newbie here guides about doing ubers

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newbie here guides about doing ubers

Post by gaymoves on Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:01 pm

first of all ive been playing this mod about 5 months ago but still im hard on playing this char barbarian, can somebody give me an ultimate guides Very Happy about doing ubers specially on destruction. im playing the latest modes and if its fine do give some screen shots and tutorials, i already did the guide but im not realy interested on it sory guys

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Re: newbie here guides about doing ubers

Post by Quirinus on Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:25 pm

moved to newbie help section.

here's the search results (used *barbarian* and *barb*):*barbarian*&show_results=topics*barb*&show_results=topics*barb*+*barbarian*&,ssl&ei=l2PXVN6GF5DPaKW_gNgC

if you want tips on a specific uber, search for it by using: *uber name/nickname*

these are not exactly for ubers, but you can maybe learn some general stuff from it:

this is a bit outdated, but I used to play like this:

@Quirinus wrote:

in short, how I play melee barb:


At the start use earthquake and snake stance and wolves. Later use this:

Skillplan Melee Barb (Barbarian, 2012 v005)

You use Bear stance for the extra defense and to get damage reduction to 50% (that's the max, keep just enough points in bear stance to have 50% together from items - mainly the invictus shield and jitan's kamon armor)

Then when you get good enough gear and stuff (mainly enough defense, damage and >35-40% damage reduction from items), switch to something like this:
Skillplan Melee Barb2 (Barbarian, 2012 v005)

As for attacking:

  • Every like ~9s you hit once with Titan Strike (innate skill that gives stats and regeneration).
  • Main attack stormblast.
  • 1 hit of shower of rocks (SoR)when you run in a new big mob, to apply the debuff.
  • but use SoR in combination with stormblast when there's a tough mob.

Try to time it so that you use thunderslam after the stun from thundergod stops to keep monsters stunned. that will result in monsters being stunned like 1/2 to 2/3 of the time.

enough str/dex to use items.
enough dex (or ar mo/runes) to have a good chance to hit most monsters (>75-80%)
rest into vita.

for TU (tiered uniques) items, it should be:
Invictus barb shield (from the gift box) - you should get this to T6 (tier 6) asap/priority for the defense and %damage reduction, most important item on the barbarian, this item is so good you'll use it in the endgame in 90% of the cases

>> Bul Kathos kriegsmesser barb sword (from gift box) - get this to T6 quickly as well, but 2-3rd priority, great item, decent damage, proc and has ~1-2s 100% heal oskill - inner fire, use it often to heal; keep in mind it shares a timer with thunderslam! if you have a better weapon, this one is good to keep on switch for the heal, until you get the 2 motw axes (below).

>> Jitan's Kamon (Splint Mail) - you can get it with the unique create recipe or just get a gift box with the barb, make a druid character and give the box to it to open, you'll get this in it. it's amazing, lots of elemental damage AND, what we love in this build, ~10%DR when T6. this is 2-3rd priority to get to T6.

>> gloves:
Featherclaw (Chain Gloves) - awesome gloves for early game, have everything you need (except proc), I love them for the %R/W. good %AR and %IAS as well.
Toorc's Gift (Heavy Gloves) - good proc and damage, but I prefer Featherclaw.

>> boots:
Lionpaw (Chain Boots) - for fighting, stats and defense.
Rabbit's Foot (Boots) - for farming and general use, I usually keep them on most of the time for the %R/W, %MF and lots of MO space.

>> belt:
Deadfall (Heavy Belt) - most people use this one for the SoR proc (and %CB), it's a great choice, but my personal preference is this one:
Dragon Tail (Plated Belt) - I prefer it because of the %R/W speed mainly, then there's %ias and fire damage as well as a somewhat okish proc.

>> for helm:
Thunderdome barb Assault Helmet - decent choice, there's no other choice except this and RWs.

>> amulet:
get a +1 lucky recipe amulet asap at the start.
Angel Heart - all nice stats.
Athulua's Oracle - nice.
Teganze Pendant < The Dreamcatcher - both decent.
later in the game you'll want either a good Sacred amulet or a good rare amulet with +4 skills (3 + 1 lucky) with good other stats. reroll at the a2 dragon for it.

don't forget to try lucky recipe on them:
Amulet: +1 to All Skills

>> rings:
Ring of Disengagement - sick good for the start, also good for MO.
Noob Loop and Myokai's Path - obviously good if you have it from the start.
Ring of Truth - awesome!!
Empyrean Band - godly. (try to get the lottery bonus on this one in the late game (+1 skills), especially if it's a perfect one - you can even trade it, it's a decent trade item)
Ripstar/Earth Rouser - pretty ok, but I prefer Empy band or rare.
in the end, you'll want:
1 or 2 rings with +1 skills magic/rare ring (start at req lvl 30, ilvl 36), gamble or just pick up all rings, then mo it with stuff.
later gamble like a madman (or dragon roll it) to get a rare one with +1 skills and more good stats. if you get just 1 of these, empy band is the second ring.

Alternate items (RWs):
>> Ith body armor, then zod body armor, Steel Golem (Gothic Plate), but jitan kamon is superior.
Nih body armor - sick good DR% and other godly stats, really love this RW; this is a more defensive alternative to Jitan's Kamon.

>>Ral helm - dat %R/W speed and celerity proc, really good early game item.
then Fal barb helm - sick good, %R/W speed, %ias, %fhr - good item, but get Thunderdome TU when you can.

>> Eth belt - good early game.
Vith belt - really good defensive item (high defense and %DR), keep this instead of the TUs for a more defensive version.

>> Pul gloves - +2 skills and a proc, decent, but Featherclaw/Toroc's Gift is prefered since we don't really have skills that benefit too much from soft points.

>> Ath boots - 5% DR, +1 skills, and other stats, lvl 90 for 10 lvl more mo space. really good choice.

>> weapons:
El weapons - good for the start.
Dol and vith weapons - pretty good, but at this point you'll be using Bul Kathos sword, which is infinitely better.
Ix war hammer - LOL item, this can rival Bul Kathos Teaching sword in damage and utility. the main feature is obviously glatial nova proc which freezes the whole screen (except unfreezable monsters), making everything virtually permalocked between glatial nova/thunderslam/thundergod. used to be waaaaay better back when amazons in TA were freezable, and when Fauz was easier (monsters in fauz are freezable, so this makes it a lot easier to survive there xD). really good other stats as well, cold dmg, MO space (only lvl 81), dmg, %ias, %buff duration for increased glatial nova duration.

>>>> don't forget that a lucky recipe is a must on rws (try them on TUs as well), you can just easily reroll them until you get it:
Armour: +40% Enhanced Defense and/or Damage Reduced by 1%
Weapon: +40% Enhanced Damage and/or 100% Bonus to Attack Rating
Jewel: +2 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity, +2 to Energy, +2 to Vitality

>>>> for some TUs you can try the lottery recipe in the endgame and reroll them until you get it, like:
Unique/Set Weapon: Ignore Target's Defense
Unique Ring: +1 to All Skills
and these 2 depending on the situation:
Unique/Set Armour: Increase Maximum Life 5%
Unique Amulet: +5% to All Maximum Resistances

>>>> I suggest crafting a decent bow with the tantrum oskill +(15 to 27) and helm with +(18 to 29) to Kraken Stance for farming uberbosses (especially summon). for kraken, it's important to get it as close to 29 as possible to increase the damage. (get habigami TU arrow quiver with the tantrum bow, try to lucky all 3)
>>>> I also suggest crafting 2 hammerhead axes (barb 1 hand axe) with mark of the wild (motw +18 to 24) for increased damage and keeping them on switch.

Set items
Witchhunter's Hood cap - LOL godly item, and it's a cap, meaning it drops pretty often, virtually every stat on this item is sick good. if you get your hands on this one, you'll probably be wearing it a long time, unelss some really good SU drops.
Ravine Horned Helm (Sacred) barb helm - pretty good one, but drops rarely, so you'll get Witchhunter's Hood a lot before - which is also a lot better.
Celestia's Ribbon belt - 5%DR, but I still prefer the vith belt.
Eruption, snowstorm barb swords are pretty ok, but Bul Kathos isn't far behind because of the heal and MO space it has much more utility/survivability.
Hunter's Claw Fist - pretty good ok, but I prefer Bul Kathos.
Hunter's Camouflage - decent stuff, but I prefer Invictus because of more defense and MO space.
Hunter's Trackless Step - pretty good boots, 5% DR is awesome, but comparable to Ath boots, which have more MO space.
Sacred Charge Hammerhead Axe (Sacred) - pretty good stuff.
Cinadide's Bender Gauntlets (Sacred) - good choice, damage, better than featherclaw.
Cinadide's Anvil Plated Belt (Sacred) - damage. it would be awesome if it had %DR, but as it is, alternatives with %DR are better.

Ultimative/realm set items - most are godly...
xarugas' Dominion Full Plate Mail (Sacred) - speeds, defense and 10% DR, awesome!
Stealthmaster's Triumph Heavy Belt (Sacred) - Nightmare proc!!!! prevents enemy healing, really useful against healing bosses (must have vs some).
Greg's Silent Scream Light Gauntlets (Sacred) - 10% DR on gloves !?!? plus ok other stats?? godly.
Natasha, the Assassin Gothic Plate (Sacred) - LOL. no words. (5% avoid AND 10% DR, and speeds/defense)
MISSINGNO, the Paladin Plated Belt (Sacred) - lightning! good for stormblast, would be even better if it had DR%, but as is, I prefer other items.
Laz's Chasuble Light Plate (Sacred) - only if you need max res, but there's more common sources for it than this. 5% DR.
Apeskull Bone Helm (Sacred) - pretty good for damage, but no %DR.
Apefoot Boots (Sacred) - decent, but comparable to ath boots.

I won't really go into sacred items, grws and elemental rune rws, because there's a lot of them and you can experiment and compare them to your items.

in character orb you want apples and rubys for the life steal % and life on melee attack. ith/skull for defense is ok, but you don't really need it on a barb. once you are able to get the CC, put one in for +1 barb skills. oil of Jewelcraft for mana after kill, but I usually prefer the mana on melee attack MO in weapon. for the rest, just check the reagent table and see if you need it.

mystic orbs (MO)
for TU/RWs you can do pretty much anything you want, but with sets/sacreds you must be more careful and use runes for things that you can instead of MO, since you can't just reroll them.

at the start, mo weapon with mana on melee attack so you can constantly attack with earthquake. then add life on melee attack to keep your hp up.

pretty much you want maxed resistances at all times, so mo them at the beginning, then later switch to resistance runes.
mo Invictus with defense %. mo everything with -% enemy lightning res for stormblast. I like to mo some items with % uninterruptable attack as well. weapon usually %damage and spike nova proc. amulets/rings -%lightning res, thunder hammer proc, can't remember everything right now.

for sockets
at the start, use tal runes to get stats to wear items. ith/skulls in weapon to get dmg.

later keep like 90% runes in your item, maybe a few jewels that are really really good, you need the runes for the runemaster defense bonus (can't use too many rws because of many jewels, unless they have better defense or low number of sockets). you want runes with %damage in weapons, %defense in the shield, % resistance runes, and anything else you need (%mf).
if you use jewels for rws, craft them (nas seem ok depending on other slow sources, thai, nih, ber) and lucky them.
or reroll good rare ones with the destruction a2 dragon.
get indestructible, otherwise it's annoying to repair them all the time (costs a lot).
jewels with -% enemy lightning res, life and vita are nice.

this all worked well on MXL, it's a bit harder on Ultimative, and I didn't have too much time to tweak it much. for example, I was able to do Duncraig (old one where you needed teleports) with TU/RW gear on my barb, it was hard, but doable.

level challenge 0 (LC0) is easy with earthquake and wolves + lion stance (if you really want, you can buy a bow and range it while hiding behind something T_T). LC1 should be a joke with bear stance (gotta have 10k+ defense). LC2 is funny with wolf stance, hit and run (especially if you cheese with the summoning spot T_T). ennead challenge is easy with bear stance (ignores undead physical immunities) and wolf for running. black road challenge is easy (for fauz you can use ix war hammer to freeze everything if you're having problems).

you should be able to complete most of the MXL ubers with no SUs with this build. and all but 2-3 with SUs (you can finish all if you really specialize items/builds and try really hard/be creative). most of the ultimative ubers are really hard, but they're doable with the right build (except maybe a few).

keep in mind that a more skilled player will be able to do a lot more with pretty much the same tools than an un-skilled one.

more recent update:

Keep in mind that this is a guide just for the start with cheap gear, and doesn't really detail all the things you should know as a new player, it's mostly for people that already know some things. It's also slightly old, I learnt new stuff and a few things changed in newer versions, but the core is still pretty much the same.

The main difference is that now you use Blessed Oil of Luck instead of Oil of Luck, and the double mo orb is now called Luck Trial, and getting Bul Kathos Teaching sword and Invictus shield from Gift Box takes more tries, as now it's more randomized, so you gotta farm it a dozen times.

Also, now I know that Kraken Stance (adds all elements damage to attack/missiles) damage depends on how much points you invest in other stances as well, so I'd probably run a kraken stance as a main stance (instead of wolf) and snake stance on switch for slow (just enough points for 50% slow, rest in eagle stance for synergy) with thunderslam/thundergod to spread it.
kraken stance with points in other stances can give 15k+ dmg per element, which is crazy and can one-shot a lot of monsters, especially if you combine it with a multi-hitting skill like stormblast, where each missile carries kraken rainbow damage (unlike wolf stance, where it just carries the normal damage). I'd still keep 1 point in wolf stance, just so I can run like crazy when I need to.

I now also use Blood Hatred sometimes for -% enemy res (awesome vs heroics) and life on melee striking

here's a recent thread with barbarian stuff:

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