Median XL For Dummies v2

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Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by iwansquall on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:25 am


Hi, I am iwansquall and i like turtles. Joking aside, these probably will be my only guide in this forum as there are already tons other guide that covered much more than I could. Firstly before I get into to all of the Knowledge-Bombardment, I would like to said that this guide are designed with Median XL : ULTIMATIVE in mind. If you are playing older version, you might find couple of stuffs that are not accurate. Second, Im dont know much about formating between lo-fi, low resolution and high resolution, so I will just try my best to make the guide easy to read to everyone as well as reduced amount of wall of text. And lastly, have fun reading this guide until the end.

__________TL;DR GUIDE__________

Gear Manipulation:
Cube Function Cube Input Cube Output
Disenchantment : (1-10)SET/UNIQUE + Catalyst Of Disenchantment (1-10) ARCANE SHARD + Catalyst Of Disenchantment
Learning : (1-25)SET/S.UNIQUE + Catalyst Of Learning (1-25) S.O.Learning + Catalyst Of Learning
Quality upgrade : Any gear + Oil of Enchantment (+ RUNE to make MAGIC/RARE) Higher quality of item
Rerolling Gear : Normal/MAGIC/RARE gear + Oil of Renewal Reroll the stats
Uptier Gear : Tier(1-5) Gear + ARCANE CRYSTAL (+RUNE if UNIQUE) Higher Tier

Rune Used Jewel Bonus Crafting Point Req.
Tir 6-10% MF
Ith All Resists 3-5%
Ort 2-4% Req reduction
Shael 21-50 defense
Lum 1-2% Exp
Lem 3-5 All Attributes
Ist 4-6% Minion Lif
Ohm 4-12 Max Dmg
Ber 1-2% Life/Mana Leech
Zod 1-3% Spell Dmg
Kur 2-6% Minion Dmg
Nas 1% Melee slow
Vith 2-4% Minion Resist
Thai 6-15 Min Dmg
Nih 2-8 Life melee strike
On Life/Mana after kill

A. Level Challenge 0 : Harkon Crystal + Apple + Swirly = Upgraded Harkon Crystal ( = clvl 5)

B. Level Challenge 1 :
  • Sunstone of Ice + Scroll TP + Scroll ID + Swirly = Upgraded Sunstone ( <= clvl 70)
  • Sunstone of Fire + Scroll TP + Scroll ID + Swirly = Upgraded Sunstone ( <= clvl 60)
  • Sunstone of Lightning + Scroll TP + Scroll ID + Swirly = Upgraded Sunstone ( <= clvl 50)

C. Ennead Challenge : Class Charm + Jewel = Upgraded Class Charm ( <= clvl 80)

D. Level Challenge 2 : Class Charm + Perfect Gem + Swirly = Upgraded Class Charm ( <= clvl 90)

E. Quest Rewards :
  • Extra Skill points : 1 - Akara , 1 - Radament, 2 - Izual, x3 difficulty (6 total)
  • Extra Stat points : Ruined Temple x 3 difficulty (15 total stats)
  • Extra Life : Golden Bird : 20 life x 3 difficulty (60 total life)
  • Extra Resist : Rescue Anya : 10% all resist x 3 difficulty (30% total resists)

__________TABLE OF CONTENTS__________

  1. 5 Elements of Gamer
    1. Fortitude
    2. Playing Skill
    3. Knowledge
    4. Luck / RNG
    5. Time
    6. Summary

  2. Build & Playstyle
    1. WDM user
    2. Caster
    3. Summoner
    4. Design your own build
    5. Powerleveling

  3. Section for Dummies
    1. Tips & Tricks
    2. Noob Mistakes
    3. Single Player Guide
    4. Useful Gears

  4. General Gameplay Guide
    1. Act 1
    2. Act 2
    3. Act 3
    4. Act 4
    5. Act 5
    6. Terror Difficulty
    7. Destruction Difficulty

As you probably know, i love theorycraft. Sometimes it isnt about skill mechanic alone, but on how to present idea properly so it can be understand by other people. If you looking for in-game guide, i suggest to skip this part as this section mainly focus the player itself. Several information can be applied in real life which might help you gameplay tremendously.

Strength and Vitality. This element are mainly on HOW LONG you able to play with GOOD mental state. Preseverance will you make continue despite dying and failed couple time. Have you tried play the game after you exercise or doing some workout? If you are tired, it is guaranteed that your game will become sloppy and you might make more mistakes than usual.

Symptom that you lacked this :
  1. You have all free time to play median XL, but you didnt. And it is not because of other commitment
  2. You feel very lazy and want to take short cut and worst, you want to cheat the game.
  3. You feel body ache or muscle cramp. Sometimes you feel tired and cant play the game.
  4. You fast give up and rage quit because your mindset are not strong enough.

Couple of tips :
  1. Always have good rest because it is important. Im sure you heard there was one person DIED because he played diablo 3 for long hours. I suggest that you dont become the next victim
  2. Strecthing is good for body. Especially if you play for more than couple hours. Doesnt need fancy, enough by walking to toilet or to kitchen while stretching.
  3. Understand the game. After you die, sometimes you feel like you want to just rage quit. Best idea would be to just asked yourself why did you died.
  4. Gaming position. If you sit in wrong position / posture, you will have serious problem in long term. Muscle cram is major indicator of this problems.

__________PLAYING SKILL__________
Dexterity and Agility. Since median XL is all about skills and click-fast, you will have disadvantage if your hand move slowly or your reflex is slow as turtle. Thankfully, you doesnt need high APM like korean broodwar player but you still need to maximize all hotkeys properly. I guaranteed you that playing medianXL is much harder than playing other MOBA game.

Symptom that you lacked this :
  1. When you playing the game, you slowly saw the death coming but you didnt dodge (fireblood elite is best example)
  2. You didnt add new shortcut for the game, and hate skill switching.
  3. You did a lot mistake, large amount of misclicking. Either it is because of your mouse, or your hand.
  4. You died to a witch.

Couple of tips :
  1. Setting up hotkeys. Here some of the layout you can use. These are good setup for right handed people.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. All things can become easier by practice. Even if you are using legacy hotkeys (f1 - f8), you can still perform well if you are used to it.
  3. Understand certain skills function and plan your character movements. Would you spam RMB or shift+LMB? Test it to find out!
  4. Get a proper gears. Just like in game, you in real life also need some gear. Although i personally recommend to get gamer' keyboard and mouse, normal keyboard and mouse are ok as long it functional properly and doesnt screw up during playing. Mouse jumping across screen is one of the example, it is matter either you character live or die.

Intelligence and Wisdom. Currently, it is the MOST IMPORTANT elements to play median XL. Sometimes you might learn your lesson after dying to certain encounter, but it just much better to seek knowledge either from documentation or forum. Rather than giving you a fish, teaching you how to fish are much better, so you could survive on your own.

Symptom that you lacked this :
  1. You went straight to forum and asked stupid question
  2. You are reading this guide but still have no clue on median XL.
  3. You just want to be in game, doesnt want to be at forum or reading documentation.
  4. You didnt bother even to learn a simple game mechanic at all, even it is important to your build

Couple of tips :
  1. READ THE FINE MANUAL i.e, Offline Documentation, Main website, LFAQ, Documentation & Tools section.
  2. Guide is a good place to start incase you have zero idea on what build to choose (we will talk about this later), refer to the Median XL Guides section.
  3. If you need to find specific, use search function that available in the offline doc and the forum, LFAQ. Should cover your basic need.
  4. Incase if you really need to ask for couple questions (rather than discussion). use short-question thread.
  5. Please apply all knowledge you learnt when playing in-game, if not you better play angry birds or farmville.

__________LUCK / RNG__________
Probability and Chance. These are the MAIN FACTOR variables when playing diablo 2. It cover from damage rolls, drop chance, monster position, stats on your items etc. However, this is one of elements that you cant control because it is all in programming probability.

Symptom that you lacked this :
  1. You have serious chain of bad luck in real life
  2. You complained / QQ at the forum that you farm for long time but still didnt get it.
  3. You got too many of duplicated item
  4. You have bad reroll on gear and equipment

Couple of tips :
  1. There couple way to increase your chance when playing Median XL. You can try to stack %Magic Find, %Gold Find and increasing /players setting.
  2. To get really powerful item, you pretty much HAVE TO spend a lot time either farming gear, shrine-crafting or jewel-crafting.
  3. Several people mention that if you complained to website / forum, Random Number God (RNG) will be kind enough to give some good item.
  4. If you still find yourself unlucky, try changing farming places, farming routes, restart d2, restart PC or maybe try to use other character.

Duration and Progress. Time factor that I want to talk here are the time you have for playing the game". People said as long you spend the time in-game CORRECTLY, you will automatically will become better player. Time is also one of the elements the CONTINOUSLY FLOW FORWARD, so spend wisely.

Symptom that you lacked this :
  1. You have a lot of other commitment (school, work) with no time for games
  2. You envy other people's monstrous farming capabilities
  3. You think a lot about the game in other time
  4. You didnt feel progress in game at all

Couple of tips :
  1. The quality of time when playing median XL are the time that "You know what you are doing" or "Doing thing optimized"
  2. Progress of character can be measured mostly by your character level or FARMING SPEED because Median XL is a game of "Loots"
  3. If you are player that doesnt have much time, I recommended for either try to beat certain uber / challenges 1 by 1 until you get stucked..
  4. Endgame are usually pretty boring grinds, you might want to play other character/class/build.

If you have high amount of 5 elements I said above, you are pretty much a HARDCORE PLAYER (and shouldnt need to read this guide). In this summary part, I will talk about on how to play if you are only have certain characteristic and some tips on how to improve your gameplay. I will factor out Luck/RNG and time because it is external factor.

Fortitude + Playing skill
You are one hell of player that probably play a lot of other game that have similar playstyle like d2. Despite you probably die a lot, you still push on and keep playing. You probably jump into median XL without reading any information at all. I hope i can help here, so spend some time understand my theory and guide here.
Recommend : Spend more time a bit reading offline documentation. Always wondering you did you died, either lack of survivality or slow killing speed.

Fortitude + Knowledge
So you are that know what you are doing and know how to obtain it. You probably able to farm all your stuff easily, but you tend to make mistake because your playing skill arent there yet. I assume that you always take your time in either crafting or plan your build properly before start playing.
Recommend : Get a powerful build that doesnt require much skill switching. Focus on improving your powerlevel by farming and crafting a lot.

Playing skill + Knowledge
You probably think you are playing like a boss, but you pretty much doesnt like to play for long time. You read documentation a lot and you have the skill to play hardest-to-play build easily. Skill switching is your norm, and you know the fastest way to cheese or farming effectively. You hate dying badly and you tend to rage quit. Farming probably are boring to you.
Recommend : Get a cookie cutter build, something powerful enough so you wont die much and farm faster. Trying new build might bring you some spark to play more.

In this section, I will talk about couple of build design in MedianXL. Always assume that this is not a guide that you need to follow 100% but rather just take couple of useful information and tweak it as you play the game.

__________WDM USER__________
WDM stand for Weapon Damage Modifier which used by a lot of skill in medianXL. Technically speaking, this playstyle is using their weapon to do damage. The sharper your knife, to more damage you do. Same like some heavy weapon, the stronger you are, the more damage you can deal.

Build design:
  1. STR based build (Stat-WDM)
    Usually this build have powerful heavy weapon but lacked of attack rating. So try to aim for some %increased attack rating that help you with 'chance to hit' on monster. Additionally, because you stacked a lot of STR, itemization are much easier. You can pretty much use all heavy armor without problem.
  2. DEX based build (Stat-WDM)
    If STR equal heavy, DEX equal sharp. There are a lot of benefit with DEX stats such as increase attack rating, increase defense rating and most important is increase %chance to block. Block is powerful stats for player as it is kinda 2nd layer of protection against physical attacker. Additionally dex also improve for certain dex-based weapon and help you wear some of the dex gear.
  3. Flat damage build (Flat-WDM)
    Flat damage are usually treat as freebie for most WDM user. This powerful stats are usually come free with certain gears and doesnt require many investment. That why you can stack all-vit and go with this build. Additionally, flat damage focus on multiple hitting spell, which can be boosted to infinite by some WDM proc.

Item Affix to Hunt :
  • % Enhanced Damage
  • % Enhanced Weapon Damage
  • + flat damage (min - max, e.g : physical, fire , poison etc)
  • %increased attack speed

Caster is a class that focused on spell damage which available in various elements. Normally caster use energy as their main stats and have multiple elements in their build. They also able to improved their damage greatly by getting -% enemy resists.

Build design:
  1. Ranged Elemental Caster Build
    Not to be confused with druid's elemental spell, this type caster is the main type in median which able to use various %spell damage to boost their damage. As a ranged caster, usually they mindset is to "KILL THEM BEFORE THEY TOUCH YOU". So, some meatshield or crowd-control is advisable for this build.
  2. Melee Elemental Caster Build
    This one is unique because they able to deal both spell damage and WDM with their melee attack. There are a lot interesting you can do with melee especially on-attack proc which definitely will able to deal high damage if you are focused on %spell damage.
  3. Energist Caster Build
    This are minor caster in medianXL which have different mechanic than normal spell. Some of them required you to have hard points into energy while other need you to have high amount of mana. This build currently only limited to magic and physical spell damage (not WDM physical)

Item Affix to Hunt :
  • +energy factor to spell damage
  • %spell damage
  • -% enemy resists
  • %fast cast rate

Summoner is a class that mainly use their minion as primary damage dealer. Unlike other 2 build, you pretty much can sleep while your minion do the dirty job. However, playing summoner alone isnt enough in medianXL because monster damage scaled to high compared to your minion life.

Build design:
  1. Active summoner
    Active summoner is a build that fight along with their summon, either by being a caster or WDM user. Generally you only focused with %minion life and %minion resist for this build
  2. Passive summoner
    Passive summoner focused on buffing their minion, debuff enemy and resummon dead minion so damage will keep up. As for gear, usually you will focused 100% on stuff that buff your minion while keeping minimum defense for survivality.

Item Affix to Hunt :
  • %minion life
  • %minion damage
  • %minion resist
  • +minion count

__________DESIGN YOUR OWN BUILD__________
In this section I will guide for you to design your on build. It just a template.

1. Main damage dealer
This will be your main skill that you will use most of the times. Just put max of skill points possible into it.
2. Secondary / Alternative damage dealer
Usually your main skill doesnt work optimally for all encounter. In this case, you will need your secondary skill. For caster, your secondary skill must be different element because of monster immunity. Like your main skill, you probably want to put about skill points into the skill.
3. Offensive utility spell
This is the skill that help you kill faster. Either a debuff you cast on enemy or a buff that temporary improve your damage. Max if possible.
4, Defensive utility spell
Anything that help you survive. Crowd control, mobility and defensive buff spell. About 10 points should be enough.
5. Offensive passive
Passives are great way to way to improve your killing speed. This should improved your main skill. Max if possible.
6. Defensive passive
Defensive is easiest way to improve your survival without needing button press. Max this if you died a lot.

Ok, now time for some questionaire regarding your build design.
1. What is the elements of your main skill, it is physical, magic or others? Do you have more than 2 elements? (For immunity that appear in act 3 hatred and above)
2. Do you have access to tri-elemental (fire, cold and lightning) and other type of elements (physical, magic or poison) separately? (For fauztinville mainly)
3. Do you have any skill with skill timer, because generally timered skill are good.
4. Do you any long duration buff? Or it is just short duration buff?
5. Do you have any panic button skill that you can use during emergency time?

Powerlevel in my term here is the capabilities of your character to perform the certain actions in the game. Since medianXL are all about progression, the higher your powerlevel, the faster your character able to progress. Think the powerlevel is a indicator that tell you how much

Main purpose of Powerlevel :
  1. Character level / Experience progression
    Basically how fast you level up from starting to 120. Some people said they can do it within few hours. While other took months. Usually the problem are not about the time you spent on the game, but on how you progress through the game. Dying in terror and destruction alone can take a chunk of your experience off.
  2. Map / Level progression
    Two main part, the progression of normal map until destruction and capabilities of your character in doing certain uberquest. If you are severely lacked of gear (powerlevel), you are definitely gonna stuck on certain map for long time. In normal map you just need to farm certain boss to optimize your gear. For uber however, you definitely need to rely on your luck/RNG for lucky gear drop or good craft.
  3. Uber Farming
    This will be large part of your life when playing a character. Usually a good character in the game will be able to clear uberlevel quickly. Median XL are mainly are more crowded and AoE-fest compared to cLoD. Your best bet would be to just optimize the uber farming slowly from easier map to the hardest.
  4. Boss killing
    Median XL also have various tons of good boos encounter that you need to properly geared to do them. Normal boss runs such the prime evil and couple of champion pack alone are enough to gear you up for easiest uber. Once you are ready to tackle the uber boss, just make sure that you know mechanic and understand how the boss work or you will spend a long time fighting (for example.. 2 hours?)

Powerlevel type
  1. Damage per second
    Damage per second are basically the how much damage your character can do depending on purpose. High DPS single target skill are generally useless when you are uber farming but pretty good when you fighting a boss. There are several other way of improving your dps that largely depend on playstyle of your build.
  2. Burst damage capability
    Burst damage is about maximum potential damage you able deal in short time frame. Burst damage remained useful in either uber farming or boss killing but main reason you need the burst damage are to kill the target as quickly as possible. Best example of the use of burst damage would be the heroic boss and when doing bremmtown's quest.
  3. Damage Mitigation
    Damage mitigation is all about reducing the incoming damage that your character take. While you can increase your maximum life to above beyond, it is far less useful compared to damage mitigation. Example of it would be %damage resist and %damage reduction. By 50 of %damage resist, it already easily double your effective-HP. So to stack them as many as possible.
  4. Sustainability
    Sustainability is your ability to hold on long fight. I usually measured this on how often do you need to go back to town back because you run out of potion. Mana is also another thing that determined your sustainability especially at low level. While you waiting for your mana to recover, without the usage of your main skill will drastically reduce your killing speed. So try at least have some of the it such as Mana of each kill or %life leech so will able to fight properly

In this section, I will take about WHAT I THINK for all class that available in MedianXL. Some of them might be bias and you might disagree with me, but my current focus is just to list each class with their own playstyles that already listed before. Some of the information might be outdated as Im currently referring from old guide for Median2008.

DEVOTER, Amazon class in medianXL have 4 different devotion that define her playstyle. All of devotion are powerful passives that much stronger with more points into. Each devotion have their own pro and con, but usually as long as you stick one tree, you can be guaranteed that is best way to play it. Hybrid is possible, but she will loss that tremendous power for more skill and weapon choice.

  • Main Weapon : Bow, Javelin, Sceptre, Spear
  • Innate Bonus : Faster walk / run, Faster recovery & cast speed with spear, Faster cast speed with swing weapon
  • Stat Bonus : 25 Health per level. 15 Mana per level, 2 Health per vitality, 4 Mana per energy.
Playstyle Description


Wont work unless some oskill build. Although pounce have STR-bonus on it, it still not worth it because spear-class weapon only DEX to improve its' weapon damage. Not to mention that all amazon's skill have weapon specific requirement making it harder to combo with STR-based weapon

Best skill tree to use would be Javelin and Spear tree. Javazon have benefit from DEX as they can easily reach 75% chance to block with it. Alternatively, she also can go paragon build with amethyst to reach maximum survival with cheap gear

Bowzon is best here. Her devotion basically give free tri-elemental as long have the same element from your gears. Gear like Jitan's Kamon and Sunstone of Elements can easily remedy that.

This mean the bloodzon tree. She capable to shooting from across the screen with bloodstorm. Other blood are good spell that are much stronger once the her devotion trigger. She mainly focused on fire and magic spell

Only skill she have to use this playstyle is Hyena strike only which deal TONS of poison damage. Probably you could try flower oskill from rare amulet, although She lacked of %spell damage source as it only came from bloodlust and Spirit of Vengeance.

Haha, no. Just no real benefit, there isnt dex-based spell either.

With powerful fire elemental, she quite excel in this area. You can pretty much combine any tree and it still work with Fire Elemental. Not to mention that fire elemental inherit all of your passive. Skill like Defense Harmony which trigger when strucked, are valuable and doesnt require player to tank the shot.

Fire Elemental can trigger powerful fire cannonade when death, making it excellent skill to spam on top of enemy. Other than Spellbind and Bloodlust, she doesnt really have any good skill to play passively.

VERSATILE, Assassin basically have various skills that are useful to all her playstyle. She general associated with being fragile but she can easily remedy that by being like a ninja. Most of her skillset rely on speed and being nimble, making her perfect class for player that have quick reflex and good playing skill.

  • Main Weapon : Katar, Throwing Knife, Naginata
  • Innate Bonus : Faster attack with fist / katar, Faster attack with throwing knife, faster attack with polearm
  • Stat Bonus : 25 Health per level. 15 Mana per level, 2 Health per vitality, 4 Mana per energy.
Playstyle Description


Nope, see doesnt have much skill that benefit from pure str nor she have a good source of %ED / %EWD.

DEX is main stats for assassin as she have class-specific which allowed her to achieve 75% block easily. Naginata is good here as she also have Laserblade which improved with pure DEX.

She is queen of blades and flat WDM. Most of her passives give a lot of free flat passive damage that allow to deal tons of damage even being naked. She the most excel class in this playstyle

She can be long range caster by investing into sentry/bomb tree. Good aspect of being caster sin is she doesnt need to focus much on energy as she can get high %spell damage easily, so spreading stat points into DEX and VITA can improved her survivability a bit.

Currently only melee caster skill that she have is Twin Fang which deal dual fire and poison damage. Combined with bonus from Ways of Phoenix and Snake, she also able to deal flat damage at same time. You are free to go either katar for speed or naginata for AoE attack.

In ultimative, energist have given a summon that able to cast powerful spell. Combined with her passives, she have a bit more survival even she invest all point into ENERGY

Staple skill to play active summoner would be playing batstriker. Best part of the summon is that they inherit all of your passives and able to deal high elemental damage on melee attack.

Although she have 2 summon skill and bunch full of good debuff skill (blink, psychic scream, doom), she really need to deal damage by herself as she pretty lacked in number to play as passive summoner.

POWERHOUSE, that best word to describe barbarian. He practically can use all type of weapons that available in game although he generally based toward STR-based weapon. Characteristic of barbarian would be his stance, which is kinda like chinese's kungfu style. Then have couple other skill tree that can combined around with stance to make unique build.

  • Main Weapon : All melee weapon, Throwing Axe,
  • Innate Bonus : Faster swing / cast with 2hand swing and dual-wield
  • Stat Bonus : 30 Health per level. 10 Mana per level, 3 Health per vitality, 2 Mana per energy.
Playstyle Description


Barbarian is best class to play with pure STR as he have a lot of skills that rely on hard points into STR. Lion stance and Earthquake is best example for this build. Other stances and weapon setup still can work flawlessly here.

DEX barbarian currently doesnt work well compared to other class because he have lower innate block. It might work, but he will lose more of the good bonus. He got a lot of %ED / %EWD to make up for it though.

Barbarian can easily get high tri-elemental from Nephilim Weapons and Kraken stance oskill. Additional to that, he also can get very high lightning damage from Thundergod skill and good flat damage from Wolf Companions. Skill that rely on high missiles count like fortress and overkill work well here as well. You also can go pure VITA with this build and still have good killing speed.

He doesnt have innate caster skill but he can get various oskill from gear. To make this build work, he can combine with bloodlust from protector spirit, high regen from eagle stance and go pure STR with high STR factor gear.

He doesnt have melee caster skill, but he can go with elemental proc melee weapon and bloodhatred. Bloodhatred give all stuff you need like %spell damage and life on melee striking for survival. He can pretty with any stat setup for this.

Nope cant work for energy, by via pure STR and high STR factor can work abit. Dont count much on it though as there is no STR-based caster spell.

Barbarian probably one of best class to play with active summoner as he can get all good stats for minion from Shamanic Trance alone. Combine with stance dancing, he can pack a punch on monster wall.

It is hard to play passive summoner other than thunderslamming and jumping around with spirit walk. He got couple of debuff like Eagle Dive, Wolf's Doom, Thunderslam and to some extend, Shower of Rocks that reduce enemy defense rating.

ADAPTED, druid various skill tree that can be combined depending on your situation and play style. He got 2 shapeshifter tree that have very different playstyle which kinda similar to cLoD. He also have other 3 skill tree that mainly focused on destroying enemy from a far making he among that class that have highest ranged spell.

  • Main Weapon : Axe, Hammer, Maul, Dagger, Staff, Crossbow, Bow
  • Innate Bonus : Faster cast with staff
  • Stat Bonus : 20 Health per level. 20 Mana per level, 1 Health per vitality, 6 Mana per energy.
Playstyle Description


Aside from barbarian, druid is another class that get TONS of benefit from investing into STR. With his main weapon focused on STR and an uber that give you free damage and power up proc from STR factor, you cant go wrong with this. You go treewarden for melee or bowdruid for ranged.

Pure dex work wonder with trap rat. He have to rely on high missiles count skill because he innately slow and dagger arent the best DEX based weapon. Combined with %cb from from elfin arrow, he can put down toughest foe with merely a second

Druid doesnt have much free flat bonus other than Force of Nature (ultimative only). You can however try to get the flat damage from gear, but technically you can only combine it with missiles proc and mythal for lower resist alone.

As i mentioned before, druid excellent with his long range spell. Whole tree are really powerful and immunity doesnt hurt him much as he got couple of utility skill to help him. Using skill like mythal, elvensong, and uberskill Tremor, he push through crowd like hot knife through butter.

Treewarden combine with wildfire and poison flash is an excellent among the melee caster in median. Treewarden have so much faster attack speed and casting animation, he able to jump between enemy group in blink of the eye.

Pure energy might not work, but playing caster with pure STR might work abit although you will have problem with high mana cost spell. This also mean that you have choose Force of Nature only though.

Acid fiends is good summon that work with all types of druid. Combined with their aura and full synergies, acid fiends can clear the enemies with their deadly poison flash.

Playing passive summoner with druid now is much harder compared to old version. He already lost his signature charm and support skill, leaving you only elvensong and mythal as support spell. Losing blindside as main stunner skill also had made druid crowd control a bit weaker.

UNITY, necromancer have various of powerful skill that seem a bit weak on their own, but can become much more powerful when it combined with each other. Necromancer also have couple different playstyle that fit everyone taste. He remain truthful with his minion controlling background as most of his spell rely on minion to either empower his alles or weaken their enemy.

  • Main Weapon : Scythe, Dagger, Crossbow, Staff, Wand
  • Innate Bonus : Faster cast with staff
  • Stat Bonus : 20 Health per level. 20 Mana per level, 1 Health per vitality, 6 Mana per energy.
Playstyle Description


Scythe is necro's main dedicated STR weapon. However he doesnt have any other that benefit from STR investment, but that doesnt mean you cant invest into all STR. With enough support from minion and totem, he can go full rambo.

Necro can use dagger and their class specific shield to retain powerful affix. But like pure STR build, he doesnt have much skill that give high return per DEX investment. However, he can go pure DEX for maximum block, deathward and minion wall for ultimate survival combo.

He can get couple of elemental damage from various source. One is tri-elemental from deathfire totem. Next is fire damage from his passive, dragonfire oil. Lastly is the doom from his summon, lamia which increase physical damage taken by enemy. For skill that high missiles count, then voodoo shot is best way to go.

He doesnt have any active caster spell except for his spell totem. Although it doesnt stop him from having fun as he can easily obtain them via oskill. Combined with his high mana regen from embalming and high mana per energy gain, he even can most expensive spell with ease.

Melee caster doesnt work as he doesnt have skill for it, but he go for pure melee proc build by using massacre added as it can dish 5 attacks in rapid session. Combined with %spell power from shadow and burning veil, as well as -% enemy resist from djinn, seem like it just take a bit effort to use this playstyle.

Despite his high mana gain per energy, there arent spell that he can benefit from.

He already have tons of active skill and powerful minion. Just throw bunch of different skill here, and it still can work as long as you wear the dedicated gear for it. Necromancer will fall too easily without his summon as it pretty much served as second layer of protection.

Necromancer is only class that can true fully sit in the corner while giggling as his summon tear apart the enemy. Various element from spell totem, support skill that improved his summon and powerful summon itself, he can pretty go naked while his enemy awe with his powerful little friends.

CHOSEN, Paladin is a class where you need to make a choice when purging your enemy. Either it holy, unholy and neutral, each of skill tree have their own playstyle that much different from each other. Regardless on what your choice, it can be guaranteed that you will rewarded accordingly. So it is important to make good choice so that you wont regret it.

  • Main Weapon : All melee weapon, Sceptre,
  • Innate Bonus : Faster cast with sceptre, Faster attack / cast with spear weapon
  • Stat Bonus : 30 Health per level. 10 Mana per level, 3 Health per vitality, 2 Mana per energy.
Playstyle Description


Pure STR only work with holy melee skill tree. It got tons of skill that improved per hard point STR and powerful dedicated class specific 2hand weapon. If you being MANLY MAN is your choice, you come at right place.

DEX investment for pally is a bit tricky because he doesnt have benefit from and his block a bit lower than other class. Even though sceptre is based on DEX, he doesnt have any other method to gain decent %ED / %EWD to fully benefit of this playstyle

Pally doesnt have flat damage bonus except from plague and Merkabah which still require STR investment. However, people manage to make a crossbow build in older medianXL before, so you might want to try that.

He can go caster with any alignment, All of them are different, but they have their own way to deal with immunity easily. Pally however have a bit problem with skill choice as his mana gain per level and per energy invested are quite low.

Both melee alignment have this playstyle. You can go with hammerstrike in holy tree or various other spell in unholy tree. Pally's 2hand spear might your best your choice here as it been designed as a "staff" for pally.

Jedi and Sith mindtrick wont work here. You wont get discount for spaceship parts.

Scourge is good meatshield that benefit from blessed life. Best of it is that the scourge are synergized with all your points into either holy or unholy, making all your investment. Although be adviced that holy focused on offensive while unholy focused on defensive, so you might need proper to counter the balance.

Playing as passive summoner is a bit hard here. His crowd control are good, but a bit limited and pretty much require you to go active with it. Crowd control that he have are retaliate, Colosseum, Searing Orb, Black Sleep, Slayer and Divine Apparition. To be more passive, you have to obtain other sources for buff and debuff from your gear.

COMBINED, Sorceress able to choose two out of four from her elements skill tree. Each elements have their own pro and cons making that each skill tree more unique. Sorceress however, doesnt give you the choice of varied playstyle, making that only wise and creative player will be able play her differently.

  • Main Weapon : Staff, Orb, Crystal Sword, Warpblade
  • Innate Bonus : Faster cast with staff, Faster attack and cast with 1hand swing weapon.
  • Stat Bonus : 25 Health per level. 15 Mana per level, 2 Health per vitality, 4 Mana per energy.
Playstyle Description


Manliest sorceress? Nope, doesnt work. Her main weapon only focus on DEX alone.

Warpblade have high DEX bonus and high base damage for 1hand weapon in whole median! Making that investment in pure DEX are worth it. Except her melee skill a bit 1 dimensional. Most of time, you will only spam 1 spell from start and until the end game making her totally a easy build for new player

For this one, she really have to rely on elemental damage that available a lot on her gear. From there, she can just combine it with any skill that can give %spell damage to get full benefit of flat damage.

She is the queen of caster. All of her skill tree are screaming caster spell and be used in almost all situation. Some of them are even casted PASSIVELY, making she casting spell while casting spell is like eating cookie while eating cookie.

Combined with her passive automatic spell, she can only go melee caster with help from proc of her gear. She probably wont have problem using any spell proc with decent damage, but he still one dimensional

The term energist are pretty much designed for her. With 2 main spell that sitting in magic tree, which accessible with all type sorc, she pretty much can go any combo of build to cover weakness that usually related to this playstyle.

Summons tank for you while you preparing to cast powerful spell is standard situation that happen in various game. However, her only active summon would ice elemental only as familiar cant really tank for you, making that you can only pick 1 more of 3 other elements tree.

She can play as passive summoner a bit, but she need much more minion than ice elemental. There are acid fiend oskill that availabled on crafted armor that perfect for this. Combined with her crowd control of forced wall, fus ro dah and chronofield, her minion can happily making snowball out monster body without much problem.

__________USEFUL GEAR__________
This section would be general section of useful all-around gear that all character can use.

  • Jewelword - Put jewels in all sockets of grey item.
  • Gemword - Put all jewels except the last slot, put gem which bonus will be multiplied.
  • Honorific - Best for %all resists, +str/dex jewellery.


  • Enyo RW - +1 skill, %minion life, %str, %vit
  • Azrael RW - FCR, IAS, +str, +life, +life after each kill.
  • Berith RW - Speed booster, +str, +dex, %gold find


  • Jitan's Kamon TU - Tri-elemental damage and %damage reduction
  • Queen of Glass TU - -%enemy resists, %frw and some %resist
  • Victory RW - All attribute, %spell damage, %MF
  • Mirage RW - +1 skill, 60% FRW, all resists.
  • Dragonheart RW - high %defense and +500 life


  • Summit RW - Good discount and gold find at early level
  • Cannonball RW - High FRW coming from a cheap rune
  • Lily RW - +2 skills and +1 life on striking with decent +Life after each kill
  • Eulenspiegel RW - +2 skills and couple of good %stat bonus


  • Aerin Orbiter TU - spell damage and all resists.
  • Prodigy RW - Regen mana, Mana after each kill
  • Fuse RW - Immolation Bomb proc, Blast wave oskill
  • Truce RW - 10% damage reduction


  • Police Verso TU - Life and mana after each kill
  • Kali RW - +2 skills, 10% max fire resist
  • Skald RW - FCR, bloodlust oskill
  • Lai RW - 80% FRW, +vit, +energy


  • Death Spur TU - Max damage, +str and dex
  • Lionpaw TU - too useful
  • Epicenter RW - %max life
  • Craton RW - +all attribute, flat damage reduction, %TCD
  • Megalith RW - +1 skill, +str, %damage reduction, +FHR

You can pretty much get all information about mercenaries from guide. There are details there about the skill and stats of the mercenaries. On this section, i will give my personal feedback on them and how to match them with your playstyle.

__________THE SISTERS__________
She is fairly offensive that focused on physical damage. However the AI a bit stupid, like casting barrage when it clearly cant reach the target. Once she the warspirit, she pretty is a good proc-machine. She however a bit fragile without survival skill
Recommend for : Melee class either Flat-WDM or caster, tanker, summoner

A bit more defensive than Ranger. She quite a supporter type that cast couple spell that useful for summoner. However her Pagan Rites might clash with any build that rely on corpse.
Recommend for : Caster, Summoner

__________THE TOWN GUARD__________
Exemplar is self-sustained melee fighter that doesnt require much attention or your potion. His skillset pretty much allow him to focus on either crowd control or passively dealing WDM attack. Physical immune is not a problem for him as both Retaliate and Disintegrate dealing magic damage.
Recommend for : Ranged / Fragile Class

Shapeshifter is one of tankiest mercenaries by having large health pool. However he lacked of regen skill, so he need to rely from your potion or having large amount of life leech. Bloodlust good all around damage buff that affecting all your allies.
Recommend for : Caster, Summoner

Fighter Mage
Figther Mage is one of excellent mercenaries that focused on crowd control. His skill set focus multi hitting WDM skill, so he also are good to become a proc machine. With chronofield and glacial Nova, player can just focus on offensive
Recommend for : Ranged class, Summoner

__________THE IRON WOLVES__________
Bloodmage is caster mercenaries that help a lot for sustainability with his Gift of Inner Fire skill. His skill focused on fire and poison making it excellent as alternatives damage dealer for immune. However most of his skill are designed for short range, while he mostly try to be far away making his skill a bit waste.
Recommend for : WDM, Cold / Lightning Caster, Summoner

Necrolyte is mercenaries that excellent in crowd control and dealing spell damage. He is focused on cold and poison as well as able to manipulate the enemy with charm. However he need a proper tanker to making his spell able to hit properly.
Recommend for : WDM, Tanker, Fire / Lightning Caster

Abjurer is least favoured mercenaries. His skill set focused on lightning damage debuff on enemy. Although he have faster breakpoint compared to other iron wolves, his main skill are not designed for long range making he deal lesser damage then he capable of.
Recommend for : WDM, Ranged Class

__________THE BARBARIANS__________
He is powerful melee fighter with decent skill set and able to summon some minion. He also have quite good %stat gain, making he good in dealing physical damage at higher level. Shower of rocks and Ancient Hands is proven powerful AoE WDM skills.
Recommend for : Caster, Summoner.

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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by iwansquall on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:26 am

__________TIPS & TRICKS__________
I will share with some of the tips and tricks that will make play medianXL much easier.
  1. Give cookie to guide writer will make them happy.
  2. Stocking potion faster - Usually people would just use shift + left click to fill the belt then double left click to buy potion rapidly. I got method which i used because multires messed the left click process. You first use shift + left click to fill your belt, then PICK UP and put back your belt. All extra potion you have on belt will transfer to inventory nicely. Best with 4 rows belt.
  3. Gold maker - Put any rune in throwing weapon with socket and sell it for massive gold.
  4. Rerolling rings and amulet if easiest way to get decent stats that you will use until late game.
  5. +all stats and -%requirement is best way to use decent gear at low level
  6. Each uber have their own bias, although farming various place is still best method
  7. Good map reroll for durance act 2 is the best way to farm unique and stock up on Arcane Cystal
  8. Nihlahtak drop signet in all difficulty that help with your progression. Beware of picking waypoint at level 2 because it gonna close the red portal and making farming jitan much harder
  9. When you saw large crowd of monster, generally it advised to run back a bit so can kill them 1 by 1.
  10. Stock up health, mana potion, town portal and keys, as it gonna make farming much more easier.

__________NOOB MISTAKES__________
This section will talk about couple mistakes that most people did when playing medianXL.
  1. Running all the time. Running will reduced your defense, making mobs easier to hit you.
  2. Didnt open town portal at all. This will make your body retrievement much more harder and longer
  3. Wearing another gear while in ghost mode. Once you died, please refrain from equip random gear, there is chance for you to lose all your gear.
  4. Not reading uberquest level warning. Well at least each new player will make this mistake once.
  5. Stop hugging witch. She like you but she have AIDS that will gonna kill you.
  6. Didnt read your in-game description properly. Like using character orb at lvl 120, using phase bomb with WDM skill.
  7. Rushing area blindly. This usually riskier than traditional clearing area before move forward, so you tend to die a lot.
  8. Didnt learn about encounter on elite. Each elite have their own set of gay skill.

__________SINGLE PLAYER GUIDE__________
Since Im personally only play alone, and never play multiplayer, i can share you couple of tips that might help when you playing the game.
  1. When you starting a new character, try to choose a character that have much more potential by using cheap gear. Rely on some specific gear will tough as you can only rely on luck. Try to find a guide that it is designed for newbie, chances are, they are designed with cheap item as well
  2. Try to make all class character even though you trying to focus only on one character. For best result, you want to level them up until you can reach griswold as he dropped Gift Box which give 3 different item for each class, some of them are really powerful versatile Tiered Unique.
  3. While playing solo, it might easy to get lonely or bored, try to listen some music while keeping the game sound effect on as it might hint you couple of things like a trap.
  4. Try to get all type of tools that improved your game. Since you are not playing on the server, you can play with any version with any add-on / tools you want.
  5. Forum is your best friend, since you cant get answer immediately via chat in multiplayer, so always keep a browser open for the forum so you can ask there directly. You can also open the irc channel.
  6. When you playing single player, you wont have any lag or delay problem, so it the best platform for you to play some tricky build or playing hardcore without fear of dying because of lag. (not recommended though).
  7. Even though you playing solo, you still can trading via using a mule that you upload to file hosting website. So basically you just trading link to the file. And try be honest and not to share the link with other.

When I was writing the general gameplay section, I noticed that I keep mention same strategies from certain mobs. So to make that the general gameplay cleared out of same redundant strategies, you might want to read this section and adapt the strategies when you play the game. I will split the section into various encounter, and strategies to beat them.

__________MELEE / SHORT RANGE__________
Melee is a type where they will come toward you and try to surround you. Some of them have various proc on attack, which mean they able to do things that might help their allies, or kill you easier.

Rusher / Runner
Rusher / Runner is melee mobs that generally have high movement speed and able to surround you at extreme fast rate. Depending on your movement speed, you might want to run away from them a bit to kill them 1 by 1. If you cant, get a way to stall them either by having reanimate, summon or crowd control them.

Tanker is melee mobs that generally have much higher life than other and will be last one to fall. Generally they are slow moving, so you pretty much outrun them easily. Depending on monster, some of them have annoying spell that either heal themselves, cast disable on you or just have high damaging attack.

If enigma RW is annoying enough in cLoD, wait until you see pouncer in medianXL. They seem able to detect and come to you from off-screen, so you pretty much screwed and unable dodge them. So best bet is just to tank them shoot them till dead. Most of them are not heavy hitter, although there are couple that can debuff and make you easier target for their allies. As for charger, you really need to be wary of them, as they perma-knockback you. You can counter that by walking toward and they wont able to push you back

Stealth / Invisible
Stealth is monster that wont appear on screen until they finally attack you. Stealth monster can easily reach you if you are not aware of them and surround you, making it harder for you escape while their allies come to own you.

__________SHOOTER / LONG RANGE__________
Their strategy is always been "shoot to kill" whenever find you. Generally you want to rush them and kill them fast because they are pretty fragile, but it better to take precautions as when you moving toward them, you might lure some other mobs packs come and make your life harder.

Well this mobs type is easiest because no matter what you do, they wont move away from their place. This making juicy target for a spell / skill that aim for stationery target. You can just ignore them and move away as their AI is pretty dumb and straight forward.

Flanker / Coward
This kinda hybrid between melee and range because they usually come toward you, and the shoot you from a distant. Even you try to run away, they still will chase you. To make matter worst, their stupid AI tend to run away like a coward after certain life threshold (i think 1/4 hp) then they tend to run away and take pot shot on you. Crowd control is your best answer.

__________MASTER / LEADER__________
This type is kinda of combination between a boss with their minion. Usually the boss are ranged monster while their minion are melee and will rush to you.

Summoner / Reviver
Summoner is mob type that simply will summon more minion toward you while reviver is the one that will resurrect their minion so they can fight you again. Best strategy here is to just rush the boss and kill them first. Also, you might want to have %reanimate so they wont able to resurrect their minion.

You kill their minion? Now you die! Actually these type of mob are similar to reviver, except they have other skill instead of revive that they cast on minion . There couple of spell they can cast, but generally they are a powerful AoE spell, resummon into bigger pack and some nasty WDM based skill.

Main purpose for monster in this are solely to kill you or make your life harder. In this section, i will breakdown the monster's damage type so that you will understand them better and get proper gear in order to survive them

__________NORMAL ATTACK__________
This basically appeared throughout all monster in this game. Melee monster come near you for physical melee attack while shooter will shoot you with missiles toward you. Please take note that not all monster use physical attack alone, some of them have their own elements of flat damage (best example: skeleton archer in k3kba). Luckily we can dodge this attack with high defense and block it if you have shield and high dexterity. You also can try to reduce physical attack by getting %damage reduction, flat damage reduction and life on struck (melee only).

__________WDM ATTACK__________
In some case, monster also will use WDM which pretty similar to normal, but it go beyond standard sword and arrow. WDM attack general come in form of missiles that coming out of nowhere. Some of them are triggered with melee attack, while some are used by shooter. There are too many of this type of attack in the game, so i suggest that you play a WDM class to understand the concept of this attack. You can get couple stats that I listed in normal attack to help you survive the WDM attacker.

__________SPELL CASTER__________
If you have read my guide from beginning, spell caster is second playstyle for player in the game. For monster, some of them have AI that continuously use a spell on you till the end. Generally you can learn what elements of the spell by seeing the missiles' colour. Red for fire, Blue for Cold, Yellow/White for lightning and Green for poison. There also other 2 type of elements which is magic and physical spell. Again, listing them all here will be too much, so play more to learn about it. Damage from spell also can be reduce by %resists, flat absorb and %max resists.

__________BUFF & DEBUFF__________
Monster always work together in killing you. So they have couple of good things in their arsenal. Buff is type a spell that affect allies that generally beneficial. Stronger and faster is generally the bonus that the buff give. As for debuff, it was meant to cast on player. It designed to make player weaker and slower. There are couple of nasty debuff that you might to take note for. There are not much way for you to exactly battle with this type of attack. Just play safely and cautiously, that should help you survive much better.

__________ACT 1__________
General tips
Overall act is pretty mild compared to the rest.

Blood Moor
If you have problem in this area, i think you gonna have serious problem. Just becareful in terror and destruction as there is some %resist penalty. DONT FORGET LC0 if you are in hatred. Also, try to collect as many item as possible, especially jewel and rune so you can use it later on. Also, please buy and use some potion.
Den of Evil
In hatred, dont jump in at start. It is preferable that you level up to lvl 6 so that you have your 2nd tier of skill. For red FALLEN/SHAMAN pack, just rush to the caster as they will respawn the minion and spaming firewall. You will meet your first elite : QUILL BOARD, keep moving so homing spike wont hit you. The unique boss in this dungeon : PRINCE ALBRECHT is boss of SKELETON ARCHER. Cold-based and will greatly slow you down. Tips for the boss in hatred is to aim his minion 1 by 1 as they give TONS OF EXPERIENCE. If you doing it right, you will level up after each kill and that really help you defeating the pack. Additionally the boss dropped CHARACTER ORB, which you can use to power-boost your leveling. Please refer to documentation for more info, first thing you should do is to cube it with median statue so you will get yourself a nice blink skill. Note that this dungeon's size are much bigger in terror and destruction.
Cold Plain
Your first waypoint. For Stat-WDM user , it is good time to upgrade your gear. There is pesky WANDERING SARANDESH that keep spawning FLIT(doesnt give experience), so kill him fast before they swarm you. ENT and PROTECTOR are a bit tankier than other. Beware of SNOTPILL and his minion, red FALLEN which will come at you with high speed and swarming you fast.
Cave Level 1
Same like den of evil with extra couple of bats, but there is elite QUILL BOAR named GRIMSPIKE. There are free candies inside the stair that are barrel-shaped
Burial Ground
Around this area, you will find CORPSE WORM which not really deadly, but can poison your life to zero. For Summoner build, be careful of FROST RAPTOR which will cast Lemures (cold damage) that increase the amount of ghost depending of the amount of enemies (in this case: you and your minion!) that home to 1 target. Kill them fast and keep moving. And finally, you can have a boss battle with BLOOD RAVEN. Boss itself isnt that hard but when she die, she will cast fireball sentry at your feet which explode after 2 seconds, so just move away. STAY FREAKING AWAY FROM THE DUNGEON, unless you want get raped. Go back to town for your first mercenary. Try to equip her with good bow (like banshee RW for example) which really you later on. She will learn new skill once she reach the new tier level (12, 18, 24 and 90). Restock item and upgrade your gear as well.
Stony Field
Your 2nd waypoint. There is shroom guys called GLOWING FUNGUS which cast some lightning spell. Be careful of HARLEQUINN which is invisible and can teleport to you. As usual, there is blue INVADER SHAMAN and the gang. Also, the insect called DEATH GNAT will cast poison flash at melee range which can cause terrible damage. And lastly, just some QUILL BOAR pack with their boss EL CHUPACABRAS guarding the guarding the Cairn Stones.
Underground Passage
You will meet a monster that is good for farming gold called CAVE SNAPPER. Although it kinda slow, beware that it got absurd high hp and high damaging poison flash. Another monster that you want to take note would be LIZARD KING which can cast stone curse, a powerful debuff that greatly slow you down. The only elite monster you can find here are BONEGRINDER which can deal high poison DPS when they attack. As, usual dont go down the stair.
Dark Wood
Spooky~~ All monster are the one you already seen before, except an Elite pack called CORRUPTOR. They deal freaking high DPS poison cloud gas and come in pack of 6. There is unique boss guarding the tree of infuss, but they doesnt have any dangerous spell. Grab the waypoint so you can save Cain now.
This is good place to level up. Tons of boss and monster density is quite high. Super unique GRISWOLD in Median XL is not as easy as you think. He can cursed with Amplify Damage and use Shower of Rocks. Just keep moving when fighting him and it will be much easier. Save cain now and you dont have worry about identify item anymore. Oh, GRISWOLD drop GIFT BOX in normal which can give couple good early game gear. Just to informed you that farming gift box is worthless as you cant cube those item into arcane shards. You can however Tier upgrade it.
Black Marsh
At here, you will meet couple new monster called CULTIST & COUATL. They are quite harmless, but have annoying AI that keep running away from you. Be alert for SHOCK STING, they have rush you at very high speed and can easily swarm you. Unlike DEATH GNAT, they only cast Flash which deal lightning damage. As usual, grab the waypoint here.
Forgotten Tower / Tower Cellar 1 - 5
Monster spawn are same throughout the level, except for terror in level 5 where there is mini-games inside (refer to documentation). There is HUGE elite called PORKCHOP that will transformed you into pig. Best way to counter it is by having some minion / mercenaries so they will not target you. Be careful when moving around as there are couple of hidden monster here called ASSASSIN and HIDDEN ONE, you might get stuck if you are surrounded by them. Last but not least, CORRUPTOR ARCHER elite pack will shoot you down with poisonous cloud attack. When you finally reached the COUNTESSS, I suggest you open up a town portal for safety. The countess' minion have a proc that deal high amount of physical damage, you can dodge it by always moving around. The firewall seem deal high amount of fire damage, you might need high %fire resist or teleport to safely gather the loots. It should give you some gold and runes.
Tamoe Highland
You will meet your first fallen/shaman elite called COG/WARFORGED SHAMAN. COG is another fallen with high movespeed. As for WARFORGED SHAMAN, they no longer cast firewall or revive minion, instead they now cast Maelstrom and Death Shard which deal high physical damage. It is advisable that you lure the COG away from the shaman or kill the shaman so they wont able to use the powerful skill at all. There are couple witches on terror and destruction difficulty
Pit Level 1
Nothing new here, except there are SHOCK STING
Outer Cloister
Nothing new here again, just grab the waypoint.
There is normal monster called ABOMINATION with frost attack. You might want to be prepared a bit for fighting the SMITH. Go back to town, upgrade all your gear and mercenary and always leave 1 TP open. If you are lucky, you might wanna lure the SMITHto the fountain where it might help in your fight. SMITH have nightmare which slow you down and disable potion. He also can case bloodlust which increasing his physical attack.
There are elite archer BLOODFIRE ROGUE here that have stun attack and Ambush (arrow come from top left screen). It can cause trouble especially if you are stunned and get shot by a lot missiles. Proceed slowly, as they can easily stunlock you to death. There are also an Super Unique boss called MOONBENDER, his FROST RAPTOR can tear your summon easily, so be aware of that.
Inner Cloister
This one empty room, only for Judgement Day uberquest. Grab the waypoint.
The CathedralWhen you open the door, you might want to step back a bit because there will be huge amount of monster that gonna rush you. BLACK KNIGHT especially, can move at high speed and able to cast Death Blossom, which deal fire damage. There are also spear version of BLOODFIRE ROGUE which use Triumphant Strike (increase defense & atk speed). As for IMPALER, they can use Slicer Blade (poison damage) and Gamma Field (high duration poison) which might lower your health greatly, so poison resist help a lot here. Lastly there is BLIGHTFIRE, Super Unique goat that use wraith-attack and have shadowblood aura which increase surrounding's monster health.
Catacomb 1 - 4
STEELFUR TITAN have thorn aura which reflect damage from melee attack. If you are using WDM melee fighter, be careful around, use hit & run tactic. When you reached level 4, you might open a town portal because ANDARIEL are way different than in cLoD. I wouldnt say she is harder, but as long you upgrade your gear probably, it is quite easy. When fighting her, if you saw indicator on the floor for Meteor Shower (fire damage), just get out of range of it. If you are close enough to her, she will cast Hive which leave poison trail on the ground. When you saw that she throwing something like fire-spike on the ground, you might want to dodge it because it deal moderate fire damage. Hiding behind the wall is useless because she have apocalypse spell which deal fire damage as long as you about 1 screen away from her. Eventually she will fall, and drop some good loots. You can rerun her if you think that you need to level up or getting some good rune / gear. I recommended you level up to 24 as the next act have huge difficulty increase.

__________ACT 2__________
General tips
Act 2 in hatred is really first huge wall you have to climb. Monster here suddenly have a lot of powerful skill that can make you dead in a second if you are careful and didnt get sufficient amount of %resist.

We need to do couple of check list here. If you dun have summon / mercenary, a good AoE and dedicated gear that improve your main skill, I suggest you skip this until you are higher level (about 28 maybe). Sewer a lot of dangerous elite which made it one best to farm in older version, but it is now about now a lot harder because there are EVEN MORE DANGEROUS MONSTER in here. Density is high, you will get surrounded, but luckily we advance slowly here. First enemy you need to aware of is PEST which come in pack and trigger land mine after death. Getting high fire resist is a must, but you can summon on top of land mine to safely detonate them. Next we have CORRUPTOR MAGE which have deadly poison spell, so %poison resist and reduce poison duration is gonna help here. Then we have the PACK, which appeared in very large amount per group, so AoE skill is you best friend here. Other than that, there are SEWER TROLL that can cast troll phase, and another dangerous elite called HIVEHOST which summon hostile BLOOD SWARM which quite tanky if you playing player8 setting, kill them ASAP before they overrun you. When you finally reach sewer level 3 , you might want to open TP here for safety. RADAMENT packed quite a punch with his lightning based spell. First is thunderstone which you can dodge when you it flying across the screen. Next is lightning wall, which exploded on contact, so dont try to move randomly so you might take large amout of damage. You might want to use blink here a lot though. Best strategy is to rush him and tank his melee attack which is weaker, although he sometime random cast spell at melee range. Enjoy your +1 skill point.
Rocky Waste
From here on, you will meet elite version of cave snapper, called GRUBBER. They are much more tough and give more gold for your reward. ASSATRUAR might seem harmless, but they can cast Punisher which have 3 spiky bolt and deal tons of poison damage, so please dodge them. Here you also will meet your first pouncer, PIT KNIGHT. On terror and destruction, there are WITCH that appeared here. DO NOT ENTER THE DUNGEON ENTRANCE HERE
Dry Hill
Nothing new here, except from this point until Lost City, you find DRAGON'S EGG across the map. They are generally much tougher than you currently and can only beat by dedicated gear. Refer to documentation for additional info.
Hall of the Dead
Again, nothing new here. You might want to go level 3 to get Sunstone of Elements from totem near the entrance. Other than that, RUN AWAY FROM THOSE ARCHER!
Far Oasis
Meet the most annoying elite ever called DAYSTAR. They can nuke you from a far with brimmstone which deal fire damage rapidly, they are coward. There are also RAIDER here which not much a threat, but can slow you down greatly with their melee attack. As for maggot lair, ignore it.
Lost City
If you are playing summoner here, you need to be worry about TOMB CURSE. They able to summon hostile DARKWARDEN which is extremely dangerous. You can outrun and kite them to kill, but you really dont want let them land an attack as it is deadly. Another one you want to take note is GARGOYLE, which use Shower of Rock on melee attack. Just move away when you the rock falling. There other heroic pack of FATA MORGANA with boss called FATAL MORGANA. They are stealth and harmless though with teleport-on-attack which is quite annoying for melee character. As for trap door here, it will lead you uberlevel which is probably not a good idea to go in to.
Claw Viper Temple
Inside you will meet ICE CLAN, which can cast deadly Shatter of the Flesh that deal cold damage whenever you kill the minion. Use standard tactic for master/minion I mentioned before. In level 2, you will meet POISON SPITTER pack with PLAGUEWRATH as their boss. Take note that this boss drop the Staff of Kings which you need to combine with Viper Amulet that you find the same room.
Harem / Palace Cellar
Immediately after you enter harerm, you will be rushed by RED STORM and STORM BANE which when died, they will leave a trap that can stun and deal lightning damage. They provided good experience on higher players setting and was my fav spot to level up as it accessible and can be done quickly. On level 2, you will meet BLACK CAT which can cast nightmare which prevent you from using healing potion or spell. You can remedy the effect by going to town, and meet healer NPC which is Fara for act 2. There are CENTAUR pack that cast Bear Claw which stun and knockback if it hit, so you might want to dodge that. You also will meet SHREDDER which can cast powerful frozen orb that deal cold damage. They are stationary ranger, so might want to rush or teleport to them.
Arcane Sanctuary
Generally I would suggest you to have a teleport and fast movespeed, as this area can get tricky as it is wide open and you will have harder time to walk to reach them. Just be wary to stealth monster that might surround you. Once you reach the SUMMONER, rush him quickly as can swarm you by summoning a lot of monster and be careful when using skill that multi-hit as he can counter you by using Trinity Nova which deal fire, lightning and cold. He also cast Starstruck that lower your %resist.
Canyon of the Magi
Here you will find annoying flanker called Silverbolt which shoot a ball that shoot lightning bolt at you. On terror and destruction difficulty, you might encounter with FAIRY WITCH here. Those elite deal very damaging Rain of Fire.
Tal Rasha's Tomb
At this point, you already met all dangerous monsters that i should mentioned, so nothing new here again. As you reaching the orifice, you might want to open TP before fighting DURIEL. He a bit harder than cLoD, although you can kill him easily with dedicated gear. He have Void aura which reduce your %damage reduction, Idol of Scosglen which improve his defend and periodically deal damage caused by the nova, and lastly the powerful Fortress on attack, which shoot arrow from 8 directions. All skill are are physical based, so you might need a lot of defense, life and %damage reduction to survive them. DURIEL always drop a Tiered Unique after each kill, you might want to farm him a bit if you are seriously undergeared. Be aware for next corner as there are heroic pack of POISON SPITTER and FLOWER PROWLER. This pack have venomous aura and regenerate allies' life with Gift of Inner Fire after each kill. It is better to just focus them one by one. Dont underestimate the trap you find here, as they can kill you if you lacked of fire resists.

__________ACT 3__________
General tips
This will be time where you meet monster with immune. So at this point, it is better to have alternative spell that different element from your main skill. Act 3 is pretty much large especially the distant between each waypoint. I personally like to have at least 100% FRW here so i could clear it much faster.


Spider Forest
TREE OF LIFE is one of tankiest elite you will ever met as they have a skill that regenerate whenever they attack you. Kite and kill them one by one. Then we have PLAGUE BEARER which can fill the screen with poisonous cloud, make it harder for you to see. One of the elite rusher here is ONYX KNIGHT, fast and dangerous. They use shock flower which deal lightning damage. Then we have MARBLED FROG which have charge attack and %slow. When you meet them, run toward wall and kill them. Ignore both dungeon as you are still low level at this point.
Great Marsh
Nothing interesting here except couple of gold chest. If you see a dragon egg, Im sure you already know what to do.
Flayer Dungeon
When you meet BLACK DEATH, make sure you have high poison resist as their attack are quite deadly. For summoner, beware of DJINN. If you have very low %minion resist, expect your minion drop like fly as they able to teleport and cast delayed Immolation Bomb which deal high fire damage. There are also other dangerous zombie called GHOST ZOMBIE which cast Hunting Banshee after death. You can manually dodge it by running far a way or just get high cold resist. When reach area with destroyed boat and some corpse, that mean you are closing to Lower Kurast. I suggest you to open a TP here as there is superunique boss called VIZIER that cast Flamefront which deal high fire damage.
Lower Kurast / Kurast Bazaar / Upper Bazaar
THERE ARE SO MUCH MONSTER HERE. I really suggest that you have maxed all resists here. First, we have MONKEY KING that throw barrel from a far which deal fire damage when hit. Keep moving around and dodge it as the barrel falling from the sky. Next we have NIVA which cast mass Sacred Shield after death which make surrounding monster invincible for couple of seconds. It is wise to kill after luring them away from monster group, so the shield wont trigger on other monster. Then we have SLIMER which cast very annoying Miasma that greatly you down while dealing poison damage at same time. This is also reason why I asked you to get high FRW as it definitely will help a lot here. After you kill FROG PRINCE, you will notice some blue ghost that periodically cast cold nova. Kiss him by touching them and the nova will stop. As for elite called SHROOM, it not that dangerous but it got fairie fire that improved it's %avoid and deal some damage periodically. One of dangerous elite in Upper Kurast that you need to take note of it MANGLER, they cast storm crow which is homing and deal high physical damage. Some meat shield help a lot because it quite dangerous to rush them as it can easily go up to 30++ homing knives flying toward you.
Ruined Temple
Dont to forget to get the book here for free 5 stats. There some elite SHRIEKER pack with the boss.
You will me elite monster High Priestess here which cast Spiral Dance when attack. It is a delayed nova that deal physical damage.Just be careful of inivisble master/ minion pack called DARK ARCHON and DARK TEMPLAR. The Council Member arent that tough as long as you have good damage. Council member LACHDANAN will always drop Khalim's Will which you can use to smash the orb without needing to collect the ingredient.
Durance of Hate 1 / 2 / 3
There are couple of new elite here. First there are QUE HEGAN and PEACE WARDEN combo, which are another annoying invisible monster that can surround and kill you easily. Next we have KNIGHT OF DEATH which have cursed attack that reduce all of your stat. This can put you in dangerous position as it can you go naked temporary, effectively disable of your weapon usage. Kill them from a far or let minion tank for you. Once you reach durance of hate level 3, just open TP for insurance near the entrance. There 3 superunique which can be kill easily. However becareful of GRIZZLY GIANT pack as they can smack you into pieces which their high physical damage attack. For HELLCAT pack, if you are ranged character, you need to snipe from a far because they have aura that disabled ranged spell. They are not a problem for melee and summoner class. MEPHISTO are much different in medianXL with his various skill. First, he use Dark Summoning which summon all monsters that summon in durance of hate including the WHOLE GROUP of QUE HEGAN and PEACE WARDER! . He also peridiocally cast Countdown which explode into high damage cold nova after 5 seconds delay. If you see red sparks at the ground, that is Mythal which reduce all of your resists by 40%. Currently MEPHISTO is the best farming spot as he confirmed to drop 2 unique after each kill. Combined with lucky map roll, you can easily farm MEPHISTO within a minute so you can upgrade all of your gear or doing some jewelcrafting.

__________ACT 4__________
General tips
Although act 4 is the shortest, it also the more tedious act because the distant between each waypoint are much further. It is wise to always open a TP after small section and proceed cautiously. At this point forward, you shouldve max all resist to 75% and try to get decent life or damage migitation for physical attacker. You also might want to yourself a blink spell (pax mystica RW or character orb + median statue) to make your progress much smoother.


Outer Steppes
One of dangerous Elite flanker, HERETIC is annoying monster that cast Guided-skull that hit multiple times, dealing high physical damage each. This is where %damage reduction come handy. Another elite, CORRUPTOR WARLOCK is just improved version of elite that you found in act 2. Take note of DEATH SPITTER because once you saw they eating some corpse, prepare yourself to dodge some of deadly flying corpse. They appear in couple forms in this act.
Plains of Despair
Monster seem much densed here than before. This time you meet the elite version of FALLEN SARANDESH which is nothing dangerous, just the rush the boss. As for ULFHEDIN, it also the same like in act 2, just a bit tankier. Ditto for BASILISK, but they seem cast spellbind much more than act1 counterpart. For IZUAL, this boss could be more dangerous than in cLoD as he have bunch of spell that focused on cold damage. He has Hailstorm which cast deadly icicle fall to specific spot.
City of the Damned
MUTILATOR, one of Elite meet here, will cast multi-orb every time you meet which deal physical damage. Next we have GOTHI which cast Wyrd spell, couple of nova dealing physical damage. You cant stop the spell, so you much dodge and outrange the skill to safe location to avoid it. If you playing caster, take note of various titan you can find here because have immunity aura can make spell worthless. Try to get some alternative damage spell and lure them away from the each other as 3 different titan can make their allies immuned to fire, cold and lightning!
River of Flame
No more hell maggot here, but it still dangerous. The size of map are much bigger depending on difficulty, usually you can move forward as long as you move toward top right side. We have couple of dangerous monster here. First we have TROUPER which invisible monster with blink, which can stun you easily! Also,beware of another invisible elite called FIREBLOOD, which cast slow-moving Molten Boulder, but deal very high fire damage. One of fastest rusher elite, called VOID ARCHON have an aura that debuff you. You probably cant outran them, but try to lure them away and kill them at empty space. Along the way you might find ARMAGEDDON KNIGHT and MIND WARRIOR which quite tanky and appeared in large crowd. HEPHASTO THE ARMORER is dangerous boss now. When you finally his lair, immediately open TP. He pretty much normal tanky monster except he cast some barrier which annoying for melee character, have skill that increase his attack speed per attack and deal very high physical damage. He also have bloodlust to deal EVEN MORE damage. You probably need some crowd control or summon to take him down, or you will have to kite him for very long time
Chaos Sanctuary
Couple of new elite here, first is HORNED LEVIATHAN which cast blink attack from a distant. Next we have ASHED TROLL, which again, not very dangerous . When you reached the middle part of the map, you will be greeted by MOON PANTHER and their boss SINWAR OF THE STORM, not that dangerous except they cast lightning spell Mindflay. To open the seal, i prefer to go clockwise because seal at bottom right have the annoying flier. For first and second seal, we will have to fight HERETIC pack and VILETOUCH. For the third one, ONYX KNIGHT and BLUEHORN THE FLAYER with come to rush you. Lastly for the fourth and fifth, THUNDER BOLT and DOOM CLOUD. The tips here, if you a melee character, you can open all seal and aim the boss only, once all 3 bosses are dead, all monster will cleared from chaos sanctuary. Open up TP before fighting DIABLO as it could be your first epic boss fight. DIABLO cast couple of nasty spell like Blastwave which deal fire damage and push you back, then he have Bloodstorm which have very high range and deal fire damage, and the most dangerous spell is Flamestrike which deal very high fire damage. You can see where the flamestrike gonna fall by looking at ground carefully for a signal. Once a while, he also cast Dark Summoning which will spawn a bunch of monster from this area. Probably best technique to fight him would be just to go melee yourself or have some minion tank for you which will make DIABLO cast less spell. He have attack that slowed you down though. Oh, one tips for Bloodstorm is to remain stationery when DIABLO cast it on your feet as it wont deal damage because of some bug, however the moment you move away, prepare to take tons of damage.

__________ACT 5__________
General tips
This act have become much more crazy in medianXL. First thing that you should note, the moment that you reached level 50, you must immediately stop progress ESPECIALLY if you are fighting the ancient. You really dont want to miss the LC1 as it got tons of good bonus. Additional to add, I hope by now know how to read the warning on the entrance because you will need it. Lastly, if you want the barbarian mercenary, dont skip the quest.


Bloody Foothills
This place lacked the random bombardment that happen in cLoD, but still dangerous to rush here too fast. There are elite spider called BROODMOTHER that spawned BROODLING on melee attack. Rush them ASAP as they can continue spawning minion even attacking the neutral barbarian! Additionally, they also cast carpet of spiders that deal poison damage. Along this way, there will be dangerous stealth elite called GHOST PHOENIX and there are a group of them in middle of the map that lead by GRAYWAR THE SLAYER. They hit hard and cast Rain of Bomb which deal fire damage when hit. If your character turned orange, dont scared much because it only a curse from Rust Storm which lower your defense. Once you find SHENK THE OVERSEER, just kill him as he quite easy. There is some bug with not trigger the quest completed properly, in that case just restart the game and try to kill him again.
Frigid Highlands
Immediately when you reach this area, you will be greet by PLAGUED DEAD ARCHER pack which lead by BACKLASH THE BURNING. This pack specifically able to use wyrmshot which is shoot dragon that homing missiles to you and deal physical damage. Additionally, they also have poisonous cloud on top of their normal attack. Another elite pack, BROKEN SOUL is a stationary shooter elite that keep firing glacial spike on you, dealing cold damage. Beware! There are elite pack called DETONATOR which are not that hard to kill, but they cast DEADLY super slow fireball, which can kill you if you killed them all too quickly. Solution would be to have some summon to tank for you or try to lure them away from each other.
Arreat Plateau
When you reached this area, you will meet GOREFEAST and the elite pack of SON OF LUCION. They cast poisonous cloud whenever they attack. You can pack of elite archer rogue called DARK CHAMPION. They are much similar to their counterpart in act 1. Same goes to PLAGUED DEAD, which similar to act1 counterpart. Once you met BLOOD PRINCE and kill them, take note that you CANT STOP the fire nova. You have to dodge manually out of the way or try not kill them at same time so the nova wont trigger rapidly. Lastly when you reached the entrance to next area, you will meet another heroic pack of VAMPIRESS and their leader, BLOODSKIN DARKBOW. They cast Barrage which deal physical damage and Bloodstorm which you probably already learnt the tactic by now.
Crystalline Passage / Glacial Trail
A powerful elf here called UNSEELIE LADY is an elite that enraged at low health and cast Burning Veil which boost their allies' damage. They arent dangerous when alone, but be careful when you fighting them with other monster group. STONE HAMMER DEMON which similar to act2 counterpart, can cast Shower of Rocks that deal very high physical damage. Always keep hit and run when fighting them while dodging the falling rocks. Other than that, just take note for SUCCUBUS as they cast Lower Resist when death.
Frozen River
First thing you might notice here are the big giant elite called ANCIENT GIANT, which arent that dangerous but they cast Tremor, lowering your health whenever they attack. Then we have CENOBITE which cast fire damage Apocalypse. ADDER is another typical charger elite here with nothing interesting. Just be careful when you near reaching Anya because there a pack of pouncer elite called SERAFIEND, lead by COLDKILL. Additionally they cast Bone Prison after pounce, making your escape a bit harder. Just take note that scroll of resistance now a bit different from cLoD.
Nihlahtak's Temple / Halls of Anguish / Halls of Pain / Halls of Vaught
At the entrance, there is a pack of ARMORED TITAN and their leader LIONSKULL THE BENT. They main skill is Stormblast which deal lightning damage. Inside first level, you might find elite pack of THUNDERLING and STORM SHAMAN, which cast Lightning Wall that deal high lightning damage and Fairy Ring which deal physical damage from the corpses. AVALANCHE that can find here can deal tons of cold damage at melee range with their Cold spike nova. If you a melee WDM fighter, just beware of RAZOR FUR TITAN here, their thorn is gonna cut through your life in just one hit, depending on your physical damage. Another elite that you need take note are DESTROYER WOLF RIDER that will cast Fortress once a while which can deal tons of physical damage. There are couple elite with unknown skill like WYRDHYENA, STEEL CRUSHER, PHANTASM AND WRAITHLORD, just proceed to kill carefully. Beware of NIHLAHTAK! He can be considered one of OP boss in MedianXL normal area. First he can summon some minion which arent that tough. Next he can shield that minion with Rathma Chosen, allow the minion to deal tons of magic damage. Lastly he can cast Deathshard that deal SUPER HIGH physical damage, you really need high %damage reduction as defense wont cut it. Ok, actually he has couple other skill which Hunting Banshee and Blink when take damage.
Frozen Tundra Temple
New master/minion elite pack that you can find are SKULL CLAN which can summon more minion after you kill the first minion, making them becoming much even larger group. The master will cast a lot of pain spirits that seem to deal some magic damage. Then you will meet spear-rogue, DARK CHAMPION which cast high physical damage Shower of Rocks. For summoner, if you meet CLOUD LORD be sure to dodge lightning spell as it can pierce your minion wall. They also leave lightning trap can stun you after their death. Sometimes you will also meet DEATHLESS which pretty much improved version from the one you met in act 2.
Ancient's Way / Arreat Summit
Can you imagine, a machine gun that shoot large spike? Meet TRAPRAT, an elite monster that cast Quillstorm which deal terrible, terrible physical and magic damage. Make them spawned in group of 6, ouch. Other not-so-dangerous elite here are DARK HORIZON which cast magic missiles that homing to you, and deal magic damage. Another elite, BLACK ICE DEMON will cast Mindflay which deal lightning damage. Before fighting the ancients, i suggest that you stocked up on potion as the fight can be very long and you really dont want to TP in middle of the fight. They arent killer like in cLoD, but still much tougher than normal monster. Get high amount potion, and a lot of damage mitigation, the fight will be breeze. Oh, you might want to bring your mercenary as well to make thing much more easier.
Worldstone Keep 1 / 2 / 3
Various of interesting monster here. First, there some strange DOOM HUNTER pack that have elite ALPHA CENTAUR as their boss. The elite will cast 2 dangerous spell which is Colosseum which greatly reduce your physical resist and Idol of Scosglen which deal tons of physical damage. Next we have LURKER which cast Razor Spines, a bunch of spiky that move toward you that deal poison damage. After that, we have CORE LORD which have have multiple seizure-friendly spell that deal tons of lightning damage. On top of that, we have BLOODSTONE which rapidly cast Fire Cannonade that rapidly cast firebolt which rapidly deal fire damage. To make things more annoying, add DIRGE to that mix which cast poison orb and lower resist and Disco Ball that deal poison damage on death. If poison not your favourite elements, lets add DARK VIZIEREI that cast Venomous Spirit and poisonous green ball that leave poisonous cloud spell that deal poison damage, DUH! . If that still not enough, lets add SILVER TYRANT which cast Thunderslam HO! that can stun your whole group. One of unique encounter with elite here is MAHASATTVA and FIRE BETTLE, because they explode into OMFGWTFISTHATTITS?!, kaboom fire damage. Phew, that was a lot of them.
Throne of Destruction
Just proceed normally winding hall as you already met all type of monster here. When you reached throne area, open a TP. For the first wave, they are DARKSISTER and lead by RED VEX, which is nothing new and poison based. For second wave, we have BLACKSTORM that lead BANE MONSTER pack which again, you already met in act2 harem that cast Flash at melee, as well bunch of useless skeleton mages. The third one are BLOODBROTHER and DREADJUDGE which have piercing attack that deal cold damage and poisonous Gamma Field. Next we have OBSIDIAN KNIGHT with SIR GORASH as leader. They cast Black Lotus on every melee attack which deal high poison damage. And finally when you think you have have epic fight on last wave,too bad that it is only a single INFERNAL CONTRAPTION. Just kill it before they overrun you with lots of summon. For people who think they are good enough to play on players 8, GOOD LUCK killing it! Ok, before going into the portal READ THE PEARL OF WISDOM!
Worldstone Chamber
As usual, open TP somewhere in the corner. Those shardspawn are easily, but they cast a curse that made you shatter like a glass when take physical damage. You should be able to see the curse floating around though. So, to check either you have the curse on you or not, just listen to sound and look for spinning graphic overlay on top of your head. Ok, finally when you are ready to fight BAAL, go toward middle of the room. BAAL in MedianXL are different from cLoD. First he can respawn SHARDSPAWN and will constantly summon them to surround you. Second, he have Thundergod which give him lightning damage and periodically cast Thunderslam. Do take note that when you are cursed, the Thunderslam also INSTA-KILL! When he is dead, congratulations you just beat first difficulty! Now repeat another 2 times for no reason

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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by MUS01 on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:42 am

Wow @Iwansquall, this guide is really good...i think which finally dummys can play this game...Good and sadly, this guide is wrtitten now....not in older version..Still 1 of the best guides which I've readed...

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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by wow123400 on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:53 am

damn u finally start this, good luck finish it, seems gonna take u a longggggggggggggg time

tomorrow i will give u a cookie if i still have 1

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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by wow123400 on Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:00 am

i run into buriel ground uber lvl cause back in d2 that's my farming place i go there 1 million times a day its like a normal live to me

so u need to put a big warning to all d2 players to get rid of their d2 memories first

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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by iwansquall on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:53 am

edited various formatting.

Damn happy with tl;dr guide.
Table in this forum is damn good.

Im gonna add content and screenshot afterward.
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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by BassToMouth on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:13 pm

That table is awesome Very Happy

Also it would be cool to add in examples of WDM/elemental caster/summoner builds just to illustrate what they might look like for a newbie.

One criticism I will make though is the formatting in "General Game play guide" section - the colours here hurt the eyes and stick out too much :S maybe just use simple italics/underline/bold?

Overall, I think this will be a great addition to the guides we have atm since it takes a much more general approach... I was thinking just before that it would be great to have a guide that teaches newbies how to make their own guides. I hope you get into more detailed mechanics that most people will not know about so the mid-even endgame players will have something to learn! As an example:
-When making a char and wanting to get damage your first and foremost choice should be thinking where you can obtain damage from thats NOT from your character directly... This means mercs/summons/re-animates, buffs (Burning Veil/Blood lust/MotW/Hymn/Vindicate/titan strike/bloodbath for dual claws etc.) and ofc BUFF DURATION to further make these better. I kinda see these as "free" damage sources that don't require you to change build or anything like that.

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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by iwansquall on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:17 pm

Hmm, i knew yellow + white not the best on forum (my monitor always have low contrast, so it doesnt hurt my eyes).
*Probably that reason why my avatar have high contrast on certain setup.

I will find alternatives, it was to emphasize normal monster (white name) and elite (yellow name).

Keep the feedback coming.

Going to continue editing after dinner. :3
*I targeting myself to update before 12am midnight tonight. But i missed the deadline already Sad
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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by BassToMouth on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:19 pm

You have till 1 Feb to try again (I think?)

Also I added a little bit to my edit on feedback on previous post Razz

I think this will be a great source of information if everyone in the community chips in their bit - including the silent newbies that might be reading this... post your questions and ask! It's easy for us to lose perspective and feel something should be CLEARLY obvious when it really isn't for a new/mid game player!

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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

Post by stoya on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:26 pm

i will give another cookie when you post 'HOW TO KILL cave snapper for DUMMIES' video Smile

do some research LOL
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Re: Median XL For Dummies v2

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