Glide+D2SE cursor jumping problem

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Glide+D2SE cursor jumping problem

Post by Dillonz on Sat Feb 21, 2015 9:58 pm

I have this problem with Glide+D2SE. I'm aware that there was some glide problem where the cursor would jump to the side of the screen if it left the window. This, I was able to fix running PlugY with "-w -3dfx". The problem is I don't know how to fix the problem on D2SE.

  • I've tried mouse capture, but that makes it so I can't move the window around
  • The reason I want to use D2SE instead of the already fixed method is because I need to switch between versions to respec my character
  • Another solution would be to use a 3rd party respec tool, but I don't think there's a working one right now(?)

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