MXL Guides: Forum Rules

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MXL Guides: Forum Rules

Post by MarcoNecroX on Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:54 pm

This forum is to post your character and/or gameplay guides.

- This forum is NOT to create threads that are not guides,
-> Be it a guide request
-> Be it a question regarding a build

- If you post someone else's guide,
-> Make sure to give credit
-> Unformatted (copy&pasted) guides are NOT allowed

- If you create your own guide,
-> You are free to tag it "WIP" (work in progress) (*)
-> If you do so, make sure to finish it.
-> Make sure to cover the most basic aspects: gear, skills & stats

(*) To be honest, there is no guide that "can't wait to be posted". If you weren't able to finish a guide in the time you wanted, save it to notepad and finish it other day. Noone likes reading unfinished guides. If you post an unfinished guide and stop working on it, such guide will be sent you via PM (private message) and deleted from the guide forum.

This subforum is used as reference and documentation for newcomers. Do not abuse the freedom you have been granted. If people abuse it, this forum will be restricted to commenting on existing guides, and no new threads will be allowed, forcing guidemakers to post a guide on general discussion, and waiting for approval before it gets moved. It's up to you, so use the forum with responsability.


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