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Re: [Discussion] Stormzon

Post by suchbalance on Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:08 pm

Are we just talking the levelling to 120 or overall storm tree performance?

I believe thundercrack does proc "on attack" (correct me if I'm wrong) so the only su which fits the build thematically is thunderbane (because it has lots of procs, flat light dmg & enhanced dmg).

Not sure if Hammer runewords can be made in sceptres so if you are not using the set, then you are using either the above SU or a crafted sceptre with on striking procs (brimstone, death star, time strike maybe?). Anyway here's what I like about the build:

1) Thundercrack is basically a WDM tempest. So mechanics wise it cannot be bad right? The problem is scaling its damage sufficiently.

2) Magnetic field is a very fast hitting spell with low damage. Hard point synergy has no diminishing returns. Therefore smaxing that for the largest coverage and to reduce the size of the "holes" is probably good. Corollary: on striking procs and crushing blow scale insanely well with this skill. So perhaps going for 100% crushing blow as means to deal with lightning immunes is the way forward.

3) Asterism is a very good passive. 4dex + 4int + 5tcd per slvl, -1% elr per hard point, 25% melee avoid and 50 dex + 50str initially.

Basically I think that stormzon can be decent endgame, but the reason it's not popular is that it does not do anything better than the other amazon specs in terms of farming or boss killing (ok it's a good spec for Brother Laz, but that's hardly the best criteria).

Edit: random thought but, thundercrack should work quite nicely with curare I believe. Since thundercrack  deals exact weapon damage (+ some small flat light) you are not gimping curare's damage and the spread via the tempest mechanic should be quite nice (again running into the issue that ricochet does it better however). So maybe that is another way to solve the lightning immune problems endgame. However the challenge here would be surviving without paragon or sov.


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Re: [Discussion] Stormzon

Post by archon256 on Sat Mar 21, 2015 12:35 am

@Homm wrote:
@archon256 wrote:
Are you sure we're talking about the same thing? Once again, I'm not talking about a caster who uses Stormcall. That build has immune problems too, but you can use an oskill as I said.  I'm talking about a Stormzon who hits things with her weapon damage.

Oh Sorry, also thought you were talking about caster too. Aren't war scepter damage 60-80? Isn't it too low?
Yes, but that's not the only problem. The bigger problem is that the Storm tree has no way to scale that physical damage, unlike Spearzons (Lioness) and Javazons (Moon Queen). So they're more like Bowzons, but even those at least get a bunch of rainbow damage from Dragonlore.

Are we just talking the levelling to 120 or overall storm tree performance?
You can talk about either. I have no experience with it at 120 because all the builds I play are the ones I am able to enjoy leveling from 1 to 120. That means they should work with a minimum survivability and clear speed, no respecs, and as little farming as possible. Stormzon fails that pretty hard.

From what I can tell based on what I remember from our alpha testing discussion the build is decent at end-game. Magnetic Field while beyond worthless early on is apparently great with procs and CB, and Thundercrack hits a lot of targets per attack. Plus Asterism is very good, as you say (which is actually kinda depressing when trying to make hybrid aka devotionless Stormzons, lol). I just think it's really really bad at getting there.

@romanN1 wrote:Magnetic field is good for activating on striking procs Very Happy, so TU chainmail + magnetic field = win the game! Very Happy
Yeah, that's what I thought too, but the last time I got that (back in alpha) it didn't actually do much in A3 Normal. It was way better to just spam Hammer of Zerae non-stop instead of casting Magnetic Field even once. I guess I'll try again, sigh. 5 more Andariel runs to go, joy. Facepalm

Okay, crafted the TU Chainmail(2). And yep, as expected at this point (level 30) casting Magnetic Field is a waste of time. It'll probably get better with more hard points and as I get more striking proc%, but right now it's not going to help my zon in any way. So I'll have to use the other skills I have. Luckily they all benefit from the striking proc and the small amount of cold damage the unique gives.

Quick overview:
Thundercrack - Of the three skills, this has the best 'damage application method'. That is to say, it's able to deliver weapon damage to the most enemies in the shortest amount of time. Unfortunately it has a very small flat damage component, so I have to rely mostly on my base weapon damage and flat damage on gear.  I'll have to make a honorific War Scepter or something, because my "Prophet" (Ith) Scepter(1) isn't doing much for me.

Hammer of Zerae - This actually has an epic amount of flat damage per hit, even with 1 hard point and all my points into energy. The only problems are that firstly its a very (relatively) slow method of applying weapon damage. With most other MXL attack skills you can just run in and target one guy, and it'll immediately hit everything in at least a quarter of the screen with weapon damage, whereas with this skill it takes a second to even hit a guy right next to you. Doesn't sound like much, but in MXL time it's huge. The second problem is that all the flat damage is lightning damage, and that's going to be completely useless against lightning immunes, as I found out the last time I tried to level through the jungles of A3 with it. Still, it's a good skill for damaging non-lightning immune bosses. I just wish the missile speed was a lot faster.

Magnetic Field - As I said above, at my current (low) level, this skill is basically worthless. That's not necessarily a problem, it's just a bit depressing considering how the other skills aren't that good either. It would be nice if it was something like a Broadside sin where you're using a high damage Naginata + flat damage from Way of the Phoenix + one of the sins many epic melee skills to level and every now and then you use Broadside against a boss or pack of elites while leveling it up to full power.

The only reason I've been able to get this far is secret skill no. 4:
Fire Elementals - I've been maxing these and they tank pretty nicely plus every now and then one of them blows up and kills everything on the screen. Clap Clap Not exactly a Stormzon skill though, and every zon build can use them.    

Ok that's it for now, I'll keep leveling.
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