[v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

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[v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:58 am

[MXL:U] Kickstarter Sin : An Adaptive Guide

By BassToMouth

"They'll never see me comin'"

Table of Contents:
  1. Overview
  2. Abbreviations List
  3. Early Game - Stats/Skills/Items
  4. Hotkeys
  5. Short-term goals (and other things of note)
  6. Getting your first set of charms
  7. Early Game Conclusion
  8. Useful Links
  9. Bonus Level: Challenge Accepted!
  10. Special Thanks

1. Overview
So you might be thinking – there’s a lot of sin guides out there, why this one? Well specifically, this guide is aimed at new/undergeared players so anyone can use this guide from scratch! It also uses easy to find/obtain items so singleplayers can rejoice!

Essentially this “build” is hard to classify since we’re pretty much going to be using everything at our disposal, which is going to be a mixture of wyrd, hammer procs, shadow blade procs, ATMG etc. as well as some good old cheese tactics. Later on we'll also start to look a little bit like a spell damage type character, but its all done because the key to success in MXL is to ADAPT. In some cases WDM characters may be strong, but elsewhere, a single element caster will defeat an encounter in a TENTH of the time it would take a WDM character to do.

The aim of this sin is to simply be a “kickstart” farmer for all new players to get their first charms and a solid SU/set /trophy farmer so that they may move onto other characters later if they wish to do so. There will be some end-game uber guides but hopefully you will have picked up enough information and knowledge to be able to defeat them yourself without too much extra help. I've used a lot of "spoiler" tags in this guide to reduce the scroll size - it's got nothing to do with actual spoilers so don't worry!

What this guide assumes:
-This sin may be your very first character (doesn’t have to be), but it will assume that you begin with no items/charms/ gold and are working from the ground up.
-That you can get to level 120, act 5 Destruction without TOO much trouble (there will be some hints and tips but that isn’t the purpose of this guide).
-That you are able to look up basic information yourself, such as items/uberquest details etc. in the offline documentation.

*Before you begin - if you find yourself wondering what a certain item, recipe, runeword etc. is or does, instead of posting a question on the forums, first use the search function in the offline documentation. If your question is still not answered, use google. If your question is STILL not answered, then feel free to post here or in the Newbie section of the forums.

Make sure you have the updated offline documentation found here!

2. Abbreviations
MB: Max Block
Wots/Wotg/Wotp : The 3 “ways” skills that sins have that add passive elemental damages e.g Way of the Spider.
Sin: Assassin
TU: Tier Up i.e. tier a Tier 1 item up to Tier 6
SR: Shadow Refuge skill
CTC : Chance to cast modifier.
TTAD: Target takes additional damage
MO: Mystic Orb (UMO : Unique Mystic Orb)
SU/SSU/SSSU: Sacred unqiues and their “secret” counterparts. All this is, is a means to identify which sacred unique we are talking about because there is 3 SU to every sacred unique.
%LL/ML: Life leech/Mana leech
RW: Runeword
Ilvl: Item level – Hidden “level” of item that corresponds to where it was found. It determines how many mod properties can spawn and their intensities and thus the corresponding level requirement.
QoB: Queen of Blades skill
-Req: -%Requirement mod.
ED: Enhanced Damage/Defense%
BP: Breakpoints. Certain values of FCR/FBR/IAS etc. will allow your character to increase his or her speed by lowering the number of frames required to perform the cast or attack animation.
oSkill: Skills found on items that can be used independently.
LAK: Life after kill
CB: Crushing Blow - physical hit that drops a % of enemy current life. More effective on melee characters than ranged (but still good on ranged if you can deal several hits per second).
DS: Deadly Strike - chance to deal a critical physical hit. Essentially doubles your physical damage for that instance.
OW: Open Wounds - "Bleeds" an enemy to stop their natural health regen.
EWD: Enhanced Weapon Damage (different from Enhanced Damage)
GF: %Gold find
TCD: Total Character Defence
sLvl: Skill Level
cLvl: Character Level
sMax: Supermax (just means in put all you can into a particular skill, adding more points as you gain +max skills charms).
TA: Tran Athulua Uberlevel
K3KBA: Kurast 3000 BA Uberlevel
BRC: Black Road Challenge (more info in offline documentation)
LC0/LC1/LC2 – Level challenge 0/1/2
PB: Perfect Being
PS: Psychic Scream (assassin BRC skill)
LoS: Line of Sight - Some skills require you to be able to "see" a target i.e. if you're behind a wall this particular skill will not work. The imaginary line drawn between you and your target is the "Line of Sight."

3. Early Game

Str: Enough for gear. As you obtain charms this value should drop lower (the base that is)
Dex: Enough for max block (this value will change depending on your shield base block%). Pretty much all your stat points early game will be going into here until you reach MB.
Vit: The rest
Energy: None

sMax: All 3 ways. WotS is debatable but I still prefer to max it (especially later for 3/2 timestrike or 2/3 crucify poison). If you want to play pure ATMG then you can put these points into QoB or PB.

Remaining points: Get juggled between PB, SR and QoB. This really comes down to preference and how geared you are, but in the early stages you will want at least 40-50% dodge from PB (make sure you raise in multipliers of 4 to get the best results), enough SR to get AT LEAST 40% DR after adding DR from gear (caps at 50%), and the rest into QoB for more damage.
*If this entire statement confused you, put all points into PB (in multipliers of 4. E.g. if you have 0/22 points in PB, put in points until 20/22), SR until around 40%DR~ and put anything remaining into QoB.

*Note on PB* Dodge may seem very good on the surface, however as you get more and more block, the effectiveness of dodge diminishes because of the way damage is calculated. E.g. at 75% block (assuming 0 def), 25% of hits will make it through. If we have 50% dodge, then only 12.5% of hits will get through our defences. However if we only have 50% block, 50% of hits will get through (and assuming 50% dodge again), 25% of hits will actually damage us, making our 50% dodge mitigate 25% of all incoming damage. So you can see that the SAME value of 50% dodge only mitigates 12.5% of hits when we have MB, but 25% when we have 50% block, therefore PB is BETTER when we have less block but later on, our points are better spent elsewhere. Of course, more damage mitigation is ALWAYS welcome, but the argument is only put in points if you NEED it to survive in the area you are farming.

TLDR; Maxing PB is best early with less block, but let’s spend our points elsewhere when we have max block. This is because QoB should not be underestimated as a great DPS booster as well as proccing our CTCs on striking (esp in uberlevels where there are many targets) - this is specifically for areas where you want to farm fast and are NOT in danger of dying (so losing the extra points in PB and SR don't make much difference but QoB will give you a noticeable damage boost).

At first you can just run around with normal white items and crucify/SR with ways. The gift box you receive from Griswold will be good enough to keep you going for a while. As we hit 120 we should be aiming for these (note I am not listing ANY SU/set items on purpose. This is early game):

*Armor: TU Albrecht’s Revenge (Chain Mail) – Arrow ctc + reanimates!
Alternatives: TU Queen of Glass (Ancient Armor), TU Jitan’s Kamon (Splint Mail)

*Helm: TU Auriel’s Halo (Tiara) – elemental damages
Alternatives: Abandon Crafted Cap

*Amulet: +3/4 Skills, Doom CTC, TTAD rare amulet (gamble this!)
-Comment: The TTAD modifier makes your enemy take double the doom damage!

*Rings: Empyrean Bands. 5% attribute is nice but don’t lose your hair over it. 3-4% is fine too.
Alternative: +1 skills, -enemy resist, +attributes rare ring. In case you’re down on your luck with unique rings. (gamble this!)

*Gloves: Abandon crafted dex gloves. Should end up with 17-19% dex and low level req (>40)
-Comments: To get a low level req craft, get your base gloves and up it to magic quality then cube it with a magic ring and amulet (zomg recipe). This will bring the ilvl down to 1 which will limit the number of affixes that can spawn. From here use abandon shrines until you get 8%-9% dex with low level requirement and then bless for more %dex. Flat dex bonus is welcome but not necessary.

*Boots: Abandon crafted dex boots. Should end up with 17-19% dex and low level req (>40). Same method applies for boots as gloves.
Alternative: if you’re low on abandoned shrines, you can use TU Chain Boots or Heavy Boots temporarily.

*Belt: TU Heavy Belt “Deadfall” – SoR on kill and +strength!

*Shield: Abandon crafted ATMG oSkill sacred bladed/totem shield. 20%-40% dex if possible. If you found the base in terror or early Des, use the chaos reroll until you get it rare quality (this will keep ilvl at 99 instead of dropping ilvl like the rare quality upgrade recipe. More on this in mid-game section). Methods on how to obtain ilvl 99 items easily will be explained in the Mid-game section: 5. ilvl/alvl and rares/crafts area.
Comments: Ideally you want 1% extra block/ATMG but this can be quite hard depending on your luck so if you get one with no block but high %dex or +4 sin skills, consider keeping it and get another base shield as a “long-term project.” Other favourable mods are LaK, -enemy resists, FBR.
*Note* Remember to abandon shrine bless all your crafts for more dex! And DO NOT use the zomg recipe to bring the ilvl down on the shield since we don’t want to be limiting our affixes on the shield.
*Note 2* If you're low on shrines (because ATMG sometimes stubbornly refuses to show up), remember you can always just roll it up to rare quality and then use oil of renewal to roll for an ATMG shield. It can show up with all the mods that a shrine craft can (+4 sin skills, 20% dex, ATMG, 1% block, LaK etc.) the ONLY thing you're losing from doing this is the potential 10% dex from abandon shrine craft, since you can bless rares for the other 10% dex.

*Shield on Switch: Any 1% block abandoned crafted sacred bladed/totem shield with as much dex% as possible. (40% dex is maximum possible roll with abandon craft + bless).
-Comments: This will be the shield you use for doing fautz etc. its nice if you can also get –enemy resists/+4 sin skills but not necessary.

Example ATMG Shield Picture (crafted on my main sin, not on the one made for purposes of recording video. That particular one is using random 4% block with 31% dex:

*Weapon: “Judge” RW sacred blade talon.
Pretty much the key to early game. Very accessible to all players, yet extremely powerful. Its okay to use a sacred scissors katar or even claw for now if you’re struggling to find a sacred blade talon. However the preparation of this weapon requires a little bit of work:
1. First burn it down to low quality and uptier it to superior quality using oil of enhancement.
2. Keep using oil of renewal until you get one with 30-60% ED (depending on your patience).
3. Apply the “+999 to I need a life because I have 6 Sha’ads” MO. It has a 2% chance to succeed in giving your item a double MO effect (in green text like on honorific/crafted gear). If it failed i.e. nothing happened other than +2 level requirement, go back to step 2 and keep trying.
4. Once the double orb effect succeeds, apply an oil of luck (guaranteed to work).
5. Now you should have a base claw with double MO effect and around 80-100% ED. Apply ED% MOs until you reach 350% ED (or close).
6. Socket jewels and then Ohm rune to get your claw.
7. Use %ED MO to get even more %ED. The amount you can put in will be based off how much %ED you got from the runeword roll (up to 350% AFTER adding the rune, and INCLUDING the %ED from RW). I.e. best case scenario, get 350% from base + 200% from weapon + 150% from MO AFTER socketing. (rollsroyce again!)
8. Use either FCR to desired BP or 15x LL. Any remaining space may be used as you wish (LAK/EWD/CB). Even with 15x LL you should still add a bit of FCR in order to at least hit the 56 FCR BP.
-Comments: Ideally you should work on getting two double orb judge claws – one with max LL and one with enough FCR to hit the 163 casting BP. The reason you want to do this is because you need the LL for uberlevels such as Des Fautz/Act 3 Sewers, however for smaller number of targets where ATMG/summons is your main skill, you want to cast faster.
-25% Thunder Hammer CTC: These are projectiles that originate out of your character (therefore need Line of Sight of enemy), and carry 3/4 weapon damage with no ND (explained later) which mean you are free to proc as many as you like. Hammers can proc more hammers and ATMG/QoB will proc tons of these!

15x Thunder Hammer on Kill orbs on all jewelry and enough +wyrd orbs to reach 0.2 second timer. This will vary depending on charms and item choice but to reach 0.2 timer, wyrd must be at slvl 41. Any remaining MO space on jewelry may be used for +strength (if you need it)/MF%/-enemy resists.
On armor you should MO –enemy resists for fire/light/poison until you have -100 in each. Should be quite easy since we are using crafted gear + TUs with a lot of MO space. Any remaining space may be used how you like with either MF%/Skeleton reanimates(may experience a lot of FPS loss)/FHR/resists.

*Sockets: Perfect Amethysts in all sockets bar shield/weapon for %dex. In the shield/claw you should put in Ber crafted 2%LL/ML jewels. Other useful mods for crafted Ber jewels: FCR/FBR/%dex/Indestructible/-Req. Io runes are also acceptable in shield for more dex%.

Where to get gold?
-Level 0 Challenge (apples and gold drop).
-Hatred Island of Sunless Sea
-Socket random throwing weapons you find with rune and vendor (Credits to rollsroyce). Depending on which Act and difficulty you are currently on, as well as the level of the rune you socket, will affect how much gold you get.
-*Recommended* Invest in full set of honorific gear MO’d with GF% + socket with tir runes and run underground passage level 1 in either hatred or terror. In terror, the cave dwellers will give around 50k-200k gold depending on gold find. It's a bit of a chore putting together this gear, but if you're always struggling with gold because you're a gambling addict, this will pretty much fix any gold problems until you hit Destruction (there you can just sell Sacred Items. In act 5 you can get up to 500k for an item)

Where to farm uniques/arcane crystals?
-Act 1 Andariel – always drops 1 unique
-*Recommended* - Once you hit around level 80-90, invest in a full set of honorific gear MO’d with %GF/ED and socketed with Lums. Each Hatred TA run will net around 10-25 Uniques.

Notes on Character Orb
Some particularly useful cube recipes are (recipes found in offline documentation):
-%Max Resists (Mal/Pul/Lo/Gul)
-%LL (Apple)
-Mana after Kill (Oil of Jewelcraft)
-TCD/EWD (Ith/Eth rune)
-%Exp gained (Signet of Experience)

4. Hotkeys

I kind of felt this deserved its own section, as while it may seem like common sense to some people, there might still be players using the default F1-F10 skills to play! You don’t have to follow the same hotkeys I use, however you should probably adapt something similar to it.

Left Attack Button:
Z – Crucify
X – SR
C – Summon Edyrem

Right Attack Button:
V – Blink
A – Queen of Blades
S – Wyrd
E – Book of summoning
F – Misc. Skill
G – Town Portal
F1-F3 – Buff type skills that don’t need to be cast too often.

5. Challenges

Level 0 Challenge (Clvl min/max 5)
This one may seem hard at first but it’s really quite easy once you get a hang of it.
  1. To begin it, cube the median statue with a health potion and get to level 5 in blood moor.
  2. Next, summon Volrath using the new skill (keep the cubed statue in inventory) in an open area with no enemies nearby and simply batstrike the traps to death without getting hit by the spiral of death (I suggest slvl 2 batstrike/wots).
  3. When all traps are down, the guy in the middle can be hurt. Make sure you stand well away from the beam, because if you touch it, you will die instantly and will have to start from the beginning again. Usually if you stand behind Volrath (so opposite to where he’s shooting, but not TOO close), you won’t get hit by the beam. I recommend you walk so you have more control over your movement.
  4. Once the boss in the middle is dead, he will drop some gold, an apple and an unidentified gem. Cube the gem with the apple to get the Harkon Crystal (make sure you stay away from the remaining lightning spiral to avoid death and losing the swirlies!)
  5. P.S. if you're really struggling to melee it (takes some practice), just throw on a throwing knife (should be one in your inventory at the start) and just use "throw" at it and let wots take care of the rest.
  6. Note: always stay in the northern hemisphere of the trap circle when summoning since the beam will start near the South-East end.
    Feel free to farm it as much as you want – you probably want to get at least 9 to all attributes. Also this particular challenge is great for getting some starting cash since the apples will sell for around 10k to vendors (as well as the boss itself dropping some gold). These apples can also be saved and cubed with the character orb later for %LL (this I highly recommend if you want levelling/questing to be a breeze later). If you’re feeling up to it, you can farm it until you find a Destroyer Shaman or Void Archon reanimate, but I wouldn’t recommend it since it simply isn’t a necessity.


Level Challenge 1: Tran Athulua (Clvl max 50-70)

Taken from Aahz post. Found Here

This one can be a bit difficult depending on what kind of gear you managed to get so far. If you’re using a naginata still, I’d recommend you switch out to a shield. You need 7-8k~ defence and some LL% (which can be gotten on the character orb). If you’re struggling, try to get a tier 6 Kite Shield Unique “Banner of Duncraig” since that shield alone can spawn with up to 3.2k defence by itself (socket with Ith runes for even more def). With some TCD MOs on some honorific gear/character orb, you should be able to do this without too much trouble. Also use an Act 3 bloodmage merc or Act 5 barb merc for extra help. Just make sure you go slowly and if you want to, put on a few wyrd MO’s on your rings/ammy so you also have a source of ranged attack (since we’re using crucify/SR, skill lockout doesn’t matter much). Look in the offline documentation for more info.
*Extra fun tip: If you have a spare "Um" rune lying around before doing this, socket it in a claw to make "Riot." It's a pretty funny claw that gives a skill called "SMG." It does 3/4 weapon damage and knocks enemies back.

Ennead Challenge: K3KBA (Clvl max 80)
Simply hit the closest skeleton with SR and run to the bottom right Necromancer and kill him until he drops your charm. If you’re still confused or struggling, watch my Destruction K3KBA run and use the same method (except do it on hatred). More info in offline documentation.

Level Challenge 2: Binding of Baal (Clvl max 90)
This one is also quite basic. You should have a judge claw by now (any random one will do), and be using wyrd. Simply cast some wyrds down before you summon and then walk away. They probably won’t all die but if you stay a decent distance away, Tal Rasha should split off from the rest of the group. If some stray Horadrim Mages also follow, kill them off first. Don’t worry too much if you die since its quite easy to get your body back against these guys. Just make sure you don’t die after killing Tal Rasha. You can even get a Tier 6 assassin shield and use oil of renewal until you get an ATMG skill roll (if it didn't drop as a rare, use chaos reroll recipe so you don't lose ilvl from using the rare upgrade. More info about ilvls/alvls and what this means in mid-game section).

Mini-games and Signets/Tokens
You can leave these alone until Clvl 120 (unless you end up getting the swirlies while questing Terror Baal for “Mirror Mirror” – For this reason, make sure you go into the throne with a Lem rune ready in your cube).

*Witch Queen
This one is quite easy to do when you’re 120. Simply MO a ring or amulet with the daystar MO and use it to bait witches out of their hiding spots. Be especially careful when you try to enter a new room as there’s usually 2-3 witches waiting to pounce you. You don’t actually have to enter the room that the countess is in, just use daystars + wyrd to lure her out and 1 hit should take care of her. Watch out for the death strike when she dies! You will see a white patch on the ground before it hits so move away and cube to get the bonus. More info in offline documentation.

Go to either Tamoe Highlands or Dry Hills and find yourself a witch. Use daystars to gauge distance and if no sparkles appear, then TP back to town and re-enter until sparkles show up. Be careful if you’ve cleared out the area and gotten reanimates, as the witch will start pouncing on them. If you do this over 10 times and the sparkles still aren’t showing up, find another witch and repeat.

*Mirror Mirror
This one can be annoying depending on your luck. All you’ve got to do is run around and kill the shards and hope for a swirly effect. Just hope for the best that you get it while farming for your skill signet dogmas!

*Veteran Tokens
Not much to say here really, go to Terror Catacombs/Canyon of the Magi/Durance, Travincal/River of Flame/Worldstone Keep for the respective tokens. I usually end up getting the full set just from questing normally so this one shouldn’t be too hard.

*Skill Signets
Collect Dogmas from each Act Boss and cube them with 2 other dogmas for a skill signet. You can do this 3 times to get +3 skill points. I usually farm Mephisto for the 2 extra signets.

*Stat Signets
These stat signets are extremely important in helping you reach MB. Use the catalyst of learning on any rubbish SU/sets/unique rings, amulets or jewels you don’t want for some signets. However the quickest way to get these is to farm Destruction Nithalak who drops 3x stat signets and some uniques (occasional SU). Nith can be quite hard at first because of the shamans and their fairy rings. The trick is to keep rerolling maps until you get a good one (just change difficulties to reset the map or join a TCP/IP game), and also to blink + crucify the shaman as soon as you see him (after throwing down a few wyrds of course and keeping up SR). Also, feel free to stack some poison resists, as the curse from the harpy type enemies will drop your resists. As you get better and get more %block, it becomes easier and each run will only take 1 minute~ or less. I suggest you do this until you have at least 200-300 signets eaten (more if you have the patience for this kind of thing), and the remaining points can be filled up with nomming SU’s/sets found along the way.

6. Short Term Goals & Other Things of Note

-Farm terror Fautz for shrines/gems/runes/sacred base items to craft. This should be easily doable after getting some signets/veteran tokens etc. and about 40% block with a 15x LL% judgeclaw. You can do the BRC too if you want.

Credits go to Aerial for the map!

-Do all the challenges, skill signets, minigames, useful quests (in particular, the skill/stat/life/anya quest).

-Have a half decently geared Act 5 or Act 3 (bloodmage) merc from hatred difficulty. This is because they will come in handy as extra meatshields against certain encounters. I personally geared my Act 5 Barb merc with Dragonheart, Cauldron, Truce, Nephilim (all easily available runes from just questing). As for weapon I picked up a random rare sacred flamberge and socketed it with Jah runes and also gave him T6 Heavy Gloves “Toorc’s Gift” (for the glacial nova). For ammy I just gave him some random rare amulet with +330 life and some other random stats. *Note* when making these runewords, use the ED trick to get the most Defence possible (get base white superior item, get 50-60% ED roll - if you didn't get anything good just apply oil of renewal to reroll. Apply oil of luck. Base now has 90-100% ED and possibly 1% DR if you were lucky – MO it with ED up to 235% or close as you can without getting more than +18 level requirement since mercs can never hit level 120. Socket jewels and rune to “break” the usual 350% ED cap).

-Have a half decent ATMG shield. 1% block + ATMG is the best, but if you cannot get it (like me), settle for either +4 sin skills or %dex + ATMG.

-You may notice that you cannot upkeep wyrd spam with your current mana pool. Do NOT add energy to counter this since it will be a waste of stat points. Simply carry mana pots with you and try to aim your wyrds for maximum coverage. Later on when you get some stat charms, you will be able to spam it without losing any mana.

7. Getting your first Charms & Progressing to Mid-Game

I will list in order which bosses to fight first. You do not have to follow this particular order if you don’t want to, it’s just what I think is an easy order to get these charms. The complimenting video will be obtaining charms in this order progressively, so you will notice that at first I have nothing other than class and level challenge charms, but as I pick up new ones, the later bosses will get easier. Also note that this video is recorded almost back-to-back and I don’t improve my gear or repeat farm until I get a good charm (and thus end up with mostly rubbish charms). However the point of this guide is to show that you DON’T need perfect charms with trophies to do most of the bosses. Also don’t worry too much about dying lots since it’s inevitable, given how little gear we’re using. Just persevere and the charm will eventually be yours! P.S. I apologise for the video quality, youtube’s gone and raped it but hopefully you will still be able to see the method and idea behind it.
*Note* Before anyone asks, yes I am using maphack! You don’t have to use it if you feel morally against it. For me personally, I’ve been using maphack since cLoD first came out so I haven't really questioned my moral integrity about using it.

Checklist before we start
-All useful quests, minigames, skill/stat signets, challenges completed (I had nommed around 300~ or so extra stat signets before starting the charm run. If you have eaten all 500 it will be a lot easier, but you’ll need a lot of patience to farm that many).

-All gear is obtained from the list above. They don’t have to be perfect but you should meet up to the minimum standard at least. My sin was using double orb judge claw (one with FCR and one with LL%), TU chain mail/tiara/heavy belt, +3 skills/TTAD/doom amulet, empyreans, 17-18% dex gloves/boots, random ATMG shield with 31% dex after bless (socketed with FCR jewels). All other sockets are perfect amethysts.

-My sin's stats before beginning the charm run:
*Base Str -242 (its high!)
*Dex - Base: 787, Total: 2528 (41% block with 4% block random ATMG %dex shield)
*Vit - None (3.9k life)
*Energy -None (2.5k mana)

-Your merc should be ready to go and have enough gold in stash to revive him a decent number of times.

-Suit up and let’s go!

1. Creature of Flame – Pretty easy overall. Avoid his line skill and keep spamming ATMG until he dies. If you have reanimates, it can be kind of annoying since it gets harder to predict where he will shoot next. However our dodge will give us a little leeway for mistake (as shown in the video, I get my butt saved by it!). Farmable for getting a good charm roll.

2. The Butcher – Just spam ATMG and lure him into the circles using Daystar summons.

3. Binding of Baal – Spam wyrd + ATMG and summon. Farmable for getting 20% stat charm (which you should probably do to get more block%). I use the corner bug here just to keep the video short but summoning them in the valley is easily done as well (just takes slightly longer)

4. Infernal Machine –Fairly easy as well. Use a mix of wyrd and ATMG while keeping up SR. Blink out if you need to and avoid death strikes + the fire novas and it should be easy. You can farm this to get a decent/good charm roll.

5. K3KBA – Just keep killing the bottom right necromancer until he drops the charm.

6. Kalimgrad – Blink and kill the Ethereals and then kill the Zakarum Avatar (big angel) until it drops the Zakarum Ear. Use a mix of crucify and ATMG to make quick work of it (also don’t stand around like a retard like I did after killing the boss). You can summon daystars before blinking if you want some temporary meatshields. P.S. Death of minions cause the ethereals and zakarum avatar to heal (although you can pretty much just ignore this mechanic, since you can out dps it even with very little gear)

7. Death Projector – Kind of like doing LC0. Keep moving and using ATMG and blink if you need to. Again, dodge will save our butts sometimes so there’s a little bit of leeway for mistake.

8. Akarat – not too much different to Binding of Baal. Just make sure you stay decently far away or else their hammers will remove your head from your shoulders (and we want to keep these two attached). Easy enough to farm for a perfect charm + trophy if you want to.

9. Assault on Mt. Arreat – Same concept as afore-mentioned summoning uberquests, but watch out for fortresses. Having 163 FCR BP is helpful here to quickly switch in and out between summons and ATMG.

10. Judgement Day – A bit of cheesing here to make life easier for our undergeared selves. If you watch the video, you will notice that I use summons to bait away the King by himself (sometimes one Edyrem will follow but that’s fine too, just means you need to spam summons more). If you time it right, the King will follow you downstairs to the Jail where he can easily be managed with summons/mercenary and ATMG will make quick work of the Avatar. Make sure you pick up the charm quickly, since more Edyrems will spawn and you might get overwhelmed.

11. Azmodan – I recommend you bring your merc for this since they are tankier than you are. Summon Edyrems and move around the room until you find a corner where the monsters ARE NOT immune. Proceed to kill what you can until Azmodan shows up. Also I recommend you avoid traprats since they will quickly turn you into a human pin-cushion.

12. Sewers Act 3 – this is our end goal in early game. Once you can farm here (which you can if you followed this guide), you will have access to SU/sets/shrines and most importantly the elemental runes. The trick is to watch the projectile direction and try your best to avoid the majority of them. Blink out if you find yourself surrounded by projectiles, since we are still very undergeared and cannot really tank. Use a mix of ATMG and wyrd, depending on enemy density and try your best to keep SR up at all times. Sometimes you will get in a situation where you cannot SR – if this happens just play it safe and ATMG until you see an opening where you can get an SR hit off. Stay here until you find AT LEAST 4 poison runes and 4 unknown skulls. This will be very useful in moving onto mid-game. After getting the aforementioned charms, I am farming the sewers with 54% block (3300 dex), 4.5k life and 80 all resists. I have not changed my gear or stacked any extra resists since I don’t really feel that it is necessary.

Again, apologies for some fps drops and quality!

8. Early Game Conclusion

Hopefully we will have found some of the common SU’s and sets as well as having +500 stats before moving onto mid-game. There is still a large chunk of bosses left to tackle and that will come with mid and end-game. Your goal right now should be to get the 4 poison runes and a sacred throwing spear/assassin shield to socket later as well as trying your best to get the best ATMG shield you can craft. You should repeat some of the bosses in order to get their trophies/better charms as they WILL make a difference in the long run. Questions are welcome!

9. Useful Links

*Useful Tools and Game Mechanics (Breakpoints list can be found here too in the speed calculator):

*Somewhat outdated but many of the principles remain for waysins.

*Handy Online Tools. Also lists shrine bonuses and rare affixes (basically what can spawn on shrine crafts).

*Explains the Next Delay mechanic from skills

10. Bonus Level: Challenge Accepted!

Here I will list some of the encounters I feel are harder and also need at least 1-2 new items (both are however, easily obtained) and some fiddling around with skills. You may do these at any point in time, but the more stats/gear you get the easier it will be. Don’t be too disheartened if you can’t get some of these charms; doing these ubers with only T6 gear and some crafts will definitely require many deaths and attempts.

My sin had the exact same items from the charm run before (end of it that is), with the exception of one new item – a rare sacred balanced knife.

*New Knife
Simply obtain a rare sacred balanced knife (if its not rare, just use cube recipes to make it rare) and reroll it using an oil of renewal until you get at least CTC Shadowblade and around 300~+ Maximum damage. Other nice modifiers (but not mandatory) are:
-1 to sin skills
-Minimum damage (can spawn up to 300)
-Life after Kill (up to 100)
-ED% (up to 350)

-anything with CTC SB, 300+ Max damage is enough for what we will be doing with this weapon. ED% can be MO’d and you will want to at least go for 92% FCR (163 if you can pull it off depending on how much FCR you’ve socketed) with this particular weapon. Feel free to try to get a double MO bonus using Sha’ad orb, but you might be at it for a while. If you have lots of spare shrines, that’s an option too, but I’d recommend you use those shrines to get a 1% block ATMG shield instead (if you haven’t got one yet. Not mandatory, but would help a lot). You can socket this with a Jah rune for ED% or FCR/2%LL/2%ML jewel.

-Shadowblade proc is mainly used for it’s stunning capability and it will make certain encounters much more manageable.

-You can bless this with either wierd shrine (for ED% and damage) or abandoned shrine for %dex.

-A basic one that I crafted and used in the video:

It’s nothing special but gets the job done. I didn’t spend very long making this one, but you can opt to make a double MO, high damage knife if you like.
-An alternative is to just use the Deadstar “poison poison” runeword in a sacred balanced knife (prepare in the same way the judgeclaw was prepared, except you only have 18 levels worth of free MO space – this can be used for FCR or ED%. I recommend you leave enough space to hit 92 FCR and use the rest on ED%).

-Thanks to rollsroyce again for suggesting the rare craft – this one is pretty much available to everyone. Here's some he posted of stuff he's crafted.

-For future reference, item property spawn info can be found here: http://grig.vlexofree.com/itemprops-3d.html

*New Skill Build
For some of these encounters, we will be using a slightly different build (specifically for Toraja and Cathedral of Vanity).
*sMax: The 3 Ways (same as before)
*sMax: Psychic Scream a.k.a PS (the Black Road Challenge skill. If you haven’t got this yet, quickly go do it – should be pretty easy at this point since its only terror). Massive AoE skill that makes *some* enemies flee. Doesn’t work on all enemy types and they do still attack you. For future reference this skill can be dropped to 0 second timer with 16 skill points. Keep putting points in this one as you obtain new +max skills charms.
*1 point in Barrier Strike – 5/4 weapon damage!
*20-24 points in PB – put in 24 points after getting the +max skills charms.
*5 In QoB
*Rest into SR

-The reason we’ve dropped points from QoB/SR is because PS is extremely useful for Toraja and Cathedral of Vanity. We put 1 point in Barrier Strike so we can get 5/4 weapon damage poison (completely destroys the Crystal Ball in CoV)

*The Ubers
So basically no new items here other than the throwing knife and no new charms either. It’s doable but you may die a lot.

1. Legacy of Blood: Pretty similar to previous summoning ubers, however this time we will be using our newly rolled balanced knife. Summon in the middle of the room so you can walk around the edges. Use blink from time to time to stun any blood golems that haven’t been already stunned by Shadowblade (the ones on the inside in particular). Just keep moving and out of wychwind and you should be able to get the charm without too much trouble. While you can theoretically farm this one for it’s trophy, I’d recommend you wait until you have a bit more kill speed since 2% drop means 50 kills. After getting the charm, make sure you respec to make full use of the +2 max skills.
Extra Comment: Later on, if you wish to farm this for trophy/possible lottery roll charms, you can do this with "Buzzbomb" SSU Balanced Knife and sMax Blink. Blink will perma stun the golems (and you can use this every 1.8 seconds). Put ATMGs down and Bartuc will die pretty much the instant he uses wychwind.

2. Island of the Sunless Sea: This one isn’t actually all that hard at all, but I left it until now simply because shadowblade and edyrems pretty much let you ignore any kind of mechanic here (hardest thing here is picking up the damn charm). Make liberal use of your merc – in particular the barbarian Act 5 merc really shines on this level (tslam + barbarian tanks + SoR). On Malic (the boss on the right), simply use edyrems to surround him and kill. Against Lucion, he will make any minions around him invulnerable – hence why we use blink and shadowblade to just keep them stunned and kill Lucion without too much trouble. Make sure you have your merc up and a few edyrems before you blink into Lucion though (P.S. the thing I do before going toward Lucion is just me switching my ATMG shield over so I can use ATMG with the shadowblade knife)

3. Rathma Square: This one is supposed to be very easy, but because we’re so undergeared its quite easy to die in here. First of all, make sure you have your merc and edyrems summoned. The mentality behind this run is to simply kill before getting killed because this area can snowball against you quite quickly and leave you dead on the ground if you take things too slowly. Before blinking into the boss, put down some ATMGs and summon more edyrems, switch to claw, then Rambo him with blink + crucify. Make sure you SR a few times because its easy to get into hit recovery animation and thus NOT get your SR buff, which can easily lead to death.

4. Toraja: You might be wondering why we’re doing Lilith before Cathedral of Vanity – the answer is simple: we want the +1 max skills to make CoV a cakewalk (because we get 2 sec timer PS). We’ll be using our Shadowblade knife again here to keep enemies stunned so we can summon edyrems on top of them to drop their immunity shield. Work your way up slowly, sticking to the left wall and use PS liberally to keep them under control. Just take it super slow and methodically and you should be okay, since about 2-3 arrows is all that it takes to kill us atm. Lilith is just a little ways up beyond the first fence so use an edyrem or two to bait her down. Avoid fighting at the choke because it can easily get congested with Morlus and you will never reach Lilith. Instead stay in the open area with ATMGs precasted and use edyrems to bait them down to you. Also watch out for Lilith’s broadside, although as long as you keep your distance, it should be a non-issue. After getting the charm, make sure you respec to make full use of the +1 max skills.

5. Cathedral of Vanity (CoV): This one is quite easy at this stage with 2 second timer PS. When you go in, try to lure Inarius (the one that looks like a pounceknight) into the small room and blink out (with edyrems and merc). SR and kite for a bit until PS comes off timer, and then start using PS whenever it’s up to make all the nuns flee into the corners. Use barrier strike on the crystal ball and 5/4 weapon damage (all of our ways do more damage with this!) will make quick work of it. After the ball dies, switch to ATMG/shadowblade and kill off the remaining enemies. The video itself shows a pretty sloppy kill on my part (had a much faster and cleaner one but forgot to record >.>) but you get the general idea. Watch out for when Inarius dies, he casts shadow avatar (I think? Looks like it to me) and any remaining fortresses may kill you in your attempt to pick up the charm. Wait it out a little while to be safe.

6. Inarius’ Revenge: This ones super easy. Just summon inside the little room with precasted ATMG/Edyrem and watch them all die. Make sure to keep moving because if you stand still the deathstrikes will get you (even if you do die, getting your body back here is easy anyway).

7. Chrysaor (easy version): This is one of the ultimative bosses that drops the “Trader’s Chest” charm (more info on this charm can be found in offline documentation. Get the updated one here: http://www.medianxl.com/t432-median-xl-ultimative-v6b-offline-documentation-v21?highlight=offline). He can be found in Act 3 Sewers level 2 (the entrance to this is guarded by several witches so blink and enter quickly!). There are ratfinks and goliaths at the entrance but we can just ignore those and blink across to the boss. Use Edyrems to tank and ATMG to kill slowly. Make sure you TP and don’t worry if you die here since pretty much anything he does will kill you in 1 shot with our current gear. As shown in the video getting your body back is as simple as summoning Edyrems before entering your TP. This boss can be farmed for SUs if you wish since he seems to have a pretty high chance of dropping one (make sure you roll a good Sewers Level 1 map though if you plan on doing this). Later on in mid-game, when we have our dedicated Immolation Bomb gear, farming Chrysaor for SUs becomes very efficient and in most cases, faster than even doing Duncraig.

8. Lord Aldric Jitan (Optional): To get to this area you’ll need to go backward from Halls of Pain if you’ve done the Nithilak quest (which you probably have for signets). I put this one in as optional since the method used here is basically bug exploiting. He can be done legitly by summoning inside the building, but I found with our current gear it is very difficult farm him since he only has a 1/6 chance of dropping the charm. So if you want to do it legitly, just wait a little bit until you have a bit more gear and killspeed and he will go down easily. Otherwise, stand in the spot shown in the video and only Jitan + 1-2 guards will spawn and you can just farm him until he drops your charm.

Challenge Mode Full Video & Island of Sunless Sea:

9. Farming: Early Fauztinville:
(Change back to original, no PS skill build before you begin)
I’ll make a quick addition here about Fauztinville farming since it is a great place to get shrines, runes, SU and sets. I’m hoping you will have farmed 4 poison runes (as mentioned earlier in the guide) because its basically a free ticket to MB and vitality. If you have the 4 runes, socket them in any sacred assassin shield (if its totem or bladed shield, you will need to roll until it shows up with ONLY 4 open sockets, or none at all so you can cube it with 4 random jewels to get the sockets). This will give you the runeword “Encoder,” which has a nice 2% extra block and LaK. Having a 6% block base shield will mean you only need around 3015 or so dex to reach MB, letting you put the rest of your stats into vitality (very important here). Even if you don’t have MB you can do Fauzt (anything around 60+% will get you through) but you will die a lot more often. After obtaining your new shield, make sure you check your resistances/-enemy resist and MO accordingly.

Strategy here is just pre-wyrd, walk forward a little bit and then walk back to bait them into your wyrds. The biggest danger here is small packs of Necrobots because they pack a punch and are immune to physical which means we don’t leech life off them, but as for big packs, don't be too afraid of them because leech will keep us alive. What will usually happen is, after you wyrd, everything will die EXCEPT the necrobots; but then if you stand still YOU’LL be the one dying because there’s nothing left to leech off. To counter this, simply walk back a bit and switch to your ATMG/shadowblade knife combo and quickly finish them off. Strays can be killed with just blink and crucify. Our kill speed is not the greatest right now (but still decent enough to farm) but it can’t be helped given the gear we’re using.

500 extra stats is extremely helpful here and I will explain why (although in the video, I have not eaten any extra stats hence the large hp dips). Every now and again you will just die. I’m not kidding, 3 consecutive hits from a necrobot will kill us faster than we can leech and even with MB and PB they will still have a 10%~ or so chance to hit us once. So if you do the maths there WILL be a sequence where they just hit you 3 times in a row (roughly 1 in 1000 groups of 3 hits depending on your block% and PB level) and you’ll just die. TP often to counter this and don’t worry too much because if you go slowly, you should be able to recover your body in most situations. Later on with some mid-game items and when we have around 8k or so HP, we will be invulnerable in here (because you kill them faster than they can get enough consecutive hits to kill you) and will not have to switch weapons or do anything like that. Try to get at least a ghal rune in here since the "Ahriman" RW belt adds a great amount of flat elemental damages.

Extra Tip: If you're getting overwhelmed by the number of items dropping and worried you might miss an important item on the ground heres a tip (because if it gets too congested, you will stop seeing some of the item "boxes" on the ground: see Island of Sunless Sea). Hold down alt + press b (to open inventory) -> right click horadric cube to open it (still holding down alt). Now close using the escape key or clicking. Now you should see all the items constantly appear as if you are always holding down the alt key, this way you can pick stuff up AS it drops before it gets too cluttered. If you press the alt key or escape key again, it will revert to how it was originally. *Note* that while the game thinks the alt key is being pressed (whether manually or using this method) you will not be able to namelock enemies (and TPs will be harder to enter, although not impossible). If you want to namelock or enter TP, just press alt again to turn it off.

Keep an eye out for "white" items since that colour is the least common in Fauztinville!

9. Farming Early Fauztinville Video Clip

Final thoughts on Challenge Mode
If you accepted the challenge and managed to get all the charms, give yourself a pat on the back – you’ve now got quite a lot of the charms you’ll need to get to the next step. With this alone you should be able to easily progress to mid-game and start farming Fauzt without too much trouble. Duncraig can be done in similar fashion to Fauzt , but I reccomend waiting a little bit until we have some more kill speed.

Also, you may ask, “why not incorporate PS into our main build? Its awesome!” Well its not really all that awesome because there are many enemies out there where it WON’T work (necroborbs, sewers etc.) so those points are better spent elsewhere for farming everyday stuff.

11. Special Thanks
Special thanks go out to:
-You, for reading this guide!

If you contributed feedback/ideas and I forgot to mention you, complain to me and I'll add your name here Smile

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:58 am

Mid-game: Farm time

Table of Contents:
1. Overview
2. Gear
3. Mid-game Ubers
4. Heroic Bosses
5. ilvl/alvl and rares/crafting
6. Mid-game Conclusion and Final thoughts

1. Overview

I won’t be going into too much depth here since for the majority of the mid-game, you’ll just be farming your life away – most of this section is going to be about gear choices. A quick checklist from early-game before we move on:

-Should have all the charms listed from early game – if you haven’t got some of the ones in the “Challenge Mode” section, farm for some of the mid-game gear listed in this section and keep trying!
-500 Signets nommed. Keep working at this until you have eaten 500!
-Decent charms farmed. Pretty much all the charms listed above can be farmed repeatedly, so for the ones where you didn’t get something near at least 90% of the max intensity, you should do so as these things tend to add up as we head toward end-game.
-Trophies: Try to get Judgement Day and Akarat trophies. Both are fairly easy to obtain!

2. Gear

I’ll be listing as many alternatives that I can think of here so there is a large leeway for each player, since we’ll all be finding different items as we play. Because of this, you will need to make some decisions on your own on what to MO/socket etc (but general principles remain the same. 0.2 sec wyrd timer/-100 enemy fire, poison, lightning/enough dex for MB). The first item listed will be my “recommended” item. While the alternative items are also good, my recommended item will most likely result in the most damage output and versatility for faster farming. If possible we are going for as many weapon damage carrying CTC on striking procs as we can, because essentially this is a free second attack in many cases as well as proccing our other CTC on striking e.g. hammers.


Recommended: “Gehenna” SSSU Full Helmet (don’t confuse this with the runeword)
-Comments: Great helmet, pretty much every single stat on this headpiece is favourable for us. Don’t underestimate the damage of Path of Flames, always keep it buffed! If you didn’t know Fire Cannonade is the thing “Blood Stone” elites and similar type monsters cast, and shoot a bunch of little fireballs. Path of Flames is a buff skill that deals fire damage to any enemies who stray too close. However, has high strength req (generally not a problem later).

Special Mention (For Fauzt): Abandon Crafted Cap with CTC spikenova when struck (18-20% dex if possible). Only use this if you have yet to obtain any of the other helmet choices. *Do not use “zomg recipe” or CTC spikenova will not show up*
-Comments : This one is actually a great choice in the early stages before you find anything else. The reason this was not included in early game was because I didn’t want to put too much stress on farming abandoned shrines the entire early game (because we’re already using abandoned crafted shield/gloves/boots). Take this one with you to Fauztinville and you will see a noticeable increase in killspeed. Note that “when struck” means you have to actually take damage from missiles (so blocks/dodge don’t count or else it would be OP), but with the amount of projectiles flying around in Fauzt, you should see it proc decently often.

Alternative: “Witchhunter’s Hood” Set Cap (from Witchhunter’s Attire)
-Comments: Fairly common drop and solid headpiece for many classes. The %str/dex, max resists, DR are all great (more DR from gear = less points spent in SR!)

Alternative: “Royal Circlet” SU Tiara
-Comments: Kind of like the big brother to the “Witchhunter’s Hood” cap. However the +2 all skills and most importantly 150% damage to demons/undead make this helmet great for running Duncraig.

Alternative: “Eidolon” Taha Runeword
-Comments: The forgotten brother of “Witchhunter’s Hood” cap and “Royal Circlet.” I feel this is inferior to both, but if you find a Taha rune while doing Fauzt, this can be used temporarily. You can essentially socket this in anything you like that has low str req and can provide 4 sockets.

Alternative: “The veil of magic” SSU Bone Helm
-Comments: Kind of like the improved version of “Auriel’s Halo” (our T6 tiara). Spirit of Vengeance is one of the Amazon’s uberskills. Quite handy as it offers reanimate tanks and a %life boost. The downside is the high strength requirement (might want to socket some -10% req jewels in here early on) and low durability (easily fixed with a jewel with “indestructible” mod).

*Body Armor

Reccomended: “Segnitia” SSSU Field Plate
Comments: Amazing armor with timestrike CTC on striking, flat damage, CB%, slow targ%, LaK. Timestrike does 3/2 weapon damage by placing a small green nova on the ground that hurts nearby enemies when it explodes after a short delay. More levels in Timestrike = shorter this delay becomes. Because it has a ND of 4 frames, stacking too much timestrike or hoping to proc it a million times on the same target using ATMG is somewhat pointless. More on ND found here: http://median2008.wikispot.org/Next_Hit_Delay
*Also a complete ND and WDM list can be found on grig’s online tools site (which is linked in Useful Links area).

Alternative: “Scales of the Serpent” SU Gothic Plate (SotS)
Comments: This one used to be the staple, but now it is overshadowed by Segnitia. Still very good to use since it does almost the same thing. Because of the high strength requirement and the high strength bonus this offers, you may want to socket it with –req% jewels until you can wear the rest of your gear just by putting this armor on (I.e. using imaginary numbers, if this needed 450 str to wear, use –req% jewels to bring it down to 400 and wear your 500 str req gear because of the +100 flat strength bonus that SotS offers).

Alternative: “Natasha, the assassin” set Gothic Plate (from MacroNecroX Tribute Set)
Comments: This is more of a defensive alternative and it will help you reach your BPs faster as well as giving you 5% dodge. Comes with the added bonus of having double MO
Alternative: xaruga’s Dominion (Community Tribute Set)
Comments: Looks similar to Natasha’s armor but missing 5% dodge.

Alternatve: "Natasha's Legacy" 6x Kabraxis Stone RW
Comments: This one will take a fairly long time in the sewers to get. 1 Kabraxis stone = 6 different elemental runes + 1 unknown skull. So essentially you need to obtain 36 elemental runes (6 of each element) + 42 unknown skulls to get this armour. However it gives the skill "Ultimative" which gives Ignore Targ Defense, 100% TCD, 100% Uninterruptable Attack and 10% max life. It can actually take quite a long time to get a good roll off this armour and I'm not sure if anyone has been able to roll a perfect one. Key things to roll for are +4 all skills, 45+ -enemy resists and 15+% DR and 4% max resists if possible. Perfect gems are a plentiful drop in Fauztinville so you shouldn't have too much trouble obtaining those. Great armour to use against heroic bosses.


Recommended: “Demonic Touch” SSSU Leather Gloves
Comments: Cataclysm (fireball nova) on striking and 10% DR! These gloves versus “Gulag’s Frenzy” is up for debate since “on kill” CTCs have limited usefulness. If you are using Gehenna, I would definitely say pick these gloves because it will synergize well with any %fire spell damage you have.

Recommended: “Gulag’s Frenzy” SSSU Heavy Gloves
Comments: Broadside (the sin throwing skill) on kill and 5% Deadly Strike! In case you didn’t know, DS is simply a critical hit that doubles your PHYSICAL damage. Of course the %vit and MF are also welcome.

Alternative: “Baron Sludge’s Bonecrushers” SSU Light Gauntlets
Comments: The massive TTAD mod on here makes these gloves synergize well with ATMG spam. DR and Flat damage is always helpful too.

Alternative: Keep using abandoned dex craft gloves
Comments: Still a solid choice to take into late-game since the extra dex will take you to MB faster, meaning more spare points into vit.


*Note* that boots slot choice is going to depend on what gloves/helmet you decided to go with. Going fully SU’d/sets may seem like a good idea, but you may begin to have difficulty reaching MB easily and thus lose a lot of vitality. It’s best to keep at least 2 crafted dex pieces at least, especially if you plan on socketing Lum runes for more MF later (or you can go for 1 crafted and spend the rest of your life farming Fauztinville for marksman UMOs!).

Recommended: Abandoned dex craft boots with 2-3+ Marksman UMOs
Comments: Marksman UMO is mainly used here for the %dex bonus. Depending on if you are playing single player (and thus have access to the offline tools) or multiplayer will decide if you want to start a separate UMO project all together. If single player, you can add marksman UMOs as you find them since you can always just “rub” off unwanted MOs to make more level requirement space. However, since this isn’t possible in multiplayer, you may want to just make another pair of crafted boots with low level req (zomg recipe) and high dex% (18-19%) and start a long-term project on it.

Alternative: Essence of Itherael Project, Abandoned Dex Craft Boots
Comments: This is more of a long-term project, but the idea behind this is that the Itherael UMO adds more damage than Marksman's Eyes do (although it won't help you reach MB). This is because 100 dex gives you about 30-35%~ EWD for both claws and knives, where as Itherael UMO offers 30% EWD (on double orb effect), and theres no way a single 4% marksman eye will give you 100 dex (even if you have a 1000 base dex points, 4% is 40 dex). So this option will give you lots more damage but less vit because you will be spending more stat points in dex to get MB.

Alternative: “Steel Terror” SSSU Light Plated Boots
Comments: MIRV is a nuke similar to our beacon uber skill. Be careful when using this one since MIRV spam can result in sprite overload (you won’t be able to see anything on your screen).

Alternative: “Knight’s Grace” SSSU Greaves
Comments: Arrow CTC on striking! Downside is the very high str requirement to wear this. Best to socket some ber crafted -%req jewels with this one. +1 to all skills and DR/attributes welcome as always.

Alternative: "Lifecrusher" SSU Heavy Boots
Comments: This ones mainly used for the max damage, CB% and LaK. Solid choice if you come across these as stacking CB% will make a noticeable difference with ATMG.

Alternative: “Hibagon” Qor Runeword
Comments: Good for tanky reanimates.


Recommended: “Ahriman” Ghal Runeword
Comments: Flat elemental damages synergize great with our sin since we already have -100 enemy resists anyway. Try to roll 48-50 attribute bonus with this one.

Alternative: “Dementia” SSSU Belt
Comments: A more defensive choice. The –enemy resists will free up some MO space in your gear.

Alternative: Abandon Crafted Belt
Comments: Nothing much else to say here, just make sure you roll a low level requirement.

*Special Mention: Why not keep TU “Deadfall” Heavy Belt?
Comments: This belt remains a solid choice throughout the game because of the SoR on kill and CB%. However, I feel this is still inferior to “Ahriman” belt, because CTC on kill has limited usefulness. More importantly, there is another issue. Doom/Banish do not stack with SoR and will overwrite each other because they are curses from the same group. This means you can still choose to use Deadfall, but just keep in mind that your doom/banish procs will be less effective since they will be overridden.


*We are kind of limited in choices here since we still need MO space to get 0.2 second timer wyrd.

Recommended: Keep 3/4+ skills, CTC doom, TTAD rare amulet.
Comments: Continues being a great choice and usually spawns with enough space for plenty of MOs. Some other nice mods are –enemy resists, +all attrbutes, +life, destroyer shaman reanimate. Don’t forget to apply oil of luck on this one and hopefully get the +1 all skills roll.

Special Mention: Why not 3/4 +all skills, 1% Level 6 banish on striking rare amulet?
Comments: Banish is essentially a curse that reduces CURRENT enemy max life by a percentage. At level 6 its around 20%. I prefer the doom amulet because the banish curse doesn’t affect current life. Meaning: unless you proc it BEFORE enemy reaches 80%~ hp, it’s kind of useless since only its max hp will be reduced (but current HP remains as it is). This HP bug is something confirmed in one of Brother Laz’s old posts.

Alternative: “Dyer’s Eve” SSSU Amulet
Comments: Nice amulet, gives us timestrike and some DR%.

Alternative: “Beads of the Snake Queen” SU Amulet
Comments: Considered by many to be one of the best amulets available. However it is a very rare drop, and more of a luxury than anything else.


Recommended: Keep Empyrean Bands
Comments: Remains solid throughout the game. If you want to turn this into more of an end-game item, you can farm your life away for the “Endless Light” UMO for –enemy resists and some extra def.

Recommended in 1 ring slot: “Bad Mood” SU Ring
Comments: Amazing ring, but hard to find. Because of this, you can just continue using double Empyreans. However if you do come to come by one, definitely use it in conjunction with an Empyrean. You can theoretically use 2 if you ever find them, but you will have to get a lot of +all skills from elsewhere to keep 0.2 wyrd timer.


Recommended: 1% block, abandon crafted ATMG shield / 6% block shield on switch.
Comments: The great thing about crafts (or bad depending on how you see it) is that they have HUGE potential for variation and getting the perfect shield (and what is considered “perfect” for one person may differ from another’s) will keep you farming for a long time. A godlike ATMG shield might look something like: 1% block, 40% dex, LaK 100, +4 sin skills, +75 flat dex.

On Switch: Any 6% block shield (so it will have 2% extra block as a mod). This is basically for doing ubers early on where we want to spend less dex getting MB so we get more Vit. This isn’t really necessary later when you have all the max/+life charms but is useful when you’re still undergeared. Possible shields are “Encoder” 4x Poison RW shield or “Siggard’s Revenge.” The latter doesn’t seem to be listed in the offline documentations, but it exists. Picture:

*Weapon Main Hand

Recommended: Keep “Judge” RW sacred blade talon.
Comments: pretty much remains our staple for most of the game. There are some encounters where you might want to switch to another weapon, but for the majority of ubers you can use this to great effect. If you find any “Warbringer” UMOs, you can put in a few here for the arrow CTC and +max damage.

Alternative: "Piranha Swarm" SSU Flying Knife
Comments: Quite similar to judge claw but we get massive -enemy resist, life on striking and LaK. Although the CTC Knife Throw proc is 5% lower, it does 1/1 damage instead of 3/4 damage of thunder hammer procs so it evens out. Just keep in mind that this weapon does less than half the base damage of a good roll Judge claw.

*Weapon on Switch:

Recommended: Keep rare sacred balanced knife from early game or “Deadstar” 2x Poison RW in balanced knife.
Comments: The Shadowblade proc from this is simply just awesome for keeping enemies controlled and remains useful in most encounters.

Alternative: "Qarak's Will" SSU Giant Sword or "Shamanka" SU Long Staff
Comments: For Qarak's will, switch to this weapon after laying down ATMGs/Wyrds and wait for enough kills to proc the bloodlust for a massive damage buff. For Shamanka, just cast it as an oSkill. Bloodlust is an amazon skill adds physical damage%, elemental damage spell%, Magic/Physical spell damage%. Note that the elemental/magic/physical spell damage will not give a bonus to our ways because we are not using melee attacks. It will however buff our Gehenna/Demonic Touch/Buzzbomb procs if you are using them. Socket with Nih runes for extra buff duration.

Alternative: “Buzzbomb” SSU Balanced Knife
Comments: This one is just for proccing lots of flamestrikes (sorc skill), although you might see sprite overloading happen often. The proc level is high (slvl 40) so if you’ve stacked on some %fire spell damage (synergy with Gehenna helm/Demonic Touch gloves), it can hit very hard. I use this for speed farming Belial.

Alternative: “Penumbra” SSSU Balanced Knife
Comments: Haven’t found this one yet so I can’t say how good it is, but on the surface seems like a good weapon. Shatterblade is a 1/1 weapon damage knife that travels outwards and explodes into many more knives on contact/reaching max range (so essentially hits twice).

*Overall, there are a lot of possible weapon alternatives out there and it would take me forever to list them all. If you find something and are wondering if it might work, simply give it a shot. If it didn’t work try to figure out why – then there might be hoops you can jump through in order to make it work. Even if it did work right off the bat, figure out why so you can apply this knowledge in the future.

Last Notes on MOs/jewels etc.

Comments: There are some great UMOs out there that will give a hands down advantage such as the Marksman's Eye, Endless Lights or Essence of Itherael. However, I don't really feel these are mandatory for success, but it certainly helps to have a few (or to start a long-term project and gather them).
*One more thing to keep in mind is, if you use Gehenna/Buzzbomb/Demonic Touch, it can be good to MO your spare slots with %fire spell damage as all of those deal very potent fire damage.

Comments: Keep using ber crafted jewels and try to get FCR/FBR/-requirement/Indestructible/2% dex.
The Inarius' Rock
can be also be great to have for more timestrikes, just remember not to go overboard with it!
The Zakarum Stoning Rock
is not worth socketing IMO for the same reasons we don't keep the "Deadfall" TU Heavy Belt.
The Suicide Note jewel is also amazing but I've yet to see one of these Sad

Comments: It's time we start thinking about FBR/FHR/FCR BPs if you haven't already. At the minimum you should have 86 FBR/86 FHR/92 FCR to make sure you don't get block/HR locked and die. Later on, charms will do a lot of this for us so we won't need to sacrifice too much to reach these BPs, and of course you can aim for the higher BPs too if you wish, but you may have to use a fair amount of jewels/MOs to reach them.

3. Mid-Game Ubers

Okay, time to get into the ubers that we haven’t done yet, namely the heroics and a handful of “gear-check” type ubers. Keep in mind this guide only shows one of several methods available to sins in doing these ubers, so if you feel you have a better method you can use that one instead. Most of these kills were recorded with just one take (and thus somewhat sloppy) since I didn't have a whole lot of time on my hands, you’ll have to bear with me here. Also be prepared to switch gear/stats/skills a lot, since that’s required in order to get decent kill speeds.

1. Tran Athulua: Oops, ok my bad I actually totally forgot about this one. Essentially can be done with the “early-game” gear by using Shadowblade procs from ATMG. Just watch out for arrowside (the crazy spam-wave of arrows), which some of these zons will cast on death.

2. Assur (Duncraig): Stack 450~ fire resists and 95~ max fire resistance (using either gear or perfect gems) and just purify him + ATMG to kill.
Comments: To get purify, you need to get "Assur's Bane" ring which is created by cubing "Ring of the Five" (drops randomly in Duncraig) + the 5 Generals' Sigils. Here's a map showing their placements (I didn't make the map, just took it from this thread: Here but edited it a little to show where the generals are.

3. Vizjun: Do this one AFTER all heroics are completed (messed the order up in the video a little bit D:). I went in this one with SotS, Gehenna, Dex crafted gloves/boots (still the exact same ones used in early-game!), Ahriman RW belt, LL% Judge claw, ATMG 1% block shield, Empyreans/Doom Amulet. This is essentially just a gear-check, once you can kill the mobs in here at a decent speed, the charm will be yours. SR and run toward the bottom left corner using blink to move between congested areas. If you find yourself getting HR locked (like I do in video), spam wyrd like a madman and either walk out through an opening or blink when there’s less projectiles hitting you. Watch out for the mines (the spinning rocks), since this is the thing that will most likely kill you. When you see the MCS, clear the enemies around it, equip “Assur’s Bane” and purify it and let the ATMGs kill it. Also watch the ground for pulsing circles since that’s where MIRV (the nukes) are going to hit.

4. Ghosts of Old Bremmtown: Do this one after Vizjun since we need as much kill speed as possible. The key item we need here is “Siggard’s Revenge,” (listed in gear recommendations) due to its 300%+ damage to demons and LaK after Demon Kill. Also 6% base block means we only need 3015 dex, so put the rest into Vit because we’re going to need it. Gear wise I was using the exact same gear from the Vizjun run except switched out ATMG shield for Siggard’s Revenge. Strategy is simple: pre-wyrd in ahead and then walk into it and wyrd some more. As long as we don’t get overwhelmed, leech makes us invulnerable in here so get as much HP as you can after getting MB. I was running almost 10k HP but you can easily get a lot more just by farming near perfect charms. In the large middle-area, start pre-casting Edyrems as well as wyrd to bait some out due to the high density of enemies here. Repeat this process until you reach the boss and proceed to spam wyrd on him until he dies. Also helps to have Shamanka’s bloodlust here since Gehenna is going to be doing a fair bit of damage. As a side note, you can replace Ahriman with TU Deadfall heavy belt for SoR but it’s not really necessary.

Video: Mid-game Ubers

5. Judgement Day (Charm Bonus): I didn't make a video for this one, but this can be either very very easy or very very annoying depending on which method you use. Method A = easiest, B = Moderate, C = Can be very annoying. Keep in mind the swirlies do not indicate that you succeeded, but instead just acts as a timer in between Avatar kills. It's your responsibility to keep track of which Avatars you have killed before cubing for the bonus.

*Method A (Recommended): Get a friend, set up the game in Bnet/TCP IP, in the same way you did when doing Judgement day in the early-game section. Spam summon Edyrems together until you end up getting the double avatar spawn (low chance of happening), or they just spawn one after another, or until you get overwhelmed by Nephilims and die. If the latter happens, simply remake. It shouldn't take more than 2-3 games to get the bonus. The reason having a friend here helps so much is that you have 20 Edyrems instead of 10, so you can just keep spamming them until both Avatars spawn.

*Method B: Use exact same method as above, except you're doing this on your own so it may take a lot more games to succeed.

*Method C: Clear out Cathedral and Catacombs Level 1 Entrance. Set up a Nephilim King in Jail Level 3 by luring him downstairs and then return to inner cloister. Summon another group and lure in the same way, except get this King down to Catacombs level 1 via the Cathedral. Keep up Edyrems on "Catacombs" King until an Avatar spawns, make a TP and then go to the King in the Jail and do the same. If they spawn the 2 different Avatars (Imperius and Mathael), then kill the one in Jail first -> RUN without using a TP to inner cloister WP and go to town. Take the TP (it should take you to the Catacombs King) and proceed to kill second avatar and return to town to cube.

4. Heroic Bosses

For these ones we’re going to be using a whole different build and mind-set due to the mechanic of the heroic shield. Basically, these bosses are permanently immune to all elements, but they will randomly drop one of these immunities from time to time. Rainbow damage might seem like the way to go with this, but actually the opposite is true. Rather than constantly chip away with rainbow damage, it’s much more effective to focus on one element and beef up our damage there so when that element does drop, they take a crap-load of damage. So in order to achieve this, we will be using the oSkill “Immolation Bomb” found on assassin shields (the skill itself just fires out 32 fire balls outward from a little box) and gearing around this skill. Keep in mind that the order you do these heroics in do not really matter since I feel they are all fairly easy once you meet the basic gear requirements.

For these videos I didn’t really put too much effort into putting together good gear since I simply didn’t have the time to. Instead I pulled out whatever I had in my stash at the time and this is what came out:

*Weapon 1: “Critical Acclaim” 6x Fire RW (socket in any 6 socket weapon) – amazing source of –enemy fire resist + fire spell damage%. Get a double MO roll on this and put in FCR.

*Weapon 1 (what you SHOULD be using): Fascinating Shrine Crafted +27-28 immolation bomb claw - this is going to result in the best damage since it will raise slvl of immo bomb to around 56~ from just shield + claw. Didn't have time myself to craft this for the video, but you should be using this.

*Weapon 2: “Buzzbomb” SSU Balanced Knife. Just used this for speed killing Belial. Not really mandatory.

*On switch: "Shamanka" SU Long staff. Not really mandatory, just helpful for the extra damage bloodlust offers.

*Shield: Random Fascinating Shrine Crafted Immolation Bomb (a.k.a. IB) sin shield. Try to get slvl 27-28 and some fire spell damage%. You can also just use oil of renewal to roll a rare sin shield with this. Best possible fire spell damage% you can get is 70% after bless (40% base + 15% shrine + 15% bless). However I wouldn’t spend TOO much time here since we can get spell damage elsewhere quite easily. Just make sure immolation bomb oskill shows up with slvl 27-28.

*Helmet: "Eye of Septumos" SSU Circlet – I think mine had around 70%~ fire spell damage.

*Armour: “Natasha’s Legacy” 6x Kabraxis RW – Mainly used for +skills, -enemy resists and +max resists. You might have noticed that I socketed mine in sacred ancient armour. Don’t do this since the str req is too high, mine was just like that because I stole this armour off my barb to use for this video.

*Rings: 2x "Ras Algethi" SU ring – very common drop from Fauztinville. Mainly used for %fire spell damage and energy factor.

*Amulet: "Lamen of the Archbishop" SU Amulet – this particular amulet has massive potential for fluctuation. Only use this if your fire spell damage% spawned with around 40+

*Belt: "Ashaera’s Armor" SU Belt – Just another caster belt.

*Boots: I think was just using my dex crafted ones but changed the sockets around to 4x “Eye of the Storm” normal unique 3% spell damage jewels.

*Gloves: “Riff Raff” 4x Fire RW – fire spell damage%, max fire resist, and +1 all skills!

*Jewels/MOs - Don't be lazy like me and use Zod crafted jewels with 3% fire + 3% spell (will end up saying 6% spell) + 10-15 energy factor and FCR. Other useful mods are 2% energy/40-50 life/double resists/indestructible/-req. As for MO's just make sure you have -199 enemy fire resist and the rest into %fire spell damage.

*The main ideas behind IB gearset
Although I listed my gear, this is of course not the best setup, nor is it even necessary. You can actually replace most of these pieces with just honorific /crafted/rare gear/random caster SU you found, and you will still be able to do most of these bosses, albeit at a slower/faster pace depending on how good the gear is. The main things you want to aim for (in order of priority):

1. -199 enemy fire resists. This is because bosses spawn with a random resistance between 0 and 99, so having -199 ensures they always have -100. We don’t need this much for normal mobs since they start with 0 resist.
2. 163 FCR BP. Casting faster is great! (as well as 86 FHR)
3. Depending on encounter, resist stacking (usually 450~). This is usually obtained through gems and honorific gear.
4. The rest into energy factor/spell damage%/fire spell damage%/energy

*Stats wise, we just want enough str/dex for gear and put the rest into energy for more spell damage. Skills don't matter too much but in general, sMax PB, WotP, 19 pts in blink.

*Note* that some of these heroics are simply just clips in order to keep the videos short. Because of the random nature of heroic shield and resistance drops, I decided to just show segments that will highlight the basic principles and ideas behind each encounter. Also, when we’re using immolation bomb keep in mind it has a fuse of 2 seconds, meaning we can’t really wait until we SEE the fire resists drop and then cast, since by then the fire immunity will already be back up. Just keep using it when you’re in a good position to cast and hope he drops fire immunity.

P.S. If a heroic boss did not spawn in the area, just use Dark Summoning and they will show up eventually. It can take a while sometimes, but be patient and the boss will eventually be summoned. Usually it’s more advantageous if they did NOT spawn, since this will let you clear the area out before summoning.

*The Heroic Bosses

1. Destruction Baal – I decided to list one since he’s gotten considerably harder to what he used to be. He essentially has the same heroic shield mechanic as the other bosses, but he’s less of a threat than the other heroics, so you can actually do this with your normal Judge claw build/gear and just slowly chip away at him (could take a good 20 minutes though). However, I recommend you put together your IB gear now since you’re going to need it later anyway. Strategy is simple: go in, cast Meteor Shower if you’re using Ras Alegthi rings and spam Edyrems/IB at baal’s feet until he drops fire resist. About 2-3 IBs should be enough to kill him.

2. Bull Prince Rodeo (a.k.a. BPR) – Use your usual judge claw gear set and this is super duper easy. Find an area with a wall above your head to block off his Stampeding Herd (the random cows walking across the screen – these will 1 shot you). Use dark summoning until he shows up and ATMG/SR/crucify him until he dies.

3. Quov Tsin – You need your IB gear set to do this (I have a friend who used ATMG against him and it took over 2 hours…). This is because every time he gets hit, he teleports away (so don’t put on QoB for most of this fight). Overall, not too hard if you stack 450~ fire/lightning/cold resist and 92+max in these resists (we don’t stack poison since his poison fart swarms are pretty easy to dodge). For this I just used 3 pieces of honorific gear (gloves/belt/boots) and socketed with perfect onyx/amber/bloodstone and “Natasha’s Legacy” RW armour. MO these up with resists and any remaining space into –enemy fire resist/%fire spell damage. Roll a game where Quov Tsin doesn’t spawn so you can clear out the area of the elite monsters before Dark Summoning him. General idea is, don’t get too close to him, or else you can get easily locked in his beam attack. If you die in a bad position because he randomly teleported on top of you, just get your merc + Edyrems + activate QoB and blink + starburst and hopefully ONE of these things will hit him and force him to teleport away. Also, if he’s hiding around a corner, throw some immolation bombs through the door to force him to teleport into a more favourable position. Overall, pretty easy fight once you have the gear and method down.
*Note* Sometimes Quov Tsin will teleport out of the map (it’s a bug I think). If this happens, you will just have to summon another one, because he will never leave that area since you can no longer hit him. This actually happened to me while recording the video.

4. Astrogha – very similar to Quov Tsin, except easier for us because we’re assassins. First of all, clear at least 1/3 of the map (more if you want to be safe), and respec before summoning him. Pick up sMax blink, PB and Psionic Storm, the rest you may put in whatever you like. Stat-wise, just enough str/dex for gear and rest into energy. When you’re ready, use Dark Summoning until he appears. Don’t get into melee range of him, because he will cast Frozen Orb which will kill you instantly. But the main mechanic you need to pay attention to is the random statues that he throws at you – because if these are killed in his vicinity, he’ll heal back to full hp. However it’s pretty easy to avoid this as long as you leave a clear LoS to him since he will throw the statues near you (if he doesn’t, just wait around until there are no statues near him before casting IB). At the start, just let the statues congest the area with spiders and blink into them to be surrounded by a protective arc of stunned Darklings. Even if you die, it’s not a big problem here since you can just blink your way through and pick up your corpse. Sometimes, if it gets TOO congested with darklings, you will not be able to blink where you like since there won’t be any spare spots for you to stand. This is where Psionic Storm comes in, since it does a lot of damage even naked because damage is based off base energy points (which you should have a fair amount in here). Just use this skill until there’s some free space and then proceed to pick up your body. Place IB at his feet and hope that he drops fire resists until he dies.

5. Belial – Probably the easiest heroic after BPR, but we will be using a mix of different gear in order to 1-2 shot him. Gear-wise, I was using a mix of fire spell% damage gear from our IB set, but used “Buzzbomb” SSU Balanced Knife for the weapon and ATMG shield. Clear out the area and Dark Summon him in AWAY from the entrance (preferably in a corner, across a river to separate him from ratfinks). Spam ATMGs at entrance like shown in video and wait for him to drop fire resist and get 1-2 shotted! This boss can be done with IB’s as well or just Judge Claw/ATMG gear set works too (albeit a lot slower). However I find the “Buzzbomb” method the best when farming him for a decent roll charm (sometimes he dies the second he gets summoned!).

Video: Heroic Bosses

6. Extra Section: Farming Chrysaor (easy) for profit! - This method is more for single player, since in multiplayer maps don't stay fixed. Once you have your IB gear set up, it becomes quite effective to just spam farm Chrysaor for SUs (he can drop T6 Uniques or SUs, and very rarely T5). Re-roll maps until you get one that allows you to blink once from sewers level 1 entrance -> level 2. There are several maps that can spawn like this so just keep trying until you get it. Once you do, just summon in Edyrems, blink over and go down to level 2. Blink across into the room Chrysaor is in, put up a TP and spam IB like a madman while keeping up Edyrems. Occasionally he will kill you, but that's not a problem since we can just TP back in with Edyrems and pick up body. The advantage of this method over Duncraig is we don't need any MF at all to do this and with enough kill speed, this is actually a lot faster than Duncraig for SUs.

5. ilvl/alvl and rares/crafting

This section will attempt to explain the mechanic behind ilvl/alvl and what will spawn on your craft/rare. Thanks to Aahz for explaining this!

*First off ilvl - this corresponds to the area where you found the item. Using the quality upgrade recipe to up an item to rare quality results in the item lowering its ilvl to 85% of the original value. Hence its usually better to use either chaos reroll recipe until you get a rare item, or to use the quality upgrade cube recipe, then use a dragon egg to reroll it to ilvl 99.

*Next qlvl - This is the "quality level" that changes depending on the base item. The full list can be found in the MXL offline documentation under "Base Items." It's the "Itm Lvl" column we are interested in. E.g. Sacred bladed shield qlvl = 85, whereas Sacred Totem Shield qlvl = 82.

*Lastly alvl - This is the resulting lvl that corresponds to the ilvl and qlvl. Use this table found here: http://wiki.theamazonbasin.com/index.php/Affix_level_chart
Line up the numbers to find out what alvl your item has. E.g. Sacred Bladed Shield with ilvl 99 and qlvl 85 (this is fixed) would have an alvl = 99.

*Now that we have the alvl of an item, we can use Grig's item props list found here: http://grig.vlexofree.com/itemprops-3d.html
to figure out what can spawn on our item if we crafted it or rolled it rare. E.g. if we look at the Life after Kill suffix +(73 to 80), we can see the minimum ilvl (this is alvl really) is 73. This means anything with an alvl of lower than 73 cannot spawn with this particular intensity of LaK.

*Ways to get ilvl 99 items:
-Find it from Act 4 Terror Chaos Sanctuary and onwards. Terror Act 4 River of Flame can drop ilvl 98 (this is probably the easiest way to get ilvl 99 sacred items).
-Use the dragon egg re-rolls on a rare item to up it's ilvl to 99.
-If you're not dealing with sacred items, the unique quality upgrade recipe (2 Arcane crystal + oil of enhancement) will also take it up to ilvl 99.

Remember to avoid using the rare upgrade quality recipe (oil of enhancement + rune on magical item) unless you're purposely dropping its ilvl to lower alvl and have some form of control over what mods will show up.

6. Mid-game Conclusion and Final thoughts

If you managed to get this far, then congratulations! You should now have a very strong character that can essentially farm anywhere in the game. Hopefully along the way, you learnt a thing or two about MXL:U and it’s mechanics and you can use this knowledge in the future to create your own builds/gear sets. If you found this guide helpful, then of course you should write up your own guide to give back to the community!

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

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End Game: Last of the Ubers

Table of Contents:
1. Overview
2. Kingdom of Shadow
3. Brachyceran
4. Athulua
5. Kabraxis

1. Overview
This end-game section will detail some of the methods I used to defeat the remaining encounters and hopefully teach you how to approach new or unfamiliar ubers. There's going to be a lot of skill-switching and gear-tweaking so be prepared to do some farming! I'm going to assume at this stage of the game that you are familiar with the assassin as well as the mechanics behind most bosses and are able to make your own decisions on equipment. Also, don't panic if you don't have a piece of gear that I'm using since most of these can be replaced by crafts (and in many cases, BETTER to actually craft). At this stage of the game, you should be able to look at a piece I am using and use your awesome and intelligent brain to figure out a replacement for it via offline docu and affixes list. Of course, if you can't, you are always free to ask in this thread (try not to PM so I can answer in public, in case anyone else out there wants the answer).

Note, some of these encounters are going to be split into part A and B to explain various different mechanics.

2. Kingdom of Shadow

Gear/Stats/Skills Check
-Stats: 400~ points in dex (for AR, ITD doesn't work on bosses), rest into vit. Strength if you need it to wear equips.
-Skills: sMax PB, 19~ in blink for 2 sec timer, rest into ways for damage.
-Craft any random abandoned shrine sacred blade talon with "danse macabre" oskill. Damage modifiers are nice to have but not mandatory (mine didn't have any ED% or flat damage and it was fine).
-Get as much defense/vit/hp as you can
-Use perfect turquoises to get 95 poison resist and 450 poison resist.

What I used for video:
-Weapon: Random Danse Macabre Blade Talon
-Weapon #2: "Noctule" SSSU katar for demon blood aura
-Weapon on switch: "Shamanka" for Bloodlust
-Body Armour: "Natasha's Legacy" RW
-Rings: 2x Empyreans
-Amulet: Lamen of the Archbishop (for stats mainly)
-Gloves: Quiet crafted gauntlets with 350% ED and TCD
-Boots: Quiet crafted greaves with 350% ED and TCD
-Belt: "Truce" RW belt
-Helmet: "Gehenna" SSSU Full Helm
Comments: Use 15% FRW jewels in spare sockets and MO FRW% if you can.

Part A: Getting to the boss
Take the route shown in the picture (all credits go to Aerial for the map, I just edited it slightly to show a path with blink).

-If you want FAST runs, always keep up SR from hitting Darkwardens and WALK. Only use danse macabre to get out of surrounds, since walking with SR is a lot faster than spamming danse macabre all the way there.
-Avoid going to the edges completely since its easy to get trapped.
-Watch out for annoying clickables like barrels, caskets, chests etc. since they will stop you moving.
-Danse Macabre all the way up the "bridge" part, near the end.

Part B: Killing Juris Khan
-One or two danse macabres should be enough to kill Juris Khan with ways. Just watch out for his lightning spiral when you kill him, since that will one shot you.
-Carry some apples to counter tremor.

Video: A short clip showing both Part A and B for Ureh

3. Brachyceran

Gear/Stats/Skills Check
-Stats: I went pure dex for getting to Brachy then quickly switched out to pure energy.
-Skills: sMax PB, Blink, 10-15 points in SR - rest are up to you (WotP recommended for more damage but not needed if you're getting a decent amount from your gear since you'll 1 shot him anyway).
-I purposely recorded this one without all charms to show that this should be one of the first ultimative ubers you attempt.
-Use immolaton bomb gear (so same principles as before against heroic bosses) but tweak it for maximum damage. For sockets, use perfect turq + bloodstone until you have 450 fire/poison and 95 max resist.
-Have a few dex pieces to use for getting up to Brachy (for max block).
-Should have around 70~ slvl immolation bomb from 26-28 on crafted claw and shield.
-Optional: Equip an Act 3 Bloodmage merc with same 450 fire/poison resist + 95 max resist and bring him with you. His high def + gift of inner fire is very handy in helping you get to Brachy.

What I used for video:
-"Lorekeeper" SU Light Gauntlets (crafts can come out with 70% fire spell damage after bless, so crafts > any SU).
-"Shedding Skin" SSSU Studded Leather.
-"Lunar Eclipse" SSSU Light Belt (crafted belt can get 60% fire spell damage after bless)
-"Eye of Septumos" SSU Circlet
-"Wizard's Path" SSSU boots (use crafts over these. I was hoping to use elemental totems but that didn't work so well)
-"Lamen of the Archbishop" SU Amulet
-Rare rings (+1 skills, 40% fire spell damage after luck roll, -enemy fire resists are favourable)
-Crafted Immo Bomb claw/shield
*Comments: As always, crafts can be on par or better than most SUs in terms of spell damage. Just comes down to your patience.

Random Immo Bomb Claw/Shield craft (you can make much better):

Rare gambled rings:

Immo Bomb Listed Damage after Bloodlust:

Part A: Getting to the boss
Comment: You can use some dex gear to hit max block until you reach Brachy, since we will want some physical defense against ghost worms! Also, Act 3 Merc with 95 max poison resist and 450 poison resist can help you a lot with tanking, since it gets a lot of defense from warp armour.

*Maggot Lair Level 1
-Just blink like a madman. TP back to town for heals since you can't use pots on this level.

*Maggot Lair Level 2
-Still continue to blink like crazy (1.8 second cd with sMax), except here you can use pots.

*Maggot Lair Level 3
-Same strategy as maggot lair 2 but use immo bomb in between blinks to clear the area of enemies.

Video: Brachy Part A - Getting there

Part B: Getting the Kill
If you dedicated your gear to doing this, Brachy can be 1 shot (as shown in video). Tbh, the kill is more showcase quality and less guide quality, but there's only a few things to keep in mind.

-Use Shamanka druid morph on switch to counter Brachy's "worm curse" (SSSU nagi superbeast morph works too I think). The druid morph overrides the worm morph and allows you to move freely. If you don't have shamanka, shame on you. Just blink away into a safe area away from brachy and spam pots.
-Place immolation bombs AT his feet and then get away from his LoS to avoid taking too much damage.
-Summon Edyrems during idle times to have some extra tanks.
-TP back to town if you get into a sticky situation that you can't pot through.

Video: Brachy Part B - The Kill

4. Athulua

Gear/Stats/Skills Check
-Stats: I went full dex for this one for MB% Try to get an immo bomb crafted shield with 1% block.
-Skills: sMax phase bomb, PB, rest is up to you (same principles as before).
-Gear-wise, I was just using the exact same gear as Brachy, except I socketed with perfect amethysts for dex%.

Killing Athulua
Very basic heroic shield fight, the only danger is getting killed on low hp because of tremor.

-Chug pots like a madman
-Use the Act 3 Merc and keep him alive by feeding him pots now and again. He is an extremely useful tank and will often get Athulua to skysiege him instead of you.
-Phasebomb is optional - if you don't want to phasebomb, you can just put points into SR and keep that up.

Video: Short Clip showing the last 40%~ of Athulua fight

5. Kabraxis

Overall, this fight isn't too difficult, its more of a gear check and requires a bit of time in putting the gear together, especially if you want to farm him for a decent charm or trophy.

Kabraxis Part A: The Pillar of Skulls and Elementals
Lets go over some basic mechanics first:

*Only the corresponding element will damage the elementals.

*Ultra Earth - Casts broadside - Use ATMG/Judgeclaw
Earth Elemental - Casts ATMG - Use Singularity

*Ultra Magic - Casts Lightning Spiral (one shot KO on touch) - Use Psionic Storm (with druid morph for faster cast frames)
Magic Elemental - Casts magic missiles - Use Psionic Storm

*Ultra Ice - Casts Hailstorm - Use Hailstorm oskill from Amulet
Ice Elemental - Casts Ice Lance (pretty sure that's what it is) - Use Hailstorm

*Ultra Fire - Casts Rain of Fire (same thing as Fairy Witch Vet Monster from Act 2) - Use Immolation Bomb/Fireball Sentry
Fire Elemental - Looks like it casts a smaller version of flamefront. - Use Immolation Bomb/Fireball Sentry

*Ultra Light - Casts thunderstone (probably the most annoying since it can be impossible to see if it casts from a long distance) - Use Nova Bomb/Electro-field Sentry/Thunderstone Oskill from SSSU Chain mail
Light Elemental - Casts some sort of lightning lance :S - Use same skills as Ultra Light

*One extra elemental spawns every 12 seconds when you're near, but this shouldn't be a big problem since we kill pretty fast.

*Pillar of Skulls - completely harmless since we out-range punishers. Killing this will spawn Kabraxis.

Gear/Stats/Skills Check
-Stats: Your choice really. I went for 400 Vit/600 Energy, but you can go MB variations or pure energy.
-Skills: I went with - sMax PB / 19 points Blink for 2 sec timer / 1 point SR / sMax Psi storm / sMax Light Sentry / Rest into Singularity.
-Your skills build may change a little depending on what you decide to use.
-Gear-wise: The basic idea is to have one of every element except poison. I used nova bomb/immo bomb over the innate sin sentries, but that's mainly due to personal preference. Try to stack as much %spell damage as you can, or distribute your specific element %spell damage evenly since we need spell damage in each element (except physical). The basic mechanics sections explains which skills to use.

What I used in the video:
-Weapon: Nova Bomb Craft Claw (MO with 15x LAEK)
-On switch: "Shamanka" SU Long Staff
-Shield: Immo Bomb Shield (the usual one I always use)
-Body: "Robe of Steel" SU Full Plate Mail
-Helm: "Eye of Septumos" (same one from immo bomb gear set)
-Rings: Some random rare gambled ones with 10% lucky roll and +1 skills.
-Boots: "Lifecrushers" (mainly use these since I use them for Kabraxis as well)
-Amulet: Hailstorm oskill amulet (I used a completely rubbish one with +28 hailstorm with no stats or +skills. However, I found this to be good enough)
-Belt: "Lunar Eclipse" SSSU Light Belt
-Gloves: "Lorekeeper" SU Light Gauntlets

The Method
-Kill the Ultra Bosses in this order: Magic -> Ice -> Light -> Fire -> Earth. This is mainly because lightning spiral has RIDICULOUS range and can kill you from 2 screens away. Ideally would want to kill Light next, but it can be tricky if you don't get rid of ice first.
-Use Blink offensively on elementals after dragging them away from ultra bosses.
-Don't be lazy like me in the video and actually clear Chaos Sanctuary properly...
-Use druid morph from Shamanka to your advantage. Druids have much faster cast frames (especially after 6d buff), so things like psi storm and hailstorm can be used in druid morph.

Video: Kabraxis Part A

Kabraxis Part B: Killing the boss
Some basic mechanics and tips to cover first:
-If Kabraxis kills you or a minion, it will kill all allies on the entire screen. For this reason, GET RID OF YOUR RE-ANIMATE GEAR/CHARMS. Also don't use merc or summons. I actually use them once to see if they can distract Kabraxis long enough for me to blink away and pick up my body (and I succeed). However, thinking back now, it's a really risky and foolish thing to do, so stick to picking up your body without merc or summons!
-All of Kabraxis' summons have no immunities other than poison.
-After Kabraxis does his blink attack, you have around 1 second to get away from him to avoid getting surrounded by skeletons.

The Method
-There are various ways to go about with this, but the method I chose was to use Nova Bomb oskill! It spawns just like Immolation Bomb, so you should be able to figure out how to build your own set. You can, of course, use Electro-field Sentry and I have tried both methods. However I found Nova Bomb + lots of LAEK to be far more useful, especially since I decided to go a half vit/half energy stat build.
-Like all heroic shield bosses, it just comes down to LUCK as far as how fast he decides to die. On top of that, using lightning based skills means we have super high max damage (I had around 60k nova bomb listed damage), but also super low min damage (8?), so kill speeds are going to be inconsistent. However, I still prefer the piercing ability of nova bomb over immo bomb, since it controls his summons very nicely.

Video: Kabraxis Part B

More to come later...

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

Post by MarcoNecroX on Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:05 am

So, do I have to max the 3 ways?

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:08 am

Well no, wots can be skipped but for the sake of versatility (and lack of other places to put points), I reccomend maxing it.

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

Post by MarcoNecroX on Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:13 am

Alright, I won't read the guide completely for now (reading "ATMG" makes me nervous), but just saw this while overlooking:

6. Kalimgrad – Blink and kill the zealot guys and then kill the big angel until it drops the Zakarum Ear. Use a mix of crucify and ATMG to make quick work of it (also don’t stand around like a retard like I did after killing the boss). You can summon daystars before blinking if you want some temporary meatshields.

Hmm, last time I checked, zealots use gift of inner fire on kill. So it wouldn't be a smart strategy. Not a big deal, but considering this is a "newbie friendly" guide maybe you might want to fix that.

And nice nick.

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:18 am

Ive never really encountered an issue with that since you need to kill them to drop the immunity shield anyway...?

And a sin can easily outdps that heal since they die in about 2 hits. Just to confirm, the zealots I'm talking about are the "Ethereals." The ones that need to be killed to drop the Zakarum Avatar shield. I will add that they do gift of inner fire though (I think I understand what you're getting at)

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

Post by MarcoNecroX on Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:30 am

No, my point was that daystars will most likely get killed and avatar would heal.

Yes, I know any end character can outdamage that, but this was supposed to be a newbie guide, so I doubt those "newbies" could do that. Again, I'm not trying to proove that the method wouldn't work, my goal is based towards analyzing uberquest mechanisms to find a way to succeed, as this is the most important thing to teach to 'newbies'. In the end, khalimgrad is anyways found in act 5 so in most cases it isn't a real trouble.

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:38 am

Hm well the video shows it can be done with only T6 and random shrine crafted gear and basically no charms. A "newbie" following this guide should have pretty much the same items I had when doing it and shouldn't really be a problem. But I see what you mean, it's a mechanic that exists but something I never really noticed because it was insignificant even with no gear :S

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

Post by vadust on Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:47 am

Druid guide plox!!!
Man this guide ofc useful but meh you can be unique person and write same guide for character that not a zon/barb/sin/xbow necr.

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Re: [v6d] The Kickstarter Sin: The Untwinked Journey

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