[v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

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[v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by RollsRoyce on Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:12 pm


General Rating
[Strength] 8/10
[Fun] 10/10
[Tankiness] 9/10
[Farming ability] 7/10 ( we need more speed)
[Uniqueness] 10/10
[Starting char] 7/10 easy possible just takes a bit more time
[Beginner Friendly] 7/10 if you follow all steps mentioned here you wont have a problem ! You just need to be patient
[Uberability] 8/10 as usual caster have huge penalties for Purify Bosses anything else is doable

I want to start this guide with all Persons that deserve Credit:

  1. Marco and BLaz for creating this awesome Mod
  2. Stoya for just being awesome and always improving anything
  3. IwanSquall,BassToMouth,Homm,Preston,DanielWolf for giving feedback

An uncommon Guide about a Barbarian caster

What is it All about ?

First of all, the Game is not designed to have pure Caster Barbarians, so dont expect a CookieCutter build here. If you want to play this build as
your first Character, be aware that you have to invest a bit more time for Unique farming ( = Crystals) than some other chars. Its playstyle however is unique
and very much fun to play. As in Ultimative v6b the discussion about the disadvantage of Caaster classes vs Weapon Dmg classes has raised its new peak, its time
to damp it a bit more by releasing more Caster Guides. As this Build is completely Unique it deserves its full Guide ! I would rate this Build Newbfriendly, as the Guide is build step-by-step
and this Build is anything but a Glasscannon.

A great forecast is to play Forecast!

As already mentioned we have great Variety of skills to choose !

Fire ApocalypseCataclysm Powder Keg Path of Flames
Poison Devouring CloudHive Emerald Prison
Ice CountdownShatter the Flesh Frozen Crown Freezing Gale
Light Mindflay Tempest Thunderstone Lightning Wall
Magic/phys Disintegrate

And with a large Variety of Skills, there a large Variety of Builds:

What Skills to use ? (Early Game)

The Biggest problem of this kind of Character is the Spells we can use, you can believe me ive tried all i could think of and came up with the
following skill proposals for our early-Caster barb:

Fire Dmg Apocalypse:

We can archieve this skill by the TU long staff, so if you want to be a Caster Barbarian from scratch you have to twink either 2 Arcane Crystals or this staff
early on. This skill releases an invisible piercing Fire Nova with a range of 16 yards, here you can see it in Action

Of course one type of damage is not enough for a caster build, therefore we need a second source of it, and here i decided for Devouring Cloud. I am
sure not many know this skill, its a Poison Skill that shoots poisonous gas in (i think) 5 Yards, when it lands a poisonous Slime is its leftover, which lasts
for 5 more seconds, its a really Great Skill ! To show a bit more in depth what i am talking about heres a pictur of it in Action:

To get this beautiful Skill there are 2 ways of archieving it, either by rare Gloves ( ilvl >=24) and by a rare amulett (ilvl >=72)
Pros and Cons of this Build

+ Pros- Cons
Eagle stance covers all our Mana Regen and Life regeneration Problems SmileWe are forced ot get all our dmg spells by Items => therefore we have a limited Itemchoice
Wolf Aura grants maximum Cast Speed when we are near themCastspeed, Barbarians have a maximum Cast Speed of 9 FPA (~0.3 seconds) when we are using a staff and 7FPA when Dual wield
To QQ a bit: Marco should make Sorceress or Druid morphes archievable in Sigma
A lot of Free Spell dmg ( MoTW Axes, Protector Spirit Bloodlust!Needs much Gold and Arcane Crystals at start
very high lifeForced to use a staff (4 sockets), that means we are going to loose a lot of potential Defense (not that big of a deal) due to Runemaster
A lot of fun, cause we are UniqueSlow start compared to other chars


As Barbarians werent designed to be a Caster, there are not that many Options to put our skillpoints. But here we go:

  • Wolf Companion: its okay to have 3 on the Screen => 10 points
  • Runemaster Uberskill ofc => max this one

  • Spirit Guide : Maximum Cast rate and very much Defense => max this one
  • Protector Spirit: When they die they cast Bloodlust that has 5% Spelldmg per Softpoint into this Skill => MAXMAXMAX

  • Eagle Stance : Make sure you reach skilllvl 50 (ofc Endgame) for maximum Healing rate => at start max this !
  • Mountain King : We got enough skillpoints so put some points there !

  • ThunderGod : Periodical Stun, 1 Point


For many chars the statpoint distribution is fairly easy, but for this Barb its not that trivial to get the best result, here is my proposal. Always keep in mind we got Mountain King which helps us to get a great amount of %AA (up to 75% i think !)

Strength: Just for Gear of course, early on this will be alot
Dexterity We need this for our Staff, but only a little bit is needed here
Vitality 1 Point = 4 Life we should spend alot here (all what is not spend in NRG)
Energy Boots our Spelldamage and Mana + Manareg ...not Bad huh ( Endgame a total of 1000 Points here is fine)

Leveling Progress

  1. We start as any other regular barbarian in the bitches camp and we do exactly the same thing as ever: Level up to 5 do LC0 and doing Den of Evil to get our Character Orb

  2. Now twink over Arcane Crystals or the Tiered Unique long Staff ( You damn cheater !!) to get access to our spells, the first points should be put into
    Energy and Strength.

  3. Add Oil of Jewelcraft and Tome of Townportal on to your Character Orb to get Rid of Mana Problems !

  4. Note grab any Apple, Rune, Ring or Amu on your way and try Lucky recipe or sell for gold ! ( Runes ofc in Socketed Throwing Weapons).


    Be patient thats what this build is all about.

  5. Use Apocalypse to reach Tristram, kill Griswold ( dont forget to rescue Cain !!) and get your Gift Box, you find 1 awesome Items in there( THANKS GREG:
    the Kriegsmesser, equip , that helmet ( we dont have any other choice anyway Razz) and that sword on second weapon slot

  6. That Sword has Inner Fire Oskill, which heals our life ...so just press W and heal yourself !

  7. If you can afford Upgrade your TU Staff ! ( i really recommend this one to get lots of dmg !)


  8. Continue your adventures, skip the Butcher as he is Fire Immune and if you feel underpowered get a mercenary !

  9. Rerun some Areas before Andariel to get even more Uniques and create TU3 Long staff ( you should be lvl 21 already ) and especially TU Ancient Armor Queen of Glass

  10. Kill Andariel ( should be easy enough for anybody) and proceed to Act 2, we got Eagle stance already so Manaproblems should be gone once and for all
  11. Create Honorific Boots and Boost your resists
  12. Take at least 1 Ride down the Sewers, best is to Level up to 28 already ( best is 30!)
  13. Gamble rare Gloves that have an ilvl >24 (mine were 27 i think) or use Imbue Quest (charsi) to get such gloves ( ilvl = charlvl +4!) and get a lot of Gold
  14. if you are Lvl 30 and you gamble rare gloves it works 100% that you can get Devouring Cloud, yet takes a while to get a good lvl

  15. Reroll your rare Gloves until you roll Devouring Cloud oskill, we want skilllvl 14 or 15 ( this is not that easy^^) all other stats doesnt matter
    (pic will be added -threw mine away)
  16. Add Bonus poison skill duration on to your rings , this greatly Boosts your dmg !
  17. Upgrade your Weapon and Armor as soon as possible (when you reach required Lvl -Doc is your friend)
  18. finish Act 2, abuse Protector Spirit Bloodlust if possible


  19. No changes have to be done ... finish Act 3 and even Act 4 is no problem, upgrade your gear, and get TU Belt from your Crystals
  20. Start Act 5 and progress till Ancients, you should be Level 47 when you attempt to do Tran Athulua ( Cause of Queen of Glass)
  21. Complete LC1 ( really this is easy -> Apocalypse for all, Devouring Cloud for Boss)
  22. Complete Hatred ...Gz ! I assume you are ~Level 50 now
  23. Do some Cows ( player 8 really helps here as this is easy -> Level 60 is doable
  24. Start Terror Act 1, add up your resists on to your Boots, if necessary add some pierce to your rings.
  25. You should be able to finish T Act 1 rather quick and easy
  26. Go Back to hatred and get your character orb + first Upgrade
  27. Do hatred Fauztinville until Level ~80 ( not that much fun but not that hard at all)
  28. gamble rare Boots having ilvl >72 and rare amulet having ilvl >72 and prepare for some rerolling Razz
  29. rare amulett should get Devouring cloud ( skillvl 24-26) ..this one is mine:

  30. rare Boots should only get +21 to Apocalypse: mine are created a bit later ( and bless for - enemy psn res):


  31. Prepare for Level challenge 2 by using honorific helm with lots of resists -> devouring cloud kills them fast
  32. Collect a Zod Rune (or higher !) and Create the most awesome item ever:

  33. Go Back to hatred and rip Duncraig until you are >lvl 100 ( Runemaster FTW !!)
  34. What Runes you Socket into your Equiptment is your choice either the fire way and Ral-Runes or the Poisonous way and using Sol Runes
  35. Well you could do Countess Minigame and Witch Minigame NOW !
  36. Finish Terror ( NUFF SAID !You should have gotten the principle by now- even Ancients die fast by Devouring Cloud)
  37. Tcow for Level 120 Yeah you have done it !
  38. Preparation for Destruction -> Farm Arcane Crystals and try to get Double Mo Tu6 Long Staff:


And some beautiful rare rings:

reroll at least Tiered6 Rare Gloves ( or crafted) Gloves with Devouring Cloud oskill (more Socketspace-> more Defense).

get on switch Hammerhead Axes with Mark of The Wild oskill for even more dmg !

Heres a picture of my Barb at end of Terror:

And heres a picture of my Barb near Deckard Cain:

Mid Game and Farming

If you have followed all these steps above, youre apocalypse dmg should be between 30k and 40k and your Devouring Cloud dmg is above 80k dmg.
This is enough for completing the regular Game with ease, as farming Spot i would advice either some regular Act 5 Area like from Frigid Highlands back to town, Nihlathak and Tran Athulua !
This chart basicly summs up your midgame:

Things to note

  1. At least 75% all resists - anyone should know this
  2. Add Runes in every socket possible! (Sol Rune for poison dmg - Ral Rune for Fire Dmg)
  3. Watch your -enemy Resists : -100% is extremely important !
  4. If you find one - Craft a Sacred Ancient Armor, add Mos up to 350% ed ( dont forget to Bless and Lucky up!)


Rest Mo for -enemy Resist. im going to say it again- THIS IS IMPORTANT

Easy Uberquests for us

Summoning Uber

Heavily Abuse your protector Spirits to tank him, he will 1 shot us ! As soon as Circle spawns summon spirits behind it and kill him
with Apocalypse ( may take a while -but np)

PreCast Devouring Cloud, and equip one more Honorific with max orbed res

Same here Precast Devouring Cloud and kill Rest with same Skill


Island of the Sunless Sea Anyone can do it
Khalimgrad Same here
Tran Athulua Main Farming Spot, kill Zons with Apocalypse and rest with Devouring Cloud

Dungeon Uberquests

It has high Avoid -> We got Poison DMG we dont care !!

We can only do it if we are Lucky, as soon as Unseelie Dame Spawn we are dead Smile

Run around and cast Devouring cloud on The projector => watch out for inverse Spiral !

The way to Endgame

Honestly its Incredible Hard to list Endgame Gear for this Barbarian, as in Endgame we got MUCH more choices for Skills than before:

mentionable Available Effective Spells for Endgame


Damage Values here are to compare which skill is better, i am not saying you cant get higher values !

Big Thanks to Stoya For this Awesome Vid

Choose your path !

As already said many times before, Barb is not meant to be a good caster, so we have to decide, either we use our Head or not!
That said, either we decide for Shamanka SU Long Staff and get Awesome 5fpa Cast rate but much lower dmg ( ~50-60k Endgame) or we choose
the Tier6 Long Staff and have Much more dmg but 9fpa Cast Rate (~80k Dmg).

Picture of the headless knigth!


This Guide will be Diffrent to the other Guides you can see here on the Forums, thats why i will only list the principles and not just and Endgame Gear.
The necessary Gear is mentioned but my idea is that you will get the idea of this build after you have read this Guide

The "harder Uberquests"

There are 2 Kind of Chars, the one Stoya is trying to point out all the time (Think-Try -Suceed) and the ones that follow the WORA principle (Wear once run anywhere), the later ones are just too simple, they use 1 skill all the time ( Boradside/ATMG/Bowzon/Fortress etc...). We however are clearly placed in the first Group, to make a Barb like this Succesful in Lategame we need to Study the Offline Documentation, as every single Item you dont know may be the solution to your Actual Problem. Okay here we start with the UBERSECTION, it really requires you to have eaten all the Signets and Access to alot of the Items ! If you dont: Jump back to Midgame and Farming section:



Baal will not loose Poison Resistance ! To be able to kill him its best to either Switch on Hide of the Basilisk and Thunderstone him to Death OR Facemelter and Mindflay him down (SSU Hammerhead Axe!). A further alternative is Dual Wield Shaad Scepter and Use Cataclysm on him. The last method however requires 2 Shaad Runes and how can we get these .... EASY Skip to Toraja Section!

Bull Prince Rodeo

Yeah This one Looses Poison Resistance (Only Heroic Boss!) Hide behind a corner and use Devouring Cloud,
he should die quite fast ( OFC more methods here, but its PrO to kill Heroics with Poison if possible )

Quov Tsin

The one and only .... We dont need Devouring Cloud against him and plz do NOT use Apocalypse if you want to kill him on the same day you started the fight. So you need Acces to following Items:

  • Hooves Of The Thunderhorse ( Flat Absorb)
  • Thai Runes (in total 450% All res)
  • Lotteried Unique Amulet (5% Max res)
  • 95% all res

Rape him with Mindflay// Thunderstone//Cataclysm


This one is not that easy as for most other Casterclasses, we dont have Access to a skill that 1 Shoots Astro. I got the Best Results when i tried double Facemelter and Mindflay ( i had 62k Light dmg in 2 Bolts).
Here you can see Astrogha after 2 Succesful hits:


And of course the result:


A great Advice here: Clear the Level before Very Happy And if you die, always remember TRAIN HARD OR GO HOME

The ONE and Only. No Mindlfay//cataclysm/Thunderstone Deal with him quick !!

Athulua the Amazonian Bitch

This can be done quick, switch on Double Facemelter and pwn her like a Boss, Eagle stance helps so much here:


We need all 5 Damage sources here and this is how we do it:

  1. Light first we just use Mindflay and BOOM first one is down soon
  2. Fire is next, double Shaad Scepter is perfect for these !
  3. Next one is Ice SSSU Axe and Freezing Gale kills Boss in 3 Seconds
  4. Magic, go for Disintegrate or Psionic Storm
  5. Physical is hardest -> Lion Stance ( 1 Point is okay !) and 1 Point Fortress deal with him !
  6. Pillar, well easy Mindflay him, but buy some pots beforehand
  7. equip SSU BoneHelm if needed and use Dark Summoning and Ressurect SoV
  8. While Kabraxis is tanked Snipe him from behind, keep some distance or you will die !


We are almost made to finish this Quest, equip double Facemelter, SSSU Chain Mail, some Rare Rings a Rare Amu and get -200% enemy lightning resistance and you are almost immortal down there, he should fall after 3-4 succesful hits
Here are 2 Videos where you can see him dying:

Diablo Clone Cant test, but i assume its the same as usual. Mindflay and Thunderstone are perfect for this huge Boss, either we kill him or the Area ends up to crowded. Hope for some res drops!



Once you got good Resists Life and Defense ( After Sigs) you can just farm this Area, Devouring Cloud Totem, Apocalypse Rest


This one really requires very high life and Defense, 50k Apocalypse and 120k Devouring Cloud and you can do it rather quick, ofc chooses the skill you like and practice a bit, you will succeed !


I tried it with just 400k Defense (very easy to reach), but Mindflay is so godlike in there as its splash exactly covers the Spirits Range, Go in kill Dragon Upgrade

Ureh-Kingdom of Shadow

Max out Poison Res, get good FHR and equip a shield, most POints into Vitality- just a survival check


Devouring Cloud is great here. This + Apocalypse is all you need, train a bit !

Final Thoughts

I think after this Long Descriptions you Know what you have to do, mentioning the other Uberquests here would be pointless.
Casterclasses are not made to kill Purify Bosses and all other Ubers should be doable rather fast. This Barb just has it all,
but you need lots of Diffrent Items for him, so choose him and you wont regret.

For all questions ask Stoya or me via PM or just post in this Topic, NO GO ON OWNING

missing: Nothing, but stoya and i will add some more Videos !

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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by MUS01 on Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:32 pm

Yeah, I know which the change which Marco did to Protector spirits maybe an good thing... ..

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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by iwansquall on Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:10 pm


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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by wow123400 on Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:52 pm

i know its about time a caster barb shows up but i thought its gonna be stoya who made it

well, rolls good job

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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by stoya on Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:09 pm

Smile awesome mate.... like we talked before he worked great, happy to see that Smile

well i recorded 1 more caster barbarian last night Smile he is FUNNIEST CHAR EVET in MEDIAN HISTORY pretty sure Smile haahhhh marco is sick guy

do some research LOL
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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by Homm on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:48 pm

OMG MY NAME IS HERE i can't give cookie. Hitting a Wall

Really good gui,de i really enjoyed the way it looks like a story Very Happy
Next part would be uberlevels,which sounds kinda fun with it .
Question, How much do you hit at lvl 120(with your actual gear) with apocalypse and powder keg. Because i saw you used that helm(sure you got lot of fire damage) and i was wondering if you used powder keg at all.

Also,if people doesn't like the poison way, is it viable to use Flash on fire immune? Would a fire/lightning build be viable, it would make room for another amu/glove? And with DAT casting speed flash would burst Smile Possible to get lightning wall from something other than a staff? Saw stoya with a pretty good sorc,prolly good on a barb too but if you lose apocalypse well nevermind
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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by stoya on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:59 pm

should i give cookie to rolls directly or homm to give cookie rolls ?
well homm here is your cookie Smile

do some research LOL
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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by RollsRoyce on Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:03 pm

powder keg is a smaller nova than apocalypse and it has lower dmg ...so no i didnt use it. And flash is so small ranged ( and devouring cloud even has better dmg !).

When i entered Destruction my Apocalypse dmg was ~40k and my devouring Cloud dmg was ~100k.

Only Problem of this barb: the HUGE tradeoff between dmg and cast speed
(shamanka doubles cast speed but halfes dmg Very Happy => help me to persuade marco to add an item for this barbarian to give it an endgame perspective Razz)


Holy Paladin Winterstorm : 100k dmg per Bolt at 4 fpa castrate
Barb: 80k Apocalypse at 9fpa Castrate or 50k apocalypse at 5fpa
=> half dmg output
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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by DanielWolf on Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:14 pm

Thundergod isn't worth a point for extra protection? Stun novas might be worth it
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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

Post by RollsRoyce on Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:39 pm

sure it is^^ did not complete brc yet
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Re: [v6d] ForeCast : A caster Barbarian

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