Improving my necro build for Destruction.

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Improving my necro build for Destruction.

Post by Sixofour on Sun Dec 07, 2014 4:22 am

I have just beat terror difficulty. About to go into destruction and I am curious about ways I can improve my build.

Currently, I am level 115. I have maxed [as far as I can] shadows, rampagors, ice totem, embalming and jinn. With one point in everything else on the summoning page.

I have +14 to skills. +12 from gear, I think that is the max I can get on gear. I have +2 ammy, two +1 rings, unique dirk +3 necro skills, magic gargoyle head +3 necro skills, aiwass guantlets +2 necro skills, the rest is honorific. All items have max MO minion damage and life and resistances. My resistances are maxed [on my character in destruction], I am starting to do +% cold spell dmg [for ice totems]. I have enough str and dex for items, 300 energy [base] and rest in vit.

My strategy is basically to summon max minions, 15 shadows, 5 jinn, 1 archon, and 9 rampagors, and I use sacrifices skill to summon the harpies and horadrim [forgot their names] from the unique dirk. Occasionally slapping up ice totems and a howling totem. Burning veil is up constantly. My merc is a lighting merc from act 3.

For bosses, I summon everything and buff, then teleport onto them [using character orb], which has so far one-shot every single unique and boss I have ever come accross. I think maybe terror diablo survived one, but not a second teleport.

I have not done any urber levels yet[edit: i did get the +2 skills charm from tran athula], or any of the special bosses. Gonna wait till 120 [might as well].

So, is there anything I missed? Any tips? I am not having difficulty but I just want to make sure I am not missing anything obvious for my build... so far it seems pretty OP. Also, I will need a replacement blink, where can I get one?

I hear this build may not be viable for many of the uber levels , we will have to wait and see.

Also, considering I can max my character and stash gold in 5 minutes, I am doing a lot of gambling for better rings and amulets. [runes into throwing weapons is op]

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