[TSW] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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[TSW] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Post by MarcoNecroX on Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:29 pm

F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions

When connecting to the Realm, I get "Unable to connect" error!
If it appears after a while:
● The registry to join the realm might be screwed. Try re-downloading and try the fix as well.
● If that still doesn't work, try manually adding it with Battle.Net Gateway Editor.
● Not likely, the server might be experiencing a downtime. You can go to the status page and see if you can connect.

If it appears instantly:
● Make sure your internet connection works fine.
● Not likely, but you might have been IP-Banned. Check the Banlist.

What LoD version should I use? Are multires / PlugY allowed?
● The server runs on 1.13c ONLY. Do not use other versions.
● PlugY is a heavily hardcoded program and doesn't run in the server environment.
● Some PlugY functions that are completely client side might still work, for example, amount of stat points adder per shift+click.
● Multires is indirectly disallowed because there is not a functional version for 1.13c.
● PlugY will NOT be added.

I can't kill baal, why?
● You are weak

What Median XL version should I use?
● Median XL: Ultimative. Check the bottom of the forum for lastest version.
● Also check the changelog to see if server is updated already.
● Write /topic in the chat channel to see the last version the realm is using.

When is Ladder Reset?
● There are no defined dates for them.
● However the occur most likely once or twice per year.

I am getting Error #1678 when trying to create/join a game!
● Reinstall 1.13c
● Reinstall Median XL
● If none of those worked, do a clean installation. This is the only cause of that problem.

I am in the channel, but I am unable to see any games!
● You probably clicked the "Oppen Battle.net" button.
● Go to main menu and click the "No Battle.Net" button instead!

The server lags, where can I whine?
● Close other applications that might be using your internet connection.
● Try re-creating game to switch servers and find the one you like the most.

I get kicked from the channel!
● Click the 'join' tab as soon as you enter the channel to prevent getting automtaically kicked.

Where can I ask stupid questions?
● In this forum, preferably in the short questions thread.
● Try to avoid it. Before asking obvious things like what version the server is running, do some research.
● Not wishpering me. I'm not your book of answers and I don't want to be it.

My char lost some or all items, wat do?
● It happens when you have more than one non-empty body and leave the game.
● You will loose ALL items if: you die, you pick up any item(s) before getting your body back, die again, and S&E. The game will give you the last items of your lastest non-empty body.
● You will loose SOME items if: you die, you pick up any item(s) before getting your body back and then pick up your regular body, but have no inventory space for the item which was in the spot of your newly picked-up item. Your old item will not be picked up, so part of the body will remain in the ground. If you S&E, the remaining items on your main body will vanish.
>> Example: your druid dies (expected), while trying to recover your body you pick up a helm. When picking up your body, if you still have the new helm AND no inventory space, you obviously can't pick the item up. If you S&E on these conditions, the item is obviously lost.

Bro tip: i've played d2 for about 10 years without having this happen to me even once. /nopickup disables picking up items while ALT key is not pressed. It's not only pretty much a MUST for almost every game, but it also helps to prevent these things from happening.

I can't go past X act because of Y bug/crash
● Well, many people seem not to realise this game is played by thousands of players. If you're crashing everytime you go into, for example, dark woods, it is NOT a mod problem nor a server problem. There a few places where the error could be: your D2 installation, your mod installation or OS/Hardware issues (astronomically unlikely). If you made sure to download and install the mod correctly, then you might want to re-install D2. If it still doesn't work, your D2 CD's (or download) are corrupt. Try downloading the game from somewhere else.


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