Need advice for Vizjun Uber...

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Announcement Re: Need advice for Vizjun Uber...

Post by Metalistas on Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:34 am

I heard cataklysm paladin is best there.

But these are also very good:


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Announcement Re: Need advice for Vizjun Uber...

Post by tencanek on Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:23 am

Heavy drones have slow target since patch before, however high killspeed, life leech(for casters life after each kill) and some skill to evade sudden MIRVS is recommended.

So to answer your question Tom:

scythe set + necro = ez visjun afk farmin´

edit: Lot of people tend to do this only with tankbarb and ureh(spin to win) sword and usually skipped almost every mob rushing towards MCS with shortest route, but I recommend to crawl along main wall clockwise untill you get to boss, because there is lowest amount of invisible sentinels which launch nukes(invisible, untargetable, yet their name is revealed after death). This leads me to theory that Laz placed these manually and didnt set them to spawn at random locations, in contrast to robots, who indeed spawn randomly as regular enemies.

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Announcement Re: Need advice for Vizjun Uber...

Post by TQer on Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:03 am

Well, too far from being a professional player in my case which is what you requested Lilith, but in any case hope my reply could be also of help:

Just to include you another option that I haven´t seen on Metalistas´ reply: Spearzon makes Vizjun Uber a cakewalk too (if you don´t count on one, an awesome Spearzon guide has been published in the forum not too many days ago):

In any case there are more options there: for example, the firts time I face this Uber, I did it using a crossbow necro, and althought it isn´t the fast option there, you won´t have any problems (and as he takes care of the killing part there so fast, it was a great help for me to know which attack was released on each point of that area: mines; nukes, machine guns, etc....Because yeah, as tencanek has pointed, those attacks are spawn always at the same points; so once you know those points, the Uber itself won´t imply any difficulty at all).

And iirc, there is sowhere on this forum at least 1 video showing an unholy mele paladin facing that Uber, which being the class that you are currently playing if I´m not wrong, maybe fits better to what you are looking for.

P.D.: and what about your Paladin´s guide, Lilith; you will finish it, won´t you?.

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Announcement Re: Need advice for Vizjun Uber...

Post by aknazer on Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:13 am

While it isn't killing the mobs, you can use any character to quickly rush to boss, apply OW, hit it with purify, and quickly collect lewt before dying. I did it with a melee sorceress pretty easily and they have a good bonus to run speed.

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