XVc Released

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XVc Released

Post by MarcoNecroX on Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:24 pm



    LADDER RESET TODAY 28.11.2014

    XVc Balance Patch

    New Uberquest: Zorun Tzin (Secret)

    • Replaces: Chrysaor (Secret Boss)
    • Reward: defeat Zorun Tzin on Destruction difficulty to get a skull of unknown power.


    • Athulua: fixed properties, no longer spawns from volcanic shrine, added improved death animation.
    • Uldyssian: fixed second stage.
    • World Nexus: increased Startled Witch's damage, increased mob density.


    • Thundercrack: fixed description.
    • Hammer of Zerae: slightly increased lightning damage.
    • Asterism: increased stat bonuses.
    • Magnetic Field: increased lightning damage.
    • Lava Pit: increased damage.
    • Hyena Strike: %DR cap increased to 20%, base amount to 5%, fixed description.


    • Backstab: removed timer, restricted to naginata, added duration progression with clvl, reduced attack rating, modified crushing blow formula.


    • Deathgaze: weapon damage is now 4/5 (you didn't see it coming), increased cold damage.
    • Daedalus: reduced softpoint based attack rating bonus per level from 10% to 5%.


    • Mana Pulse: fixed mana healed on description.
    • Feed the Pack: heal after kill now works only in wolf form.
    • Twisted Claw: removed NextDelay, now deals 3/5 weapon damage, slight mana increase.


    • Boneyard: slightly increased damage progression at early levels.
    • Funeral Pyre: increased minimum damage, reduced visual gfx, fixed synergy description.
    • Rotting Flesh: increased damage.
    • Pestilence: increased base damage and minimum damage per level.


    • Hoplites: fixed max skill level description.
    • Scourges: fixed max skill level description.


    • Summon Blade Spirits: removed weapon requirement, fixed misplaced monprops.


    • Raven Heart: now properly drains life.


    • Str/Dex Damage Bonus: fixed on Cranebeak, Greil's Urvan, Forge Fire, Viperfork, Steel Pillar, Sky Scorcher, Divine Mandible, Tonbogiri, Polar Vortex, Wrath of Nature, Mistress of Pain, Glowing Vertigo & Tormentor.
    • Reaper's Hand: removed Queen of Blades oskill.
    • Periapt of Life UMO: now adds +100 replenish life.
    • Eye of Malic UMO: can now properly be cubed with quivers.
    • Sunstone of the Elements: fixed description.
    • Cornerstone of the World: removed Shadow Dancer & Life and Death cornerstones.
    • Mystical Blade: now drops again, fixed incompatibility issues with older patches.
    • Terror Box: can now spawn the new sets.
    • Ape Set: replaced +3 to All Skills with +18 to Deathstrike, and a few other changes to the set.


    • Mystic Orbs: fixed many inconsistencies in the descriptions.
    • Scepters: fixed strength damage bonus appearing as a base affix.
    • Level Names: fixed a few inconsistencies with name colors. Act 5 uberquests are still white because... Blizzard.
    • Parrots: reverted velocity buff due to massive complaints.


    New Uberquest: Twin Seas

    • Replaces: Halls of the Dead Level 2.
    • Reward: defeat Athulua on Destruction difficulty to get Deity's Bow.

    New Uberquest: World Nexus

    • Replaces: Flayer Dungeon Level 1, 2 & 3.
    • Reward: defeat the Startled Witch on Destruction difficulty to get The Sleep.

    Uberquest Rework: The Unformed Land

    • Replaces: Sewers Level 1 & 2 (act 3).
    • Terul: name changed from Chrysaor, reworked skills.
    • Zorun Tzin (Secret Boss): name changed from Chrysaor (Secret).


    • New Characters: reduced the amount of initial items each character starts with. Use your gold!
    • Interface: overhauled skill tabs, isolating reward skills into an unique tab, and two tabs with 3 skill trees (15 skills) each.
    • Skills: updated build names/references on each skill tab's index, and improved GUI.


    • Yshari Sanctum: removed monster descriptions.
    • Rathma Square: removed flying scimitars.
    • Fauztinville: reduced UMO drop rate on hatred and terror.
    • Uldyssian: fixed most of the bugs when killing bosses on each stage.


    • Level Challenge 1: replaced initial totem with a pirate, recipes overhaul:

      • Sunstone of the Elements + Sunstone of [...] ----> Sunstone of the Element with added bonuses
      • Maximum allowed level and swirlies are required just like before.


    • MarcoNecroX (Secret Boss): improved sounds and graphics.
    • Brachyceran: his name no longer displays as FPBE string.
    • Pillar of Skulls: reduced Psychic Scream proc rate.
    • Blightfire: reduced health to prevent overflow.
    • Uldyssian: now has a chance to teleport away when struck.


    • Names: changed the name of some levels. Fixed the name of levels that had no level 2 variant (example: Stony Tomb).
    • Uberquest Warnings: removed and replaced with a red colored version of the level name, without 'To The'.
    • Halls of the Dead: now has a waypoint.


    • Stat Summary: reworked & updated stat sheets. Added new stats. Improved layout.
    • Bugfix: fixed some stats displaying a maximum value of 63. To those who assume the stats were effectively capped at that number, l2p.


    Zerae's Devotion: Storm Askari

    • New Skill - Thundercrack: attack that channels lightnings to nearby enemies.
    • New Skill - Stormcall: call lightning to strike enemies within range.
    • New Skill - Hammer of Zerae: cast a spinning lightning enchanted mace dealing weapon damage.
    • New Skill - Asterism: passive, enhances your storm skills and increases defense.
    • New Skill - Magnetic Field: field of static lightning traps with rapidly fired shocks.

  • Sun Strike: improved skill description, changed gfx and skill icon.
  • War Spirit: changed skill icon.
  • Cast Rate: increased while wearing staves and other two-handed weapons.


    Tree Rework: Claw

    • New Skill - Shadow Dancer: passive, increases damage while wielding two claws.
    • New Skill - Noctule: melee attack that spawns bats depending on enemies hit.

    Tree Rework: Ninja

    • New Skill - Backstab: powerful melee attack that renders you immune for a short time.
    • New Skill - Hades Gate: teleport into a corpse, damaging and knockbacking enemies.

    Tree Rework: Psychic

    • New Skill - Obliteration: field of concentrated energy that hits a huge amount of times.
    • Singularity: is now a level 18 skill.
    • Psionic Storm: changed skill icon. is now a level 12 skill.
    • Doom: now pierces 10% magic resistances as long as you invested hard points into the skill.

    Tree Rework: Martial

    • Way of the Spider: is now a level 6 skill.
    • Way of the Phoenix: is now a level 18 skill.

  • Cluster Mine: doubled base damage, slightly increased damage per level.
  • Tiefling Form: is now a level 24 skill. Added to states' morph group. This means it didnt collide with morphs before, and now will.


    Dualwielder Warrior

    • Blood Hatred: moved to new tree, is now a level 1 skill. Reworked mana and duration.
    • New Skill - Iron Spiral: create a fiery vortex of swords.
    • New Skill - Deathgaze: create a wild flurry of frozen axes.
    • New Skill - Daedalus: enhances barbarian's offensive capabilities.
    • New Skill - Windform: become the wind itself, spinning through enemies while greatly resisting damage.

  • New Skill - Iceburst: attack that creates an icy explosion through the ground.
  • Bear Stance: description now indicates that it only pierces physical resistances.
  • Stormblast: reverted graphics to pre-ultimative.
  • Titan Strike: increased duration.


    Shapeshifter: the Werewolf

    • New Skill - Werewolf Form: morph into a a vulnerable but deadly werewolf.
    • New Skill - Mana Pulse: melee attack that regenerates a flat amount of mana.
    • New Skill - Harbinger: warp into an Very Happy causing all nearby Smile to become Sad .
    • New Skill - Feed the Pack: killed enemies can respawn as furious wolf allies.
    • New Skill - Twisted Claw: melee attack that creates a fast-hitting tornado.

  • Plague Avatar: greatly reduced lag.
  • Circle of Life: is now a level 18 skill to match the other passives.
  • Wildfire: moved to the 12-spot.
  • Mythal: changed skill icon.
  • Thorn Wall: increased damage from 3/4 to 5/4.


    Malice Wizard

    • New Skill - Boneyard: cast a ghost lance that does no damage but explodes on impact.
    • New Skill - Funeral Pyre: cast a horde of explosive zombies at target feet.
    • New Skill - Rotting Flesh: sacrifice a minion and use his remains to poison enemies.
    • New Skill - Nightwalker: passive, increases damage of malice spells and totem defense.
    • New Skill - Pestilence: cast a toxic storm that surrounds you for a short period.

  • Summon Veil King: dead veil king is now stronger. Just ensuring your irresponsible death.
  • Black Mass: mechanics rework to avoid cheesy stuff.
  • Fragmentation Shot: improved graphics.
  • Fireheart Totem: fixed description to mention reanimates.


    Light's Influence

    • New Skill - Vessel of Retribution: rapidly casts short-ranged missiles to nearby enemies.
    • Rapture: changed speed's buff progression.
    • Solstice and Equinox: renamed from Light & Shadow, now affects Vessel of Retribution.
    • Sacred Armor: is now a Light Influence skill, changed skill icon.
    • New Skill - Hoplite: small group of highly damage resistant summons.

    Shadow's Influence

    • Vessel of Judgement: improved damage progression, minimum target count increased to 3.
    • New Skill - Euphoria: buff that decreases enemies' resistances.
    • New Skill - Life and Death: improves your Vessel of Judgement spell.
    • New Skill - Demiurge: become a devilish deity for a short period of time.
    • Scourges: is now a Shadow Influence skill.

    Dragonform Rework

    • Dragon Oath: fully reworked/improved mechanics, gfx, damage scaling, mana cost. Dragonform no longer locks other spells.
    • Dragonshout: tweaked damage, lowered NextDelay. Changed skill icon.
    • Burnout: slightly decreased max damage, reworked/improved mechanics and gfx, reduced lag as well and changed icon.
    • Demonrend: increased damage and changed skill icon.
    • Deva King: doesn't require killing a dragon anymore. Because people "were lazy".

  • Superbeast: added to states' morph group. This means it didnt collide with morphs before, and now will.
  • Tainted Blood: no longer mentions that it doesn't dispel superbeast.
  • Mind Flay: slightly reduced damage.


    Mana Tree

    • New Skill - Immersion: cast an arcane wave of mana to hurt enemies based on missing mana.
    • Mana Sweep: reduced NextDelay from 4 to 1.
    • Arcane Torrent: reduced mana cost so it synergically fits to the new skills, changed skill icon.
    • New Skill - Antimass: deplete all your mana and restore health based on the amount of mana consumed.

    Melee Tree

    • New Skill - Wraithsword: melee strike that deals damage based on nearby enemies.
    • New Skill - Fusillade: summon a deadly trap that shoots swords, killing everything in its way.
    • New Skill - Summon Blade Spirit: summon a group of allied swords that benefit from your passives.
    • Bladestorm: reduced weapon damage to 1/3, increased mana cost and capped conversion to 50%.

  • Symbol of Esu: reduced life healed per level from 400 to 200.
  • Flamestrike: changed gfx.
  • Abyss: slightly reduced damage to prevent cap overflow.
  • Thunderstone: slightly reduced damage.
  • Vengeful Power: fixed cap description.
  • Baneblade: reduced 20% damage per hard point to 10% (compensates for new skills).

    Item-Only Skills


    • ATMG Sentry: reduced bonus duration per level from 0.4s to 0.2s.
    • Dual Veil King: deadly poison attack chance increased from 5% to 20%.
    • Jitan's Gate: now provides a short-lasting buff to you and allies after teleporting.
    • Time Freeze: reduced speed penalties to avoid crashes, duration increased to 0,2s.
    • Maelstrom: skill description now says it can be used with knives also.
    • Crane Stance: no longer affects allies, %avoid increased to 20% and damage per level from 15% to 20%.
    • Fowl Fight: skill description no longer mentions naginata requirement.
    • Porkulator: added to states' morph group. This means it didnt collide with morphs before, and now will.



    • New Set - Universal Law: assassin's psychic set.
    • New Set - Zerae's Divinity: amazon's storm set.
    • New Set - Tundra Walker: barbarian's dual axe set.
    • New Set - Marchosias' Essence: druid's werewolf set.
    • New Set - Celestial Orchard: necromancer's malice set.
    • New Set - Yaerius' Grey Omen: paladin neutral set.
      (no new sorceress set because she already has five)
    • Hadriel Set: removed dazzle bonuses, replaced with -50% EFR.
    • Imperius Set: now has Imperius reanimate again.
    • Malthael Set: now also adds poison pierce and spell damage.

    Unique Items:

    • New Item(s): added 30 Cornerstones of the World.
    • Cornerstone of the World: now has a note below the name indicating it cannot be unsocketed.
    • Dreadarc: fixed color collision on strings.
    • Steel Punisher: removed Deathlord morph.
    • Ballista: fixed fortress proc.
    • Forge Fire: fixed fortress proc.
    • Blackened: removed Duriel reanimate.


    • Natasha's Legacy: increased base stats.
    • Eternal: fixed the (obviously) misplaced %damage stat and replaced with %ED.
    • Helgrotha: fixed bug that caused crash.
    • Lysra: fixed bug that caused crash.

    Uberquest Rewards:

    • Kabraxis' Stone: %max resistances are now rolled individually. Trinity Nova proc moved to base charm.
    • Class Charm: reorganized and improved stats display.
    • Book of Summoning: should now be cubed with Book of Lies instead of Astrogha's Venom Stinger.
    • The Sleep: removed str/dex bonuses from Tran Athulua trophy, now adds +200 magic damage and +50 damage reduction.
    • Cycles of Wisdom: fixed FPBE string error.

    Rare Affix Pool:

    • Indestructible: affix now spawns in the correct group.
    • Swords: now spawn with +druid skills.
    • Druid Staves: +(21 to 28) to Gamma Field
    • Scepters: wdm bonuses such as +min/max damage, %enhanced damage, etc. can now spawn.


    • Kabraxis' Stone: now has a note below the name indicating it cannot be unsocketed.
    • Elemental Runes: fixed black background color on DDraw mode.
    • Luck Trial Mystic Orb: can only be applied once.
    • Poison/Light Runes & Kabraxis' Stone: changed graphics.

    Base Items:

    • Scepters: are now properly considered maces (for runeword purposes).
    • Mammen Axe (2): now has 2 sockets.
    • Hexblade (2): now has 2 sockets.



    • Interface: changed GUI as usual on all menus.
    • Mephisto Reanimate: after long sessions of therapy, he no longer commits suicide.
    • Champion of the Triune: fixed name.
    • Parrots: now fly 16% faster.


  • Special Thanks to: Quirinus, manafire, Inertia, Nanashi, Necrolis & Alpha Team.

    COMING SOON: RealmEvent Contests!

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Re: XVc Released

Post by Ironpool on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:02 pm

marco u lil shit

goddamnit servers are too busy

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Re: XVc Released

Post by Str0b3l on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:03 pm

Thanks for the hard work
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Re: XVc Released

Post by GregMXL on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:03 pm

Third! And you're awesome MNX!

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Re: XVc Released

Post by maelstrom on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:04 pm

yay downloading!

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Re: XVc Released

Post by diabloel on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:05 pm

4 :#


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Re: XVc Released

Post by Raphiel on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:05 pm


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Re: XVc Released

Post by matikattai on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:06 pm

Only 27min when downloading is done.
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Re: XVc Released

Post by Barack Obama on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:07 pm

Thank you.
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Re: XVc Released

Post by wojen616 on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:07 pm

Thanks Smile

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