Meele class + AoE playstyle?

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Meele class + AoE playstyle?

Post by damaconz on Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:48 am

Hey all,

I've been playing Median XL for a few months now, and I'm having difficulty finding a playstyle that I enjoy a lot AND isn't incredibly frustrating.

I started with an elem druid using elem + banshee and acid fiends to tank, but I wasn't very good at it and I could barely clear anything (I think I managed to kill dest. butcher, TA, King Koth, and Tal Rasha). Farming everywhere else was way too slow and minions died way too fast.

I then tried a bowazon using wyrmshot + barrage, and I love the killspeed + ease (spam wyrmshot, autotargets enemies and kills just about everything offscreen), but it's so squishy that I die to just about everything (running EF, so 0 defence is rough. I use SoV because invincible tank + summons is awesome). I do a lot of damage, but still not enough to kill stuff in uberlevels before I get annihilated.

So here comes the quandary: I would love to run a super-tanky, nigh-invincible eagle stance meele barb, but I'm worried about the lack of AoE. One of the things I <3 about the bowazon is that I can spam wyrmshot and kill everything really easily, especially stuff that's difficult to target. How easy is it to play a reasonable meele class that can tank ubers or other enemies without worrying about only lasting 2-3 hits to most mobs. I've been reading the barbarian builds, and some are saying you can manage 1M+ defence, and eagle stance is like drinking a potion non-stop, but is the killspeed so slow that it's not worth it? What about elem-immune enemies? Bowazon does get tri-elem damage, so I can kill ANYTHING with wyrmshot. Same possibility with barbarian?

Any input is appreciated. I really like Median XL Ultimative, but it's so much more technical, and want to find my niche before I get discouraged. I still haven't even killed Baal on Destruction difficulty with either character Sad


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Re: Meele class + AoE playstyle?

Post by Metalistas on Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:08 am

I would love to run a super-tanky, nigh-invincible eagle stance meele barb

This is easy to reach. Check this Tank Barb. Don't worry about fancy equipment. Use the "Gathering of tribes" set. Your main atack should be shower of rock or stormblast (depending on how many targets you are facing - one or many) and this set give :
50% Chance to cast level 20 Earthquake on Attack
25% Chance to cast level 43 Forked Lightning on Attack
On top:
25% Chance to Avoid Damage
All Resists +75%
These two are great aoe atacks. Add the shower of rock and .... great success. For sockets use runes with +%atributes, +%str, +%vita or a healthy mix of them. With runemaster you reach 1.000.000 defense no problem. Max bear stance and add some leach = better than eagle stance since shower of rock hits wide and leach from many enemies.

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