PlugY crashing when loading multires.dll

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PlugY crashing when loading multires.dll

Post by Vicius on Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:38 pm

Hey all, sorry for posting here, but forums won't allow me to post in appropriate subforum for whatever reason.

I'm new in the forums, but have played Median occasionally for a looooong time.

So here's the deal: I was running LoD 1.13c with multires and PlugY just fine. Installed following instructions on one of the guides I found on google and it was all great, I'd just launch PlugY and go. Just couldn't get borderless to work because the highest resolution multires allowed was still too low for my monitor, but that's a different thing.

So earlier today, the power in the house "blinks" and causes my computer to restart while I was playing, afterwards PlugY starts to get an access violation every time I try to load a character. I verified the save files aren't corrupt and even did a clean re-install of everything again and restarted the PC.

When I run just Diablo.exe everything loads fine, when I run through only Multires everything loads fine and when I load through PlugY with multires.dll loading disabled, it all loads fine as well. However, enabling multires.dll to load in the plugy.ini causes it to crash when loading again.

What puzzles me the most is that nothing has changed in the files, before the power blink, it is all still exactly the same, both prior to and after the clean re-install. I simply don't get what's wrong...

Btw, I also read about a multires version that automatically launches PlugY, which mine doesn't, but I couldn't find anything on google. Does anybody have a link to it?

Edit: Was playing the game through multires and only exiting and using plugy instead (at 800x600) when I needed respecs or shared stash. Now all of a sudden even multires started crashing when loading characters. I don't understand what on earth is going on, that these executables just work fine then stop working all of a sudden out of nowhere with no changes made to the files.

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