[Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

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[Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by MUS01 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:49 pm

[OMEGA]The Nephalem Nuke Crushing Blow kraken stance Barbarian by Grizz B


An over the top damage dealing barbarian focusing on huge tri elemental damage and 100% CB to deal damage with very little actually weapon damage.

-HUGE dmg and killspeed
- 100% CB and huge + 90k elemental dmg
-quad type dmg- physical/ lighting/fire/cold also good psn on switch
-one shot most enemies in the game throughout the game (have I mentioned how good the damage is?)
- decent amounts of life (24k) and great defense (1kk) (can also switch for max block instead of high life)
- easy to play untwinked (Easily playable w/o SUs and strong the whole game, I accidentally over MO’d my armor and pwned w/o it for 10 levels)

- AoE?
-low block (but can switch dex and vit for max block but lower life)

Strength : enough for gear
Dexterity : 0 end game (w/ charms) or enough for 25 k attack rating (95% chance to hit) (can choose to max for block instead of life)
Vitality : rest (endgame we got enough dmg)
Energy : 0 (we are not casters)

Skillpoints allocation
Early-mid game : Skillplan Nephalem Nuke (pre 90) (Barbarian, 2012 v005)

End game : Skillplan Nephalem Nuke Late (Barbarian, 2012 v005)


Early Game
Belt: TU heavy belt: 10%CB, 20%UA , 10% ctc SoR after kill, +75 strength
Gloves: TU Light Gauntlets: crucify on attack
Boots : ith boots for %CB ->TU Chain boots
Helm : Ort in barb helm: 5% Cb TU assault helm- 960 lightning damage, % strength -> kur in barb helm 10% CB ctc on attack cold damage
Armor: TU Splint Mail : tri ele dmg, 10% DR, Guard tower on kill or TU chain mail for ctc arrow and cold dmg
Weapon: TU Balanced axe: 30% CB+ 3 P rainbow= 60% CB
Shield: TU Gilded shield – flat stats, huge def, 10% DR, or TU bronze shield for 20% CB
Rings: ring of disengagement for proc (wolf stance is for chumps) and emp band mo'ed with ctc thunder hammer and –enemy res
Amulet: Angel heart- skills and stats
Sockets: Tals , gems/jewels with resistances
on switch
Weapon:nef in a staff (blink charges)

100 %CB: 60 weapon + 10% belt + 10% helm +20% bronze shield

Mid Game / cheap end game
Belt: TU heavy Belt
Gloves: zomg ornate craft: for minus res
Boots: Cham RW or Nih RW
Helm: ornate/fascinating/sacred craft w/ kraken stance
Armor: Erawn RW (nih in armor) : %CB, DR , def
Rings : Emp bands Mo’d minus res
Amulet: dreamcatcher or rare
Weapon: Tu balanced axe w/ 6 P rainbows
Shield:TU glided shield or TU bronze shield

End Game
Belt: Airhman belt- def, tri ele dmg , stats, res
Gloves: Facebreakers: 15% CB, 5%DR, LoS
Boots: SSU heavy boots: max dmg, barb skill, Lok, CB
Helm: ornate/fascinating/sacred craft w/ -10 enemy res +29kraken stance and +2 barbskills may spawn with 20% str as a natural affix
Armor: Sots: def, losim, 10% CB
Rings : Bad Moon Rings: tri elemental dmg, +1 all skills -15 res all
Amulet: lucky Klattu or +4 hymn/mythal amy w/ some minus enemy res/ or +life lighting arena is too
Weapon: ornate/fascinating/sacred throwingknife craft w/ +15 enemy res ctc knife lucky for 100% use ilvl 84 item to craft and to have a level 68 knife
Shield:Judge’s Sin, 5% CB, Lok ctc thunderhammer , or Canis venator+2% block for dex builds going for block
on switch
Weapon:SSU mammen axe: slow huge psn dmg and Avatar shield for huge-enemy res
Sockets p rainbow stone, Shaa’ads/jahs in armor. crafted lem jewels for RWs rest w/ %attack rating %aa or 2% vit and life and some resistance in RWs and to get 95% ctc hit then ohms for the rest

MO boots/ gloves/ helm w/ -enemy res. (w/ 2 crafts its possible to reach – 100 tri elemental)
MO weapon:%CB /armor: ED

Storm Blast
Stormblast is 3/4wdm attack that extends lighting submissles infront of the direction attack about 40 yards. The attack converts all physical dmg to lighting (yay for –res). The submissles have no ND (hit 25 times a second) and carry any other non physical damage (airhman/badmoon/kraken- elemental damage and crushing blow) is applied to its submissles.

Kraken Stance
Kraken stance is old barb uber skill that synergizes with (2% tri elemental) with point in other stances. While pumping synergies you can easily get 3-14k tri elemental dmg (10-41k elemental dmg, 18 to 80k w/ -res ) damage carried over stormblast with no ND (25times a second each)

Crushing Blow
Reduces enemy’s life total by 1/8 of current amount. Having 100% CB on an attack that hits 25times + procs absolutely wrecks mobs

WTF you have no weapon wdm
True who needs weapon damage when you have 100% CB and -100 tri elemental enemy res with 10 to 41 k tri elemental damage (x2 for minus res) hitting more than (procs) 25 times second without ND

Here are the crafts I used

My minus res and %CB

How to play
- cast wolves / thundergod / lightning arena
-move up to enemy with switch gear on (mammen axe and snake stance)
-thunderslam to psn/slow/stun all (if your are going to switch skill to thunderslam a crowd you might as well weapon switch to more ideal gearing/stance)
-switch back to main (kraken stance/knife/storm blast)
-One shot everything


Dungeon uberquests

Creature of flame

- One shot . one stormblast

Infernal machine

- same as above , no problem at all . Stormblast to the victory

Death projector

- lure away some of the Mechanics so you won't get surrounded by them when you attack the projector, psn it then one stormblast should do the trick and you can have that nice charm


- jump into the middle of the map using blink or jitan's gate and go to town. Wait for timer, come back and thunderslam crowd to psn azmo then clean up with Stormblast

Rathma square

- kill the Crawlers on your way to Primus , keep moving and primus should easily get taken down.

Cathedral of vanity
- same strategy as for the Death projector . Lure a part of the Nuns the entrance room and blink over the wall in the big room; wait for the first beam to complete a rotation then get behind the Crystall ball, and stormblast it. When immunities go off, kill the nuns and Inarius with stormblast, then summon Inarius's ghost , kill it and take the charm


-Your are not a summoner so your Edyrems suck here but your snake stance can offer them slow and psn enemies hard once enemies drop
-When immunities drops mobs die quick.
-Kill the Celebrants and Morlus on your way and keep on summoning more Edyrems (if they die) to remove immunities . Use stormblast to rape Lilth then transmute your Medallion


- wolfstance for the win!!! Rush to MCS and purify him, pick up CFS and save & exit
- if you really wanted you cold fight your way there too…its easy now

Summoning uberquests
Lay down one point fortress before summoning

The Butcher

- stormblast

The binding of Baal

- 1pt fortress helps u kill him from afar. ..stormblast ones shots rest

Assault on mount Arreat

- stormblast insta rapes all


- no problem out DPSsing his healing…. stormblast

Lord Aldric Jitan

-dark summon in that hallway and enter the Halls of anguish, tp home and enter Anya's red portal so you can get behind them. stormblast them from range and lookout for the singularities on death. So keep fortressing and switching to kraken in the beginning of the hall. If any follow you out fine…kite them and fortress will win

Legacy of blood

- the opponents need to hit something (your summons) to remove their immunities .
- Flash to snake to slow and switch to eagle and tank while getting out. As soon as immunities drop, switch to stormblast they are dead

Judgement day

- feed Dark Uldyssian with lol summons and will summon the avatars. They die very fast from stormblast/ fortress

Brother Laz

- reroll the map until one of the 2 shrines that spawn in there is a FIRE shrine
- kill all monsters in Swampy pit level 1 and level 2 and open portal at entrance for level 3
- kill the Death projector and lure the Mechanics in the opposite corner
- summon edyrem to keep the Groupies a bit busy
- let your gear in base, dark summon near fire shrine and use the fire explosion to lower Laz's life to half . you will die after this but it's ok - your gear is in base
- equip only an Assur's bane and go back . Summon edyrem advance step by step casting until Laz will jump on top of you . Cast Purify and it will lower his life to less than 1/4 (wait few seconds for purify to do full damage and after that hit escape button). you will die again after this but it's ok . the gear is still in base
- equip all gear you left in base , and a new ASSUR'S bane . go back summon army and approach w/ edyrems, purify Laz and Voila! Kill the groupies with Stormblast



- easy farmable at "/players 8" . Stormblast a totem and win. Also can switch to bear to just remove immunities


- the place for farming for gold (socket some tir runes) . Lucion and Malic are easy to kill. Typical Snake slam (aoe over dmg to kill invisibles) and switch to Stormblast


- same as k3kba , just a potential farming spot .

Tran Athula

- A good farming spot until you can farm Duncraig. Find a zon and snake slam her.. Mow through them w/ stormblast


- HUGE tri ele dmg means immunities are not a problem and huge %CB melts neons fiends….steam roll this


- summon the edryems to tank, switch to bear/eagle
- use stormblast to kill the howling toads and spray procs

Kingdom of Shadow

-prebuff pots/ put on spiritwalkers with 4 p turquoise
-1 pt wolf stance
- enter Ureh and rush to the bridge zig-zag-ing through the citizens
- once you got to the bridge , portal home , switch bear, enter portal ,summon all you got (edyrems) , re-enter ureh portal and use jitan's gate to jump as far as possible . summons will distract citizens from hitting you and you can open new portal , go to town , re-summon all army go back . repeat till you get to Juris Khan then rape him
if you have troubles stack some more def and %DR / frw


- The ultimate farming spot, and we can one shot everyone here!!! Yay!!! Slam slow and stormblast mobs. It is actually one of the easier ubers for him

Heroic levels
-Huge elemental damage on all elements( Kraken ) w/ -100 res all not a problem
-may be helpful to switch judge’s sin for Avatar RW for more minus res

Heroic Bosses

-summon him in a corner then destroy w/ Stormblast kraken

Bull prince rodeo

- prefortress
- melt his face with Stormblast/kraken

Qov tsin

- gear check uber : stack 500% all resist and get 95% all resists increasing the max resists with 20% . to do this you will get Thai runes in your sockets , change the gear with 2 out of those 3 : Witchhunter's hood , SU spirit walker , SU nor tiraj's wisdom . I went for the first two + 2x perfect turquoise
- kill all monsters inside the stony tomb and Summon Qov Tsin
-potion stack and switch eagle to tank
- melt his face with stormblast
- piece of cake if you got the proper gear


Less AoE actually helps us here
Once immunities drop its quick

Special thanks to velio_bb for assistance in crafting and testing

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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by MUS01 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:57 pm

Like I say in my fortress barbarian guide, this guide maked by Grizz B in the old forum inspired(among other guides) my char...
OFC is a bit outdated in certain features, like SB wpdm modifier is now 1/2 instead 3/4.. But overall is an great guide, very detailed like tou can see.

Cheers, and I edit the guide, and fix the skill plans in the day, cause I need manually input. Certain images, etc... I need opinions, cause I think wich this char is good and can be developed in Sigma. OFC, I don't know what changes(only which KS retur as uber, and KS don't have sinergies...) but the overall idea is here.

edit: Fixed errors, and linking in the Fortress Barbarian as reference...

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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by mwpeck on Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:50 pm

Interested in this build but the links to the skill builds are not there.

EDIT: Ah, after re-reading your second post, you are working on getting that fixed, right?


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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by MUS01 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:53 pm

Yes, should take me a few moments do it...I'm fixing in this time...

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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by MUS01 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:19 pm

Finally this reedition of the guide has ended....Sikllplans, in gnral links, etc fixed.


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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by mwpeck on Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:38 pm

Thanks, putting this gear together now then I'll work on the skills and start leveling up with it.


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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by wow123400 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:18 pm

this is the guide that get me into melee barb i remember when i 1shot a dragon for the 1st time it will never happen in mxlu but it was a good memo

but i still do not understand why he choice rm instead of nw

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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by MUS01 on Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:34 am

Cause RM+KS is an imba combo. It's superior to KS builds(old version with only SG as defense source, and only 1 stance+RM combo.

With only KS(or NW) the char defence is low....You're very vulnerable to damage, like happen with my char..I MEAN, YOU CAN'T TANK VIZJUN, for example. Playin with 300k of defense, 500k 0r 1M of defense are VERY diferents situations in Median. In fact, I'm farming for my Natasha Legacy in Ancient Armor for reach almost 500k of defense with Ultimative passive oskill.

With RM as uber you reach with simple boody armor like SOTS 1M of defense. I remember wich my barb has 1.3 M with no dedicated defense items. Ohh and using the KS helm you gain the insane ele dam of KS. An average char with great damage and great defense is better wich an Glass Cannon build as, let me say, Static frenzy Bowazon (for me at least)

Of course, you can go with NW, BUT KS already gives great damage, and in Median damage isn't all. Survability is important too. barb build don't have enough defense with 300-350k. 500 k is an decent amount and with only SG you don't reach that amount.

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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by Prestoned on Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:42 pm

I still play league with grizzb time to time. I think a more updated fortress/kraken stance barb would be gzuppls krakenfart.

Krakenstance helm
Ultimative armor
Gulags Friendzy gloves
Marks project boots
4x poison rune in barb shield
Tu6 Glaive
dyers eve ammy
2x bmr rings

maybe i make guide and tell more about skills and etc. semi expensive build but it's awesome for cheesing summoning ubers and dunc/fauzt
you can reach max block with this character
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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

Post by grizzb on Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:47 pm

Hey glad to see someone was able to save this guide and bring it over I hope everyone enjoys Smile


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Re: [Ω] The Nephalem Nuke

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