Help me develop a game (and some my background story)

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Help me develop a game (and some my background story)

Post by iwansquall on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:25 am

This mainly just to voice something that have been on mind for long time.
Aside for my goal to create a touhou (shmup) clone, this much more important for my current career.
I simply just need to polish to concept better and try the code ASAP as I already done my project here and Im coming to my hometown.
Simply said, i need to find a new job within 2 months.

But in mean time, I have thinking about this idea since about 1 year ago.
While I respect Laz and marco for developing such a godly mod, Im myself will never reach that level.
In fact video game industry is not something big in my country, so I dunno if im gonna stick with game development.
Im gonna talk abit about my background.

I graduated as industrial designer that focused on design sketches, 3d modelling and idea conceptualization.
Im kinda hardcore gamer, so I wouldnt say that really succeeded with that degree.
However it does taught me some skill like 3dsmax which can be transfer to 3d games.
As for sketching, I have drawing manga/anime style since 17 years old which quite long, but I feel very rusty.

Before i was hired into my current game company, Im pretty much stayed a home for such a long time.
Without working or into any education (japanese called them NEET), i just played game all day long.
That why i respect Laz and Marco because they managed to start much earlier (teen-age) while Im kinda late to the game.
When I was hired, my job was majorly just to managed 3d asset for the game (more like prototype), which unfortunately... the project finished and I have zero thing to do with 3d game.
To make matter worst, im just only guy with 3d knowledge in that office.

When there was meeting for a new game development (2d interactive television game), I pretty much just sat and listen.
I have never involved the game development at all (they were using flash for animation and game engine).
Until one time, the boss offered us to switch to a new engine, called Torque Game Builder.
So pretty much all people in the office try to do the tutorial for it.
And Im the only one that managed to do in one day (you can try the trial for 30 day)

So for couple of next project, I become the programmer (more like a script to be honest) for the game while other team members help me with graphic asset.
For the interactive television game, it was kinda easy because the game was fully automatic.
There no human interaction at all because it only 'play the game' based on data came from other server.
So there was 6 interactive games that developed by me alone, that run through whole month during world cup 2010.

Fast forward couple month, for whole next year, Im involved myself toward education.
So technically I just teach student how to develop game.
Most of the time is just theory (so now you know why i like theorycrafting)
Other than that, just guide the student with running through the tutorial.

So until last year (2012), I finally start to properly start develop education game for kindergarten (elementary school?) kids.
It doesnt require much detail on game design perspective, but there are couple of simple game interactive.
We released 6 x 3 (4,5,6 years old) games based on the book with 3 assessments at end.
Now recently i just finished 3 games and re-making 3 of first games (because it was crappy @_@ ).
So I now finished my project and going back home T_T

So back to my current idea for game, i will list detail here:

Name : Protect the girls
Genre : Infinite runs (think like temple run or tiny wings)
Story of the game: There will couple of character in game that you have to protect. There will be a bad guy in each level that chase down, no matter how far you run.
Control : Mouse only (to simulate touch screen on phone)
Platform : Windows only (I dont have knowledge for other platform)
Game Engine : Torque Game Builder
Features :
1. Serious / Controversial Game
2. Brutal / Gore graphic at game over screen
3. Unlimited run, you wont win the game
4. Karma point system : Doing good you play game longer, Do bad thing, chaser came at you faster.

I dunno how to explain the concept much, but basically I just need a game that i could put on facebook and share with other. It wont non-profit and cost nothing because I just want exposure. Im basically just developing on platform that I know and only on engine i have been using. Control should be simple because it targeted for casual audience.

You probably thinking WTF im thinking with this game. In my country, there are large amounts of crime happen to girls. Kidnapping, murder, robbery and rape always came out to our local newspaper. I just want to show, that no matter what action you do, you wont able to stop this from happening at all. In my game later, I planned to put some useful information such as statistic for the cases and probably some of pictures of newpaper cutting.

For now level design, Im thinking that I start with 4 level first.
1. Kindergarten kids - Bad guy here will be kidnapper (think pedobear with the van).
2. Teenager - Bad-ass looking rapist
3. Worker girl - Hey...... Sexy lady. Serial killer, already happen couple of time here.
4. Old woman - Robber on motorcycle (i dunno what it called in english). Basically this thief came close to pedestrian and snatch their hand bag.

Each level will end tragically, player really cant save the girls at all.
Graphic will brutal, that usually appeared in anime (or even extreme as hentai)

Gameplay is something I havent thinking about much. While the game can be fluffy and cute, with objective on doing good deed, I suspect it might turned people away from my objective on the games.
So my focus are pretty much to deliver the messages and increasing people awareness.

I will try to sketch down my idea here.
In mean time feel free to discuss about the game (or asking about my personal stuff)

*In case if you thinking what type of current serious / controversial game, just check on sandy hook incident and various news about it. Some of people even make a game that you shoot the person that trying to ban the violence video games.
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Re: Help me develop a game (and some my background story)

Post by BassToMouth on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:39 am

I'm not an expert on this game making, but as a criminology major, the first thing you learn is that information taken from newspapers and media are NOT very good indicators of crime rates.

News media companies are first and foremost, a profit-seeking organizations which means it benefits them to put out articles that will catch a readers attention and most importantly, SELL. Also they work in close conjunction with the police but there's filtering there too. From some statistics in NZ crime, out of 48 major crimes that might come in a week, the police will filter those and hand about 6 to the media. From there ofc there is MORE filtering and the news companies choose what is most "juicy" for a reader. Needless to say there are under NO obligation to post accurate info and instead put out ambiguous statements from "professionals" taken out of context in order to lead the reader to misinterpret how the situation actually is.

The problem is, other than criminology academics and professors, real statistics are hard to get your hands on - best to try to check peer-reviewed criminology journals for real info. But to read those research papers you'll need to have a thorough understanding of statistics and an academic background in criminology - hence why newspapers love to simplify things and create "crime waves" - "sudden" appearances of certain crime themes to throw the public into panic and ofc SELL THEIR NEWS.

Just something to keep in mind when making your game... Don't be a victim to information that is biased and skewed by the media! Otherwise GL and hopefully you get the exposure you need.

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