How to ease up your Ubers with reanimates

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How to ease up your Ubers with reanimates

Post by Laurel Wreath on Mon May 26, 2014 10:35 pm

So this post will be a tiny list of extremely useful reanimates in certain situations.

Snow witches / Dirges (anything that can cast lower resist) ... considering how Heroics work, this will make them drop their resistances more often
Basilisks / Lizard Kings / Alpha Centaur - best for Fauztinville, will remove immunity from Necrobots (also Physical immunity from Heroics drops more often)
Void Archons - These will make Fauztinville and Vizjun a joke especially if you`re a Paladin with BRC (you get 1/4 dmg - the flat dmg red)
Trap Rats - Get necro, Kraken Stance from Prowler`s Slash, Supermax Sacrifices and u get a Heroic Killer (except Astrogha)
Mahasattva - Can anyone tell me if their Max Res reduce works on Bosses? Doesn`t work on Butcher fer sure  Embarassed 
Dual Taha (Kahless RW) Barb Weapons + Demonic Touch + Gallowlaugh = pink to make the boys wink (most fun gameplay evah)

I`ll continue this list after I try some more stuff

Laurel Wreath

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Re: How to ease up your Ubers with reanimates

Post by RollsRoyce on Tue May 27, 2014 9:55 am

im a pretty big fan of secret scythe rw to be honest Very Happy,

also nice list, what i also like are immune reanimates to tank bosses like kabraxis etc...
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