 5 worldstone keep. Do these challenges when you feel like taking a breath from the other stuff, as they are not really difficult. You will need to farm some bosses too, you should have around 2 times each token already, I usually farm destruction diablo for the 3x dogma, because he usually drops some sacred uniques.

End Gameplay
If we completed everything from middle game, we are now ready for our last steps, and this is completing uberquests and starting to farm. Additionally, end game version of the character is based on Sacred Uniques. You can find these by either farming your ass off or by trading. It's more exciting to find them, but you are not guaranteed to do so. If this isn't your first character, you might have some pieces of the suggested ones below. Note that you will most likely be doing the uberquests with the middle game equipment, as the end game gear is highly expensive and is designed for the most hardest uberquests in the game. End game is split into three stages:

This stage is based on getting as much charms as you can get. It's main purpose is basically, to try every uberquest and see how far you get, if you get decently far, you keep retrying until you get the reward. Some charms are really easy to get and will provide highly significant bonuses.

This is a stage that most people love, even though some people including me hate. It's the farming stage. You're basically going to start running Uberlevels for end game equipment, keeping good / rare ones, and transforming the remaining one to stat signets. This starts from the very bottom of Kurast 3000 BA to the very top of Duncraig, Fauztinville, and Vizjun. The main goal of this stage is to reach the 500 stat signets on your character, and collect all required items for the most hardest uberquests. This is the stage where most newcomers tend to fail, or give up, "I can't farm I suck blablabla". Well, sadly, at this point, if you're following the gear suggestions, and you still fail, it's completely your fault. You can reread some basic concepts and recipes, but that won't guarantee you anything. You need to start with the easiest ones and slowly advance to the hardest uberlevels with better rewards.

This stage is focused on killing the hardest bosses, so that your character becomes perfect. This stage can't be completely covered with a guide, it requires a lot of experience or effort, as a player with 6 years of experience, I can say I learned most things from experience, not effort... because I'm lazy. My point is, as long as you try different stuff, and keep loving the game without giving up, you will eventually succeed if you're not a stupid chunk of flesh and bones. Making guides and getting feedback from people helped me a lot to understand the game better, as it is a direct correction to something you're making, instead of just overreading it on any random post. I'm not saying you should post guides, I'm saying you should always use the forum smartly, and see detailedly where you're failing. The most complex aspect of the very hard uberquests is the overwhelming monsters, as you don't know really what is happening. Once you know what each spell and monster is, and get familiar with the monsters AI's, they will become doable. Just take an easy example: duncraig is listed as impossible. It is quite impossible if you don't know that the barrels are killing you in one hit, but when you know it, it becomes possible. Same for quov tsin, with random character you will be for sure killed, but with the correct gear check, suddenly it becomes doable. Now, time to learn some more and get a bit deeper into the important aspects of building our character:

Made by terryys, we have access to this handy <speed calculator>. We are interested in the fastest casting speed our character can achieve. How do you know whether you need Faster Cast Rate (FCR) or Increased Attack Speed (IAS) for our main attack? Well, these is no defined answer for this, as any attack can have any animation technically. But luckily, in most cases, spells that have a listed damage value on its skill description are spells, and skills that have a division value like 3/4 are non spells. Else, you can always see the animation of your character when using an attack, usually when character is raising weapon it's a casting animation, and when character swings a weapon to the front like a sword, it's a wdm (Weapon Damage) attack. Either way, this doesn't really matter for now, but it's important that you have such concepts very clear. We are focusing on Faster Cast Rate. Faster block rate won't be used by us, and this clearly is shield-releated. Faster hit recovery (without counting faster run/walk) is our last speed that is connected to breakpoints, it is important, but in most cases we don't want to make huge efforts to reach the best breakpoints. From most gear you will most likely reach decent amounts. The characters that are most heavily connected with FHR (faster hit recovery) are melee builds or warping builds (pouncezon for example). As a caster class, we are more worried about fast killing and crowd control, we don't want to get hit, not even once.

Our next concept connected to character speeds are breakpoints. What are break points? They are break points. Duh. A point is a place, in this case a value, and a break is where we got a change. In more simple words, a breakpoint is a value where there is a change in our speed. The game speeds are measured in frames (images) and there are 25 frames in a second in diablo 2. So a 50-frame attack would take 2 seconds. A 100 frame hit recovery would mean that after we are hit, it will take 4 seconds before we can move again. These are high values, and not very realistic, but it's just an example. So what are breakpoints after all? well, an example of a breakpoint would be that with 0% IAS (increased attack speed) we have 6fpa (frames per attack), and once we hit exactly 23% IAS we have 5fpa (the lesser, the faster). What does this directly mean? it means that 10% IAS will not directly increase your speed, if it doesnt come across a breakpoint. Just like 5000% IAS and 500% IAS will have the same effect on any class. This is of course, just an example. So, we are mostly concerned about FCR breakpoints. Note that these values vary from weapon to weapon, but we are for sure using a staff (because orbs are slower), so these are the values we want:
This said, we need 187 %FCR, and each cast will take us 4 frames, which is a bit more than 6 casts per second, quite fast eh? This is the reason we are using a staff. We reach insane speed. If you can't reach this much %FCR early game, you should at least be always aiming to have at least a 5fpa attack. Now, there is only a missing part on this whole speed concepts, before we can fully understand it. As you can see in the table, you can add two values: Item FCR or Skill FCR. What is the difference? Item FCR has diminishing returns it means, you need more and more for every next step. Skill FCR, just like any other Skill-based speeds, do not have this, so they add up a lot faster than item speeds. Item speeds are those granted by items or charms, and skill speeds are those granted by passives or buffs (like rapture).

Okay, our next important very-end topic. We will be using jewels, jewels everywhere. Because jewels are overpowered, and runes/gems suck. Sadly, I'm so evil that I disabled the legit jeweldupe recipe, so any of your characters with equal jewels is considered cheated. Who cares. Back to the important stuff: we need to pick a lot of jewels in destruction, as they got the highest possible ilvl, this means, more stats on each jewel. We will be using Zod jewelcrafts. The stat's we want the most are:
  • +(30-50) to Life
  • 3% to Spell Damage (one of the elements can reach 6%)
  • Flat resistances
  • %/+ Attributes
  • +10% Faster Cast Rate
  • +(10-15) Energy Factor to Spell Damage

Happy jewelcrafting! If you play on single player and want to dupe your jewel, feel free to do so, noone will ever ever know. I've crafted all my jewels manually, the only bad side about it is that you need to properly stack the jewels with similar affixes into the same items so that you don't reach the affix limit on items. But here is one of the best jewels I've been able to craft:

Another stat worth mentioning is -x% to enemy y resistances. Monster resistance can go down to -100%. This means, if we have 100% fire pierce, a monster with 0 resistances would have -100 resistances, and you know what 100% means? double damage!. This applies after your total damage is calculated. In other words, enemy pierce will take into account the extra damage from energy, %spell damage, etc, and double it. So it's overall the strongest stat to increase your damage. We want to reach at least 100% enemy fire/cold pierce, and around 150% against bosses. Why? bosses in most cases have resistances, heroic ones have mostly over 75% if they drop resistances, so if you deal 100 damage and he has 99% resistances, it will take one damage, but if you deal 100 damage and he has -100% resistances (having 199% pierce) it will take 200 damage, so your spells become 200 times stronger. Like I said, 100% is a must, and the rest is optional for faster boss killing (specifically heroics).

End Stats & Skills
STATS: our end stats should be... all points into energy! More damage of course. And we should reach around 20k mana, which will be enough to nearly hit damage cap on arcane torrent with only one point in the skill. If you feel like having an extra of 7k health you can max vitality, but don't be a pussy. We are going to max energy! It will require some charms before we can wear our very end items, but this shouldn't be a problem on this section, considering we are end game

SKILLS: we are going to take a similar approach in skills again, but we are going to leave many spells at one point as they will deal more than enough damage with this (blame me for doubling abyss damage on ultimative..). Additionally we will get access to a lot of new skills if you manage to get these expensive item choices. Following skills are to put points in, some skills are listed so that you put points in the required skills too:
  • SNOW QUEEN (30)
  • MANA SWEEP (1)

End Gear

END GAME GEAR NOTICE: I'm only going to list one item per gear spot, by now, if you read this guide, you should know what item is good and what item isn't. This is the part where you put what you've learned in practice. This list should at least help you to know what to aim for, and what stats we are looking for.

Spire of Sarnakyle
War Staff (Sacred)

Two-Hand Damage: 125 to 138
Durability: 118
Required Dexterity: 250
Required Level: 100
1% Chance to cast level 16 Arcane Fury when Attacked
+(10 to 12) to Druid Skill Levels
+(10 to 12) to Sorceress Skill Levels
+(51 to 100)% to Fire Spell Damage
+(51 to 100)% to Cold Spell Damage
-(41 to 50)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(41 to 50)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
+(201 to 250) Life after each Demon Kill

+30% to Experience Gained
Socketed: 6

This weapon looks like it was designed for this character! Both fire and cold bonuses. If you focus on only one element (like fire), shrinecrafting will get you a lot further. It has overall great damage additions, and experience gained is so neat at level 120. Again, other good choices here are probably only crafts. We should be orbing this with +life after each kill.

Armor of the Old Religion
Ceremonial Armor (Sacred)

Defense: (8918-12397)
Durability: 116
(Sorceress Only)
Required Dexterity: 640
Required Level: 100
+200 Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+(4 to 5) to Sorceress Skill Levels
50% Faster Hit Recovery
+(51 to 75)% to Spell Damage
+(9 to 12) to Sacrifices
+(301 to 350)% Enhanced Defense
10% Chance to Avoid Damage
All Resists +(51 to 100)%
25% Reanimate as: Crystal Witch
+(101 to 150) Life after each Kill
(101 to 150)% Extra Gold from Monsters


Oh yeah, I had to put everything in red because this armor is just perfect. Sacrifices can be a fun skill to use with shatter the flesh too, but considering it's timer, I've never been too into it because I prefer using mana sweep / blink, but it's still fun to use. Other than that, yeah perfect armor like I said one line ago.

Circlets (Sha'ad)

Required Level: 100
+100 Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+2 to All Skills
50% Faster Cast Rate
-(21 to 25)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-(21 to 25)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-(21 to 25)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(21 to 25)% to Enemy Poison Resistance

+30% Enhanced Defense
-500 Defense
+5% to All Maximum Resistances
Requirements -100%

No explanation needed. Just wow.

Hooves of the Thunderhorse
Boots (Sacred)

Defense: (467-481)
Durability: 29
Required Strength: 458
Required Level: 100
100% Chance to cast level 23 Singularity when you Die
40% Faster Run/Walk
+(21 to 25)% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
+3 to Banish
+3 to Arcane Torrent
+750 to Mana
+5 Cold Absorb
+5 Lightning Absorb
+5 Fire Absorb

+5 Mana on Striking
Socketed: 4

So what? I like these boots. I just like the fact that banish is another skill I can worry about because I love hotkeying.

Lunar Eclipse
Light Belt (Sacred)

Defense: (1980-2457)
Durability: 34
Required Strength: 490
Required Level: 100
+(51 to 60) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+(1 to 2) to All Skills
25% Faster Cast Rate
30% Faster Hit Recovery
+(21 to 30)% to Spell Damage

+(151 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
+(40 to 50) to Energy
+100 to Life
All Resists +(21 to 25)%

+(1 to 5) to Light Radius
Socketed: 2

Nothing to add, similar to Ashaera's Armor, but kind of better still.

Lamha Na Draoithe
Gauntlets (Sacred)

Defense: (1404-1872)
Durability: 53
Required Strength: 344
Required Level: 100
+150 Strength Factor to Spell Damage
+2 to All Skills
30% Faster Cast Rate
+(31 to 40)% to Spell Damage

+(251 to 300)% Enhanced Defense
+75 to Strength
-100 to Life
All Resists +(21 to 25)%
Requirements -40%

Socketed: 4

Quov Tsin's Talisman

Required Level: 120
-35% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-35% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-35% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-35% to Enemy Poison Resistance


Oh yeah, endless light project can reach 1% more pierce. GG noob for using this. I got it with lottery, so it was definetly worth a go.

Adrenaline Rush

Required Level: 100
+1 to All Skills
200% Bonus to Buff/Debuff/Cold Skill Duration
+(15 to 17) to Rapture
Damage Reduced by 5%


This one gives rapture (faster run walk ftw), damage reduced, and ridiculous buff duration, which can mean +2500 life from moonstrike for example (for 70 seconds) and overall all our debuffs, and curses like banish or force blast, so it's a solid choice, but not really mandatory. I just can't live without that faster run walk speed.

Elemental Band

Required Level: 100
+(15 to 20)% to Spell Damage
+(1 to 2) to Lightning Arena
+(1 to 2) to Path of Flames
+(1 to 2) to Nova Charge
+(1 to 2) to Hive


Laggy as hell, but omg, we got all elements with this! And considering we got huge amounts of energy, energy factor, spell damage and whatnot, this is an awesome choice. If you don't have it, well you can dream with it at least.

Dungeon Uberquests
NOTICE: for strategy releated to uberquests without detailed description, you can check the very awesome Guide to all Uberquests!

AZMODAN [E]: ditto.
TORAJA [M]: ditto.
VIZJUN [M]: ditto.
BRACHYCERAN [M]: lucky hits can take him down almost instantly. Avoid dying.
STARTLED WITCH [H]: abuse magic spells at level 3, as well as shatter the flesh / abyss.

Summoning Uberquests
NOTICE: for strategy releated to uberquests without detailed description, you can check the very awesome Guide to all Uberquests!

THE BUTCHER [E]: ditto.
AKARAT [E]: pre-buff with abyss and summon. Oh wait, that was obvious.
ATHULUA [E]: ditto.
DIABLO CLONE [E]: ditto.
KABRAXIS [M]: oskills / mid respec. Kill kabraxis with flamefront.
BROTHER LAZ [H]: extremely tedious. POSSIBLE.
ULDYSSIAN [H]: even more tedious without open wounds. Still, POSSIBLE.
SECRET: CHRYSAOR [M]: have some abyss summoned, take statue down, he should die quite fast.

NOTICE: for strategy releated to uberquests without detailed description, you can check the very awesome Guide to all Uberquests!

KURAST 3000 BA [E]: ditto.
KHALIMGRAD [E]: ditto.
TRAN ATHULUA [M]: ditto.
CHRYSAOR [M]: ditto.
FAUZTINVILLE [M]: arcane torrent + shatter the flesh + mana sweep. ditto.
GHOSTS OF OLD BREMMTOWN [M]: spam abyss at your position, let them teleport. Shatter the flesh the rest. ditto.
DUNCRAIG [M]: flamefront + shatter the flesh. ditto.
YSHARI SANCTUM [M]: uber is overall easy, valthek isn't too hard either, just wait him to teleport at you, purify and run away.

Heroic Levels & Bosses
NOTICE: for strategy releated to uberquests without detailed description, you can check the very awesome Guide to all Uberquests!

BELIAL [E]: spam flamefront like a mad guy.
BULL PRINCE RODEO [E]: flamefront anyone?
QUOV TSIN [E]: sha'ad orb + event horizont + flamefront
ASTROGHA [M]: abyss / flamefront, stay ~1 screen away from astrogha, wait for lucky hits (instagibs), if she regenerates it doesn't matter, keep shooting.

Screenshots & Videos


VIDEOS [HD 1080p]

Have fun,

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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by wiseley on Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:44 am

Excellent guide!
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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by GregMXL on Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:04 am

Holy crap Marco! Lol Exciting! Cool

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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by MUS01 on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:04 am

Great guide Marco. Mhmmm If I remember clearly, I see:
-Missingno, the paladin
-Natasha, the assasin
-Tanya, the sorceress

If you're maked/builded chars like your set "Cowboys from Hell", Then you have Fearless the Barbarian..I will be pleased to see 1 guide about him some day... Cheers!

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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by MarcoNecroX on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:08 am

@MUS01 wrote:Great guide Marco. Mhmmm If I remember clearly, I see:
-Missingno, the paladin
-Natasha, the assasin
-Tanya, the sorceress

If you're maked/builded chars like your set "Cowboys from Hell", Then you have Fearless the Barbarian..I will be pleased to see 1 guide about him some day... Cheers!

my assassin guide is from mxl, not mxlu. I did zoology (bowzon) one but it was lost on old forum, it's still mirrored on the web, but I couldn't care less about people not playing bowzon
So yeah, next one will be barb and my last guide ever shall be an assassin guide. But this last one is reserved for sigma Smile

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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by MUS01 on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:22 am

Great, I will wait your guide. You are doing 1 really good job, modding, and guide's writing...

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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by 1337Pr0nstar on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:49 am

I guess we shall be seeing more sorcs around, that isn't such a bad thing.

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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by iwansquall on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:58 am

Heh, a good caster guide.

Curious what do you mean by Kabraxis : Mid respec
I assume it only for belladonna elixir + 1.13c only?

Sorc is pretty much on end of caster spectrum.
Plenty of burst spell, good to take out certain boss.
Fire + Sorc definitely a beast for high spell dmg + AoE + Multihit with no ND.
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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by MarcoNecroX on Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:24 am

@iwansquall wrote:Heh, a good caster guide.

Curious what do you mean by Kabraxis : Mid respec
I assume it only for belladonna elixir + 1.13c only?

it means that if you're lazy to get a lightning oskill you can quickly respec to lightning, kill lightning boss, and respec back with the other 4 elements Smile

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Re: [v6e] Tanya, the Sorceress

Post by Sponsored content

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