Spell idea's

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Spell idea's

Post by shemsuhor on Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:12 am

I'm late to the party and the thread was closed but I was curious to see some of the communities ideas.

My personal opinion is that both melee paladin tree's are very lack luster in style. Terror strike is an awesome idea but the three abilities used are all very bland in appearance and effect. Holy is great with retaliate but hammer strike looks TOO similar and the deva king only last 5 seconds.

Skill Name: Earth Shaker
Type: WDM
Class: Paladin
Mechanics: Would replace hammer strike. Area of effect attack with same "chance to drop the hammer" effect? Must be wielding a palladin class hammer or mace. Amazing grace chance is doubled for the next 5 seconds

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Re: Spell idea's

Post by chickenfeeder on Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:54 am

may be you should PM the team for smth like this.

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