Theorycraft - Akarat reanimator pally with Rathma's Chosen

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Theorycraft - Akarat reanimator pally with Rathma's Chosen

Post by iced_tea on Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:16 pm

I found the Dragon Star SSU Pala Weapon with Rathma's Chosen. I also have Auhe so I made Myrrbearer Shield for the Akarat reanimates. I tried them out and found that their AI has changed (?). They don't seem like the Akarat minions in A3, they are more prone to going into melee and whacking monsters instead of using hammertime. Also their hammertime duration is relatively short. Was thinking of building a neutral pala with Light influence for high magic dmg and multiple targets to deal extra dmg. The description for Vessel of Retribution says it deals magic damage or am I reading it wrongly? Was thinking of also backing up with Cataclysm (Apostasy) and Hivemind/Hive, but of course without Superbeast. Any inputs?

Can someone confirm if the Akarat resurrect AIs have changed and/or are no longer as effective as before?

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