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Post by hellgrind on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:17 am

Hello guys.
I've play this game for a really long time (since 2008-2009 with some long breaks but still) but i never told anyone about it.
So Basically this is mmo rpg but a very different from that genre. There are no classes/races/whatever. There's 2 ways u can play it 1. F2P (where u don't have access for about 80% of the stuff), 2. P2P (where u have a "full" game). But don't be frighten, because u can easy play whatever u want on f2p and reach "max lvl" for this type of play.

So about the game itself. It's browser point-to-click game (i think that's call this type of game) based of html5+java scripts+flash.
How do u start: simple u to to the game website (links below) u create an account, u login to the game and start playing, before u ofc create your char. How do u create your char it doesn't matter (the appearance of it) because all the skills that u can learn/train is either be killing stuff or crafting system (witch is really good atm). Btw typing of a name for your char could be pain in the ass because of really big numbers of account (1 acc=1 char=1 name). When i'm writing this there are 50,745 Players Online Now (game web page info)
There are 28 skills in the game (1 skill was added not long ago). All are available for all kind of players (f2p,p2p) but few of them only to lvl 5 (for f2p players). Most of the stuff are free but in all skills you have things that are available for p2p players (like new spells,weapons,ect). There are 3 base groups of skills (i call them that) 1. Offensive(Attack,Strength,Magic) 2. Defensive(Defense,Constitution) 3. Craft(Fishing,Mining,Cooking ect).

Ok, here is what u can do in this game. The answer is not that simple, u can either farm stuff, kill another players (pvp areas, guild vs guild events, world vs world events), playing as a broker and making moneyzzz or just simple travel around the world and enjoy the views Smile Either way there are a lot of thing to do in this game and since there's no specific classes u can be anybody. A fisherman who like sometimes killing dragons or a mage who just like spending his time in his house (yes u can have a your own house in the game and u can customize it) making a drinks.

About the items. Most of it u can make by using a craft system but most powerful items are from drop/quest,minigames reward only. And some of them require 2-3+ of skills on required lvl to even use them. There're 2 types of weapons (melee and range), 3 types of armor (melee,range,magic) and lots of crafting materials.

So that will be all from me (there is more to talk but im to tired and need to wake up early Smile so here are all the links that u need.
P.S. My in game name is Re4ce so i anyone want to play with me just add me as a friend. I'm online mostly from 11 am CET to 6 pm CET.
Good luck and have fun while playing :3


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Re: RuneScape

Post by Thall on Wed May 21, 2014 11:12 pm

I used to play this a long time ago. I made my account back in '05/'06 maybe. I still know the username and whatnot I just have no idea what I made the password. I can't even stand playing the game the way it is now. It looks nothing like the game I played when I was a kid. Last year I did play quite a bit of RS09 (old school runescape). Me and a few friends got really heavily into runecrafting. We ended up making a few mil each in a month then quit  Laughing 
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