Magic numbers by Metalistas

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Magic numbers by Metalistas

Post by Metalistas on Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:43 pm


This topic was greatly inspired by discussion about the cycles. But, seriously i am thinking about statistical aproach towards this good game. I like math and farming so i tried to combine these two aspects into one thing. Now i am ready to show what happens. This small experiment is not over yet, but results are promising.

Main article

Following information will be about farming cycles in new uber - Triune. There is good amount of info in the Docs and in very usefull forum topic A and topic B. Also there is already mini guide how to do it fast. My point of view here is from numeric side. I wanted to see how often the charms drop and how can you get them safe with minimum time and effort consumed.

I have used ATMG assassin for farming - gears and skill plan is at the end of second video. I am still learning how to record properly with bandicam, so sorry for the errors. Gameplay is pretty simple, one button spam atmg, other summon endyrems if needed. I use them for scouting, blocking paths and tanking some damage while i reposition/blink. Used 1 point in maelstrom just to kill the bats from messenger.

This is recorded in single player. Thus dying and geting body back is a lot harder than in multiplayer. Most of the time i die at messenger or near him and don't try to get body back. Sometimes i pass him, lure the second boss and try my luck. When failed, i just make new game and farm again. The boss charm is not my goal.

Part 1:

Bandicamp got some time limit, like 10 mins or so, so the video got cut in the middle.

Part 2:

Observations and tips:
1.So far in many runs i got 0 cycles from barrels, chests, graves, etc.
2. Spires have 4 charges. If they fire 2 shots and you get out of the range, they save other 2 shots for when you come back. After 4 shots fired there is 15s (tried to count the best i could) recharge window where you can safely kill them.
3. When you enter new area through doors spam atmg on both sides and move inside a bit - atmg will automaticly atack enemies when they appear in your view range.
4. Sometimes it's worth to leave barrels unsmashed as natural obsticles for enemies.
5. Shower of rock from your belt and from enemies look the same - better step back few steps and be safe than sorry.

Results :

Each time i did a run, i added new obtained charms/SU into cube. After the run i go to town, identify items and sort them out. Usefull charms - charms that have better than minimum stats (like small charm with 1-2% increased overall speed is not usefull). Greed and lust charms also got to npc to cover repairs.
Average run takes about 15mins, sometimes more if i pass the messenger or get greedy and wonder of the usual path. Deaths are very rare, again only when i get careless or tired. When you pass the entrance it's all good. If you don't pass it - make new game.

Farming result table:

Epiloge and thoughts:
I will continue this in free time from MP since results are good enough. 23 runs might not be enough to make valid statistical points, but average drop chances look good.
Also had a few suggestions while at it:
1. If possible to enable cycles drop from barrels, chests, graves, etc., but give some sort of disatvantage for it, like chance to spawn a kraken mob when breaking barrel or spires shot trap on chests.
2. If possible to make recipe to reroll charms of same type. I was thinking 5 charms (3 is too little, >5 is too much to carry in inventory) make a new random charm with probabilities programmed like this:
88% - for lust or greed
2% - speed, luck, power, strength, wealth, miracles
Recipe could include 5 charms + tome from cow boss or swirlies after killing cow boss.
Thus encouraging and rewarding people to farm this uber.

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Re: Magic numbers by Metalistas

Post by SpamBomb on Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:37 pm

im pretty sure if chest/barrels/rocks where set to be able to drop cycles they would drop from ALL chest/barrel/rocks not just ones in tribune

i thought this same thing about skull piles in sewers would be cool if they had a % chance to drop unknown skulls

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Re: Magic numbers by Metalistas

Post by wow123400 on Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:06 pm

a cookie for the new uber show  Compress 

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Re: Magic numbers by Metalistas

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