[SA:MP] Prison RPG ?

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[SA:MP] Prison RPG ?

Post by unlimitedthc on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:32 am

Welcome to Blueberry Prison Roleplay

Are you a roleplayer? Looking for unique servers to RP? Ever wanted to be a druglord in a prison? Or even a tough gangster? Are you one of those that would like to try something really diffrent? Well this is the right place for you then. BPRP offers a warm welcome to everyone that want to try a unique roleplay server, out of the big city called Los Santos, you can roleplay in a prison now, with alot of criminals from all around the world, waiting for you to either be your friend or your foe. Oh, you think that would be a boring place, having nothing to do in a prison? Well then you are wrong, we have alot of great common events prison hosts everyday, you would never be bored. we always have something new for you to roleplay.


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Re: [SA:MP] Prison RPG ?

Post by taem on Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:35 am

"The new guys coming today. You wanna rape him and make him our bitch, or beat the shit outta him and make him parta our crew?"

YeH, sounds like a blast.... forgive me if I sit this one out.
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