[Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

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[Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

Post by SpineTheMan on Thu May 01, 2014 5:11 pm

Reanimator Necromancer

So this is a guide about How to build and How to play Necromancer as a Pure Reanimator. Let's begin  Dancing 

*Pros and Cons
-Unlike Summoner Necromancer, you can possess to Melee,Caster,Ranger,Buffer,Debuffer,Crowd Controller,... minions
-Your minions have different immunitys
-Your minions aren't limited (However having too many reanimates on screen will cause lag)
-The Reanimates have better AI than your Summons (aka They don't "dance")
-You are nearly invincible if you stay behind your reanimate
-Decent clear speed, not huge but not slow either, if you have played like a Trap Rat Druid or Kraken Thrower Barb before you will see how much the clear speed bug you  Salut 
-Sarcifires have timer, that means you have to approach slowly through each areas 
-There are Ubers that you can't or annoying to do (Kabraxis, Khalimgad,...)
-You are the Commander, the head of your army, if you make a wrong desicion you can lead your army and yourself into Danger

*Sections: Use Ctrl + F to find the section more easier
I/Skill Plan [CF001]
II/Stat Placement [CF002]
III/Equipment [CF003]
      1/Early Game Gears 
      2/Mid Game Gears 
      3/End Game Gears 
IV/Reanimate [CF004]
      1/Damage Dealer Reanimate
      2/Tank Reanimate
      3/Caster Reanimate
      4/Buffer Reanimate
      5/DeBuffer, Crowd Controller Reanimate
V/Gameplay [CF005]
VI/ Uber Quest [CF006] 
      1/Summoning Uber Quest
           A/The Butcher
           B/The Binding of Baal
           D/Legacy of Blood
           E/Assault on Mount Arreat 
           F/Lord Aldric Jitan
           G/Jurgment Day
           H/Inarius' Revenge
           I/ Chrysaor (Haven't attempt yet)
           K/Brother Laz (Haven't attempt yet)
           L/Marco Necro X (Haven't attempt yet)
     2/Dungeon Uber Quest
           A/Creature of Flame
           B/Infernal Machine
           C/Death Projector
           E/Rathma's Square
           F/Cathedral of Vanity
           I/Uldyssian (Haven't attempt yet)
           J/Starled Witch (Haven't attempt yet)
           K/Karbaxis (Haven't attempt yet)
           L/The Void (Haven't attempt yet)
           A/Kurast 3000 Ba
           B/Island of the sunless sea
           D/Tran Anthulua
           F/The Triune
           G/Ghosts of Old BremmTown
           H/Chrysaor's Sewer
           J/Yshari Sanctum (Haven't Attempt yet)          
           K/Kingdom of Shadow (Haven't Attempt yet)
           L/Brachyceran's Lair (Haven't Attempt yet)
    4/Heroic Levels
      (Special)/ Baal
           B/Quov Tsin
           D/Anthulua (Havne't Attempt Yet)
           E/Bull Prince Rodeo (Haven't Attempt Yet)
VII/Farming [CF007]

I/Skill Plan[CF001]
Totem Tree
-sMax Sacrifices -> You will create you army with this skill 
-sMax Death's Fury Totem -> Your army's main damage source. This Totem give you Tri-elemental damage, which make your army GODLY
-sMax Howling Totem -> It boost our damage, add crushing blow, why not?
-1 to 20 points Embalming -> It boosts your max life, give you mana regenation. It's up to you to decide how many points to put in it
-1 point Bend the Shadow -> This skill will help you "control" your totem, I will talk about this later
-1 point Bane -> Reduce enemy's Physical Resistance. Later when you have Necrobot, Traprat or whatever reanimate with strong Physical Damage, this skill will help you further boost thier damage
-1 point Talon's Hold (Optional) -> Extra Rathma Priest reanimate 
Battle Tree (Optional)
-1 point Death Lord (Optional) -> This skill give you Defend which increase your Survivability. It also boost you stat, really helpful if you want to equip Items that have High Requirement such as: Freakshow, Demonic Touch, Champion of the Triune,... Really helpful skill but you can live just fine without it  Whistling 
Summon Tree
-1 point Summon Shadow -> this summon has Demon blood aura which boosts your Life, Life Regen and Elemental damage. Also you will use this summon mostly to move your totem with Bend the Shadow skill
-1 point Summon Void Archon (Optional) -> This summon reduce your damage taken and it slows your enemy attack speed. It also prevent monster from healing on hit or when it is killed, and it blinds enemy on hit too. Overall good summon but completely optional
Uber Skill (You can choose your own Uber Skill with this build):
-10 points Death Ward -> This skill boosts your defend and give you advoid. With 10 points it will give you 20 chance to dodge attack which will greatly increase your survivability.

-1 to 10 points Rathma's Chosen -> This skill will make sure that your summons don't die easily (sadly posion damage still hurt it under rathma's chosen duration), so 1 point will be enough, but you can put more to boost your summon damage if you want to
-10 points Summon Jinn -> This summon has Hellfire Aura which reduces enemy's elemental resistances and gives you + maximum fire resist  Dancing . If you choose this Uber Skill remember to always have it summoned
Ennead Challenge Skill:
-1 points Black Mass -> It gives your army avoid, life on melee hit, velocity boost and Ingores Target Defend boost. Well, I go with this skill mostly for the Ingores Target Defend boost so 1 point should be enough.
Black Road Challenge Skill (Optional):
-1 points Graveyard (Optinal): When you cast it, you will periodically shoot a punisher at a nearby target, good skill but again completely optional

II/Stat Placement[CF002]
- Strengh: Enough to wear your gear 
- Dexterity: Enough to wear your gear (Shield, any equipment that require dex)
- Vitality: Put all the remaining points here. People say that put points in vitality is useless for necromancer. Well, not really, with the Emablming skill, you will see a great different between putting points in vitality and not 
- Energy: Nope you don't need it 

As a reanimator you have a very wide choice of gears  Bouncing 

1/Earlygame Gears (Level 1 -> 99) 
I suggest that you should play as a different build until you reach lv 100 (this point you will have your main weapon), but if you really want to play as a "Pure Reanimator", here are some suggestion:
*Note: Visit this page to check the equpments (Use ctrl + F to search): Regular Uniques
-Honorific Item (T1 -> T6 Any Item) -> You can make a honorific item by cubing a magic item with a meditation candle and a sarcifires heart. early game you lack of money so you should go to Stony Field and kill Sleeping Cave Snapper which gives you a lot of money. When you have you honorific items, cube them with Skeleton MOs until you have 50% -> 70% Reanimate as Skeleton. The Skeletons are melee weapon damge monster so they will deal ton of tri-elemental damage thanks to your death's fury totem
-Umbaru's Jinx (TU Mask) -> Acid Beast reanimate, acid beast is monster which throw poison "mud" at the target, shadow's aura will help you increase it's poison damage
-Staff of Roses (TU War Staff) -> Knight of Death reanimate, knight of death is a melee monster which has Concentration aura which increase your party damage and give you chance of uninteruptable hit, It also has Charge attack which ingore defend, benefit from death's fury totem 
-Albrecht's Revenge (TU Chain Mail) -> Returned Archer reanimate, basically a range skeleton, benefit from death's fury totem 
-Boneratter (TU Maul) -> Bone Archer, Burning Dead Archer, Horror Archer. Bone archer is a regular skeleton archer however Buring dead archer shoots Fire Arrow which deal fire damage instead of physical and Horror Archer Shoots magic arrow which deals... magic damage  Neutral 
-Many more... You can search in the link I give a above
2/Midgame gears (lv 100) 
This is where you can play as a real reanimator necromancer  Smile .
*Note: Visit this page to check the equpments (Use ctrl + F to search): Runewords
*One item only:
-Urada (Rha rune in any Sword) -> Now you have a really strong reanimate: The Necrobot (Physical Immune). These badboys deal Physical Weapon Damage so they benefit from death's fury totem. Their base damage is also really strong and when it combine with bane, they will be deadly
3/Endgame gears (lv 100 and above)
After you get your Urada Sword, you can started farming these items:
*Note: Visit these pages to check the equipments (Use ctrl + F to search): Runewords and Sacred Uniques and Crafted Item
-Crafted Items (Any Sacred magic armor): you will craft your item mostly with hidden shrine so better stack it up as much as possible. I will say more about this below.
-Raging Tempest (SSSU Bastard Sword): Veteran Demon Landmass(*Warning: Lag Reanimate) reanimate (1-3%), ok this guy is INSANE. He is not only good because he is a veteran monster but also he has very good skills. First of all, he has 100% chance to cast Shower of Rock on melee hit and on earthquake skill. So if he use an earthquake attack in place like Tran Athulua or Duncraig it will proc MASSIVE Rock Shower that deal MASSIVE damage which will eliminate any enemies and your... computer  Salut . Seriously when I first use him in Tran Athulua, when I get to Skovos, he use earthquake in the big pack just one time and my computer freeze   Neutral . SO this reanimate is not a good idea to use if your computer is not good enough  Crying or Very sad 
-Fogo Da Sombra (SU Flamberge): Wracked Soul and Blood Brother (Caster reanimate) Reanimate(21-25%), not much to say here, they are caster reanimate so your death's fury boost is useless, however, they still useful if you see below. Wracked Soul and Blood Brother are Heroic Monster so thier base damage is quite powerful. Wracked soul can shoots Ice Ball that deals cold damage, Blood Bother has Daystar's flame skill and Gammafield which destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki  Salut 
-Ghoul Lord (SSU Large Axe): Black Death (Melee reanimate) reanimate (100%), the reanimate itself isn't really impressive, but the reanimate chance is. Seriously  Shocked, 100%? Just too OP. Black Death is Elite Monster which Immune Poison so it is really useful in some uber (Belial). A little note, the reanimate chance for Elite Monster is somehow not linear, that means although the reanimate chance is 100%, some corspe may not reanimate into Black Death. This, however, is really good because you need to have some corpes to cast totems right.
-Crackust (SSSU Club): Titan Series (Bronze, Silver, Gold), Sasquatch and Abomination (All melee/3 Buffer reanimate) reanimate (10-20%), a good but optional item, you will mainly use this item for the Titan series reanimate cause each of them has a unique aura which give you MAX resistance (75%) and your army IMMUNE to that resistance depend on the Titan Type: Bronze Titan (Max/Immune Fire), Silver Titan (Max/Immune Cold), Gold Titan (Max/Immune Lighting) , This really helpful when you fight bosses with high elemental damage such as Tal Rasha, Lord Adric Jitan, Quov Tsin,... The other two reanimate is not really helpful but the Abomination has High HP so you can use him as Meat shield
-Lash of the Titans (SU Flail): Titan Series (Bronze, Silver, Gold) (ALL Melee reanimate) reanimate (10-15%), this is a "worse" version of Crackust (for reanimator only), but you can make use of it if you don't have Crackust yet  Dancing 
-Freakshow (SU Scythe): Slain Soul (2 Types) and Ratfink (Melee/Special reanimate) reanimate (15% and 10%), this is the best item  for reanimator so far. All of you who did Duncraig Uberquest must already know Slain Souls and thier Stupid/Frustated/F**k Barrels right  Dancing . Now when these guys on our side it will be  Salut to your enemies. Slain Souls are Uber Monster so they are really strong melee fighter, also they can throw barrels which deal 50k magic and physical damage (25k each) that also stun your enemy for about 1 second, you can further boost it with bane which reduce physical resistance. This item also has Ratfink reanimate, they are little rat that are untargetable (For you) but they can be hit by enemy so basically they will tank a bit for you.
-Gonnagal's Dirk (SSSU Dirk): All Veteran Demon (Clawstorm Terror, Fairy Witch, Glowing Blob, Landmass, Bane Hunter) (Melee/Caster/Tank reanimate)  reanimate (0-1%), This is a good but unstable item, first of all, the reanimates have a chance to have 0% chance to reanimate, that means if you unlucky, you can find this item with no reanimate at all. Second, the reanimate chance is really low (1%), so it is all depend on luck. I have used this item and I must say it's really great (when the reanimate appear). The First reanimate is Clawstorm Terror, He casts Lorenado skill which deals High Poison Damage. The Second is Fairy WItch, this witch is what make this item worth using  Shocked , she cast firerain which deals huge AOE fire damage and Fire Cannonade which is a good single target skill, seriously, inmage 2 of them appear when you are struggling with Slain Souls or Amazons then BAM! Fire Rain! Deadly Fire Stream!. You can further boost her damage with Elemental Totem which I will say below . The third is Glowing Blob, this monster doesn't have anything special  DOH!, everything they can do is... pounce, but make up for thier poor skillpool they have A LOT of health which can tank a big pack of amazon for... 5 and a half second  Salut . The fourth is Landmass, really good reanimate, see above, but remember, lagger stay away from this reanimate  Salut . Last but not least, Bane Hunter, This is a very interesting Reanimate, they cast Bladestorm which summon a pack of Flying Scimitars striking furiously at the enemy which deals Weapon damage, so it will benift from your death's fury boost.
-Hand of Rathma (SU Needle Crossbow): Venom Fiend (Ranged Reanimate) reanimate (50%), this has so-so reanimate, good reanimate chance. Venom Fiend is the Heroic version of Acid Beast (See the doc if you don't know who this guy is), basically, he throws poison mud, it deals poison damage so it's worse than Rathma's Phantom. However, if you facing Heavily Poison Monster that can One Hit your necrobot or whatever reanimate (I'm talking about you Belial  Bouncing )
-Screen of Viz-Jaq'Taar (SSSU Quilted Armor): AC-1 Hammer Bot, AC-2 Rivet Bot, RC-1 Light Drone, RC-2 Heavy Drone, Magineer (Melee/Ranger/Tank reanimate) reanimate (0-5%). This is the best armor for reanimator although it's "unstable". This item is so great because it has 5 different type of reanimate that has quite good chance to reanimate (If the item have them in the first place  Bouncing ). First,AC-1 Hammer Bot,RC-1 Light Drone and RC-2 heavy Drone, these guys are melee fighter which hit fast and hit hard , they can tank too  Dancing . Second, AC-2 Rivet Bot, well AC-2 Rivet Bot has a HEAVY MACHINE GUN which can shoots multiple bullets at your enemy  Shocked (it also benift from death's fury totem boost), this bad boy is the second best damage dealer (The best is Trap Rat  Whistling ) .Last but not least, Magineer, it is FLYING Robot so it can pass through terrain that you can't normally go through like the "Black Sea" in Tran Athulua or the space in Arcane Sanctuary  Laughing , it can also shoot LAZOR that pierce like Necrobot 
-Demonic Touch (SSSU Glove): DEATH PROJECTOR (Boss reanimate) reanimate (1%). You can never find a better Tank/Caster reanimate than this machine. Why? Death Pojector is Immune To Everything  Shocked so it is basically invincible. It can also cast deadly "Spinning Mind Flay" that will eliminate any monster in 3-4 hit (it 1 hit KO you but not with the high HP monster  Hitting a Wall ). Well, the reanimate chance is not really good but at least it is a stable item  Bouncing . This reanimate is extremely useful in place that have a lot of monster like Tran Athulua or Vijun  Dancing
-Centuria Insectorium (SSSU Gauntlets): Darkling (Melee reanimate) reanimate (20%). This item is so-so  Eh?, although the reanimate chance is good (20%) I still think you should use Crafted Glove for the Trap Rat reanimate. But in some situation this item can prove itself useful, Like when you boom into Landmass in act IV (Son of lag). Like I said above, he has 100% chance to cast rock shower on his earthquake skill so with the guy who always have ~50 minions like you it will be  Salut. The first time I met him I must use Esc -> Save and Exit because my screen completely freeze  Hitting a Wall. So the trick is to use reanimates like Darkling or Razor Fur Titan to reflect the damage back to landmass, he will die in 3 or 4 hit  Cheers!  
-Prince of Nothing (SU Marrow Staff): Living Flame, Black Ice Demon, Trap Rat, Avalanche, Dirge (Ranger/Caster reanimate) reanimate (21-25%). Here come the Prince of Nothing  Bouncing, this item is design for Caster Reanimate although it has Trap Rat reanimate. All the reanimates except Trap Rat are average caster monster. First, Living Flame is a ghost which casts sorceress' Flamefront skill. Black Ice Demon and Avalache can cast Mind Flay and Ice Bolt Nova which deals quite good Lighting and Ice damage. Last is Dirge, she can cast Death Star, also Lower Resistant and an orb that shoots multiple poison balls at you (Disco Inferno ?) on death. So overall it is a perfect weapon for Reanimator. 
-Karybdus' Descent (SSU Marrow Staff): Darkling (Melee Reanimate) reanimate (25%), see above for it's use  Bouncing 
-Shadowfiend (SSSU Marrow Staff): Skeleton, Punishment Turret (Melee/Caster reanimate) reanimate (50% and 2%). Ok so this staff is Prince of Nothing's cousin  Bouncing, despite it have fewer reanimate than his cousin, it is a strong item for reanimator indeed. First of all, skeleton, these boys are our main summons in the Original Game remember? They can tank a bit and deals insane damage when pair with death's fury totem if a lot of them appear. Using this item will make you feel like a true necromancer  Twisted Evil. Second, Punishment Turret, basically, it is a Death Projector version which shoot Punisher Nova instead of "Spinning Mind Flay". It also have decent reanimate chance (2%) which means you can have 1 of them every 2 sarcifires. But this item's usefulness does not stop at the reanimate part, it is one of a few items which has Stance and Enhance Stance radius. In thi case, Shadowfiend have Wolf Stance and +30 stance radius, wolf stance will make your reanimate Run fast as Scumacher in his racing car  Dancing, it also has + damage and crushing blow. A little note, it is really annoying to switch between Stance Skill and every skill because when you do, your reanimate will lose thier stance, but not only that, if you switch back to Stance Skill they won't apply to your Reanimate instantly, this can somehow annoying because you can only use sarcifire in your right mouse skill (Why Marco Why????  Hitting a Wall )
-Rathma's Phantom (SSSU Tiara): Gore Crawler (Ranger reanimate) reanimate (10-15%), The best Helm for reanimator. Gore Crawler is a monster which throw Buring Hot "Mud" that melt target face and deal... Physical Damage  Neutral ? Seriously, The first time I do Rathma's Square I thought those monsters deals Fire Damage, but when I hover the mouse on top of them and look under their healthbar I saw "Ranged Physical Damage"  Eh? . Anyway  Bouncing, these monsters deal Physical Damage so they will benift Greatly from your Death's fury totem. However, this Reanimate is very "dangerous" to use, see the reanimate section below for more information.
-Champion of the Triune (SSSU Plated belt): Malic (Boss reanimate) reanimate (1-2%). Here is the High Priest of Triune - Malic. The first time I encounter him, his deadly homming "axe" keeps one-shot me. He also have Banish, Rain of Bomb and Fire Fountain skill. So basically, Malic is a good reanimate that has high damage, good debuff (but he rarely use it), AOE skill. He can become a threat for your foes even without your totems. Reanimates that can survire on theirown like him come in handy sometimes.
-Strengh Beyond Stengh (SSSU Gothic PLate): Inarius (Boss Reanimate) reanimate (1%). The fallen angel - Inarius, The one who creates The Nephalem and is the Father of Rathma  Eh? . He can cast Guard Tower, Abyss and Typhoon sentry  Neutral . Overall, he is a great Normal Reanimate and Caster Reanimate. 
-Vizerei's Ritual (SSSU Full Plate Mail): Quov Tsin (Heroic Boss Reanimate) reanimate (0-1%). Here come the best armor for Caster Reanimator (Although it's unstable  Eh? ). You all must know how strong Quov Tsin is Right? For those who don't, Quov Tsin is the one who is mislead by Diablo and Doom the entire Ureh Kingdom  Bouncing. Anyway, he  is so far the strongest Elemental Boss in the game (Stronger than Tal Rasha ). He has the Power to pierce 400 every resistances but the real reason make him so strong is his skillpool. He possess to 3 skills. The first, Trinity Beam, This beam deals extremely high Tri-Elemental damage that can eliminate everyone who doesn't have enough resistance (aka Me  Salut ). The Second, Trinity Nova, This skill deals MASSIVE Tri-Elemental damage at close range and will clear the whole sreen in about 2 or 3 cast. The third is Hive, This skill when active will periodically shoots "Poisonous Bug Cloud" out of the user body at the nearby target, pretty strong skill indeed but it is outshine by the other 2 skills. If you are lucky enough to have him, remember to buff him up with Bloodlust and Element Totem  Bouncing .
-Scales of The Drake (SSSU Ring Mail): Henchman (Caster reanimate) reanimate (5%). these are loyal servants of Belial (The lord of Lies). They can cast High Damage Punisher which can eliminate your target in a few seconds  Cheers! . In my opinion, I prefer this armor to Vizerei's Ritual for Caster Reanimator because the chance to have a Henchman is way Bigger than Quov Tsin, but if you love gamble, well the item up there is always your best choice
*There are many more item in the documentation, heres are just a few items that I think best use for Reanimator 
*Special Equipment:
These are the items you must have if you want to start a Caster Reanimate build or simply boost your army's damage
-Wizard's Path (SSSU Boots): You get this item mainly for the Elemental Totem o-skill. These totems will boost your army elemental damage, they will be very helpful at inceasing your reanimate's spell damage so it's a must for Caster Reanimate
-Trollskull (SU Preserved Head): Use mainly for the bloodlust skill, remember that this is a shield so you can only use One-hand weapon like     Urada,...
-Sinwar(SU Demon Head): It has Stances, TWO STANCES: Kraken Stance and Snake Stance ,It also has Spirit walk which will help you share your Beautiful Kraken Stance with your army  Whistling .This is a powerful item but completely Optional because some great reanimator weapons are 2-hand weapon so  Salut . However if you use Urada you can consider using this beautiful item.

*On Switch:
-Shamanka (SU Long Staff): The Bloodlust skill it gives you is just too good  Bouncing . It will boost your army's Damage, Elemental Damage and Physical/Magical Spell damage so if you can consider using it to buff your reanimates

-Seid (Necromancer Dagger RW): Bloodlust, this item require no Great Rune so you can get it sooner or later. it's bloodlust skill level is not as high as Shamanka but it will help you greatly until you find that staff
-Ngori (Necromancer Ward RW): If you tired of buffing your army, you can consider using this item. This has Hounfor o-skill which create a magic circle that give you + 10 skill level together with increase cast rate and mana regeration while you're stepping on the it, you this skill to greatly buff your totem power (If you create your totem why stepping on the circle, your totems' colour change from Blue to Purple, which is pretty badass I think  Bouncing Mr. Green). This item also has Pargan Sites, you can heal yourself with this skill by the leftover corspe after eash sarcifires. If you use this item, you can still use Burning Veil to buff your army, Although burning veil is harder to use than bloodlust, it's boost is way more powerful than bloodlust itself. 
-Talon of Trang-Oul (SU Bone Wand): This wand has Summon Acid Fiend skill. Acid Fiend has Venormous aura which boost your elemental damage and move speed. A little trick about How to keep these guys alive: Chose Rathma's Chosen as the Uber Skill. Summon 1 acid fiend and cast Rathma Chosen on it. Rathma Chosen will protect it from most damage, only some soft of damage is able to kill it: Death Projector and Crystal Ball's Spiral Dance, Poison damage,... The most common type of damage which kills RC Summon easily is Poison, and Acid Fiend is immune to poison, so it is nearly Invincible.

In this sections I will tell you what reanimate should you have and what are their uses, let's go  Salut:
*Note: If you want more information about reanimate you should look at the Equipment section above
1/Damage Dealer Reanimate: These guys will be your main source of damage, they often has multiple hitting skill or AOE skill which deal physical damage 
-Trap Rat (Crafted Item/SU Marrow Staff)-> So far it is the best damage dealer reanimate when pairs with death's fury totem, these rat shoot multiple homming spike that deal High Physical damage. they deal physical damage so they will pair well with your bane skill which reduce enemy's physical damage reduction. You can possess to a Trap rat by Crafting Item with Hidden Shrine, Prince of Nothing Staff or by Fool's Gold reanimate. Note that these monsters are really rare so crafting will take time  Bouncing  
-AC-2 Rivet Bot ( SSSU Quilted Armor ).-> Have you play Metal Slug ? These Robot have HEAVY MACHINE GUN so they can gun down your target in no time. They deals physical damage, so again bane will greatly help him increase the damage. Youi can possess to an AC-2 Rivet Bot by
-Heretic (Crafted Item) -> They are AOE damage dealer, with the "Skullburst" skill (the Skull version of Star Burst) they can attack enemy in a wide area, these skulls are also pierce. A good reanimate in place where always crowded with monsters
-Mangler (Crafted Item) -> they cast multiple homming spike like Trap Rat, but these guy's spike are quite interesting, They will home into the target but if they miss the spikes will spread very widely, you can use it if don't have Trap Rat yet
-Cruciator (Crafted Item) -> You may think these guys as "Smaller and worse" version of Trap Rat, but no, they have thier use too (But not too useful  Whistling ). These guys shoot 1 spike at a time like Quill Bears but it will bounce 1 time between each enemies. Thier Damage is out shine by Trap Rat or Mangler BUT like I said they have thier uses. Remember that crystal ball in Cathedral of Vanity, These Guys can just shoot the Mage and thier Spike will hurt the Crystal ball  Cheers! . Well heretic can do the same so these guys are not really useful  Bouncing 
-Tomb Curse (Crafted Item) -> At last a melee reanimate, these guys can cast Claw Tornado on melee hit, and claw tornado is weapon damage so he benift from death's fury . But the reason why he isn't useful is because he is made of paper  Hitting a Wall . I used these guys in Tran Athulua and they die instantly Eh?. They also have the "Call Darkwarden" Skill but I never see one because they don't live long enough to make Darkwarden appear  Neutral.
-Cog (Crafted Item) -> Another melee reanimate, these guys are smaller but live longer than Tomb Curse  Salut. Anyway, these guys are fast melee attacker that movefast, hitfast (But not hard  Whistling ), they are strong in number, so with the chance you get from Crafted item (2% chance reanimate max), i prefer Tomb Curse to these boys  Eh? 
-Warforged Shaman (Crafted Item) -> Ranged reanimates, they are Cog's Masters. They can cast Old Maelstrom (aka Spike Ball) which shoots a ball that explode in million spike (Weapon damage). Their damage is AOE, so they are really useful indeed.  
-Shroom (Crafted Item) -> Melee/Caster reanimate, these guys do not directly "fight" your opponent, instead, they cast Fairy Fire which hit 12 times per second (Physical Damage). Fairy Fire also add avoid to them so they will not die easily   
-Onyx Knight (Crafted Item, Heavy Crossbow SSSU, Full Plate Mail SSU) -> Think of them as better version of Cog, they Movefast, hit fast, can cast Shock Flower which deals AOE lighting damage. Sadly they are made of paper  Eh? 
-Slain Soul (Scythe SSU) -> these guys move fast and hit hard, also throw barrels that deal AOE heavily damage and stun your enemies, they are Uber Monsters so they will not die easily. Also these guys have different immune every time you sarcifires (Fire, Cold, Lighting Immune) 
-Gore Crawler (SSSU Tiara) -> they are really strong reanimates, they throw mud which deals physical damage at high speed, my clear speed is increased very high when I have this Item. However, there is one "down side", after their death, they will leave a "sparkle" bhind, after 10 seconds, it explodes, summon monsters from the area you are currently in and they will fight you. After testing this with some place such as Death Projector Uber, some Uber. I'm 100% sure that these reanimates' sparkle work the same as "Dark Summoning". Yeah this is quite a shock for me too, I searched the forum for more information about this,then, I discovered that the Dark Star Dragon Reanimate from SU BoneSplitter use to have similar skill to Gore Crawler's Sparkle. 

2/ Tank Reanimate: When your whole army is wiped out, these guys still stand there protect you until the sarcifires timer gone. These reanimate often have high heatlh or useful Immune (Poison Immune and Physical Immune)
-Necrobot (Urada RW, Pygmation RW) -> These guys are probably one of the best tank out there. They have not only high health but also physical immune, which means unless you fight bosses with high elemental damage, these guys are almost invincible  Cheers! . They have high damage too. there however something about these guys that may annoy you, these guys are ranged monster so sometimes they will run close to you to "keep distance" with the enemies and thus make you in danger  Hitting a Wall 
-Grubber (Crafted Item) -> These Guys can cast Poison Flash which deals high poison damage. They have REALLY high health too but  sadly they Immune to Lighting  
-Tree Of Life (Crafted Item, Dryard Bark SSU) -> High health, posion on hit, they have chance to cast inner fire on hit so these guys will not die easily. However, They are Lighting Immune  Hitting a Wall .
-Ash Troll (Crafted Item) -> Decent health, low damage, but they make up for this by having "troll mode" which is basically Amazing Grace. They can dodge nearly all damage in this mode so they can tank quite well  Cheers! 
-Gargoyle Warrior/Mountain Defender/Summit Guardian/Stone Warrior/Granite King (Crafted Item) -> ALL of these monsters have similar skills. all of them can tranform to "stone mode" which give them Immune shield so they can be quite a tank. Sadly they can be killed easily before they go in "stone mode". The weakest version is on the left and the strongest is on the right, remember that.
-Edyrem (Crafted Item) -> These are "better" version of the monsters above. They can tank a bit with their Invulnerable shield (They cast it on melee attack). They are said to have Divide Apprarition too (The Paladin's Ennead Skill), but I've never seen them use it. 
-Grizzy Giant (Crafted Item) -> High HP, Slow movement speed, slow attack speed but they have High Attack rating so they can land more ssuccessful hit.
-Goliath (SSSU Balanced Knife) -> High Health, Cast Banish Curse, and they are immune to physical. A very strong tank  Bouncing 
-Minion of Terror ( SSSU Long Sword) -> They are real meatshield. Seriously, these guys Immune to Everything  Shocked. An extremely good tank, but their damage is low and they move very slowly. Other than that, these guys are invincible   Cool .

3/Caster Reanimate: They are Reanimate whose damage mostly come from their Spell. These are the most underated reanimate cause your main damage source mainly come from Death's fury totem's boost which only apply to Physical Damage. Later in the game, you will possess to Elemental Totem and several buff item which boost Spell damage. At that point these guys will be more dangerous than Normal Reanimate.
-Plagued Bringer (Crafted Item) -> These are "Caster version" of Venom Fiend, They can cast MASSIVE poison nova that deals MASSIVE... lag to you computer. yeah their damage is not huge, but they can quickly speard poison to all the enemies so in place you must focus on 1 target these guys will be useful (K3KBA, Azmodan, Cathedral on Vanity,...). I heard thier poison pierce resistance too.
-Monkey King (Crafted Item) -> These guys throw exploding barrels (they use wrong recipe to make those barrel so it isn't as powerful as Slain Soul's version  Whistling ). Anyway, Those barrels deal fire damage and have a very long casting range. They can cast it a whole screen away so they will not be killed easily  Bouncing 
-Fire Blood (Crafted Item) -> These guys are newbie killer  Bouncing . Anyone who first play this mod can die easily from his OMGWTF Molten Bboulder. So he is a High Damage Caster, however, he must "eat" corspe to be able to cast Molten Boulder.
-Cloud Lord (Crafted Item) -> They cast "Cloud Storm" skill which basically is an lighting version of earthquake. Deal decent AOE lighting damage. He can make good use in crowded areas
-Core Lord (Crafted Item) -> cast 3 Death Ray Clones and 6 of them on death which deals lighting damage. Pretty good but lag reanimate   Eh? 
-Storm Shaman (Crafted Item) -> Cast Lighting Wall, it deals A LOT OF lighting damage. good reanimate  Cheers! 
-Shock Monkey (Crafted Item) -> Cast Lighting Wall, this Monkey's Lighting wall is pretty different from normal lighting wall  Eh? . It seems like the monkey "shoots" the Lighting wall at the target. It is a strong reanimate overall
-Plagued Dead (Crafted Item) -> Cast "Poison Cloud" on striking, good damage, sadly it's melee so it will die easily
-Plagued Dead Archer (Crafted Item) -> The range version of Plagued Dead, It's overall better than it's melee counterpart  Whistling 
-Shrieker (Crafted Item) -> Cast Countdown, Cold damage, have a chance to freeze the target on hit, I plan to move this boy into the Crowd Controler but... 1 Freeze monster doesn't change the tide of the battle  Shifty 
-Frost Raptor (Crafted Item) -> Cast Lemures, cold damage, good AOE-laggy reanimate
-Corruptor Warlock (Crafted Item) ->Cast "Poison ball which cast multiple Poison bolt", so-so damage, the poison bolts don't pierce so it is less useful than Plagued Bringer

4/Buffer Reanimate: These guys are reanimate that buff your entire army with spell or aura, thus increase your party stats and... other things  
-Titan Series (Bronze, Silver, Gold) (Crafted Item/SU Flail/SSSU Club) -> They have Auras that give you resistance and make your reanimate immune to the following resistaces: Immune Fire (Bronze Titan), Immune Cold (Silver Titan), Immune Lighting (Gold Titan)
-Razor Fur Titan (Crafted Item) -> these badboys have thorn aura which gives you the ability to reflect melee-physical-damage back to your enemy. Useful vs Heavy Melee monsters like Landmass,The Butcher,The Ancients (Talic and Korlic),...
-Ulfhedin (Crafted Item) -> They cast Gift of the Wld on striking, it is the Team Version of Mark of the wild. In case you don't know, Mark of the Wild is a buff which increase your Attack speed, damage and elemental damage.
-Unseelie Lady (Crafted Item) -> These girls cast Burning Veil when near death, You must wonder "Why the heck I have to use them if I have my own Burning Veil", well your Burning Veil is "Innate Skill", it means this skill doesn't effect by + skill, so far the highgest innate skill level I have seen is lv 13. And Unseeling lady's Burning Veil is lv 20, so she can be useful in some ways  Whistling 
-Undead Vulture/Oasis Guard/Bone Gasher/Death Watcher/Ghost Phoenix (Crafted Item) -> All of them cast bloodlust on death, increase your damage, elemental damage, physical and magic damage. Also, Ghost Phoenix has chance to cast Rain Bomb on melee hit.
-Prowler Priestess/Desert Priestess (Crafted Item) -> Fanaticism aura, this aura increase the user's Damage, Attack speed and attack rating. However, for party this aura only boost damage and it also has a very narrow radius (about 8 to 10 yard). The damage boost is low, this and the awkward radius make these reanimate the worst Buffer you can get.
-Knight of Famine/Knight of Pestilence/Knight of War (Crafted Item) -> Concentration Aura, it boosts your party damage, has wider range and better damage boost than Fanaticism Aura. Also Kinght of Famine can cast Inner Fire on striking thus make them quite tanky. Knight of War has chance to lower your enemy stat on hit ( Monsters do have stat, do they  Neutral ?)
-Pit Knight/Moon Knight (Crafted Item) -> Dark Power on striking, gives you Crushing blow and damage. Also they are made of paper  Neutral  
-Destroyer Shaman (Crafted Item) -> Demon Blood Aura, the same as the shadow's aura but the elemental bonus is worse. However their AI is Smarter than that of Shadow so they will not die as easy as shado does  Dancing 

5/DeBuffer,Crowd Controller: These reanimate is your enemy 's Nightmare, they have Curses or skill that greatly reduce your enemy's performance, give you an upper hand in battle
- Dirge (Crafted Item, SU Marrow staff) -> Cast Lower Resistance on death, a very useful debuff that help you take down your enemy faster
-Stone Hammer Demon (Crafted Item, Pygmalion RW) -> Shower of Rock on each successful hit, Reduce your enemy's movement speed, attack speed and attack rating, tanky reanimate.
-Skull Ape/Black Baboon/Dark Gibbon (Crafted Item) -> Cast Stunning shockwave when they are hit, the chance to cast Shockwave increase when their health lower  Cheers! . These shockwave also pierce
-Black Cat (Crafted Item) -> Cast Nightmare, this curse lower your enemy movement speed A LOT, with about 4 of these guys, no one can move, however some people said that these reanimates are bugged and don't cast Nightmare  Neutral .
-Basilisk (Crafted Item) -> Cast Spellbind, another curse that lower your enemy's velocity, the curse doesn't last long but who cares, it's a Curse!!!
-Alpha Centaur (Crafted Item) -> Cast Colosseum, This skill creates a "Ring of Fire",It lasts for 5 second, Every monster within it's radius will have the following Debuff: Damage: -25%, Physical Resistance: -50%, Defend: -100%, Movement Speed: -75%. Really useful both for Debuff and Crowd Control, However they have 10 second skill timer (except if they can "put point" in this skill to lower it's timer  Neutral )
-Rathma's Priest (Talon's Hold Skill) -> Cast Wave of Hammers that stun and knockback. Made of paper  Neutral 
-Djinn/Ifrit (Crafted Item) -> Cast teleport on striking, this can be more annoying than helpful, better think twice before using them
-Flying Scimitar (Zayl's Soul Orb UMO) -> Cast teleport on striking, like I said above, better think twice before MO your item with that UMO


Basically, you should use Bane as much as possible to increase your party's damage output. Also keep yourself and your totems moblie with Bend the shadow, doing so will greatly reduce your damage taken and protect your totems from being destroyed. As you see I have the Shamanka staff so I can buff my reanimate with Bloodlust, if you don't have it use Buring Veil instead, The buff last shorter and isn't as easy to use as Bloodlust, but it will help you for a while

*The Guide continue down there 

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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

Post by Str0b3l on Thu May 01, 2014 5:34 pm

i wonder you didnt mention the item a old reanimter build was based on:
keep up the work i like laggmachine builds those are most fun

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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

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VI/Uber Quest [CF006]
*These Quests are the Ultimate Challenge in the game. Howerver, as a reanimator, some of them are easy. Remember that you must Be level 100 and have Urada to do these Quest. In the picture I also has Trap Rat and some Reanimates, You must have Trap Rat if you want to clear Ubers easily, you should craft your glove or belt with hidden shrine until you have Trap Rat reanimate (2% is ok). If it's too hard to get one, get Mangler or Heretic instead, they are not as strong as Trap Rat but will come in handy.

1/ Summoning Uber Quest
*These quests are the easiest Uber Quest for us. However, some of them are Impossible to do with this build  Neutral 
*Remember, Yellow Circle means your Sarcifires location, Red Circle means your Dark Summoning location
A/The Butcher (The Butcher)
*Difficult: Easy
*Location: The Hole level 2 (Act 1 Black March) 
*Information: The Butcher is invulnerable to mortal. However, every time he slashes you with his Cleaver (20% chance each strike), he will create a star that will remove his immune shield if he steps on it. So the trick is to lure him on the star and quickly kill him, also the location of the stars he create are unchanged if he doesn't move. For example, if he create 3 stars at three different locations, he will keep create stars at those three same locations 
-First, summon your army at the central of the map. Next, summon one The Butcher in the middle of your army, wait for him to create a star. Then summon Shadow on that star, 3 or 4 should be enough. Then quickly run on that star and summon another Butcher, keep summoning shadow to keep him on that star, then when sarcifires timer gone, summon your army. If the star goes off and he still alive, dont' panic, The First Butcher will create the same star at that location sooner of later, just remember to keep both Butchers at the same location (aka sarcifires on top of them )

*If you find it too difficult, here is another way to kill him. Summon your army, summon Butchers, if you don't see the star appear under one of them -> summon more (Necrobot is physical immune so don't worry about it  Whistling )

B/The Binding of Baal (Tal Rasha)
*Location: Act 2 Valley of Snakes
*Information: Tal Rasha immunes to all damage until all of his hodraric mages die. The Hodraric mages themself have 50 resistance to all damage, so it is not easy to take them down. They also possess to all Tal Rasha spell which is Super Nova, Frozen Soul, Elemental and "Fire Bolt", However they uses old Elemental which "chase" target. Tal Rasha is a bigger threat, He can pierce  250% of your resistance so every skill he uses is deadly. Also, he casts Six Elemental instead of one, this skill is his deadliest attack, it is almost always One-hit-Ko, but at least they don't "chase" you  Neutral 
*Strategy:First thing first, kill the two tower, they also immune to damage if the Horadric mage is near (Everything is, so be sure to kill every monster before summon Tal Rasha). So, you just Sarcifires like in the picture and summon him in the corner and he's dead meat. However, make sure that you and your totem is one-screen away from Tal Rasha and his mens, you don't want ANY of  thier spell hit you  Nope 2. Also, Their Frozen Soul and "Fire Bolt" Deal a lot of damage, and they also stun you, make sure you don't get stun in front of them or you will die for sure.

C/Akarat (Akarat)
*Location: Act 3 Kurast Causeway
*Information: Akarat is immune to damage until one of his follower dies. Akarat Can cast Hammer Time when far from you (Belive me, you dont' want this skill to hit you  Nope ), he can also heal himself (Inner Fire) when he lows on health, You can summon Void Anchor to stop this. His follower has 50% chance to cast Hammer Time on death, throwing A LOT of Hammer at you. This Uber Is rather easy for us (Necrobot's physical Immunity).
*Strategy: Just Move yourself and your totems far away from Akarat and you will be fine, also remember to cast Bane, this will help you take him down quickly. in case you don't, He may heal himself and annoy you to death 

D/Legacy of Blood (Bartuc)
*Location: Tower Cellar (Act 1 Black March)
*Information: Bartuc will lose his immunity shield when he uses his Wychwind Blade, He isn't the main problem here since your Necrobot can tank him forever. The real Threat is Blood Golem, they have Immunity Shield too, they will drop it when attack something. Well, your Bot can tank them for Enternity  Wink , however, they will cast Immolation Bomb on death which can INSTANT KILL you if you stand too close and take full hit from it  Neutral. If you see a box under your feet, better use the stair and go back to Black March, wait for 2 second and come back. You can do this dirty trick as much as you want  Wink .
*Strategy: Keep Sarcifiring until the whole room full of your reanimate, then go to the corner, summon him and move back near the stair, your reanimate will take him down easily. But remember, if you see the box under your feet, move out of the room quickly. 

E/Assualt on Mount Arreat (King Koth)
*Difficult: Easy
*Location: Act 5: Arreat Summit
*Information: King Koth have Immunity Shield, and taking down his Bear Shamans will remove it. He can Cast Fortress, Bear Claw and Hawk Talon. His mens can cast Guard Tower, Hawks Talon and also Bear Claws. You can do this Uber with your eyes close. However, beware for his fortress skill and bear claws too, the stun it makes is quite annoying.
*Strategy: Basically, do what I say in the inmage, move your totem behind the rock so it will not get pawn by Bear Claw or Fortress. In the Image, I stand stupidly in front of King Koth and his army becasue I want to take a picture   Whistling . Don't stand there like me, Instead, hide behind the tower where your totems are hiding and keep Sarcifires

F/Lord Aldric Jitan (Jitan)
*Difficult: Normal
*Location:  Act 5 Nihlathak's Temple
*Information: So here come Jitan lord of Tri-elemental damage-pain-in-the-buck-Fortress-caster. He casts Fortress which deals Tri-elemental damage, also has immunte shield, kill all his guardmens will remove it. His minions are Rakis Guardmens who casts Guardtower which also deal Tri-elemental damage. Also, Both Jitan and his mens cast Singularly on death (Black Hole) which deal insane damage, so don't run in and collect his loots right after his death, wait for the black hole to go down first.
*Strategy: Keep your Totems outside the temple. He has really HIGH health regen so make sure you sarcifire at least 5 times to get enough damage to take him down. Right after you summon him run as fast as you can out of the temple and cast sarcifre there. He will go down sooner of later. Remember that he only has 1/6 chance to drop his Charm, so be patience and keep farming him

G/Jurgment Day (Matheal and Imperius)
*Difficult: Hard
*Location: Act 1 Inner Cloister
*Information: Here Come a hard Uber, but don't worry, this uber still "easy" if you know what you're doing. Matheal and Imperius is basically the same, you need to kill just one of them to get the charm, however, you must kill both of them to get the bonous. These two angels can cast more Naphalem which will casue MASSIVE LAG so be sure to kill them fast, also cast Beacon which can INSTANT kill any monster,player,summon,reanimate,city,etc... So don't TANK them. I have seen my necrobots survire 1 Beacon and the Gamma Field after that kill them all  Eh? . So if you hear "nuclear detected" run as fast as you can, and when you far enough from the "Nuclear land spot" use Blackmass to quickly gather your army. If you lucky, your army will be safe. Also, Both of them can cast some soft of "invurlable shield", this is the annoying part, although they can die easily, if they cast this, the fight will take longer -> more beacon -> more death. If you kill both of them and have both red and blue whirls, quickly cube the charm with itself and you will get the bonous
*Strategy: The Nephalem you summon is invurlable, you must tank them with your army until the Avatar appear (Mathael or Imperius), quickly kill them, Each of thier strike has 1% chance to summon the Avatar so be patient. Remember to cast sarcifire at the spot in the inmage, if you cast too close to the wall some of your corspe will be lost. If you lucky, 2 of them will appear not so long from each other, you can kill them both and get the whirls, It only take me 6 tries to get the Bonous. Keep farming them and Lady of Luck will smile upon you  Wink 

*Difficult: Easy
*Location: Undergroung Passage 2 Act 1 Stony Field or Dark Wood
*Information: Inarius is turned into a big,ungly monster, so let free him from his sorrow  Wink . He and his overlord are melee, quite tanky and cast Death Strike on death, the easiest Summoning Uberquest (Easier then The Butcher)
*Strategy: Just cast sarcifire, placeyour totem outside and summon him. Also run outside and cast sarcifire into the room, they will die really fast. Just don't go near them when they death and you will be fine.

I/Chrysaor (Haven't attempt yet)
K/Brother Laz (Haven't attempt yet)
L/Marconecro (Haven't attempt yet)

2/Dungeon Uberquest 
*Most of these quests are Tricky to do, some of them are even Impossible. However, you can still do them as "easily" as eating a Indian Bhut Jolokia Pepper
A/Creature of Flame
*Difficulty: Easy
*Location: Accient Tunnels (Act 2 Lost City)
*Information: There are 2 bosses in this dungeon, the Bat and the Creature of Flame. The Bat can cast Sorceress's Forked Lighting and Charge at you (This skill ingore avoidance), it is not a big threat, you can easily take it down  Wink . next, the real boss, the Creature of Flame, this boss cast OMG-WTF-Blast that One Hit KO you, however,for reanimates, it will take several blast to kill them, just hide behind the wall, cast sarcifires and you will be fine.
*Strategy: When you enter this dungeon, the Electrical Bat will attack you furiously with Forked Lighting and Charge. Nothing much to say here, just sarcifires, dogde those lightings and finish it. After you kill the bat, proceed through the corridor, you will encounter several Astral Guardians (These mobs shield you from the One-hit-KO-Energy-wave the boss fire), just ingore them and keep moving until you see the Creature of Flame. Then, quickly run into one of the two corridors at each side of the room, clean all the Astral Guardians. After that, If the Creature still in the Big room, just cast Sarcifres into the room and hide behind the wall. Or if it run into the corridor, cast sarcifires and run away from it's blast, remember to use the hide-and-sarcifires strategy to safely take it down.  

B/Infernal Machine (Aka.Lag Machine)
*Difficulty: Normal but "Laggy"
*Location: The Pit Level 2 (Act 1: Tamoe Highland)
*Information: The Infernal Machine appears randomly every time you enter this dungeon. It can summon Elite Monsters that can be a HUGE threat if you don't take them down fast. These Elites also lag the hell out of your computer so don't stand too close to a Big pack. The Machine itself is not a Huge Threat, It can cast Death Strike so don't stand close to it. You should have Trap Rat before doing this Quest if you don't want to be "Freezed to Death"
*Strategy: Come in, Cast 2, 3 Sarcifires , While your Army busy fighting the Elite Montsers, quickly get out of the lag and locate the machine location. When you see the machine, Keep sarcificing on top of it and hope that the Lag does not Freeze your computer. Sooner or later, the Machine will be destroyed, remember to clean all the remaining monsters to reduce the lag, then pick up the charm.

C/Death Projector 
*Difficulty: Easy
*Location: Swampy Pit Level 3 (Act 3: Flayer Jungle)
*Information: That machine cast one-hit "Mindflay Nova" (Death Spiral), it can only be damaged when a Death Mechanic is nearby. Death Mechanics themselves are impossible to kill, but don't worry, your Necrobot can tank them easily. 
*Strategy: Enter the room where Death Projector is located. Quickly cast sarcifices on top of it, run past the mechanics and hide behind the wall to avoid Death Spiral. Keep casting sarcifice on top of the machine and it will die soon.

D/Azmodan (aka. The Lord of Lag)
*Difficulty: Hard and Extremely "Laggy" 
*Location: Forgotten Reliquary (Act 3: Upper Kurast)
*Information: Azmodan the Lord of sin makes the Monsters around him Invincible (Note that the monsters are all Elite). This combines with the small size of the rooms make this Ubers almost impossible to do. Why? This dungeon is similar to the "Lag machine" above but with ten-times the lag. The invincible monsters also make this way more harder cause they can block your way and protect Azmodan.
*Strategy: Keep Sarcificing into the right room, if you're lucky, Azmodan will get his @ss into that room and (Hopefully) your army can eliminate him before you "frezze to death". If you see the Monsters no longer invincible, that means Azmodan is death 

E/Rathma's Square 
*Diffculty: Normal
*Location: Runied Fane (Act 3: Kurast Causeway)
*Information: Gore Crawlers will resurrect 10 second after you kill them, be careful not to kill too much of them or you can be crowded. The Flying Scimitar has very high HP but they're not huge threat. The boss, Primus, cast Blade Storm which "chase" you and can pierce through your minions, but he is pretty easy to take down
*Strategy: After enter the dungeon, go into the upper room and go right to meet Primus.Remember to Sarcifice to keep Gore Crawlers and Flying Scimitar busy. After you encounter Primus, Sarcifices and wait for him to die, just watch out for his Bladestorm.

F/Cathedral of Vanity
*Location: Underground Passage Level 2 (Stoney Field ans Dark Wood)
*Information: The monsters and Inarius are invincible when near the Crystal Ball. Inarius can use Typhoon Sentry, Fortress and several spells, though, he is not that hard. The Crystal ball itself cast Death Spiral which One-hit-ko you so don't go near it and keep dodging it's beam.
*Strategy: Sarcifice into the right room, and luring most of the monsters to your army. Your army can keep them busy for a while. Then go down through the enemies (watch out for Inarius' Fortress) until you meet the Mages who guard the Crystal Ball. They can cast Starburst which pierce and deals heavy damage, don't stay near them. The trick to kill the Crystal Ball is to dodge it's beam by hiding behind one of the two objects at the bottom-right of the map. Then, when the Crystal ball finish it's Death Spriral, quickly sarcifice on top of the Ball and run back to your hide spot. Keep doing it several times and the ball will be destroyed. Then just kill the rest of the mobs. Seriously, they're so easy to kill when they lose Immune Shield. After you pick up the charm, don't leave yet, you can do a Summoning Uberquest here to upgrade your charm.For more information, check out the "inarius' Revenge" in the Summoning Uberquest above

*Difficulty: Hard
*Location: Abaddon (Act 5: Frigid Highlands )
*Information: You must have the Crystaline Flame Meallion Charm which you acquire during the Jurgement Day Uber Quest to summon Edyrem. These guys will remove the Immune Shield of the monsters in Toraja. Toraja has 2 type of monsters. First, the celebrant of Triune, these girls can only shoot arrow at you so they are not "huge" threat.the second is Morlu, they are melee demon with a teleport skill, they can be very dangerous in numbers
*Strategy: As a reanimator, you can do this uber quite easily. Thanks to your totem, Edyrems themselves can actually KILL your enemies rather than just remove their Immune Shield.After you enter the Uber, use Bend the Shadow to teleport to the right of the map, keep moving up until you meet a pack of Morlu, that means you are near Lilith, but killing her isn't easy. So in this Uber, you must use 100% percent of your brain, You can either cast sarcifice and edyrem to easily kill your enemies but laggy, OR you can cast sarcifice on top of your totem to protect them and let the Edyrems do the jobs (Necrobot is range so they can protect your totem and attack your enemies at the same time). Sooner of Later, Lilith will be killed, It took me 1 hour to lower her health below 25%. After this point, she will try to run. Try to lure her to the corner to easily take her down. Also, you must Cube your Crystaling Flame Medalion with an Arcane Shard when you have the red whirl to get the bonous.

*Dificulty:Very Hard
*Location: Disused Fane (Act 3:Kurast Bazaar)
*Information: Just a bunch of robots that charge recklessly at you. However, keep attention on these ones. First, AC-2 Rivet Bot, they can gun you down easily if you don't sarcifice fast enough after enter this uber, you can counter this by enter the uber, cast sarcifice, then quickly run outside , wait for 2 or 3 second then come back in, your reanimates should be there to protect your now. Magineer, Shoot Lazor beam which pierce like Necrobot so you can be damaged a lot, remember to prepare lots of potion to keep your health high. When you go near the boss, you can be destroyed by the "nuclear Rain". when you hear the Warning, use the town portal to go back and wait ~5 seconds, then come back to vizjun. This boss require purify skill to kill so remember to have it first.
*Strategy: This char is not designed to rush so you can easily be crowded and killed. So the trick is to get as high Faster hit Recovery as possible and rush to the boss, use bend the shadow if you are crowded. when you meet the boss, use Purify skill which you acquire in Duncraig Uber to kill it.

I/Uldyssian (Haven't attempt yet)
J/Starlet Witch (Haven't attempt yet)
K/Karbaxis (Haven't attempt yet)
L/The Void (Haven't attempt yet)

*I have to admit it, most of these quests are pain in the @ss. However, you can still do some of them easily.

A/Kurast 3000 BA
*Difficulty: Tricky
*Location: Achnid Lair (Act 3: Spider Forest)
*Information: The Skeletons is invincible until you take down the nearby Totems which give them Immune Shield. But your main target is the Ennead Necromancer, which is place at the 3 corner of the map. In my opinion, you should only kill the Necromancer at the botom-right corner of the map. If he doesn't drop the charm, Save & Exit -> Repeat. Each Necromancer has 1/12 chance to drop the charm, so be REALLY patient when farming them. Also, Killing the necromancer on any difficult can drop your class charm (1/7 chance), this charm can further upgrade with other Ubers and Level Challenge 2, Ennead Challenge, Black Road Challenge.


*Strategy: Nothing much to say here, you should rush to the Bottom-Right Ennead Necromancer and kill it as fast as possible. I rate this Uber Tricky because you have to rush through Invincible Sketetons which can block your way and stun-lock you to death. But if you can get to the Necromancer, the rest is very easy, just go to the corner, sarcifice and watch him die (remember to use potion if you get hit by Miasma)

B/Island of the Sunless sea
*Difficulty: Normal
*Location: Act 5: Glacical Cavern
*Infromation: This uber has 2 boss, one in the south of the map, the other in the west of the map. The Southern Boss is Malic, Who can one hit you with his Slow-moving bolt, he also has Banish which instantly reduce your health by 20% and Rain of Bomb, it deals AOE fire damage. The western boss is Lucion , he gives the nearby enemies Immune Shield, he also has deadly poison attack so don't stand near him. Also, Killing Malic will give you the Charm, killing Lucion will give you the Item to Updrage the Charm
*Strategy: When you enter the Uber, kill the surrounding monsters and head south where Malic is waiting. When you see little slow-moving bolt homing at you, that means Malic is near, just rush to him, dodge the bolt and when you see him, keep casting sarcifice on top of him and he will die soon. Next, when you finish Malic, go west until you meet the Invincible Monsters, that means Lucion is near. Now, don't do stupid things like rush through them until you meet lucion and kick his @ss with your bad@ss army. Trust me, i did this before and I lost to the lag cause by his invurlable Minions  Neutral . So, you need to LURE his minions far away from him so they will lose their Imune Shield, then you can kill them one by one until there are no monsters near him. Then, just kill him and Upgrade your Charm

*Difficulty: Tricky
*Location: Act 5: Frozen Tundra
*Information: You will want to finish this sucky-boring uber as fast as possible. You need to kill the Avatar of Zarakum to get the Charm, however they are Invurlable until you kill one of the Ethereals nearby. Doing so will cause them to realease a Shock wave that make the Avater killable. The Avatar has 1/12 chance to drop the Charm so be patient. Also, when your reanimates are killed, it will heal nearby enemies, Summon Void Anchor to stop this. This Uber also have melee monster Latern and Totem which shoots Punisher at you, they are both Impossible to kill so try to avoid them. 
*Strategy: when you enter the Uber, use Jitan gate (The skill you acquire from the Lord Adric Jitan's Charm) or use Blink from Pax Mystical (Staff Nef Runeword) to get through the right wall and kill the Avatar there. However, using Jitan Gate or Blink will cause your Sarcifice kill unusable until the Timer gone. This is really annoying because the Enthereals can kill you easily. My advice is you should get a merc, when you teleport, he will stay by your side and protect you. When the timer is gone, kill the Avatar.

D/Tran Anthulua
*Difficulty: Normal
*Location: Act 2: Hall of the Dead
*Information: Really easy uber, the Amazon Warriors are very simple, they shoot arrows toward you, your reanimates can tank them easily. However they may cast arrowside on dead, so don't stand near their corspe. This Uber has 3 Boss, they are all similar to one another, they all can cast Phanlanx and Tremor. If you are careless, they can lower your health with Tremor and finish you with Phanlanx. Also, they cast Fire, Ice, Lighting Nova on death depend on which boss you kill. Each of the bosses has 1/6 chance to drop the Charm. This Uber is also part of Black Road Challenge and Level Challenge 1
*Strategy: it's simple, just enter the uber, head to each boss' location, kill all the Amazon Warriors on your way and Finish the boss. Here is the Map  (I didn't make this map)

*Difficulty: Hard
*Location: Act 2: Rocky Wate (Stony Tomb level 2)
*Information: There are 4 kind of monsters. First, Harpylisk, they shoots Bouncing Blade at you, this blade bounce between each targets, that means you will NOT be safe even if you stand behind your army. Second, Neon Fiend, these guys move slow and have slow target on hit, They are Fire,cold, lighting immune so you must rely on your Necrobot, Traprat or any reanimate with High Physical Damage to take them down. Third, Hardliner, They cast Barrier Strike which create a "Blade Barrier" which push you out when you touch it, your reanimates will have a hard time killing these guys. Last, The Necrobots, They shoots OMG-WTF-SoOP-LAZOR which pierce through your army and deal HIGH physical damage, These guys are Physical Immune, That means Bane have no effect on them and they are tanky as s***. Also, this Uber is part of the Black Road Challenge.
*Strategy: Your main intention when enter this Uber is Farming Rune and Shrine. Cause this Uber Has no Charm reward. Just be careful, sarcifice to get a few reanimates and slowly advance through the map. When you meet the Enemies, quickly run to the back of your army and try to buff/Sarcifice as much as possible as well as Dodging Bouncing Blade and Lazor. 

F/The Triune
*Difficulty: Normal
*Location: Act 1: Cethedral
*Information: There are 3 monster types. The first is Primal Clay, they're Golem who casts Shower of Rock on attack and have Physical immune. Second, Impaler Anchor, these guys shoot Red Lighting which bounce ONE, so don't stand near your reanimates
. Third, Kraken Guard, they cast Ice Beam (?) and Ice Nova (The Sorceress' nova in old Diablo II game) on death. this Uber has 3 Different boss, you must kill Vaca Loca the king of meat to get the Book of Possession, next use the dire charm skill it give to control Arihan. Then, lead him to Primus and let them kill each other. Arihan will drop the charm on death. Also, when you die, remember to re-equip the Book, if you don't do that, you can't Charm Arihan.
*Strategy: When you enter the Uber, go south, when you see a Frozen Lake, go left then go up. until you see a Big Room with several small lakes in it, enter and go to the top-left corridor. Keep moving until you see a "Stair Icon" on you minimap, then go right, you will be outside of the building now, keep moving right until you meet Vaca Loca (He's in the Cathedral-like room). Just kill him and get the book, then go up and follow the path until you meet Primus, ingore him and keep moving, you will see Arihan in a small room, use Dire Charm to control him and lead him to Primus, they will fight each other. Just be patient and the charm will be yours  Wink .

G/ Ghost of Old Bremmtown
*Difficulty: Very Hard
*Location: Act 5: Arreat Plateau
*Information: You must kill the boss within 3 minutes (without dying) to get the reward, This is really hard because you will be ambush by Howling Spirit on the way to the boss. These guys cast Divine Apprarition, this skill can freeze your army for several seconds. To Prevent this, just equip Crakust (SSSU Club), Lash of the Titan (SU Flail) or any Crafted Item with Silver Titan reanimate. These guys give your army Cold Immune, that means they canbot be frozen. Even when your reanimates aren't frozen, the clear speed of a reanimator is not fast, so it is still hard to do this Uber. The boss is Dark Star Dragon, he can cast Death Spiral which can one-shot you, stay behind your reanimate to dodge it
*Strategy: Before you enter, unsummon any summon (Even Totems) you have. You must do that in order to get the reward. When you enter the Uber, a Statue will colapse, this statue give you an "aura" that enable the Cube Recipes when you kill the Dragon within 3-minutes, if you have any summon , they can get the "aura" instead of you, so remember to unsummon them. Ok, so when you enter the Uber, quickly cast sarcifice and create your totem, next, use shadow summon to lure Howling Spirit out of their hidepost to kill them more easily. Slowly go down (but not too slow), and left until the end of the road and go down again until you meet the dragon boss, kill him fast and quickly cube your class charm with an Arcane Crystal to get the bonous

H/Chrysaor's Sewers
*Difficulty: Impossible
*Location: Act 3: Kurast Bazaar and Upper Kurast
*Information: The first level of this Uber is easy, there are just Elements who shoots "Element Orb" at you in this level, your reanimates can tank all the damage, just don't do anything stupid and you will be fine. The second level is much more harder. It has Goliath who can cast Banish to lower your life and Ratfink, these rats are untargetable, unkillable. But the Main problem is the boss - Chrysaor. He has Extremely high regen. Honestly, I can't even reduce his HP by 1%. I don't even know how his healing mechanic work.
*Strategy: When you enter the Uber, just find your way to the Second level, be careful, the stair is guard with witches, they can kill you if you get too close to them. Just summon shadow to lure them away. When you enter the second level, try to kill Goliath and lure Ratfink to the corner so they won't follow you. Find your way to Chrysaor and enjoy fighting the unkillable boss

*Difficulty: impossible
*Location: Act 1: Cold Plain
*Information: This Uber has Slain Soul, these guys throw Barrels at you which can explode widely and Instant-kill you, for your reanimates, it won't, however, they still be stunned for a few seconds. it also has Necromorb, these guys are Physical Immune and can shoot small beam that pierce. In this Uber, you must collect all the seal from assur's servants and cube them with Ring of The Five (Drop from Slain Soul and Necromorb) to get the Assur's Bane ring. Then go to Assur and use Purify skill from that ring to finish him.
*Strategy: Well, you can clear the first room of this Uber really fast. But it is impossible when you need to Teleport over the wall. This is because your Sarcifice skill will go in timer when you use Teleport skill such as Jitan Gate or Blink, and you don't have good defend too. So you will be instant-kill when Teleport over the wall, I'm still working on a way to do this Uber. Here are the maps (This Uber has two map variant)

(This map make by BasstoMouth )

J/Yshari Sanctum (Haven't Attempt yet)
K/Kingdom of Shadow (Haven't Attempt yet)
L/Brachyceran's Lair (Haven't Attempt yet)

4/Heroic Levels
*These quests are all rated as IMPOSSIBRU!!! cause we are not Heroic Build, and most of them require extremely high skill of dodging-and-sarcifice

(Special)/Baal (Destruction Mode)
*Difficult: IMPOSSIBRU!!!
*Location: Act 5:World Stone Chamber
*Information: Baal doesn't change much on Destruction Difficult except that he has Stupid-Heroic Shield to prevent you from enter Cow Level (Why Baal, WHY!!!  Toilet ). well, basically, he is Impossible to kill with this build. Why? First of all, Shardspawns summoning. The more Summons, Reanimates you have  the more Shards he summon. So you need to kill him fast to prevent him from summon too many Shards. BUT he has HEROIC SHIELD that make him hard-as-f*** to kill, this combine with shards it's GG for you  Salut .
*Strategy: As you all know, when you kill a Shards, it will release a curse that make any damage instant-kill you, this also happen to Reanimates so you will sooner of later be outnumber by Shards. My advice is that you should play as a Melee Necro or a Crossbow necro to kill baal, then later respec to Reanimator. Seriously, I have try everyway and it is Moar than IMPOSSIBRU!!! to kill Baal with this build.

*Difficult: IMPOSSIBRU!!!
*Location Icy Cellar (Act 5: Ancient's Way)
*Information: Belial The lord of Lie is an extremely-annoying boss. He has Ratfink minion who can easily attack and kill you if you only focus on Belial. Belial can summon Henchman who casts Very High Damage Punisher that can instant-kill most of your reanimate (Except for the Poison Immune Reanimate). Belial himself is a much more dangerous threat, he can cast Curse Nova that quickly deplete your HP (Or your reanimate) to 1, he also cast Punisher and summon moar Henchman  Bouncing   .
*Strategy: Belial can destroy any Reanimate by reducing thier health with his Curse Nova and finish them with Punisher. Even if he don't use his Nova, his Punisher can easily kill any reanimate that don't have Poison Immune. So, you have to stay away from his curse Nova by simply stay behind the wall and cast Sarcifice, your army may die easily but as long as you're alive, you stil have a chance to win

B/Quov Tsin
*Difficult: IMPOSSIBRU!!!
*Location: Stony Tomb (Act 2: Rocky Waste)
*Information: Quov Tsin has 3 Spells. First, Shooting Devasting Stream of fire,ice and litghing that can eliminate anything in a few sec. Second, Casting Nova of Fire,Ice,Lighting that deals MASSIVE damage at close range and is not easy to dodge. Third, Cast Hive that Periodically shoot "Poison-Bug-Cloud" at nearby targets, He can also pierce 400 of your resistance and teleport when get hit  Neutral 
*Strategy: Make sure you have all three Titan Reanimates (Gold, silver and Bronze). Each of them have Aura that give your Reanimates Immune to Fire,Cold or Lighting. So your Reanimates will fight him moar effectively when those Titans are around. However, Hive can still kill them easily so make sure to sarcifice as much as you can. Also, although your reanimate is Immune to his attack, you are not, so you must stay behind the wall of any object to dodge his Trinity Nova and Trinity Beam. Also remember to clear the whole Stony Tomb before summon him. 

*Difficult: IMPOSSIBRU!!!
*Location: Mausoleum (Act 1: Burial Grounds)
*Information: Astroga The Spider King is the long-term partner of Quov Tsin. So he had learned several B**** Spells that will piss you off for sure. First of all, he cast a Frozen Orb that Instant-kill you. Second, he can summon Spider Statue that summon Darkling that will outnumber you. Killing the Statue will heal Astroga and his Darklings. Third, his Partner Quov Tsin also teach him How to Troll his enemies with stupid-sucky-Teleport when he is damaged
*Strategy: Basically, Impossible for most builds, so does ours. Reanimator is not very a good options. Astroga can kill most of your reanimates with Frozen Orb, and you can't attack him easily when those Spider Statue and Darklings are around. And when you DO hit him, he will teleport away  Bouncing .

D/Anthulua (Haven't Attempt Yet)
E/Bull Prince Rodeo (Haven't Attempt Yet)

VII/Farming [CF007]
1/Farming Tips
-Reanimator is one of the few chars in the game that have slow clear speed. However, you can make up for that by having high Magic Find. You don't really need any stat except + Skill and some Faster Hit Recovery (Farming Fauzt and Vizjun), so you can socket all your Gears with Lum Runes, then MOs them with Magic Find Mystic Orb. Most of your gears are Crafted Item that means they have Double MOs Effect -> even moar Magic find. Max MF per Item: 30% or 60% with Double MO. In the end, You may have ~700% MF. This means your chance to find SU is greatly increase 

(As you see in the Table, don't increase your MF over 900%, it is totally waste of MOs and Rune)

2/Farming Place
-Tran Anthulua: This is your main Sacred Unique Farming Spot, you can farm this place when you have your Urada. The Strategy is easy: Sacrcifice, Keep your totems alive, Dodge arrows, Buff your reanimates, collect loots  Mr. Green's Weed . Just don't do something stupid and you will be fine, always stay behind your necrobots will make you invincible cause the Amazons shoot Physical Damage arrows and your bots are immune to Physical. I always find at least 1~2 Sacred Unique per Full Run with 500% MF.
-Toraja: You can find 3 Great Rune in this place: Krys, Auhe and Sha'ad. Unlike most characters, you can farm this place easily. First, enter the Uber, teleport north, go up a little until you meet a pack of Morlu. Then, place your totem at a safe spot, Summon Edyrem and cast Sarcifice around your totem or in the middle of the Morly Pack, do not sarcifice in front of them your reanimates may block Edyrem from moving or hitting, and that is... not good  Geek . Lilith will summon more Morlu so you can farm this place ALL day long  Thumbs Up .
-Triune: Two words: "Phycho Farming" (I mean Cycle Bouncing ), this is my favorite farming spot. Cycles have very good uses, it can increase your + Skill with Cycle Of Wisdom, your survivability with Cycle Of Wealth, your MF with Cycle Of Luck,... However, farming this place is way harder than farming Tran Anthulua. You have to you at least 50% of your Brain here, try to Focus on three things when you're farming this place, the ground beneath your feet (Temple Spire's One Hit K.O Meteor), the Shower of Rock that fall above your head (Primal Clay cast this on triking), The Red-Lightning that can melt your face (Impaler Archon, this guy will make you  Very Angry  Very Angry  Very Angry when farming this place). A little note, the Temple Spire can only cast 4 meteors, then they will go in "Charging Mode", so count the Meteors, then when the last one hit the floor, kill the totem quickly before it casts another meteor. Remember to Open the Town Portal every 10 min just in case something  Very Angry happen.
-Fauztinvile: Great Runes Farming: Taha, Ghal, Qor. This is also your last and hardest farming spot, so you think One Hit K.O and Bouncing Beam is worst, WRONG!!!!   Cool . Fauztinvile is moar than the worst nightmare in the worst night of your life (Except if your girlfriend bites off your @!#!# when you are ##!#! with her, then you will see Fauzt is not "that bad"  Bouncing ). Anyway, Fauzt is truly a Nightmare, just image you are in a middle of a Battlefield in Tranformer Movie, Two sides are shooting OMG-WTF Lazor at each other, then you - The little tiny main character (that I forget his name  Whistling)- Run across the Battlefield wearing No Armor, Having No Gun, No Grenade, No Gas Mask, No Drug,... Unlike in the Movie, you will die in 2 and a 1/2 second Neutral. Yeah, this place can wipe you out very fast if you don't have enough faster hit recovery or HP. My little advice is: Stay behind "Autobot" and let them battle the "Decepticon", also dodge Lazor and Bouncing Blade that is shooted at you, never ever advance without your army at your back. Seriously, If you are ambush by a big pack of Necrobots, you have 1 to zero chance to survire even with your Reanimates cause their Lazor Pierce and will stun-lock you until you die. 
-Sewer (In Act 3): Elemental Runes Farming, you can farm this place easily cause the Element's missile is slow and doesn't pierce  Clap Clap . After you find an elemental stone which randomly drop from the elements, cube them with Unknown Skull which also drop from Elements. Don't go down to level 2, it's not farming spot.
*Other Farming  Spots like Kurast 3k BA or Duncraig is very hard or nearly Impossible to farm with this build so I don't mention them in the post  Bouncing . Through, you can still clear the first room of Duncraig easily, but the Teleport part is nearly Impossible. 

- Tue May 06, 2014 11:24 pm:add several items in Equipments section
Fri May 09, 2014 9:46 pm add Dungeon Uber Quest
-Sun May 11, 2014 12:41 pm:add Uberlevels
-Sat May 17, 2014 9:02 pm: add Heroic Levels and Farming Section
-Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:55 am: Correct some WRONG information about Venom Fiend, add Sewer to Farming Place, uncover some secrets about Gore Crawler and some other things


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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

Post by SpineTheMan on Fri May 02, 2014 3:29 pm

Update Equipment Section, Add Reanimate section and Game play section, I will add Uber Quest section later. This guide still updating but basically it is "complete". 

P/S: Stro3l I'm sorry to say this but can you delete your post, I can't continue writing in my first post because it is a Wall Of Text now and it lag the hell out of my computer  Neutral.

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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

Post by mahitovec on Fri May 02, 2014 4:12 pm

not even close to "decent" clear speed
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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

Post by RollsRoyce on Fri May 02, 2014 7:51 pm

i love that guide ....it contains ALOT of useful information and i bet many people can leanr a decent amount !

just from my head : a few reanimates are missing unseelie lady burning veil ( if you are lazy ) and alpha centaur with their colloseum have to be mentioned, also when i tried black cats didnt use nightmare ...what was my mistake ?
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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

Post by Str0b3l on Fri May 02, 2014 7:54 pm

cant delete :/ mb mods cant but i myself cant
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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

Post by taem on Fri May 02, 2014 9:11 pm

Nice guide. Start posting videos of your uber clears please. I'm very curious as I had the exact same idea you did but never made the toon to see how it'd do.
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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

Post by SpineTheMan on Sat May 03, 2014 3:58 am

@RollsRoyce wrote:i love that guide ....it contains ALOT of useful information and i bet many people can leanr a decent amount !

just from my head : a few reanimates are missing unseelie lady burning veil ( if you are lazy ) and alpha centaur with their colloseum have to be mentioned, also when i tried black cats didnt use nightmare ...what was my mistake ?

It happen the same with Glooper,they don't use their Miasma skill when they appear. I still don't know why  Neutral. And yeah Alpha Centaur, I forgot to put him in lol, he probably the best Debuffer when pair with Trap Rat

@taem wrote:Nice guide. Start posting videos of your uber clears please. I'm very curious as I had the exact same idea you did but never made the toon to see how it'd do.

I think I will use picture instead  Mr Green 

@Str0b3l wrote:cant delete :/ mb mods cant but i myself cant

Aw, I think I will post in my second post  Scratch
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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

Post by MarcoNecroX on Sat May 03, 2014 5:42 am

-You are the Commander, the head of your army, if you make a wrong desicion you can lead your army and yourself into Danger


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Re: [Ultimative vXIVb] Necromancer Reanimator full guide

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