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Post by MarcoNecroX on Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:44 pm

Hey everyone, this is the forum to post suggestions regarding Sigma.
Before you open your suggestion; take a look into the subforums to see if
your suggestion wasn't already suggested!

To avoid wasting time, avoid the following (and similar) suggestions:
Add a 8th character that can fly
● Add a sixth act with dancing pink ponies
● Make this uberquest and call it *poster's name*
● Balance the game plz thanks
● Disable cheaters from the game
● Buff X character because I'm currently playing it / it's my favorite
● Add more uniques/sets/rune(word)s/etc..
● Make the super healing potion's red pixel at the right a bit darker, it looks more realistic
● Make X thing automatic
● Add more horadric cubes plz
● Add X proc to Y skill
● This probably requires a lot of code editing, could you [...]
● Remake the whole X system
● Remove X game limitation
● Add angel mercenaries to act 4
● Code this impossible uberquest suggestion I just dreamed
● Make X thing unlimited
● Add X thing that you will never find, but if you do, you become invincible
● [...] music [...]
● Make X thing from Y class for all classes

Thanks! And happy suggesting Very Happy

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Post by MarcoNecroX on Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:46 am


Here I will be listing a few game limitations you should have in mind
when making a new suggestions. I will keep adding a few every now
and then as soon as I remember them:


● Successful cube recipes can give up to 3 items MAX.
● Cube recipes can only use up to 7 different items, unless they are repeated (in such case there is no limit)
● Output items can have only up to 5 defined stats. This means, for example, that a crafted item can have only up to 3 stats (because one is double orb bonus and the other one is max sockets) not counting the random stats chosen from the rare affix pool.
● Cube recipes can only return ONE of the input items exactly like it was before (like upgrade recipes). This is why you can't create 'stacked' items like shrines or oils without billion recipes.


Monster behavior is HEAVILY limited. Most AI (artifficial intelligence) can only use 1-2 skills, but there are some AI's that can use more and these are: Vampire and Summoner. So let me explain these as these are the most frequent AI's used for bosses.

● Vampire: can use 4 skills -> two are considered weak and two are considered strong. His AI parameters let you choose frequency where a weak or strong skill is used. When in melee range he will also use melee attacks, and he will wander around sometimes. When low on health he tends to escape from the enemy. This lets you create a boss that is melee but uses many skills, or make a caster boss that isn't static like summoner. The AI is quite dumb though (AI used by: diablo, lord aldric, baal, andariel, etc)

● Summoner: this AI is probably the most complex AI in d2, or at least the one that is required to make the strongest bosses. FIRST COUNTERPART: doesn't walk. This AI uses up to 5 skills. Two are timered. This AI uses AIDIST which means he can see you while being REALLY far unlike most AI's, e.g. Brother Laz, which once has seen you can teleport to you from really far away. This AI in MXL mostly moves with blink-skills (like laz, bull prince). This AI can also use two distances to determine which skills are getting used or not, for example, Brother Laz using singularity when at close range or else using deathstrike / totem throw. This AI which is also used by bosses like quov tsin and astrogha doesn't move so it makes an easy cheesing potential for static skills. Usually laz has fixed this by adding teleport-when-struck AI. This and blink are the only factors that can make such character switch positions.

● AbyssKnight: this is another AI worth mentioning, as it is pretty much the only AI that can do two things: 1) it can use a certain skill when a certain threshold of life is given (i.e. when under 20% hp it will heal, like Akarat) and 2) it is the only AI that can use a fully working BUFF, like Kabraxis. Other AI's tend to really bug themselves when using buffs by themselves. The only other way to make characters use buffs is via procs, which do work but cannot be controlled.


● The biggest problem with charms is that you shouldn't be using more than one charm at the same time. For this we got the system carry1, which will disallow having one item twice. What does this mean? You can't have one item disable using another item. X item will disallow you to use X item, not Y item. That is just impossible.


● A map is nothing more than a map with walkable and non walkable parts (aka floor + walls). There is simply no way to add a condition to a map, like being able to enter certain part only after certain condition is met. That is a hardcoded behavior (i.e. duriel's lair).


● This is probably one of the most important factors to be mentioned. First let's differenciate the items: items are divided into armor type, weapon type and misc type. Misc item type is basically the 'rest'. We got a few advanced item types: runes & gems [used for runewords / stats], rings & amulets [wearable], jewels [socketable], charms [bonus in inv] and consumable [right click and they vanish applying state to character -> potions]

What do we got left? items that can't be weared, that can't be right clicked, can't be socketed etc. So what do they do? NOTHING. They are called 'dummy' because they do exactly nothing. However, these items still have a code, which means their only use is cube recipes.

So, let's take the most common example: portable shrines. This is the best example to explain the dummy items. I already showed you in the functionality list that there is no 'charges' function for example. What does this mean? charges from shrines are fake. The [10 charges] after the shrine name is a NAME; not a counter. For example; an abandoned shrine with 10 charges is a DIFFERENT ITEM than an abandoned shrine with 9 charges. They are NOT the same item. A recipe will use a crafted item and a shrine with 10 charges and return the item with added bonus and a shrine with 9 charges. What does this mean? each shrine with different charges is a different items, so there is a cube recipes for each one. Meaning extending charges count on shrines would require adding thousands of recipes, it is not a one-click thing. Stacking shrines via recipes would also need to check all the possibilities (like 2 + 2 = 4, 2 + 3 = 5, etc) and add one recipe for each combination.

A next example: mystic orbs. How come there is a mystic orb that says [+666 to I have a life because...] and when you cube it you don't see exactly that stat in the item? Because mystic orbs don't have stats, they have a description which emulates a stat. They are in the end BLANK items. Each different mystic orb has a code, and thus an item cubed with it will return to the same item with added stats that have nothing to do with the item itself, only the code. For this same reason, mystic orbs are technically capped to 3 stats (+ counter + lvlreq = 5 (cap)).


● New stats (affixes) behavior is very similar to what was described before. What is a stat? it is something that affects a character somehow. For example %ED is a stat. Alright. Stats have functions, and the functions are simply hardcoded. Thats why MXL stats are the same as Clod. Median XL has new stats, but HOW? MXL stats are, just like new misc items, simply dummies.

For example. An item says 'double MO bonus'. How would this work if it was a hardcoded behavior? Simple; whenever an item is cubed with a mystic orb, it would duplicate the bonus. So you could techincally make it triple bonus and what not, because the FUNCTION exists. But it isn't like this. This stat is just a DUMMY, like all new stats. So, each single MO in certain item has 3 cube recipes. One will check if you're above counter, if so, the recipe returns two items with no effects. A second one will check whether the item has the DUMMY stat and if so it will apply a double effect (the stats must be set to double manually), if not it will add the stats only one time.

In other words new stats are just dummies that are used as checks in the recipes, but have no real functionality.

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